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Converting Minutes, Seconds And Tenths Of Seconds Into Seconds

I want to change 1 minute 24 seconds and 5 tenths into a seconds number. So basically it would come out as 84.50 seconds.

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Converting Seconds Or Minutes:Seconds To A Number
How would I go about converting - for example:

0:22 (formated general) to a number = 22


1:30 (formated general) to a number = 90

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Convert Decimal Minutes & Seconds To Total Seconds
How can I Convert Decimal Minutes & Seconds To Total Seconds?

Here is the sample

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Convert Hours, Minutes And Seconds Into Total Seconds
I trying to figure a formula to convert time on a phone call eg. 01:01:21 into total seconds (3661). Phonecalls will never be more than an hour long but the spreadsheet I will be supplied with (havn't got it yet!) will display them in the 00:00:00 format.

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Hours:minutes:seconds Convert To Seconds
I am trying to convert a number of "hours" "minutes" and "seconds", to give me a result in seconds only, in order that I may then financially cost the amount of time spent on a task. (A time and motion costing exercise)


Represents 1119hours:48minutes:36seconds spent on a task.

I can manually convert this to 4031286 seconds, but it just takes too much time !!!(sorry!)

The data is extracted from a database which is unable to split the hours,minutes,seconds into seperate fields, which prevents me from using three cells in excel.

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Convert Seconds Into Hours:Minutes:Seconds
Is there an easy way of converting seconds from using a time into hours, minutes, seconds

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Convert Seconds Into Hours, Minutes & Seconds
I have a spreadsheet that imports data relating to phone call durations. The information imports as a total number of seconds taken.

What I need to do is to change that number of seconds into hours, minutes and seconds.

Changing the format of the cells doesn't work.

I've tried everything I can think of, and run out of ideas.


23 needs changing to 00:00:23
96 needs changing to 00:01:36
268 to 00:04:28
9374 to 02:35:14

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Converting Minutes To Seconds
I have a spreadsheet that I need convert times from minutes to seconds. Such as 03:44 minutes to 224 seconds.

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Converting Decimal Numbers To Minutes And Seconds
I have an excel sheet with a row of numbers example below. These numbers represent the length of time that a telephone call was. The problem is they are decimal numbers (units of 100) but they represent seconds and minutes of a phone call which change up one number when the seconds hit 60 ...

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Format Second(Now) In Vba 2 Return Seconds In Tenths *
How do you format


to display tenths, hundredths, or thousands of a second? Must be in code since it will never be applied to a cell.

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Fx To Calculate Seconds From Minutes

I have to manually enter X based on the number of times the time stays the same before going on to the next minute.



I would like to automate the above so that X is caculated, however ; X can be any number from 1 - 25 and is completely random.

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Changing Minutes To Seconds
i need a hand to change the following. how do I get 02:23.5 ( Mins, seconds, 100th of a second) into just seconds.

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Average Minutes And Seconds
I have some time data that is dumped into an excel file from a phone system. I'm trying to average the data, but I get division by zero errors. The data is originally formatted as "general" and when I convert it to a time format I still get the error. I've attached a small version that has just the time column.

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Days, Hours, Minutes And Seconds
Does any know how I can convert 29.18:20:18 to total minutes?

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Convert Hours To Minutes And Seconds
I am trying to use the Mod function to convert the following:

I have time in hours in A1 as 12.66 and I need it to convert to 12 hours in A2, 39 minutes in A3, and 36 seconds in A4. What formula can I use to achieve this?

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Degrees Minutes Seconds Formatting
How do I custom format a cell to display degrees minutes seconds. I now there is a way. I found in on the web once but can not find it again. The formating from cpearson does not work the way i want.

For example if in cell a1 I input 50.2536, I want to to format the cell as 50 25' 36". opefully this can be applished without any formulas. Either soem code or formating would be great. The last time I found it I thought it was something like ### ??'/??" but that did not work. Thanks in advance. The reason I need it, is to use the convert_decimal function I found on the microsoft website.

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Format A Cell To Do Minutes And Seconds
is there away to format a cell to do minutes and seconds? then get an overall sum?

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Calc Minutes And Seconds Difference
Spreadsheet tracks race times for cross country races and needs to be able to
calculate improvement time in mm:ss (or zero if less than previous race).

Also,it would be nice to be able to enter times without using colons or have
to reference the field as h:mm:ss. The race result will always be mm:ss and
the last two digits will always be seconds, the result will never be more
than 60 minutes so hours are a real bother.

A1 (8:52, m:ss) - A2 (8:40, mm:ss) should = 0.12 (12 seconds)

Presently I am using the following: =TEXT(A2-A1,"h:mm:ss"), I only want to
display m:ss, hours are meanlingless

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Extract Minutes And Seconds From A Time Value
I have a formula that gives me a time value (ie 12:53). I need to perform another formula that will use this data but I need the numbers seperated (12 in one cell and 53 in another)

In essence, what would be the formula to pull off the minutes number and the seconds number into individual cells. I know anything is possible in Excel, I just can't figure this one out.

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Format For Degrees, Minutes & Seconds
I have a column in excel which includes numbers like (12 13 14.5), and I want to format like this (12 Degree Sign, 13 Minute Sign, 14.5 Second Sign).

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Time: The Next Cell Where It Would Say 4 Minutes 5.9 Seconds
I currently have a lot of times saved in an excel file that are in seconds for example 245.9 seconds. Need formula where i could have in the next cell to it where it would say 4 minutes 5.9 seconds.

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Converting Time To Seconds.
I have the below macro. It is used to translate time to seconds (i.e. 0:20:04 minutes to 1204 seconds)
This works well, but i just want to know 3 things.
First, can the new data (seconds value) be added to new worksheet (worksheet 4) of the workbook the original data is taken from, instead of a whole new workbook?
Second, can this be done without having to save the original workbook first?
Third, (Im sorry i know this is VERY simple) but this macro is part of a larger macro, and i just want to know the code to hide the screen updating as the macro is running.

Sub Refresh()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=ActiveCell, DataType:=xlFixedWidth, _
FieldInfo:=Array(0, 4), TrailingMinusNumbers:=True
End Sub.........

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Adding Seconds And Minutes To Get Hours And Days
I am trying to add duration time for song files. 4 minutes and 32 seconds + 3 minutes 45 seconds, etc. etc. to get total hours and then to total to days. The range of cells is over 5,000 and I am trying to find out how long a playlist will play.

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Time As A String And Converting To Seconds
I have an ACD program that gives me a time in "mm:ss" format, or in ":ss" fomat. I have 2-3 problems with charting this data.

1 I am inheriting the production of charts from someone else, with old data being displayed by seconds only I am supposed to keep this display.

2 the data that is in mm:ss format is recognized as being in full date format, for example 2:14 is recognized as 2:14:00 AM instead of 2 minutes, 14 seconds.

3 the data that is in :ss, ie :44, is recognized as a string.

Any thoughts on how I can convert both cases to a integer seconds? I know for example that I could mid() the second condition, but I am stuck thinking about the first condition.

I can't adjust the way the time comes in, unfortunately. It is an auto-generated export of the data from a switch.

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Converting Time Code To Seconds
I have very little experience with Excel. What I am trying to do is to convert a timecode in this format 00;22;21;00 that is 22 min 21 sec and 00 frames to a serie of numbers that I have hard time to figure out. Example

00;22;21;00 = 13410000000

I want to be able to paste the timecode from premiere 2.0 (00;22;21;00) into a Excel cell that would automaticly convert it to (13410000000) so that i can eventualy generate a .txt file that would look like this:

<Scripts >
<Script Type="URL"
Time="13410000000" />

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Convert Excel Decimal Total To Minutes And Seconds
I have listed a total amount of timings for a study that I have totalled giving me a figure of 34.76 which is under an hour.

how do i convert to min and seconds - is there a formula?

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Convert Decimal Degrees To Degress, Minutes & Seconds
Need to convert decimal degrees into degrees, minutes, & seconds (displayed in three columns). Currently calculated manually from ATAN, ASIN, or ACOS functions.

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Convert Decimal Minutes & Seconds To Days & Hours
I have two columns A and B. Column A contains problem title and column B is duration minutes. In column B we enter always min and seconds it took us to resolve certain issues (22.15 = 22 minutes and 15 seconds) . At the end of the month I need to run a report for my manager to show her by problem title how long it took my group to resolve issues and it should output as Hours/min/days.

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Format Time To Show Hours, Minutes & Seconds
is there a way in VB to make it fast, and tidy, clear the contents of all unlocked cells on one sheet ?

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Cell Formated To Show Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
I have the foollowing equation in a cell:


My answer is 1081:23:42.

Is there a way to have it show the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds? So it will say 45:1:23:42? (45 days, 1 hour, etc...) Or something along these lines?

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Macro Takes Seconds In XP And 2003, Minutes In Vista And 2007
I have a fairly simple macro that takes a few seconds on my XP-computer with Excel 2003 but takes several minutes on my Vista-computer with Excel 2007.

The XP-PC has 2GB memory, the Vista-PC only 1GB, but it's hard to believe it's only that.
Is Excel 2007 so much slower than 2003?

The macro makes quite extensive use of the .rows(Rownr).Delete method. Is the fact that 2007 has 1 million rows against the 65536 of 2003 the culprit? It has to shift much more data up when deleting a row, no?

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Time Format: Format Cells To Contain Minutes, Seconds And Hundredths
How can I format cells to contain Minutes, Seconds and Hundredths of seconds to be used in calculations eg 1.24.99 means 1 minute and 24.99 seconds. Example calculation is: 1.24.99 - 1.24.90 =0.0.09

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Convert Degrees Minutes & Seconds To Degrees.decimals
I had a similar problem a day or two ago in converting Deg Min.dec to Deg.dec and it has happened again. This time I want to convert Degrees Minutes & Seconds to Degrees.decimals.

The formula I am using works for a two digit number Lat. but not 3 Long.?? Here it is below:


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Convert Decimal Degrees To (DMS) Degrees Minutes Seconds
how would you take decimals to dms, and also how to put dms into the right bearings?

Reference: Covert degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal degrees

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Decimal Degrees To Degrees Minutes And Seconds
I've writing excel formulas to convert Decimal Degrees (DD) to Degrees Minutes and Seconds (DMS) and back again for astronomy. These are for converting DD angles for telescope Right Ascension (RA) and Declination Angles (DEC) pointing.

I've got the formulas to work except for one minor annoyance. Try this formula for converting DEC DD angle of -1.5 to a DEC DMS angle: ....

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Add Seconds To Timer
Below is my code to display a seconds count down timer in a textbox.

What I want to be able to do is have another textbox where I can enter the number of seconds that the timer will count down.

I don't know how to take a value from the textbox and make it like
#12:00:15 AM#

How would I do this?

Sub warmTimer()
Dim InitialTime As Single
Dim FinalTime As Single
InitialTime = Time
FinalTime = InitialTime + #12:00:15 AM#
txtTimer.Text = Format((FinalTime - Time), "s")
Loop Until (Time >= FinalTime) Or (Skip = 1)
txtTimer.Text = "Time complete"
End Sub

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Macro To Run After 30 Seconds
Is there a way to make a macro delay for like 30 seconds before it does its thing? What I'm trying to do is have something turned off before the spreadsheet is saved, and after the spreadsheet is saved have a macro that runs 30 seconds afterwards to turn said feature back on. On error this macro will simply terminate.

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Format For Time In Seconds
I have a report that tells me how many items are completed every "x" seconds for a person. What I would like to do is when I enter that information into my spreadsheet is to have it calculate those seconds into minutes and seconds. (i.e. I will enter 105 (seconds) into a cell and I want it to display 1:45. Is there a formula or setting in the cell format that can do this? The problem I am going to have is that I will have to enter in each cell as seconds every time and then need it to convert to the minute and second format.

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Subtract Milliseconds Or Seconds
I have a cell that has data formatted in this style:



I was wondering how I might go about writing a formula that would subtract say 2 seconds, or 400ms from that value.

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Random # Genration -every 3 Seconds
I want to generate Random # which should keep generating after every 3 seconds.

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Countdown For 10 Seconds In Form
I have been searching for quite a while now and cannot figure this out. Basically I have a label named lblCountdown, and that is where I am stuck. Every Do loop, example code, whatever I try won't work. I want a countdown for 10 seconds in my form. The form should show the countdown.

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Delay A Change For 20 Seconds
Im using live data and was wondering if its it possible to trigger B1 to change its value from no to yes 20 seconds after cell A1 changes its value from 0 to 1?

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Trigger Macro After 15 Seconds
I want to trigger a macro that refreshes a pivot table but I only want to trigger the macro after 15 seconds. The reason is that I am pulling the source data from access mdb so I want only to refresh the data once the data is pulled.

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How To Have A Message Pop Up And Blink For A Few Seconds Then Go Away
With all the formulas working (or at least through testing so far they are), I am now in the make the worksheets fancy mode.

I want to have a message pop up when the leader of the meet changes. I would love it if it would blink for a few seconds to alert the individuals looking at the worksheet but then it would disapear so as not to be annoying.

For example:
In event 1, team a is first, and team b is second.
Event 2 finishes, and I post the results in the spreadsheet.

In event 2, team b takes over the lead and team a is now second Place.

I wold like a message to appear (for a few seconds) saying (and blinking something like "Team A, Just Took Over 1st Place!" and then goes away.

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Time Difference In Seconds
Given any two timestamps with the format

dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM

How to calculate the total time difference in seconds.

For e.g. calculate the time difference in seconds for following

07-Nov-2009 00:00:01 AM
06-Nov-2009 11:59:59 PM

Answer should be 2.

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Pause For 0.5 Seconds (half A Second)
I need to pause for 0.5 seconds (half a second). How can I do that. applicatiom.Wait can only be used for whole seconds and a FOR ... NEXT loop is CPU dependant.

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Recording A Cell Value Every X Seconds
how can i record a cell's value on a different tab every x seconds?

the value is updated every y seconds and i would like a list in column A of the cell's changing values.

every refresh may produce the same value.

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Message Box Appear On The Screen Only For 5 Seconds.
Is there a way to have a message box appear on the screen, but for only 5 seconds? and then disappear?

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Jump To Next Cell After X Seconds
1. Create a worksheet for each set of tables (Sheet1: 2x table, Sheet2: 3x table etc)
2. In field A3 (e.g.), I'd type (Formatted as text): 2x1=
3. In field B3, he'd have to type the answer. To prevent him from using the cell as a calculating tool, it will be formatted as text (courtesy of Prevent Someone From Entering A Formula In A Cell)
4. He'll start the test by clicking a button that says "START THE TEST" (or something more exciting, like "Earn some money!"). I'd like a macro to select the first cell (This I can do, believe it or not! :-)) and then, after, say 5 seconds, jump to the second cell, then the third etc up to the last cell (2x13=)
5. Despite the timer, the active cell must be allowed to be changed to the following one (one down) by pressing "Enter" (In other words, if the timer is set at 5 seconds and Jonathan enters the answer in 1, he may then press enter and move to the following cell immediately)
5. He can only enter the answer in the cell while highlighted and I'll have the whole sheet protected once the macro has done its run to the end or once he's answered the final question and pressed "Enter".

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Show Form For X Seconds
Is there a way for a form (I am using it as a warning dialog) to show for X seconds (10 or 15) and then hide or hide upon user selecting button to hide it?

I have noticed that if the user form is active then an error comes up when a script tries to run.

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Play Sound Every X Seconds
I would like to create a macro that plays a sound every 45 seconds or so. In other words, I would like to have a countdown timer that counts from 45 seconds down to 0 seconds and at the end it plays a sound file(could be mp3, wav, etc) to signal the end. After that it should automatically reset itself back to the start of 45s and count down again. This would be repeated about ten to eleven times. What is the easiest way of doing this? It's too confusing. Lets say the audio file was located in: C:my soundseep.wav

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