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Remove UserForm Control From Tab Order

can i disable/remove a control from the being in the tab order.
i no i can move to the bottom but there is too many too use that option.
i need it to be elimated from user input alltogether.
it is filled automatically

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Tab Order In Userform
I have several checkbox and adjacent to it there is a textbox. Also I have a command button.
On Form initialize, all checkbox and textbox are hidden, except first check box and textbox.
The first checkbox1 is enabled and textbox1 is empty. On Exit event of textbox1, the checkbox2 and textbox2 gets visible, with checkbox2 enabled.

On exit event of textbox1, the cursor goes to command button on Tab
My requirement:
The cursor should go to textbox2.

Note:- I have Tabindex set to as following:
Textbox1 = 0
Textbox2 = 1
Commandbutton1 = 2

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Programmatically Remove A Control From Userform
Suppose I have a userform named myUserForm and a checkbox on it named myCheckBox. How on earth do I remove myCheckBox from myUserForm at run time? I've tried every which way I can think and I always get "error 444". Some things I've tried are:

myUserForm.Controls.Remove "myCheckBox"
myUserForm.Controls.RemoveControls "myCheckBox"

I've put this in a standard module, the ThisWorkbook module, even in the myUserForm code module and each time it's the same error.

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Tab Order In Forms
I would have like a chance to be able to remove the apparent potenitial dangerous problem from the thread below and not close it after 10 mins. I'm not on the site permenantly and keep dipping back in eveynow and again. I dont know what the issue is as when I open the file up I dont get any error messages. I have tried this on my machine using Office 2003 and Vista also another PC using Office 2003 and XP


The only error I get is a message saying Disk or Network error, when testing it on the XP Machine this is because doesnt have access to the Database it sends the data to.

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Cells Tab Order VBA
The tab order in an Excel spreadsheet is driving me nuts. I could not get it on my own and found some code that seemed to solve my initial problem.
However, I still can not figure out why I can't go backwards. It will ONLY go forward no matter what you do. If you try to select a cell behind or in front, it just tabs to the next cell in the array. Can anyone help before end up sitting in the corner of the nut house crossed-eyed and drooling

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Force Tab Order Of Cells
I have input cells on a protected sheet with a tab order array setup. It was originally set up to work when their was a Worksheet Change. Not every cell is going to have data input into it. This is where the problem lies. If a cell is left blank it tabs out of sequence. I changed it to a Worksheet Open Sub but that didn't work.

Code is as follows: ...

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Tab Order Of Text Boxes
I have been working on an excel sheet with several text boxes that need data manually putting into them. I have set the texts boxes out in the correct order and could tab thru them perfectly in order, but then I saved, closed then reopen the document and now the text boxes do not tab in order. I have tried to rearrange them, delete them and start again but the same problem happens every time and I cannot get the tab order of the text boxes to stay in order

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Determine Position/order Of Tab(s)
I'm am trying to find some way to determine if a particular tab falls before/after/between other tabs in a workbook. For example, if I have a tab "Top" and a tab "Bottom", I want to be able to determine if tab X is between them.

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Force Cell Tab Order Between Named Ranges
I have forced the tab order of sheet. Unlike the example with the link, I have used named ranges instead of cell references in the array to order the tab sequence. (the named range are single cells and merged cells)

Force Tab Order Of Cells

Just like the author of the link, the sequencing works great but if I choose click on another cell (that is in the pre-determined sequence) it then takes me to the next pre-determined cell int he sequence.

I have tried the code the "shg" has suggested for merged cells to no avail. Maybe it has something to do with the name ranges.

Dim aTabOrd As Variant
Dim iTab As Long
Dim nTab As Long

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim iNew As Long

If IsEmpty(aTabOrd) Then

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Control Order Of Class Object Events
Split from Determine Order Of Event Procedures

I realise that there's no set order for different types of event, because, as you say, it basically depends on what the user does. But what I'd like to control is what order like events fire in.

So let's say that object_1 handles the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event (an application-wide event).

Let's say that object_2 is an object of the same type as object_1, and therefore also handles the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event.

The objects are entirely independent; they know nothing about each other. However, I would like to be able to control whether the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event is fired first in object_1 or first in object_2 when the user triggers this event by adding a new worksheet somewhere.

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Is Is Possible To Control Sheet Tab Names
I have a spreadsheet with sheet numbers that are controlled by the tab name. Is it possible to limit how people name the tab? For example, my sheet numbering must be: 101, 102, etc. Thus the tab would of course be 101, 102, etc.

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Macro That Deletes Sheet With Control & Shows UserForm Causes UserForm To Disappear
This is weird - if you delete a sheet that contained a control then

a. showing a modeless userform resluts in a userofrm that goes invisible at subroutine End
b. public variables lose their value

These things do not happen if the sheet did not contain a control. Attached is an example file - put the inputfile.xls in your default file location (or add a path in the code) then open the ProblemDemo.xls and run the main macro to see it fal - isthis another Excelbug I've found?

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Program Tab & Enter Keys Depending On Control
Following are the VBA Object in excel file :

3. CommandButton1
4. CommandButton2
5. CommandButton3

i want to do following items :
1. when i am in textbox1 and press TAB button from keyboard then cursor go to Textbox2
2. when i am in textbox2 and press TAB (keyboard) then select commandButton1
3. when i am in textbox2 and press enter button (Keyboard) then run the macro of commandButton1 click event.

Actully above VBA object in excel sheet and i am not useing any fram for them .

how to possible above items.

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Remove Picture From Image Control
I know how to load a picture onto an image control using VBA code, but how do I clear the picture? (NOTE: I am not talking about using the properties window in the VBE, I am talking about coding in VB)

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Delete/Remove Picture From Image Control
I want to delete a picture from an image control in a worksheet when pressing a button. So my code is:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Sheets("Sheet1").Image1.Picture = LoadPicture("")
End Sub

Well, the problem is that this code only works when I create it. If I save and close the excel file when I open it again and I press the CommandButton1 I get the following error: Run-time error '-2147417848(80010108)' Method "Picture of object "IImage" failed.

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Add/Remove Custom Control To Chart Drop-Down Menu
I want to add a control under Chart on the menu bar. This line of code errors with "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument"

With Application. CommandBars("Worksheet menu bar").Controls("Chart")

Change "Chart" to "File" or "Edit" or "Tools" and it's fine.

The Chart item only appears when a chart is selected, but it errors even when a chart on the worksheet is selected.

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Set Order Of Userform Controls Loop
I am using stuff from loops to loop through all the controls on a UserForm. But I can't find a way of controlling the order in which this is done. I tried both TabIndex and moving the controls around without success. Is there a property of a control that controls the loop order.

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Multipage Tab On A Userform In VB
I'm having a problem setting the multipage tab on a userform in VB. It's kinda weird because the code was working fine until recently, where it's suddenly stopped working properly! The only thing I can think of is that I changed versions of Excel to v2003 recently.

I want to not let the user change tabs unless the inputs entered have been error checked. My code is:

Private Sub MultiPage1_Change()

If Me.MultiPage1.Value > 1 Then
If Range("inputs!dob") = "" Then
Me.MultiPage1.Value = 1
MsgBox ("Please enter your date of birth before continuing.")
End If
End If
End Sub
The tab itself changes fine (ie. shows the tab 1 header), but the contents of the tab are actually the contents of tab 2!

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Userform Show (default Tab)
I have a userform with multiple tabs. I have buttons on the excel sheet that correspond with the tabs. How do I get the buttons to open up their respective tabs in the userform?

For example: Button 1 opens Userform-Tab1; Button 2 opens Userform-Tab2; Button 3 opens Userform-Tab3; etc.

Right now they all open the userform, but open the first tab.

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Toolbar Control On Userform ..
I've got the bare bones of a toolbox control on my userform but I can seem to find anyway to refer to the buttons and control them (Ive tried using the properties page but it doesn't seem to give me the options I need). I want to be able to add a macro and a picture to the buttons, is this possible?


With Userform1.Toolbar1.button("x")

.image/picture/faceid = x
.action = "macro1"

end with

I've looked for ages on the board but can only find threads on creating toolbars in the application, not on userforms.

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Cursor Control With Userform
I have created a simpel userform that shows sales total and it is activated [.show function] whenever an entry is made in the order column. All of this works fine.

The only problem I have is that the curser jumps in to the text box and doesn't return to the order column where next entry needs to be made.

How do you move the curser out of the userform, back to the activesheet?
Ideally it should move to the next cell for the user to make entry.

I am attaching my sample file here. It has some odd things that I was just playing around with as learning experience. But the main question is how to control the curser.

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Filling Control On Another UserForm
I am trying to add a list of items to a combobox on form1 from form2 where form 1 has a variable name.

I can use:

x = UserForms(0).Name

to show a userform with a variable name but I can't get it to add anything to the combobox using this


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Userform Control Blink
This code works fine on a normal userform But I declared the userform with "New" in my calling procedure

myForm As New form

How can I get it to work??
Or more interesting, why is it not working
Also what exactly is the advantage of using the keyword New
I have propertys set in the userform, but other than that..
Can someone tell me if the load function in this case is better or not

Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Private Sub cmd_click
Call blink
End Sub

Public Sub Blink()
Dim i As Long
For i = 1 To 20

' set color
Form.cmd.BackColor = &HFFFFFF
Call Sleep(60)

Form.cmd.BackColor = &HFF& .....................

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UserForm Control Looping
Split off from Loop Through ActiveX TextBox Controls On Worksheet. Here is a zip file with the files in it. The main one that I am working on now is PO Form.xls. I want to start with the Qty column and copy any values that are entered into the form to the file called PO.xls in the Qty column of this file.

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Hyperlink UserForm Control
I am looking for Hyperlink Control or any other control that I cam add to my form. When I move mouse on it and press it open to me attachment.

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Alt+Tab Not Working When An Userform Is Opened
While using an userform, is it not possible to swap to other files in the window?
I.e Alt+tab function is not working while an userform is opened.

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UserForm Control TextBox Or ComboBox
If this control is a TextBox, I would like to read the Text property,
and if it's a ComboBox, I would like to read the Value property.

Public Function readValue(c As Control) As String
If (TypeName(c) = "TextBox") Then
' convert the Control to TextBox then put readValue = c.Text
If (TypeName(c) = "ComboBox") Then
'convert the Control to ComboBox then put readValue = c.Value
End If
End If
End Function

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UserForm Control To Select Range
I want a control to select a range in a userform I'm creating.

I wonder if we can use the same type of control the wizards use, where you click on the right and choose the range? Alternatively, what's the best option?

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Setfocus From Module To Userform Control
I have a project with many textboxes on different forms. On some of the textbox_exits on some of the forms, I call a standard module that checks what the user has input. If the user needs to change the input, a msgbox appears to inform the user the info needs to be changed.

I have tried to use ControlSource, Name etc., But I cannot seem to setfocus back onto which ever textbox the input needs to be changed. I think it has something to do wih the _exit event, but not sure.

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UserForm Control Not Showing Fully
I have a workbook which when opened connects to an external datasource (excel file) and downloads a table of information. While this is happening I have a userform which shows which has a lable saying (connecting to datasource, please wait....). However, when I open the workbook, the userform shows but the labels do not show, the userform just appears white.

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Disable WebBrowser Control On UserForm
How can I put the webbrowser disable so that is impossible to clik in it?

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To Set Focus To The RefEdit Control In Userform
I am trying to implement a simple userform using the RefEdit control.

So I have the RefEdit control and an Ok (which has code attached to it) and a Cancel commandbutton.

For some reason, I can't get the focus on the RefEdit control (i.e. when I activate the form, I have to actually click in the RefEdit box before it gets the cursor). Which property sets the focus in this control?

Right now I have the Ok button Default property set to True.

I have a commandbutton on the spreadsheet that activates the userform.

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Userform Call Macro On Control Change
Is there a way to call a subroutine anytime any control is changed within a userform?

For example,

I have a userform that needs to go through and add/multiply almost every value in every textbox and also add together values associated with checkboxs. I need this to happen anytime a textbox value is changed or a checkbox is checked.

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Enter Key On UserForm To Next Control Not Working
I have a User Form that is used to collect data. CommandButton1 loads the User Form data into the worksheet and CommandButton2 clears all data from the Form in preparation for entering the next record. Immediately after a user first opens the Form, the very first time CommandButton1 is clicked, the Enter Key stops working. At this point data can be typed into any TextBox on the Form, but when the Enter Key is pressed the cursor remains in the TextBox. (The Enter Key will not move the focus to the next Textbox in the Tab Order. Also, if I alter the code to set the focus on a CommandButton as the active control instead of a TextBox, pressing Enter on the active CommandButton does not execute the CommandButton's macro... the same behavior as a TextBox; nothing at all happens when the Enter Key is pressed even though the CommandButton has focus).

At the point when the Enter Key stops functioning, if the user presses 'Alt-Tab' to leave the Form and then immediately uses 'Alt-Tab' to return back into the Form the Enter Key suddenly works again and continues to work correctly from that point on even after CommandButton1 is clicked. Again, the Enter Key stops working ONLY the first time CommandButton1 is run immediately following initially opening the workbook and Alt-Tabing into the Form immediately corrects it. I saw one other post in this forum with this same problem in 2003, but unfortunately it did not get answered.

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Caption Of All CommandButtons In UserForm Frame Control
I have frame on a userform with command buttons. Is it possible to loop thru and capture the command button captions in a textbox. I'm trying to put together keyboard on a userform, so the user can populate a textbox with letters or phrases.

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Pass UserForm Control Values To Sub Procedures
I have been trying to use a multi-select listbox as the argument for a subroutine. For some reason, I keep getting a run time error, type mismatch. I'm baffled because when I define the specific listbox, it works fine, but when I attempt to pass the listbox I get an error.

Public Sub OtherDirectTotal(Expense As ComboBox, CostCat As ComboBox, _
Cost As TextBox, Years As Msforms.listbox)
Dim IDC As Double
Dim IDCt As Double
IDC = Val(UserForm2.txtIDC) / 100
If Years.Selected(0) = True Then
If Expense = "Sponsored" Then
If UserForm2.ChkODC = False Then
Select Case CostCat......................

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Filter Worksheet Data With UserForm Control
I have a database in Sheet1, and need to make a drop-down list for each column title, so that it would filter out the necessary letters or words. E.g. I type "au" and see the words starting "au" in one single list (like aura, aubergine, etc..)

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Collapsible Multi-Select UserForm Control
I would like to add a combobox type control that will allow multiple selections. I know that the combobox in the MS Forms Object Library only allows single selections and that the list box is the way to go to allow multiple selections, but I am trying to keep the form as small as possible. I would like to add a control similar to the one used on pivot charts, where the user clicks the dropdown box and can select multiple items. I'm hoping this control is installed with MS Office and just needs a reference to it, but I am open to installing third party controls as well.

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Control Toolbox Appearing On Multipage Userform
I've started experiencing a strange problem. The control toolbox keeps appearing when the first page on a multipage userform is activated. I can't figure out what's causing this, and after searching the forum, with no luck, I thought I would see if anybody else is experiencing the same problem, and how to fix it.

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Control Toolbox Pops-Up When UserForm Run
i've gotta demo an Excel app in a few days and this never really bothered me, but someone recently pointed out that it can get distracting for the Control Toolbox to pop in and out randomly. the form is being built for use by other staff, and i suppose it would also be distracting for them if the toolbox arbitrarily appeared here and there. is there a way to turn it off?

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Place Code Behind Userform: Active Control Colored
I have created a user form and I am trying to get the active control colored. I am using the code from Mr Excel's VBA book - starts on page 454, and I have entered all the code, but now when I activate the user form I get an error ....."Compile Error. Invalid attribute in Sub or Function." and when I click OK, it takes me to this line of code.....

Private WithEvents objForm As clsCtlColor

In the book, this is where I am supposed to start entering the code "behind the userform" rather than in the class module. So, I assume this means that this code goes with all the other code for the user form (in VBA project click on form, then view code). Am I wrong? Should I be adding a module? Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Here is the code I have in the class module....

Public Event GetFocus()
Public Event LostFocus(ByVal strCtrl As String)
Private strPreCtr As String

Public Sub CheckActiveCtrl(objForm As MSForms.UserForm).......

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Control Button Error :: Suppose To Call A Userform
I have a control button on a worksheet that is suppose to call a userform. I am using the code

But I keep getting an error. The button was created from the control toolbox.

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Force UserForm Controls On Top Of Image Control
i have a textbox on top of a picture box but i cannot replicate it with a new textbox or combobox.
when i place the control on the picture box it disapears?

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Move To Next UserForm Control With Down Arrow Key Press
I am trying to setup a shortcut key while in a userform so you can press the page down key and the focus will jump to an "Ok" or "Close" button.

I tried the following keypress procedure without any luck.

Private Sub UserForm_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger)
If KeyAscii = vbKeyPageDown Then
End If
End Sub

I even tried a similar test on a textbox control wihtout luck.

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger)
If KeyAscii = vbKeyPageDown Then
MsgBox "You Pressed PageDown Key"
End If
End Sub

I should say that this is a form that has a multi-page control on it and the showmodal property set to false.

It's almost like the event doesn't even fire. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work?

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Evaluate UserForm Control Where Name Is In 1 Cell & Property In Another
In A1, other code inserts the name of a Form control (textBox, comboBox etc), and in B1 it inserts the name of a Property that is always valid for the A1 control. I want to concatenate these two items to produce a formula in C1 that evaluates the current value of the Property on the running form and continues to update with each recalc. It's ok if I have to force a recalc to get the latest values.

The code feeding the items to A1 and B1 and which will be harvesting the Property values from C1 is running in the same Form that holds the controls being referenced.
So if A1= "Label1" and B1 = "BackColor", then in C1 I'd like the same result as if in VBA I said X = Label1.backcolor. I think that what I need is the Evaluate function, but I've read Arron's article on it I just can't seem to make it work here.

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Load Worksheet Picture Into UserForm Image Control
I have an image box on a userform in Excel VB. Is there ANY WAY to load an image into this image box from an object that I have loaded into an excel worksheet something like

If userform1.checkbox1=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 1"))
ElseIf userform1.checkbox2=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 2"))
msgbox "No image"

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Pass Calendar Control Date To Selected TextBox On Another UserForm
I have a workbook that has multiple spreadsheets. Data is added to the spreadsheets using userforms for each spreadsheet. I have created a pop-up calendar to add dates and want to know if there is a way to add dates without having to create multiple calendars for each txt field on each userform. I would like it so that when I click on the calendar it would put the date into the text field it was launched from.

This is the code in the calendar which only puts the date into the field named Dat_Clsd.

Private Sub CMD_Close_Click() .....

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Remove UserForm On Close
I have a function (courtesy of Walkanbach) to create a userform, very useful as it means I keep memory down as I can create the UF's as I go and tweak to suit.

I have been trying to get the userform to be removed when the user closes it. The close action in this case is the X button top right as this userform only has the userform itself and a listbox.

When I set the code for the event procedure it doesn't error, but nothing happens. The microsoft help pages seem to suggest that you can't remove a userform through vba, but I find that hard to believe. I've tried variations on the close procedure and all to no avail so far.

Dim xInt As Integer
With TempForm.CodeModule
xInt = .CountOfLines
.InsertLines xInt + 1, "Private Sub TempForm_Terminate()"
.InsertLines xInt + 2, "ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Remove TempForm"
.InsertLines xInt + 3, "End Sub"
End With

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Add / Remove Userform
I've created this simple form to add and remove data in a combobox
in a userform and i want to add and remove items

note: I've tried to do that but the new added items does't appear
next time i run my workbook

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Access Control Properties Of Controls Within UserForm, MultiPage & Frame
I want to access the Properties of a number of controls in a running form, and these controls may or may not be contained in a Frame or a MultiPage.

In particular I want the Top and Left for these controls, which means I have to first find out if the control is contained in a Frame or MultiPage so I can get the reference for Top and Left. I'm ok with doing this for controls inside a Frame, but the MultiPage is eluding me. I get an error when I try to access these controls and it looks like they are actually owned by the individual Pages of the MultiPage.

how do I find out if a given control is contained in a given MultiPage?

Validate UserForm MultiPage and Frame Controls

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Set Text & Hide Control On UserForm Show/Load
I'm trying to do is set up a form load event to initlize some controls. Here is my

Private Sub Form_Load()
'Initialize the form
lblProcessing.Visible = False
txtFileName.Text = "Enter a file name"
End Sub

At the moment, this event is not triggering. I have the code in the code behind my form - should it be in a module? PS: This site is great - it's answered a lot of my other questions so far without me having to make any posts.

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