Active Worksheet Switches To Page Break Preview After Printing?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a workbook with multiple sheets where the view for each sheet is the Normal view.

If I print the entire workbook, the active sheet changes to the Page Break Preview view after the printing finishes.

I have to then reset the view back to Normal.

I don't know why the active worksheet is changing. I don't want to annoy the people who will use this workbook by making them change back to normal view after each time they print.

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Page Break Preview It Shows The Page Numbers In The Centre Of The Page

Jun 9, 2009

When I view a sheet under Page Break Preview, it shows the Page numbers in the centre of the Page. While I am aware that it would not print the page number I was wondering if there is an option to remove/hide the page numbers.

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Can't Move Page Breaks In Page Break Preview

Mar 26, 2006

I suddenly can't adjust my page breaks in any Excel spreadsheet while in Page Break Preview. Is there some option to turn it on and off?

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Remove Page Numbers In Page Break Preview

May 18, 2007

how to get rid of the page numbers that appear when using page break preview mode. The page numbers appear in large grey font in the middle of each page and sometimes makes it difficult to read cells. Can I use this view with all the same functionality without that one feature?

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Graph Appears Differently Between Normal View And Page Break Preview?

Aug 5, 2014

I printed my graph after editing it while in normal view. It did not appear on paper like it looked on the screen. I switched to page break preview to see if I could see the problem and noticed that the printed version matched the page break version. I am using text boxes for some of my data on the graph itself, and the boxes, moreso than the bars, appear differently between views. This has never happened before, and I print this graph every month after changing the parameters and data. To my knowledge, I did not change anything out of the ordinary.

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Printing Only Active/current Page

Jan 3, 2007

I have a workbook with 8 sheets. Two of the sheets have 31 pages (one page for each day of the month). I have to input data every day into these sheets on the current day (ie: If the first day of the current month is Sunday, that is page 1). I have to print out the current days page (not the sheet) after it is complete. Is there a macro or vb code that will print out the current day/active PAGE only? As it stands, I have to do the ctrl+p thing to get the print dialog box, and input the page I want you know, I have to input the page twice in the dialog box to print only one page, otherwise it starts to print from the page I chose.....and if I don't pay attention, I can print 30 pages when I only wanted one.

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Internal Link From One Worksheet To The Next - Print Preview Page

Feb 9, 2013

I have an Excel file that use an internal link from one worksheet to the next. When I click on the link, I'd like it to go directly to a print preview page so I can print that one page instead just switching to the other worksheet. Is this possible?

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Page Break By Asking The Input File For Page Break To Be Done

Dec 9, 2008

The code which you provided works fine no problem for a page break. I need to run the macro for the page break by asking the input file for page break to be done.

For Example, If excel filename "A" contain the code which you have given need to ask to input the filename "B" and process need to be done in file "B".

I have added some code to your code which you provided but it gives error message "1004" "Method 'Range' of object '_Application' failed" at following line :

Set rng = oExcel.Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp))

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Print Preview The Page

Nov 23, 2008

I set up a passworded spreadsheet and saved it to my documents folder. I then copied it across to a network area I use to link to a company I work with. The file opens ok on the password but the page is completely white and I can see nothing at all! When I print preview the page I can see all my information but this doesn't help when I need to update it.

Not only that, the whole lot of excel spreadsheets I have both on my documents and the network area are doing the same thing! I've no idea how it's happened or what to do to retrieve the page view.

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Page Setup/Print Preview Vba

Apr 2, 2005

I am testing some code to have my sheets print consistently on different computers. I have

With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.CenterHorizontally = True
.Orientation = xlPortrait
.FitToPagesWide = 1
End With

but it still previews at more than 1 page wide. Any suggestions?

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Printing One Page Grayscale And One Page Color With Code

May 21, 2009

I have a report that I use and right now I have a command button that prints the report x2. What I would like to do is to have it print one in color and one in grayscale. I could do this I think with two different buttons, but I would like to utilize just one. I tried creating a macro but it did not pick up the fact that I changed the properties to black and white.

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Excel 2010 :: Print Preview On Active Sheet

Mar 24, 2013

Is there a code I can put on commandbutton to show Print Preview on active sheet in excel 2010 ?

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Macro To Print Page Based On Active Page

Jun 29, 2007

I need a macro that will print a hidden page that is linked to the page I have active.

It needs to be able to find the correct hidden page that corresponds to the active page because there are multilple pairs of the hidden/visible pages. The name of the hidden page is the same as the visible one with "printout" added to the end. When created, the sheet code names are sheetn and sheetm; n and m being consecutive numbers.

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Changing The Page Break ?

Jan 15, 2009

I have a workbook that is not showing everything that I would like it to on one page (but I know that all the information would fit onto one page (width) but I cannot seem to be able to change the page break. I tried following the directions in the "excel help" but just can't seem to get it to work. I have attached a sample workbook so that you can see what I mean.

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Border In Each Page Break

Jun 9, 2009

Bottom border each page,

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Automatic Page Break

Feb 3, 2010

I have a worksheet where the print area is 16 columns and ~90 rows. have it set to print on one page in page set-up, which generally scales to about 80%, and this has worked fine for years. A couple of months ago I was traveling for work, but got a call that the worksheet was printing each cell as a separate page. My co-worker messed around with it and it seemed to fix when she cleared and reset the print area, and has been working fine ever since.

Today it popped up again. It is setting automatic page breaks every few cells so page 1 is A1:A7, page 2 is A8:A11, etc...Both Print Preview and actually printing a page show me my few cells in the lower right hand corner of the page. Viewing the page break preview shows that they are all automatic page breaks, and if I try to move them I get the error that Microsoft Office Excel cannot move the page break because doing so would reduce the scale below the minimum 10%.

As I mentioned I have it set to "fit to" 1 page high and 1 page wide, which it right now is saying sets the scale to 10%. If I instead choose the scaling to be "adjust to" and set to 100% it only wants to take up 4 pages, but if I try to manually drag the break over afew columns it reverts back to wanting to print every few cells.

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Multiple Page Break

Dec 8, 2008

to have a page break by grouping id together, Heading need to be printed on each page. I have attached the sample file.

eg. the ID.

---- need page break ---

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How To Set Page Break In File

Feb 16, 2012

I need to set the page break in my excel file. Basically what I need is for vba to check if the page breaks are a certain value (in this case Range("A150"). If they are not, then the code will set them to what I need.

The problem is the code is not working.


If ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(3).Location Range("A150") Then
Set ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(3).Location = Range("A150")
End If

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Page Break @ Every Change In Value

Mar 4, 2008

I would like to put a page break everytime a column value changes. Example:

Page Break
Page Break

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Page Break Every 32 Rows

Feb 20, 2009

I have macros that then run through and hide all unnecessary questions and paste the selection to another work sheet.
what i need next is the issue.. Because the questions vary in size ( row height) and include blank cells for comments, i can not come up with a macro to print with any conformity

What i have come up with is that after all this is said and done, i would like a macro to print only 32 rows per sheet ( portrait) , then have a page break.

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Force A Page Break In VBA

Dec 9, 2009

I have a report which is produced by a macro, it works well. The report grows over the year to maybe 20 printable pages, landscape, and nicely readable.

Summary information is produced alongside the report over more columns than can be diplayed, so I have copied the summary data as a picture and pasted it below the main printout and adjusted the size of the "photo" to fit the page width.

I would like this photo to always appear on a new page of its own - not just tagged onto the pages before it.

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Page Break Macro

Jun 23, 2007

I am inserting a page break with the following macro, however a page break is also inserted when the word " Total Miscellaneous G&A" is found. I am sure there is an easy solution, I am just not very proficient with VBA.

If Not (Application.IsErr(Application. Find("MISCELLANEOUS G&A", UCase( Cells(myCounter, 1))))) Then
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.HPageBreaks.Add before:=Cells(myCounter - 1, 1)
End If
Next myCounter

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Insert Page Break After Blank Row?

Jan 10, 2013

i want to insert page break after blank row,


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Borders With Lines At Each Page Break

Jul 11, 2014

How to box data where the bottom of the box ends at the page break.

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Set Page Break Around Image Inserted

Aug 15, 2014

I am having no luck with trying to find a VBA code that will auto set my page break around an image I inserted. Is there a way to do this even? Furthermore, there is a possibility of inserting multiple images in which I would need each image put on a different page and have the macro set the page break around each image. So if I inserted two images then I would need the macro to set two pages and break each page around the image size?

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Macro - Inserting Page Break

Oct 19, 2009

I would like to create a macro that will automatically insert a page break based on the contents of the cell.

A1:A4 = has value
A6:A14 = has value
and so on....

I would like to put a page break in A5 and A15....and for those cells that are blanks.

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Format A Cell To Allow Page Break?

Jan 3, 2012

How do you format a cell to allow a page break?

Be able to type a word and hit enter and have the cursor move to below the word you typed

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Pivot / Formula To Right / Page Break

Oct 5, 2009

I have a simple pivot. In the columns to the right I have a few formulas. The user simply sees the pivot and extra columns---they have no idea they are looking at a hybrid type thing and they DO NOT EVER manipulate the pivot in any way other than choosing a particular DEPT form the page area.

I set this thing up by first select: ALL for the Dept and the dropiing my formulas down to the end of the sheet (actually a few hunded lines after that to allow for some data over the year)

The trouble is that if the user picks a particular dept, at the end of the dept data, not only does the user see the formula extended down numerous row (I can use cond formating to make the font white, ie hide them) BUT worse when printing it prints numerous extra pages.

So, is there a way to only make it print to where the pivot data ends.....not where the formula ends..WITHOUT the user having to do a SELCT PRINT AREA type thing.....

Ex: User picks Dept 1003, data ends after Code 99, formulas extend down past that in case user selects ALL Depts. We want printing to stop after Code 99 though....NOT to print a bunch of 'extra' pages....

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Referencing Cells By Page Break

Aug 5, 2006

I have a macro that uses subtotals on a dynamic list to generate page breaks by Department. Rows 1:6 of the table are set to print at the top of each page and column A is not set to print at all. Would it be possible to get cell B6 to return the value of the first cell of each page break (from column A) when the page prints. (Column A contains the department names, and though I don't want to print the column itself, I would like the name of each department to appear at the top of the page.)

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Add Page Break Based On Keyword

Dec 16, 2007

I am using the following code to insert pagebreaks based on changes in column D. I would like to change it so that page breaks are inserted after the appearance of the word " Total" in column D. Note that the word total will typically be preceeded by other words. Example "Sales Total" or "G. Smith Total". If possible, I would like to suppress this logic when the words "Grand Total" appear as I would end up with a grand total page with nothing else on it.

Sub set_page_breaks()
Dim NumRows As Long
Dim iRow As Long
Dim FirstRow As Long
Dim LastRow As Long
ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 85
NumRows = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row 'get the row count
With ActiveSheet
FirstRow = 2
LastRow = NumRows
For iRow = FirstRow To LastRow
If ActiveSheet.Cells(iRow, "D").Value _.........................

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