Add The Squares

Mar 24, 2009

How would I add the squares of cells A1:ZZ1 or A1:A1000, without having to do

=SUM(A1*A1+B1*B1+C1*C1... etc

This is a basic example of what I actually want to do, but is essentially the same problem.

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REQ Sum Of The Squares Of The First 'n' Natural

May 8, 2006

I need to do a Sum of the Squares of the first 'n' Natural
Numbers. Something like:


If 'n' is 8 say, then the function would return 204.

Thats 1*1 + 2*2 + 3*3 + 4*4 + 5*5 + 6*6 + 7*7 + 8*8

Likewise if 'n' is 6 say, then the function would return 91!

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Sum Of Squares Calculation

Jan 16, 2008

I'm trying to do a sum of squares calculation, between and within groups, across multiple columns.

I llike this to occur automatically when I input the data. Where I've running into difficulty is calculating the mean of each group(without sorting and manually selecting). See sample of data below:


Note that there are more columns of different parameters I've just inserted two for demonstation

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Making Squares

Jun 15, 2006

I would like to:

1-Make Rows & columns 1/4" X 1/4"

2-Be able to enter dimensions into an input box that would then draw a square(or rectagle) with the inputed dimensions in INCHES.

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Delete All Little Yellow Squares?

Dec 20, 2013

Further to here where exactly in options do I delete all of these little yellow squares with script signs in them which are invading my spreadsheet?

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How To Automatically Sum The Squares / Cubes Etc Of List Of Integers

Jun 13, 2014

I have a lot of lists of integers and I want to sum their Xth power automatically, for X = -3, -2, -1, -1/2, 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

For example, take this short list of integers: 1 2 3 4 6 12

The sum of their Xth power must be: 1^X + 2^X + 3^X + 4^X + 6^X + 12^X

How can I do that?

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Stop Squares When Adding TextBox Text To Cell

Nov 8, 2006

In a userform i have created an textbox. The user types some text in it and after clicking an OK-Button this text must be copied to a cell To allow multiple lines (enter = new line in textbox) i have changed the textbox property EnterKeyBehavior to True. The problem is that after copying this textbox1.text to a cell in see square blocks in the cell.


instead of

I use the following code to copy the text into a cell:

Private Sub CommandButtonOK_Click()
Dim TextboxText As String
TextboxText = TextBox1.Text
ActiveCell.Value = TextboxText
Unload Me
End Sub

how to avoid this [] (should be like alt-enter in a cell)

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