Dynamic Chart Failure

Jun 6, 2008

1. I'm using Excel 2007

2. I'm trying to create a dynamic chart - following instructions from the numerous other threads on the topic

3. When I try to use a dynamic named range in the "Select Data Source" box, it creates a fatal error and the program shuts down.

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VBA Dynamic Range Selection Failure

Aug 3, 2009

I have a log that I use to keep track of my hours where the days hours and charge numbers get summed and moved to a new sheet via a command button. One of the categories is week ending date. I want the week ending date cells to merge if they match and cannot get the range I want to highlight. I can move the data, find and define the first and last cells in the range, but can't get the range.select command to work. I think it is just a syntax error, as I am new to VBA.

I can open a Locals window and watch it assign values to myFirstCell and myLastCell of "$A$36" and "$A$44" respectively, but I get an error on either the set range= or range.select lines.

My code is as follows:

Private Sub Post_Hours_To_Log_Click()
'Posts the day's hours to the hours tracker.

Dim myFirstCell, myLastCell As Variant

Dim myRange As Variant

***Removed N/A code that goes to another sheet and decides which data to copy***
Application.Goto reference:=Worksheets("Hours Log").Range("A2"), _

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Pivot Table With Dynamic, Updatable Chart, But Not A Pivot Chart!

Dec 19, 2008

My boss wants me to design a dynamic, updatable chart in Excel 2003. I initially made a Pivot Chart based on a Pivot Table which worked perfectly, but it doesn't look professional enough when printed (or viewed) and she wants me to approach it a different way.

So, I created a graph based on the data in a Pivot Table, and used dynamic ranges as the source for the graph series so that the chart updates when the criteria fields are changed for the Pivot Table. I then added two combo boxes (ie data validation lists) to the Chart sheet, and wrote VBA code so that whenever the combo box values are changed, the Criteria fields for the Pivot Table on the 2nd sheet are updated accordingly, and this in turn causes the graph to be updated as well.

This solution also worked perfectly, but now I've been told to create the graph without macros.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The requirements/details are as follows:

1. The Pivot Table is on sheet "PIVOT", and the graph is on sheet "GRAPH"
2. The Pivot Table has two criteria - School Name and Year Level
3. On sheet "GRAPH" there are two data-validated fields, School and Year, which only allow the selection of valid Schools and Year Levels

Is there any way to make the Pivot Table update when values are changed in the fields on the CHART sheet so that the chart also updates, but without using code nor a Pivot Chart?

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Dynamic Bar Chart

May 23, 2007

I'd like a bar chart that will only display bars for positive values. So, if a cell has 0, it won't display anything. I.E. - if i have 10 fields and only 5 of them have values greater than 0, my chart will only display 5 bars instead of 5 bars and 5 empty fileds. kind of like piezeros, but for a bar chart.

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Dynamic Chart

Aug 20, 2007

I am trying to create a bar graph from a table which is pasted below. Two important things here are :

1. The range of the data for the graph are not adjacent. For the chart, the range will be columns D, F,H and J.

2. The range of the chart will not be static. As per the table below, it is uptill August but next month another row will be inserted and the range will increase by 1 row.

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Dynamic Chart Legend Using VBA?

Jun 28, 2005

I am creating a chart where the number of data series used on the chart will change every time the code runs depending on what information people are looking for. That part works fine. I need a legend that shows which data series were added to the chart. Is there a way to get a dynamic legend on the chart that matches the data series, without manually adding it?

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Dynamic Chart For Data

Jan 30, 2014

make it working, tried from online thread but unable to get it done.Dynamic.xlsx

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More Dynamic To Rolling Chart?

Feb 5, 2014


Alas I need to put more dynamics and fill this data set from other sheets, so I'm putting formula into column A, and this force chart react and insert another category.

In other words I want to have this fill only if data present on different tab(worksheet).

That what I have now:

[Code] ........

Counts the number of cells that are not empty and the values within the list of arguments. Use COUNTA to count the number of cells that contain data in a range or array.

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Dynamic Pie Chart With Control Box?

Feb 6, 2014

(I am using different data IRL which is company sensitive so I have designed a simple example spreadsheet.)

Ok, So I have a list of words A2:A4 and I have created a Control Box which allows me to select which word I want from the list.

On a separate tab I have lists of data which relates to individual words from the A2:A4 list.

What I what to achieve is when the word is selected from the drop down menu it will create a Pie chart showing me the break down of percentages and attributing 'companies'.

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Chart Dynamic Ranges

Jan 20, 2010

I have a stock chart that I want to update dynamically if the data record length changes. From the source data menu, I tried to use the following data ranges:

=OFFSET(Candles!$AB$8,1,0,COUNTA($AB:$AB)) ---> Date, x values
=OFFSET(Candles!$AD$8,1,0,COUNTA($AD:$AD)) ---> High
=OFFSET(Candles!$AE$8,1,0,COUNTA($AE:$AE)) ---> Low
=OFFSET(Candles!$AF$8,1,0,COUNTA($AF:$AF)) ---> Close

When I place any of these in the data range box under 'x axis labels or values', I receive the message "This function is not valid".

The MS webpage at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/ex...098011033.aspx describes using these formulas but they don't appear to work.

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Dynamic Stacked Bar Chart

Apr 28, 2006

I am trying to develop a dynamic stacked bar chart, I have a consistent number of columns defining the x axis and a variable number of rows defining the y axis (the stacked data). Is it possible to generate a dynamic stacked chart. I have tried using dynamic named ranges but I can't get it to work for a stacked chart.

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Dynamic Pie Chart With No Zeros

Jul 11, 2007

Please see the attached spreadsheet, I would like to create a dynamic pie chart shows the monthly strategy breakdown (one month at a time), but not showing the zero value and also a drop down box to be able to choose which month's strategy breakdown to display on the chart.

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Dynamic Chart Examples

Feb 5, 2008

I have a template I used where, over the course of a month, I add an additional row of information (the 31 rows are there, just the information is inserted with macros every day). The charts, though, are daily, meaning that every day I need the charts to show information from the last row entered. How do I instruct a chart to take the last row of information and take the data from there (and automatically create the chart) instead of having to do it manually?

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Dynamic Pareto Chart

Feb 8, 2008

I have data in a matrix captured for the different machines we have. I need to make a pareto chart for the PPM's in each machine. This is updated everyday so i recorded a very primitive macro just to avoid making the 15 graphs i need as i have to filter the zero cells, then sort them descending and then making the graph....
The only way of making this in a more lean way is using a vba code?? do you know an already made code i can use for it?? i've searched the site with no luck. Here's a brief example of what i have:

Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3
Total PPM Total PPM Total PPM
Defect 1 30 4.5 0 0 0 0
Defect 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Defect 3 0 0 45 20.4 98 298
Defect 4 22 12 0 0 36 123

I need the pareto chart for every machine's PPMs, sorted descending and as u can see some machines share defects.....

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Scrolling Dynamic Chart

Mar 14, 2008

I have graphed a range of data that was generated using VB, but the data is a series of 6 models plotted against each other over a period of 6 years and the data is daily and as such would be useful to reduce the range to look at certain periods , is it possible to do this using the mouse to select a region or would something like embeded text boxes for the ranges of dates the user could enter be better, or would it be better to move away from excel for this part of it be better. Also is it possible to plot say range A1:A5 and A20:A25 against the the relevent dates to examine two separate periods side on side.

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Dynamic Chart Not Updating

Jun 21, 2008

I have a chart that display data from a dynamic named range. Problem is the chart only displays the correct data when I first input the named range into the data source on the first attempt. When the dynamics of the named range change, the range the chart displays remains the same. I have read another post on here where someone had the solution, but I couldnt get it to work for me.

I am inputting the named range into Data Source-> Data Range. The other thread said to put the named range into Data Source-> Series. I am unable to enter my named range into Series. I have also tried putting the .xls filename followed by !(named range) into the series boxes but excel will not allow me to do this either.

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How To Resize A Dynamic Pivot Chart

Jul 1, 2014

i have a dynamic pivot chart. It works well, except the chart area size, it remains the same. Is there any way how the chart area can be automatically adjusted/resized (see the example attached)? Maybe with VBA?

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Dynamic Pie Chart With Fixed Colors

Aug 5, 2014

I'm working with a pie chart that has a dynamic range as its data source and a dynamic range as its legend. The chart shows ratios of bought items depending on customer type. So, when you switch from a "Hair" customer to a "Bath & Body" customer, the ratios shift and the legend changes as well (i.e. "Hair - 25%" to "Hair - 10%").

Is there a way to fix the colors permanently so that as the ranges change, the colors remains the same for each category?

I've seen some VBA for it, but it was for data in long columns, whereas my data is in one range in the middle of the worksheet.

I can attach the file if it makes things easier.

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Dynamic Chart - Control In Combobox

Jan 30, 2014

Trying to create a dynamic chart herewith control in combo box.

Chart 2.xlsx

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Dynamic Roll Chart With Formula?

Feb 5, 2014

[URL]...... I need to put more dynamics and fill this data set from other sheets, so I'm putting formula into column A, and this force chart react and insert another category. In other words I want to have this fill only if data present on different tab(worksheet).

That what I have now:

[Code] ........

is there any other COUNTB,C,D???
Counts the number of cells that are not empty and the values within the list of arguments. Use COUNTA to count the number of cells that contain data in a range or array.

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How To Make A Chart Using A Dynamic Range

Apr 17, 2014

I have never used charts in excel unfortunately. I just finished watching a few tutorials but still a little confused. I have a WS with a list of items I want to make various charts of how do you make a chart that adjusts when new items are added? (thus dynamic data) Do you need a macro to do this or is it just standard by defining a range within that sheet?

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Adding Dynamic Title To Chart?

Mar 5, 2014

c5 shows today() and I'd like c5.value to be the headline of a chart. Hence, in sample file the headline be changed to 05/03/2014 (and tomorrow to 06/03/2014..).

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Dynamic Area Chart Using IF Statement?

Nov 19, 2011

I'm having trouble drawing an area chart that ends sharply at a specifided value rather than drawing a diagonal line down to zero. Let me explain

I watched an Excellsfun youtube tutorial that used the IF statement to chart a subset of normal curve data as the second series in an area chart.

It looks like an easy way to add some interactivity. I enter a single value, and the IF statement checks to see if the data in the first sereis is less than or equal o that number. Once the first series data exceeds the number I entered, the IF statement populates the second series with "", which is to say a blank entery.

Here's my spreadsheet data and the chart it produces:
ABCDEFGHIJ1Series AHeight AHeight B:5.5210.04070850.0407085d2.87228320.06610770.0661077x5430.09509940.0950994540.12118840.1211884Height A: =NORM.DIST(A2:A11,$F$1,$F$2,FALSE)650.13680530.1368053Height B:=IF(A2

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Making Chart Series Dynamic?

Jun 6, 2012

I am looking for a quick way to create a number charts using data from multiple sheets.

I have 12 sheets Apr - Mar that contain data in identical format. I also have sheets 12 sheets Apr Charts - Mar Charts, I need to create a number of charts on each sheet for the relevant month. To avoid having to create a ridiculous number of charts, I thought I would try to dynamically change the chart data series based on a value in say cell A1.

For example if cell A1 of the Apr Charts sheet = Apr, the chart will show the data for Apr.

The idea is that I can copy the Apr Charts sheet the required number of times and replace the value in A1, and my charts will update dynamically. I need to have seperate sheets for each of the monthly charts.

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Create Chart With Dynamic X And Y Axis?

Aug 12, 2012

I am trying to create a horizontal bar chart with a product code data set. The number of codes will increase over time. For each product code there may it may not be a sales value and that sales value will increase over time. I am trying to plot the product codes on the y axis and sales value in the x axis.

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Dynamic Chart With Two Parameters On Y Axis?

Aug 28, 2013

We're making a dynamic chart based (picture below) on test scores from neuropsychological tests ("IQ tests"). The chart displays median, min and max scores of several tests that are clustered on the X-axis into 9 domains (each containing several tests). The Y-axis display the results in T-scores ("T-Skarer") (kind of percentile rank). The chart is dynamic. If a person only have scores around the T=50 (50th percentile), the Y-axis adapts to this (no fixed values). But what we need in addition to the T-scores on the Y-axis are z-scores (standard deviations).

My question: Is it possible to incorporate an additional dynamic Y-axis with standard deviation (next to the T-score columns)? (the z-scores are eqvivalent to percentiles, but have different values.

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Dynamic Ranges In 2007 Chart

Jul 24, 2008

I created a chart in Excel 2003 which relies on dynamic named ranges. For years this chart has been working beautifully. I recently converted to Excel 2007 and the chart no longer understands the dynamic named range for the x-axis. It understands the y-axis dynamic named ranges just fine. I have tried renaming the x-axis range to various names (none of which contain the word chart). I also experimented by just using a static range name. And I have tried recreating the chart from scratch with the same results. It lets me create the chart initially but then when I refresh the worksheet, the x-axis is blanked out.

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Dynamic Selection Of Data For Chart

Oct 13, 2009

I have a follwing data:

Sheet1  ABCDEFGH2Days12345673Values2040550000 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I have plotted a line graph based on the above table; but I am getting zero values also plotted. since these Values are linked to some other workbook I can't delete the cell values also.
How can we avoid Zero values on a graph; Also is there any approach, that my graph should get automatically updated whenever the linked values are updated.

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Filterable Dynamic Chart Range

Sep 3, 2008

Imagine I am plotting characteristics of a monopoly game: each row of my data represents one property and has a number of characteristics in columns. I have a scatter plot that draws several series from data in a filtered list. This lets me turn some of the points on and off by changing the filters, because the chart only plots the points that are visible. I'm remaking this chart using named ranges so that it will update each series automatically as the named ranges change. I'm doing this because I occasionally want to move datapoints (i.e. rows in the original data) from one series to another, and I don't want to manually go back and edit the series definitions in the chart. For example, if I am charting a monopoly game and each series represents one player, and each point is a property owned by that player, I want to account for the fact that properties may be traded between players.

I got the chart all set up using named ranges so that each series has one named range for the X values and one for the Y values. These are defined to include or exclude points from the list (think of it as the list of all the properties in monopoly) and it works great... except when I use filters on the source data (for instance, filter out the yellow properties) it no longer removes those points from the chart. Because the chart refers to the named range and the named range is immune to the filtering, changes in filtering do not update the chart. My chart named ranges are defined like this:

John_Properties_Cost = (All_Properties_Owner=$B$115)*Cost_Of_Property
John_Properties_Rent = (All_Properties_Owner=$B$115)*Rent_For_Property

I thought a good solution would be to "break up" the named range so that part of the calculation happens in the chart, like this:
instead of

named ranges defined as:
John_Properties_Cost = (All_Properties_Owner=$B$115)*Cost_Of_Property
John_Properties_Rent = (All_Properties_Owner=$B$115)*Rent_For_Property.........................

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Dynamic Chart On Input By Users

Jun 29, 2006

I am having trouble making a module that can open in all Excel workbooks. It should ask user to enter column names and the data and should ask user to select a chart type and then produce a chart of the entered data?

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