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VBA To Hide "Insert Worksheet" Tab

Is there a way to hide the "Insert Worksheet" tab in '07? I would like to hide the tab so that users cannot add another worksheet to the workbook. I have tried the standard right click, but Excel will not allow you do that. I also dont want to lose visibility to the other worksheet tabs already created.

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VBA -Determine Last Row Of Source Data Tab For Use In Executing Formulas In Template Tab
I am currently building a workbook with 2 tabs.

The first is a data dump tab. The number of rows used in this tab will change each time it is used.

The second tab currently has a header row and in cells A2-H2 are formulas based on data in the first tab.

I am creating a macro to autofill those formulas, but I don't know how to determine what is the last row of data in the 1st tab and use that as reference in my macro.

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VBA Script To Hide And Unhide Specific Columns Within A Worksheet
Need the VBA script to hide/unhide specific columns within a worksheet.

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Hide A Tab
is there a macro or bit of VBA code that can hide a worksheet tab when criteria in an if function is true???

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How To Hide Sheet Tab.
i am using hyperlink in sheet 1 name history and sheet 2 name advance sheet 3 total progress..i want to hide the tab for selection by to hide this tab,so user will click only the button that hyperlink.

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Hide Tabs Based On A Value In Another Tab?
I have a "master" tab that has a dropdown menu (via a validation list) which will determine what the spreadsheet does. Based on the value selected via this dropdown, I would like to show the relevant tabs and hide the irrelevant tabs. I would prefer for this to happen automatically without a macro.

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Insert Text Into Cells After New Tab Created
I have a button that will create tabs based off of information from a text box and now I want to select one sheet and insert text into certain cells so when they create a new tab information that is generally going to be there is autogenerated. I have an example of my code below. Please point me in the right direction cause I cant find anything really helpful that I havent tried. Everything is under the "gateway" then "New tabs" and PBG-Activity list is the only one with this macro.

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Insert Columns Based On Tab Description
I have a macro that inserts a blank column for every sheet in the workbook. The problem i have is that i only want a limited number of columns inserted. I only want a column to be inserted if the sheet tab has the name "detail" in it. I have tried for hours to get this to work, but i keep getting errors. Here is the code i am using.

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Hide Sheets Based On Sheet Tab Color
I am making a new stock card system to keep track of stock at work for a new storeman working in my department. What I want to be able to do it hide/show sheets bases on their colour, the reason I want to do this is because I want the new storeman to be able colour code products and only show certain ones at any one time to stop him from having to sort through loads of sheets, but also for him to be able to add extra sheets and asign them a colour and not need me to modify code and put it into category X So in summary, I want code that will hide all sheets that colour is red or blue etc and not need updating when new sheets are added.

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Insert Excel Formula Using VBA......MATCH Function Is What I Want To Insert
I can use the MATCH function when i am in excel but i am having trouble getting it to work when i am trying to insert the formula using VBA.

Here is the code i have but it wont even compile........

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Tab Between Worksheet Comboboxes
I'm sure this must have been answered before but I cant find it, sorry.....

I have 12 comboboxes on a worksheet. They are normally filled out by typing the first 3 characters of one of the entries in the list they are populated with.

I.e. the list starts;

AAC - Al Arish - Egypt - HEAR
AAN - Al Ain - United Arab Emirates - OMAN
AAW - Abottabad - Pakistan -

The first 3 character are unique to each line.

I'd like to be able to enter the 3 characters in the first combobox & then tab to the 2nd combobox, etc, etc. No problem in a userform but how on earth do I do that when the comboboxes are on the worksheet?

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Worksheet Tab Names
Is there a way of linking the worksheet tab names to a cell in the spreadsheet

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Flashing Worksheet Tab
I m wondering if it is possible to cause a worksheet tab, within a workbook, to flash? What I have is a check box, that when clicked, opens up a hidden worksheet. What I would like to have happen is once the worksheet is unhidden, the worksheet tab begins to flash to show the user it is now active.

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Create A New Tab For Each Entry In Worksheet
Basically i have a list of 24 invoice #'s with cost/pounds/etc.

I need a macro that would look at a list from a sheet ( Temp Sheet ).
count the number of invoice
create a tab named the invoice numbers.

So basically, if there are 24 invoice #'s. I would have 24 tabs created that are named the invoice numbers.

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Lock A Worksheet Tab So It Is Always Visible
I need to lock a worksheet tab (Main menu) in place so that it is always visible. There are multiple tabs that are all linked to the main menu by hyperlink. When work is finished in a worksheet I want the main menu tab to be visible and usable rather than using the scroll functions to get back to the main menu.

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Enlargen Worksheet Tab Menu
Is their a way to the Enlargen Worksheet Tab Menu in Excel 2003?

I tend to like to have 20-30 worksheets in one file, and its a pain to slide back and forth between the sets of tabs instead of just having one large visible menu with ALL 20-30 TABS.

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Possible To Link The Name Of A Tab To A Cell In Its Corresponding Worksheet
if it is possible to link the name of a tab to a cell in its corresponding worksheet.

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List Worksheet Of Same Tab Color
I need to create a routine that searches through all the worksheets in the active workbook. The worksheets tab is a specific color based on the level of urgency that is needed to attend to the information in the sheet. I am usin a userform with Option buttons to select the color I need to find and a 2 column listbox to which I want to store te contents of cell c4 of each sheet and the name of the sheet.

I've written the attached code but get a Runtime erroe "91"
Object variable or with block variable not difined

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
Dim listB As Boolean
Dim lCount As Long, lCounted As Long
Dim lShtLast As Long

listB = True
If OptionButton1.Value = True Then tabcolor = 3 'Urgency color is RED
If OptionButton3.Value = True Then tabcolor = 6 'Urgency color is YELLOW
If OptionButton2.Value = True Then tabcolor = 4 'Urgency color is GREEN
If OptionButton6.Value = True Then tabcolor = 41 'Urgency color is BLUE
If OptionButton4.Value = True Then tabcolor = -4142 'Urgency color is NULL
If OptionButton5.Value = True Then tabcolor = 53 'Urgency color is BROWN
If OptionButton8.Value = True Then tabcolor = 19 'Urgency color is WHITE
If OptionButton7.Value = True Then tabcolor = 48 'Urgency color is GRAY

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Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names
I have this logic that clears cells in all WS in WB.

The logic is using each sheet name to reference the logic to clear the contents.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:=""
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
Response = MsgBox("This Action Will Prep For A New Week. Do you want to Continue?", vbYesNo)
If Response = vbNo Then
Exit Sub
End If

Range("H7") = Now()

Sheets(Array("Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", "Monday", _

But I also want to change each sheet tab name to reflect a cell that has the date. But how to do this with the sheet reference in the logic? Couldit be dynamic?

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Conditional Worksheet Tab Colors
I've worked out the following to change the tab color of a "sub" sheet when data on a master sheet is changed. Could anyone recommend the best way to apply this to multiple sheets (20+) without writing an "if" statement for each "sub" sheet?

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
If Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("E7").Value <> 0 Then
Worksheets("Sheet2").Tab.ColorIndex = 4
Else: Worksheets("Sheet2").Tab.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexNone
End If
End Sub

The master sheet is a bill summary where totals are added, if one of the line items is a subcontracted item the total on that particular subs sheet changes from "$0" and i would like the tab color to change on any sub sheet that is affected by the current quantities billed.

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Insert Sheet- How Do I Write My Code To Add A Tab Labeled "Reports"
How do I write my code to add a tab labeled "Reports".

This is the code the Macro Recorder gave me, but it does not work.

Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Sheets("Sheet3").Name = "Reports"

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How Do I Name A Tab With VBA
I need to have a script create a new sheet, and name it the same as a value in a cell (named range). How might this be done?

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Trigger Macro With Worksheet Tab Selection
I have a macro I'd like to run when a worksheet tab is selected. The macro updates content in various cells.

That action is now triggered with a command button (linked to macro), but I'd like it to take place when the user selects that worksheet tab.

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Macro To Sort Current Tab Worksheet
I basically need a macro to sort the sheet by V, U, T starting from row 3 and ending before the last vechicle. This is the problem though, the last vehicle ends everytime right before Car # in column A. So in other words in this example i would need it sorted by v u t, starting from 3 down to row 12. It ends at 12 because the next line includes car and a number.

Another sheet might have a longer list of vehicles and might end at row 100 before the next line has car number .

It always starts at 3, but the ending is dynamic where it should stop its selection before "car number ".

I would also like it to work on the current sheet im on, because i have up to 100 sheets like this and would not want it name dependant. Just want to click on a tab, and run a macro and have it sort from 3 down to the line before car in column A.............

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Tab Named By Referencing A Cell Within A Worksheet?
Is it possible to have a tab named by referencing a cell within a worksheet?

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VBA - Renaming Tab
I have a macro that copys a worksheet into a new workbook - can anyone tell me the VBA to rename the new tab with a cell reference?

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PASSWORD/Code To Unhide Rows And Worksheet Tab
I have a protected sheet so specific people can only see certain things. I would like code to Unhide a tab called "Estimating" and unhide Rows 2 through 9 and rows 24, 26 and 27.

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Add Tab Name & Data To Worksheet When It Is Added
I have a workbook that has a dynamic number of tabs. Every day the report is updated, it will create a tab for yesterday's date. I need to somehow create a summary page that will add the most current tab name (which is yesterday's date) to column B and several cells from row 7 to the appropriate row on the summary page each time I add a new tab. I have attached the spreadsheet in question. I have added manual references to the fields I need to use in the summary on the tab MTD (2) If I am able to get this to work it will replace MTD.

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Autofill Cells - Copying Worksheet Tab Names
In file named (Book 1) I have a lots of tabs named e.g. pd1 pd2 pd3 etc.

In another file (Book 2) I need to link cell A1 (on Sheet 1) to cell A1 on pd1 (in Book1)

Which I can do fine.

In Book 1 I want to autofill the formula i have that refers to A1 on Pd1 but when I drag it I want the formula to go up in a series to refer to Pd2, Pd3.

So the final formula looks at $A$1 on Pd1 then on Pd2 Pd3.

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When I First Click On A Worksheet, Its Tab Shifts To The Left Of All Other Tabs
This problem started after a lot of development of various macros in a moderate sized workbook.
I've gone back to various stages of development and am unable to find what is causing this one worksheet tab to jump to the beginning of the cue (to the left) when i first click on that tab.

Thought the most likely culprit was a worksheet change macro, but even after deleting that, the behaviour persisted.

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Generic Formula Referencing Prior Tab/worksheet
The workbook has a tab for each day, and there are variance columns. The tabs are named for the date, like 1.20, 1.21, 1.22, etc.

For example, the formula on 1.21 in D2 is simply =C2-'1.20'!C2

That works fine, but it's a time-consuming job to always change it. You have one sheet to copy many times for all the other formulas, but then have to re-name and change that variance formula on each worksheet.

Is there a way to reference the prior worksheet without using it's specific name?
=C2-'prior worksheet'!C2 would be nice...I could take my one sheet and copy it about 23 times for each workday, then copy that whole workbook to use in the subsequent months without making any formula changes.

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Search Or Find A Specific Worksheet Tab With Workbook
I have over 200 worksheets within 1 workbook, is there a way to search or find a specific worksheet by its name? I've tried the find option, clicked search in workbook but it only searched cells within the different worksheets of the workbook and not the title (tabs) of the worksheets.

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Cells Tab Order VBA
The tab order in an Excel spreadsheet is driving me nuts. I could not get it on my own and found some code that seemed to solve my initial problem.
However, I still can not figure out why I can't go backwards. It will ONLY go forward no matter what you do. If you try to select a cell behind or in front, it just tabs to the next cell in the array. Can anyone help before end up sitting in the corner of the nut house crossed-eyed and drooling

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Change TAB Color With VBA
What I would like to do is to have the color of a tab change as the dependant upon the value of one or more cells.

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Tab Or Align VBA Code
I have several lines of code written in VBA without any tabs. All the lines of code are starting in same column.

I need to align the code, so that it is easy to understand.

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Changing Tab Color With VBA
I am running a macro to copy the formats of one sheet to the next
sheet. One of the formats that I need to copy is the tab color. I
have the macro recorders code but it is for a specific sheet

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Jun-94").Tab.ColorIndex = 53

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Copy Complete Worksheet To Text File Tab Seperated
I have Workbook with 85 Sheets. I want to copy Entire Sheets Whose Name Starts with CC to a Text File with Tab Seperated Columns . The Other Sheets should be ignore.

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Changing Tab Names Using VBA Script
I'm creating a spread sheet which contains 52 tabs (1 for each week). Instead of manually naming each tab, I would like to create a VBA script that automatically renames each tab using the following naming convention, wk end 1-2, wk end 1-9, wk end 1-16, etc.

I'm not familiar with how to write VBA code and would like some assistance in writing the script correctly.

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VBA To Check Named Range On Each Tab
I have a spreadsheet in which I have named columns. All columns have associated columns in different tabs. Using a toggle button I want to hide or unhide these associated columns on all tabs at the same time. Here is what I have so far:

Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim ws As Worksheet
With ToggleButton1
If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then

My problem is I want to have a single string to hide/unhide the following Named columns on all sheets -- (Sheet 1 (COLU), Sheet 2 (DRCOLU), Sheet 3 (F1CCOLC), Sheet 4 (MSCOLC), Sheet 5 (PSCOLC) and Sheet 6 (POCOLC)

I was hoping to use something like -- Range("COLC, DRCOLU, F1CCOLC, MSCOLC, PSCOLC, POCOLC").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

I receive an error when I try to use it because only one of the names is used for each sheet. It needs to first verify the name exists on the sheet and if so, perform the Hide/Unhide function and if not move to the next name. When all names have been used, move to the next worksheet and perform the same action until all worksheet have been gone through.

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Restoring Default Tab Color In VBA
I don't believe this is an excel 2007-specific question, but if it is & should be relocated to a different forum, move or ask me to move it.

I'm writing a personal macro in excel 2007 (win xp pro) that uses a userform to change the sheet name and tab color. The problem is that my option to change the tab color to "None" doesn't actually restore it to the standard light-blue background and blue type.

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Insert Row In Worksheet One And Do The Same In Worksheet 2
I've attached a spreadsheet with 2 worksheets, "Summary" and "Detailed".

I would like to create a macro in "Summary" that enables me to insert a row at any position (e.g. insert row to Project 1 - 'above row 12'). While inserting the row, I would like to copy the formulas represented in cells "G:I" (e.g. G8:G11). Cell H11 and I11 both have vlookup formulas that lookup in "Detailed". However, upon inertion of row in "Summary", need to insert 25 rows in "Summary", while copying the cells G6:G31 within respective area of Summary.

My purpose is to set this spreadsheet up, so if anyone wants to insert a task or project to the summary area, they can do so with the click of a button and does not compromise any of the formulas.

Also note, I have code within the sheet that colours the cels within "Summary" "G:I" based on selections. I would like to ensure this is updated as well based on insertion of rows.

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Insert A Picture That Is On Worksheet Into Another Worksheet
I have written a vba program that creates a report in excel. Most of the pages of the report are created at runtime. I have an image on a hidden worksheet that I need to place into one of the worksheets that is created at runtime. The image is an excel chart that I copied and pasted as a picture. I did this so that I could resize it easily and all of the elements of the chart would maintain their relative sizes. I have tried:

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Lookup Type Formula For Column AB In The (worksheet/tab) Titled 2009
I have a lookup tab which contains three columns: Column A is a tax ID #, Column B is a set of numbers and Column C is a list of street names. I need help with creating a lookup type formula for my column AB in the (worksheet/tab) titled 2009, which will look at and compare the data in columns F & G and compare them to columns B & C in my "lookup" tab and if a similar address is found based on both the street name and number then the tax ID # affiliated with that address from the "lookup tab" will be automatically placed in the column AB in the 2009 tab. I hope this makes sense.

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Update One Tab With Find & Replace VBA Code
My find and replace code is going to all the tabs in my workbook, but I want it to stop in my current spreadsheet I am on. Here is my

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VBA To Name New TAB And Populate With Specific Wanted Information From Rows
1. When text is entered into a specific cell in the Master Sheet a new Tab is created named after this text and a second string of text i.e the date.

2.At the same time as this TAB is created I would like only the rows with checkboxes ticked in the Master Sheet to be copied to the new TAB(Not the Checkboxes themselves) [possibly using TRUE/FALSE in "B" row].

3.I would like the formulas, formats of these checked rows to be copied too.

4. Additionally the first 12 rows(all headers) and the last row(subtotal row)should be copied too.

The idea of the Workbook is to have an overall options sheet that is customised on a per customer basis with a record saved on a new tab in the same workbook.

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Hide A Worksheet
I want to know how do I hide my "Raw Data" worksheets? I have about 10 worksheets in a workbook and just need to hide the first one - where all the raw data is store...

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Hide A Worksheet?
How to hide a worksheet? ... if I hide it will I it still be able to copy it?

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Insert One Worksheet Into Another
I was wondering if it is at all possible to insert one worksheet into another one? Specifically, I have a report that I have created, but someone requested a section at the top that would require completely different sized columns than the rest of the report uses. Is it possible to embed another sheet into this report so I can resize the columns without it affecting the rest of my report?

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SumProduct Formula (flow Data From The Download Tab To The Disb08 Tab Based On The Date)
I need to flow data from the Download tab to the Disb08 tab based on the date, that column F of the Download tab = "Outgoing Money Transfer" and that the 4 digit number in row 2 of the Disb08 tab is matched against Column G in the Download tab. When all those match, then the value from column J of the download tab would flow over.

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Hide Line In Worksheet
In excel I would like to create a macro which wil be able to hide all lines were a text (to be defined in a cell for example) is not present
Here is an example:

Pending X value lines #2 to #7 will be hidden or not

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Hide A Worksheet Within A Workbook?
We're trying to create an invoicing sheet with MS excel for our sub contractors but we also want the information they input to be transfered onto a second work sheet within the work book that has our mark up added.

Problem is that we don't want our sub contractors to see the sheet with the mark up. Is there any way to hide a work sheet or to limit access to the work sheets some one can veiw with in a workbook?

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