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Sum If Date = Particualr Month

how to make a formula which looks at a date range and adds a specific months worth of data.

e.g. date format is 01 October 2008 so i would like to make the formula to look at all dates which include October 2008 only.

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How To Lock A Particualr Cell Having Value
how to lock a particular column having the particular value for all the sheets in a single work book thru macro code?

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Last Ocurance Of The Last Date Used For Each Month And Then Use The Cell Number To Calculate The Column Totals For That Month
I have a spreadsheet that is now a yeare old with 5000 rows and is now going into the 2nd year

Column A is for date input and the same date can be repeated several tumes :-

1 Jan 09
1 Jan 09
1 Jan 09
1 Jan 09
2 Jan 09
2 Jan 09
3 Jan 09
3 Jan 09
3 Jan 09

Sometimes there are all 30 /31 days but normally not .

I need to find the last ocurance of the last date used for each month and then use the cell number to calculate the column totals for that month.

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Date Range Formula: Beginning Of Month To End Of Month (which Is In The Current Row)
I have log data in two columns:
Column A: Date/time (at 30 minute intervals)
Column B: Numeric data

On the last row of each month, Iím trying to perform a SumProduct on the two columns and display that result in column C.

The end of the range is determined by the month in the current row.

Iím having difficulty finding the beginning of the range, though. I need to account for both the normal dynamic calendar days & the fact that I may get data starting mid-day and mid-month.

I have this formula, but Iím not sure how to make the first array dynamic or if this is even correct approach.


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Dates - Show Month Only, And Actually Be The Month Only (not Just Format The Date)
I have a range of dates from 2003 to 2012. I formatted them to the 'Mar-01' option, but when I want to pivot on the month, Excel still reads them as the date - example 3/25/2008, 3/28/2008...and so my pivot table has multiple columns for all of the dates present in that month.

How do I truly format my dates so that excel reads them as the month only so that I can then pivot and show 12 columns (months) per year?

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Month(Date): If The Month Is Not January It Works
I have a problem calculating something that happened last month if the month is january. At the moment, if the month is not January it works:

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Calculate Number Of Days Between Two Date Within A Current Month Including End Date
I have two columns of dates, leave start and end dates (when people start leave i.e. annual leave). Would need to introduce column(s) to calculate how many days fell within the month including the end date and excludes weekends.

For example, if the staff on leave from 31st March to 6 April, i need to show that the number of leave taken as 1 day in March and 4 days in April.

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Year Month Date To Month Date Year Code
Serial No Search †E220060926320061125420060612520070824620061026720061226820061127920061226 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

E - Year Month Date
I need F column as Month Date Year Format

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Count Date Cells Where Date Is Previous Month
I have a spreadsheet which I use to track when a work request is recieved, when we confirm the request and when we action the request. I have been trying to write some code to count the amount of requests, receipts and actions we have processed in the last month.

My first column shows who the request is from
The second shows date recieved
The third shows date we send receipt
The fourth shows the date actioned.

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Weekday/workday Date 1 Month After The Last Contact Date
I have a list of clients that have specific requests waiting to be actioned, with a number of columns relating to client details and the status of the request across the top of the sheet. One of the columns (D) is "Last Contact Date", where I enter in the date that I last followed up with the client or made contact regarding their request. In the next column (E), I want the weekday/workday date 1 month after the Last Contact Date.

I can use "=D2+DAY(30)" to give me the date 30 days later, or "=DATE(YEAR(D2),MONTH(D2)+1,DAY(D2))" to get one month later, however what I want is the nearest WORKDAY after this date.

So, if the date is on a weekend, I need the Monday date instead.

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Date Sorting With Key Field As Date And Month Only.
I need VBA code to sort the birthdays for all the employees in my company.

See the attached file for example.

I need to sort according to their month and then date and not with their year.
i.e it should not consider Year for sorting.

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Date/Month :: Specific Date Falls In?
I have a column with dates populated(examp.Fri, 15 Feb 08)in it. In the next column I need to return the month and year (month,year format) this specific date falls in?

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IF Date Formula: IF Formula, That States If A Date Is More Than A Month After The Date In The Cell Then It Is Timely
I need an IF formula, that states if a date is more than a month after the date in the cell then it is timely and if it isn't then it is not timely. For example the date in A1 is 12/11/05, if the cell is A2 is 13/12/05 (or any date after that) then A3 should read Not Timely, if A2 is 12/12/05 (or any date before that, including a date before the date in A1) then A3 should read Timely. Is there any way to do this?? At the moment I am having to go through manually and put in either Timely or Not Timely.

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Financial Model (formula To Equally Distribute Revenue Either Over The Next 1 Month, 2 Month Or 3 Month Period Depending On Size Of The Deal)
I m trying to write a formula for my financial model. If anyone can take a stab at a solution. I'm trying to write a formula that will equally distribute revenue either over the next 1 month, 2 month or 3 month period depending on size of the deal.

Sales will fit in 1 of 3 categories. Less than 25k; between 25k & 100k; greater than 100k.

- if under $25K, recognize in next month (month N+ 1)
- $25K-100K, recognize in two equal parts in months N + 1 and N + 2
- over $100K, recognize in three equal parts over 3 months
N + 1, N + 2, N + 3 ...

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Date Formula: Add A Month To A Date
i use dates a LOT in my job however if i want to add a month to a date the best i came up with is the following:

BTW all dates are USA standard (m/d/y)

A1 = 12/1/2008
Lets say i want to add 3 months but the day NEEDS to be 1 because of all of my array sumif's are based off of month 12/08, 2/09 etc, and in excel 12/08 actually translates to 12/1/08. So here is the formula I have been using for the last 4 years....


that seems a bit "Clunky" to me anyone have a better idea?

do not tell me "=a1+30" or "31" because that does not work universally.

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Getting The Month Out Of The Date
I am working on a file that contains an install date. i'd like to create a new column that will only show the month per install date indicated. Can anybody help me create a macro for this?

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Get Last Date For Month
I need a formual that will get the value that matches a month

In column A there are 52 weeks. I need to return the last non blank value for the month within the weekly period. The month value is found in column B

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Sum Up Month To Date
I have Excel sheet with daily sales data for differant year.
Attached is the data for 2009 as an example.

I need to compute Month to date sales in Cell F1 as highlighted.
To accomplish this i have got Public function SumDays.

This works fine but every month i have to update the start cell #, example H239 in
Sumdays(H239,c1)....for Sept i will change it to H272, and so on.
Have a look at Cell O2:P13.

i need to eliminate this so that every month correct variable is placed in SumDays(XXX,C1).

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Month From Date
I use function "=month()" to the date_time column the result is "1/1/1900" or anything other than the expected result. I have attached a portion of hte sheet.

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Add One Month To Date
Is there a way to add 1 month minus 1 day to a given date? With the exceptions below: Let d m and y be the day month and year respectively.

new_m = m+1
new_d = d-1..............

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Date Month And Sum Formula
In the Total column, I would like to determine what the total would be as from the start date till the current date

Columns "C:I" has the dates and the Monthly applicable rates associated.

(in this example, they are annual dates, but it may be that rates change in between a year as well)

In the first set of details (Mr A), the start date is 01/10/2005

Since Mr A only begins 01/10/2005, the rates from 01/07/2004 - 30/06/2005 ($9) would not apply.

However the rates from 01/07/2005 - 30/06/2006 ($8) would be applicable for Mr A for the period 01/10/2005 - 30/06/2006 (ie.9 months) ....

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Month Following 90 Days From Date
I have 5 columns: Employee Name, Start Date, Probation Time, Probation Ends, Benefits Start.

I want the Benefits Start column to populate the name of the month that follows the Probation Ends date.

For example Employee A starts on March 16. Probation time is 90 days. Probation Ends is 6/14/09. The Benefits start date is 7/1/09, however I want this column to just say July.

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Reverse Date (month & Day)
I have the following date problem, for example I need to reverse the following date:

8/02/2003 (which is recognised as a date) to:

2/08/2003 (the real date).

Is there an easy way to do this using a formula?

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Add Month On A Date Automatically
How do I add month automatically on a date? if my begin date is 06/01/09 and I want to add 6 months to it how can I populate:


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Show Date As Month
I have a list of dates in the format of 23/10/2009 etc. I'm looking to show the adjacent cell as the month e.g October. Each time I try to format the cell as 'mmmm' it shows January, can someone please point me in the right direction.

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If Cell Date A Certain Month Then
I am trying to develop a SUMIF formula that looks up a date mmddyyyy and only keys off the month in the range cells. Example: =SUMIF(B7,"August",E7:F7)
B7 has the full date in ie. 8/10/2007 or 10-Aug-2007. My work around has been to separate out the date, month, and year into three different columns. Can you define the date by a range? Example:=IF(AND(B6>=8/1/2007,B6<=8/31/2007),SUM(E6:F6), 0) ... this doesn't work,

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Return Date Of Specified Day In Month
Is there a end of "week" function which shows only the date the friday? says ..if today is 9/13/2007, the cell will show 9/7/2007...

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Determine Month Of Date
how to put this in

If the date in C3 = January 31 then do something.

I don't know how to put the date part in code.

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Month End Date Formula
Is there a formula in excel that will automatically populate a field with the prior months end date? For example - If my spreadsheet is opened on March 25, I would like the date in cell A1 to read 2/28/07.

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Date Of Last Weekday In Month
I used a formula I found on this site to find the last friday in a month. = DATE(" & Str(iYear) & ",1+1,0)+MOD(-WEEKDAY(DATE(" & Str(iYear) & ",1+1,0),2)-2,-7)

Is there an equivelant date function that can be used when coding in vb (not within a cell.) The VBA editor does not recognize this. I believe it is because date is reserved for variables. If anyone can make this line of code work in vb so as I dont have to asign it to a cell in a worksheet you would be my hero.

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Add Day To Date & Subtract Month
in the attachment I have problems in Cell B4, A9, and B9:

1. Cell B4: if Cell C2 is 25-May-07, then Cell B4 must be 26-Apr-07, if Cell C2 is 25-Apr-07, then Cell B4 must be 26-Mar-07, I did, but it is not working well, mean the format is not applied on that (Cell B4)

2. Cell A9: if Cell B4 is 26-Apr-07, then Cell A9 must contain the day of Cell B4 format (d), like 26...

3. Cell B9: the same as Cell A9, but format must be (ddd)

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Return Date Of Last Day Of Given Month
I'm after a formula(s) which will give the start date and end date of a month using the month name. For instance, if cell A1 contained OCTOBER 07 the formula result for the start of the month would be 01/10/07 and the formula for the end of the month would be 31/10/07. I have plyed around with the EOMONTH function but this only workd when an actual date is entered.

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Automatically Fill Date For Whole Month
I'm using sheet for ledger. For entering date I use =today() but I want to do that in date column(A) I set a formula only once that if I enter data in 2nd column it automatically add today date and if data enter day after tomorrow it will add corresponding date. Is this possible?

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Programattically Convert Date To Month
I have a column of dates that I would like to convert to just their Month names so 1/1/2009 would be "January". I am going to use this column in a pivot table as a filter so I need to actually replace the date with the month name. I would do it manually, but there are close to 32000 rows and every month it will grow even more. Is this possible with a macro? I attached a sheet with some sample data.

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Todays Date Minus 1 Month
I am trying to write a formula which takes todays date and goes back 1 month.

Eg Today = 20/11/2008, however my formula would give me 20/10/2008

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1st Monday Of A Month In Date Range
to determine the number of 1st Mondays or any weeday e.g. 5th Fridays between a date range e.g. 1/1/2006 - 4/1/2006.

I've noticed a lot of threads for calculating just one month but none for a period of time.

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Year To Date Sum By Month In Cell B8
I would like to see the Year To Date sum month by month in cell B8 when rolling down the cell B6. See in attached file.

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Formula For Date Of Last Monday Of The Month
This formula on the forum has helped me to find the first day I specify of the month of a certain year. (here a monday in august of the year specified in B1)


As I'm not really good at understanding the formula (I get confused with the =0;7;0 bit), even though I can make it work I'd like to know how I can find the a last specific day (mo-su) in a month.

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Return The Month Integer From A Date
Upon trying to use the Month function (to return the month integer from a date), in excell 2007, I get the

"Expected variable or procedure, not module

followed by (if I drill down into the help file)

There is no variable or procedure by this name in the current scope, but there is a module by this name"

error message

Do I assume there is a way around this (or if I have to do something to 'activate' the month function)

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How To Create Month To Date Average
I'm having difficulty understanding this concept, more so the formula.

So to figure out the MTD for Day 1,2,3,4, how would it be?

I want each day to have a MTD

Day 1: 33,966,611.42
Day 2: 33,966,611.42
Day 3: 33,966,611.42
Day 4: 34,074,098.36

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Adding Exactly 1 Month To Initial Date
I have a date on the top left hand corner of my excel sheet. I want to add exactly one month to that date in a vertical list (without using micros)



PS: I tried adding 30 (or a similar number like 29). It works but not if I want a large list of dates, which is what I want.

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Date Display Like Day/Month/Year
Im having a little issue with the way the dates are layed out.

I have a condition format =AND(RC5="No",TODAY()<RC4+10)

And withen the cell's the date is located, If the cell is writen Month/Day/Year everythink works.

Though i have always written dates like Day/Month/Year.
ive tryed to do go to the number format thing and change it, though that just seams to change the end display not the way excel handles the date. it there a system level change that can be made of change somethink.

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Count Whole Month Rather Than Single Date
Can I modify this forumla to total for the whole month rather than just a single date:

Here is the formula:


So if A4 is "01/04/09" I would like to count for the whole of April, not just the 01/04/09.

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Returning The Month And Year Of A Date
i have a column in a spreadsheet that stores a date and another column that i want to store a date category. I want the "date category" column to return the date from the "date" column as: eg Jan 09 (if the date is eg 24/01/09)

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Converting A Day Date To A Month And Year
I am trying to use a pivot table to analyse some data. The base contains a "day" 01/05/08, however I want the pivot table to summarise by the May 08. I have used the "=month(cellref) command, and it returns the correct month number. However when I try and format this to "mmm" or "mmm yr" to get a month I can then cut and paste, it always retunrs the month of JAN.

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Summarize By Month & Year To Date
I have data which I import from CSV files from a JDE application on a monthly basis, using "JobCostData" macro ( have not posted code here as it is contained in the attached file).

For each month I import the data my macro creates a seperate spreadsheet and names the spreadsheet as the "mmm-yy" the data relates to, and then takes the information from each sheet and collates this on to on spreadsheet named " Pivot Data".

I then run a second macro "MacroXX", ( again have not posted code here as it is contained in the attached file), this macro looks at the data on "Pivot Data" and creates a unique list of Work Order Numbers and Descriptions and copies them to the spreadsheet named "Report".

Now what I would like to do (and can't get my head around):

Once the "Report" has been populated I would like to come up with a series of total "Cost $" for each Work Order by:
1. Month, for the past 6 months based on a Calendar Month End date (Note: For now I have hard coded the dates, but I will add code at a later stage to prompt user to select a date which will then write this to cell H4 on the "Report" spreadsheet and have the other dates derived from this date.)
2. Year to Date (YTD) based on the Financial year the Calendar Month End Date falls
3. Inception to Date (ITD) based on the

1. I have tried using Pivot Tables but this will not give me ITD totals.
2. I would prefer to use a macro rather than formulas.
3. I have populated the "Report" spreadsheet with the expect result based on the current data.

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Month Serial Without Date In Cell
That is what my spreadsheet looks like. I have about 130 in the sheet I'm working on now. A is my date cell, B is my total for that date, C is the cell I have made for the =Month(serial_number). The problem i'm having is how do I get it to not put a number in my "C" cell when there isn't a month present?

This sheet will change weekly, so I've went down to 300 with my month formula. When entering the formula in the cells that do not have the month, it automatically inserts a 1 that throws the count off for my entire sheet. How can I leave the code for my month in without having it add a number when there's no month?

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Show Only Month Name In Date Cells
I need assistance with the following date range scenario: I have a date field where the user enters a date. I want the next field to automatically give the month of that date for example: user enters 01/01/2008 I want the next field to automatically say "JAN" etc.

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Determine Date Of Nth Specific Day Of Month
See attached spreadsheet. I have a set of Jobs with a set of end dates. A meeting date should be held after the end of each job. I need a formula or macro to determine when the meeting date will be held? The criteria to determine the meeting date is found in rows 12-18. The end dates are set on different days of the weeks and different weeks of the month depending on the region that the job is located in. The meeting dates will be input in colums d, f, h & j.

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Date Formulas Month End Data
I have data showing the month by month close of the Dow Jones Stock Index in column A and the date of the close in cell B1 ( Sep-06) etc, cell B2 (Aug-06). The data goes back 20 years.

I would like to use this month end data to construct a table that shows the close at the end of each completed year,so 2005 would be the last completed trading year and 2005 would appear in cell D1 with 2004 in cell a D2 etc.

Obviously the close for each year will be the closing price for the month of December in each relevant year.

How would I construct a formula to show the closing price for the end of each year in column E that gets the information from the raw data in columns A and B.

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Find Value Corresponding To First Date In Current Month
i have a table with a row of dates along the top. beneath each date is a value.
the dates and values in these cells changes based on info in other sheets.

i need a way of finding the first date in the current month and returning the corresponding value.

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