How To Restrict Code To Current Workbook

Aug 3, 2014

I have the following code linked to a drop down list in my workbook.


It populates textboxes on the sheet with a lookup value result, the lookup value is taken from the dropdown box. The problem I have is any other excel workbooks that are open at the same time, the code is trying to run against those workbooks when I edit them, I can't seem to restrict the code to run only against the workbook in which the dropdown box which the code is linked to, exists in. I have tried moving the code to a module in the workbook but then the code does not seem to work as it does know which workbook the combo box and text boxes which should be filled with the lookuip result belong in

Link to workbook is [URL] .....

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Code To: Open Another Workbook And Close Current

Jul 31, 2007

I want code to:
Open EstimatingSheet.xls
SaveAs current workbook as Range B13 &".xls"
Open EstimatingSheet.xls workbook from somewhere on C:
Then close the one with B13.xls

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Restrict Workbook Access To One Computer

Dec 23, 2006

I wish to send a workbook but need to ensure that this workbook stays on the computer it is destined for. I understand that for ultimate security excel may not be the best option, however im using excel and with that need to look at the best options available to me.

My thoughts were along the lines of sending a simple application for better words in excel, and having the user fill in a few details, this would trigger a events macro recording A the machine id ( which i have forgotten how to do any any help would be great with that ) or B the user ID to a hidden cell, then on receiving this back be able to use that as a key in the application before sending it out.

Then if the user was to pass this to another person it would not work as the code would not match. Does this seem like a best approach or is there a better way that a similar effect could be had?

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Vba Code To Restrict Horizontal Categories Items Repetition

Jan 31, 2014

I have chart as shown in attached file. It plots 12 months data.

I want to restrict it to plot only such number of months as is mentioned in Cell H1.

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Copy Worksheet From Closed Workbook To Current Opened Workbook

Aug 21, 2014

I have an open workbook (A) and this is where the code should reside. I want to use VBA to copy the content of an entire worksheet from a closed workbook (B) to an existing worksheet in workbook A. How would you accomplish this?

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Search Cell Value In Another Workbook And Copy Range From Current To Other Workbook

Mar 11, 2014

I have 2 workbooks. 1 is where data is entered called wksPB, the other is like a database workbook. The wksPB has data to be feed from column B to F and there is a dropdown.

what im looking to do is, if the combobox value is selected as Decline then it should display a messagebox that reference value in cell B is denied. if combobox value is Agreed then the macro should search the database workbook for the text entered in column b of wksPB and then copy data of C:E of wksPB to H:J of database sheet where that text is found and also the approver name in wksPB C24 to the approver cell of where that text was found. I've reached till finding the text but what I get my head twiting on is how to copy the text from wksPB column B:F to database sheet column H:K. Im attaching the sample workbooks and the code where ive reached till.

[Code] .....

Attached Files
Replacement Records - 2014.xlsx‎
forum file.xlsm‎

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Opening New Workbook And Pasting Values Into Current Workbook?

May 13, 2014

I am using the below code (i have combined different bits of code which i found on these forums) to open a new workbook, copy all the data in it and paste it into Sheet2 in the active workbook . Also, i want the data to be pasted on the next empty row as there is already data in Sheet2. The data that is being copied and pasted has the same format and it is going to be repeated many times.

The problem i am having is that it is not offsetting the data to the next empty row - i think it is a simple change but i can't seem to get there :s

Also, the code is currently selecting all of the data from the workbook that i open - is there a way i can select all of the data, excluding the first row (the first row contains the headings which i already have in Sheet2 in the active workbook).


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Autofilter Another Workbook And Copy Range Into Current Workbook

Mar 2, 2014

I'll soon have an ETL process that will load about 150K rows into an Excel workbook. On of the columns will be the end user's userid.

I need to autofilter that external workbook based on the end user's userid, copy that range, clear a worksheet on the current workbook, and copy that range to the current worksheet.

For example, see the attached workbooks. I need to replace the data in Source.xlsb!Cases with the data in Output.xlsb!Case_List, filtered on my userid, which we'll call foo.

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others

Jan 27, 2009

I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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Restrict Macro Keyboard Shortcuts To The Workbook Containing The Macro

Sep 30, 2006

I've created Keyboard Shortcuts to run Macros in "Workbook A". Problem is, if I have "Workbook B" open in the same Excel instance/process as "Workbook A" the Keyboard Shortcuts will run the Macros in "Workbook A".

Is there a way to restrict the Keyboard Shortcuts to only run the Macro if Workbook A is active?

Or is there a way to code the Macro to run its procedures only if Workbook A is active?

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Using Loops On Current Code

Jul 27, 2006

I currently have the following macro - as you can see it is quite repetitive. I know it is possible to do this using a loop any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated.

Sub Clean()

Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp

Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp

Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp

Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp

I thought that this would work - but not so probably some basic syntax error:

Sub Runny()
For x = 4 To 17
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Next x
End Sub

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Duplicating A Current Workbook For Others Use?

Apr 30, 2014

I am in need of duplicating a current workbook for others use such that when I update information in the original all those who have a copy of the duplicate will get the updates I have made. I have searched all over for linking workbooks together and I am familiar with linking cells and other small bits of information from other workbooks but in this case I want a duplicate workbook that is updateable from my source workbook.

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Dim Current Workbook As Variable

Jul 2, 2014

I have a Macro that opens a closed file to VLookup some info and pull it to my spreadsheet then close that workbook. the problem I have run into is writing the Macro correctly so if I were to change the file name of the workbook I am running the macro with that it will still use the range declared for the workbook. I have colored the file path that I want to dim in Blue so that it will be easier to see what im trying to do. here is my current macro that works perfectly unless I save my current workbook under a different file name...

Sub Button7_Click()

Sheets("Sheet1").Unprotect "Password"

Workbooks.Open Filename:="\NDGI-SPARE-1UsersownerDocuments2014Vom ResultsVomResults.csv"

Dim c As Range

[Code] .....

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Adding New Lines To Current Code?

Dec 1, 2011

Sub Final()
Dim NameCell As Range
For Each NameCell In Sheets("! Names").Range("B1", Sheets("! Names").Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp))


I want to pull data from ! Names. This code already Renames a new sheet from the ! Names sheet and also puts there name in cell C2 and phone number into cell C3 of the created sheet. I want to put more data from the ! Names sheet. How would i go about adjusting current code to do that?

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Code To Identify Current Worksheet Name

Jan 22, 2013

What is the code to identify the current worksheet name? I want to store it in a variable so I can return to the worksheet later. I thought that the code was this:

myWorkSheetName =

I receive a "Run-time error 424: Object required" message on the statement.

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VBA Code To Record Current Date

Apr 17, 2009

I know this is a simple question for all VBA droids...I guess the challenge is in how quickly I'll receive an answer. I hear the turn-around time on this board is pretty impressive. So here goes...

What is the VBA code for recording the current date without the date recalculating when the form is re-opened. I know the formula for automatic entry [=today()], but I need the date to stay the same. I can assign the date to any cell, so you may theorize any cell in the code. Remember...the trick is getting the date to stay the same once it's been automatically entered.

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Code To Keep Top 20 Rows Of Current Range

Oct 15, 2009

I need a macro that keeps only the top 25 rows in the current range and deletes the rest.

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VBA Code To Save As Name & Current Date

Feb 15, 2010

I want to schedule a print, for lets say every Sunday at midnight. I have managed to find some what of a solution by using the following vbscript and scheduling a print to default printer. Works perfectly if that is all I wanted.

Dim objExcel, objWorkbook, strFile
' Connect to Excel
Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
strFile = "C: est.xls"
' Open the Excel File for Printing
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open _
' Print to Default Printer
Set objSheet = objExcel. ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1)

I do not want to print to an actual printer, therefore if I set my default printer as the document writer, the vbscript gets it as far as the "Save As" page. Is there a way I can add to this vbscript so it will save as well? Can I get it to save as "name"&[DATE], thereby having it save as a different name each time?
Can I change this vbscript to print to a named printer rather then a default printer? I am sure a PDF convertor may be of some assistance with this, but I do not have an PDF converter on my computer, and as this will be carried out on a computer that I will not have administration rights, I can not download one.

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Import Data Into Current Workbook

Nov 18, 2008

I'm trying to import data in to an existing workbook. When i run the macro in the existing workbook, a new workbook opens and the data is dropped there. What do i need to change to get the data to pull back in to the existing workbook?

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Trying To Import File Into Current Workbook

Jul 21, 2008

Sub Macro1()

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "COOPtbl1", "C:Documents and SettingskanegrMy DocumentsBook1.xls", True, ""

End Sub

Heres the code I keep getting a

"Run-time error '424':

Object required"


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Enter Current Workbook Name In Formula

Jul 31, 2009

I have the formula:

=HYPERLINK("[Book1.xlsm]'Sheet1!A1","To Reachback")

I may however change the name of Book1, therefore rendering the hyperlink formula useless. Is there a way to enter something in place of Book1 that will return the current name of the workbook?

If there isn't, I will have to create a VBA program to update the hyperlinks, and will therefore have additional questions about that shortly.

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Copy Worksheets Into Current Workbook

Oct 30, 2006

I have developed a macro, run by a button click, in my workbook.

I have about 5 other workbooks to process, what I want to do is to have my workbook with my macro open, then either copy or import these other 5 workbooks, one at a time, into my current workbook so I can run my macro on their data. Not sure if I need to copy them in or not, but thats all I can think of. I'm not even sure how to do this manually, I tried having my workbook open and doing a file - import on the .xls file, but it seems to be translating my data and I'm ending up with a value of 'f1' in one of my columns, no idea what that is. All I really want to accomplish is to run my macro on each of the 5 workbooks, one at a time.

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Return The Name Of Current Workbook In A Cell

Mar 22, 2007

i am using visual basic and i'm trying to return the name of current workbook in a cell, this is what i have so far.

Public Sub bookname()
Selection.Formula = "=MID(CELL("filename"), FIND("[",CELL("filename"))+1,(FIND("]",CELL("filename"))+1)-FIND("[",CELL("filename"))-2)"

End Sub

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Saving File As Current Workbook Name

Apr 10, 2007

ChDir "C:Documents and SettingssysxxxDesktopcode testNew Folder"
ActiveWorkbook. SaveAs Filename:= _
"C:Documents and SettingssysxxxDesktopcode testNew FolderBillsFileName.xlw" _
, FileFormat:=xlExcel4Workbook, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False

Here's the code. My only question is how would I change "BillsFileName.xlw" to be the name of the current workbook?

Is it something as simple as


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Utilize Current Year Within Excel Code?

Dec 27, 2012

I've been heavily updating my Budget file I've written in excel. The code I'm working with and having slight trouble with is as follows

Try this formula. Column letter & Row number are for example only. Array formulas will have curly brackets {} emcompassing the ENTIRE formula. You do not add these, you Enter the formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter and Excel will add them (details: Array formulas). Many more Excel Formulas
 Z100 =IF(TODAY()>DATE(2013,1,31),"January's Ending Balance is:",IF(TODAY()<=DATE(2013,1,31),"January's Current Balance is:")) 

Basically, if the current date is after the last day of a given month (in this case January 31), then the cell should display "January's Ending Balance is:", if between January 1, (current year), and January 31, (current year), it should display "January's Current Balance is:". The code above does work great, but I need it to look at the current year according to the computer's date, and go by that, instead of having to change the code where it says 2013 to 2014 etc every year. This would be a hassle, as I have a tab coded for each month of the year. Id rather it be automated.

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How To Attach Current Excel Workbook To Email

Sep 19, 2013

show me the visual basic codes that allow me to attach the current saved workbook to an email (just attach, but not to send the file). So basically, just open the Outlook, send to, and attach the file.

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Macro To Create A Copy Of Current Workbook

Mar 12, 2014

I have a workbook with Macros in it, now I want to create a copy of that workbook using VBA.

Here are the steps i want:
1. Create a copy of an open workbook
2. Open the Copy.
3. Close the original workbook.

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Show/Hide Toolbars For Current Workbook Only

May 10, 2006

I have a macro that starts when the workbook is open that hides many of the headers and toolbars. It is great and works fine unless you are working on another workbook and need to see those headers and tool bars. Is there a way to display and hide those items per workbook and not for the entire application. here is my failed attempt:

Sub show_excel_headers()

Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = ThisWorkbook

wb.Application. ScreenUpdating = False

'Display Headings in all worksheets
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet
Dim sSheetStart

Set sSheetStart = ActiveSheet

wb.Application.EnableEvents = False
For Each wsSheet In Worksheets
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = True

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Save Workbook As Current Date & Time

Jun 22, 2007

I'm trying to save a file with current date and time...I used the code from the following thread:

Save File Name With Date/time Stamp

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:FinalOutput.xls " & _
format(Now(), "mm_dd_yyyy hh mm AMPM"), FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", _
WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False

Now when I try to run the macro, it gives me an error saying: Compile Error, Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment. And it highlights "format" in yellow.

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Append Current Date To Active Workbook Name

Mar 3, 2008

I want to save my active workbook with the current name together with the date Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;Sorry, new to this.

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