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Get Rid Of The #VALUE In A Cell If There Is Nothing

is there a way to get rid of the (((#VALUE!))) in a cell if there is nothing there,,,with out having to go through each one separately and deleting them,,,is there a way to select the whole sheet and delete them all with out messing up anything?

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Getting Rid Of #Value
I am using excel 2000

In Column H of my spreadsheet I have the following formula:


which if Column F is blank returns #value, but is ok if Column F is not blank, Column G is a data entry column so could be blank or contain data

Column F contains the following formula:


What change do I need to make to this formula so it does not return #value when column F is blank

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Get Rid Of #NA
how to get rid of #NA and

1. when that formula could not find the appropriate combination I would like that the formula put some text which I have defined. For example "Not planned"

2. how to make that field in which is that long formula empty when I5 field and K5 are empty

the function is


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Get Rid Of #value!
nbvc for supplying the forumla for column e,f,g and h. i would like for the spreadsheet to get rid of all #value! in columns efgh

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Getting Rid Of #N/A
i have a big sheet with a bunch of N/A's that correspond to a vlookup from other sheets. so the thing is i need them all to add up, and since some vlookups return number and some return N/As, the sum function will not work. so i need to remove all N/A's from the sheet or turn them to zeros.

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Hello, How Do I Get Rid Of These Numbers?
All I want to do is subtract col C from cell B2. I have a formula in col D that reads as such: =Sum(C2-$B$2). I copied the formula down 10 rows so C2 becomes C3,C4,C5, etc. The formula works but leaves the Beg Bal amount all the way down col D. I want to just show the Increase/Decrease amount in col D, not the Beg Bal amount. Please see attached screen shot.

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Get Rid Of #div/o!
how do i get rid of #DIV/0! But leave the formula as i don't want it in the cells when i print sheet out

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How Do I Get Rid Of Carriage Returns?
When I save my file as text and upload into a program, I get a response saying that my file can't be processed due to carriage returns. What are these things and how do I get rid of them? My excel file has about 6000 rows and 50 columns of data.

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Getting Rid Of Tick Marks
Some sent me a large spreadsheet with random rows throughout the spreadsheet highlighted in diffierent colors. I have a module that will sort the spread sheet by Color - however it doesn't work on this spreadsheet because - for whatever reason - every cell starts with a tick mark.

I tried to do a replace all - and excel just told me I was crazy.

I even tried going through and manually removing the tick marks - still no luck.

If I export the sheet in to txt and then re-import it I will loose all the highlights...

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Getting Rid Of 662579 Rows
i have an excel file with 662579 rows enabled.. however only 6 of these rows actually have data in them!

im trying to automate excel in vba to alter the file in such a way that those tens of thousands of extra rows are removed from the file.

the fact that it has so many rows, albeit empty ones, is slowing down another part of my process.

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Get Rid Of Middle Initial
how can I do this?

Mike A Johnson
Tomas P. Carbone
Samuel L Jackson
Peter B. Lacrone

some have the period some dont.

im thinking I could just get rid of the periods first with a simple find/replace

so getting rid of just the middle initial ?

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Getting Rid Of Every Non Numeric Characters
I have a cell that contains BYO CUSTOMER XYZ 76458992

I want the cell next to it to remove all of the letters and display only 76458992.

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Get Rid Of Path In File Name
How can I get the name of a workbook WITHOUT the path when I have the name WITH the path?

To be more specific. When I use "Application. GetOpenFilename" the result is a file name for say "my_book" including the path. With this I can open the file using "Workbooks.Open" and Excel will show me "my_book". But when I want to reference this workbook later on in say "Workbooks(my_book)", then I need the file name without the path. How can I get that one in VBA?

Till now I was using "CurDir" to find out the path after opening the file and just subtracted it from the full file name. This seamed to be fine. But now I had a situation where CurDir gave me a path with abbreviations (~),

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Get Rid Of The Calculator Toolbar
I downloaded the calculator toolbar, and for some reason it doesn't look right, it doesn't resemble a calculator layout at all.

The numbers are skewed, as though the layout is in landscape view instead of portrate. I've tried repeately to delete it from the toolbars menu option, with no success. It's become annoying.

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Get Rid Of Superscript In Text
I have an amount of text in my spreadsheet, which contains superscript numbers and I want to get rid of these numbers.
Is it possible to do this with a UDF or a macro?

I include a simple example spreadsheet with the situation as it is, and how I would have it.

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VLookup Returns #N/A :: How To Get Rid?
I have a vlookup formula for a table (attached), where for some reason, I cannot get rid of the #N/A value that is returned. I am referencing on the first sheet the 'No." column, and in checking for that number in the second column, am wanting to put the value in the 'moldules' column. I have tried converting the reference cells to text, numbers, have done =LEN to look at character counts, etc etc. I have also tried to build a simple dummy vlookup on a different set of data. The file is in Excel 07.

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Getting Rid Of ' In Cafe
Does anyone know how to get rid of the ' in the word Cafe? When I concatenate it with another word this mark goes away, but otherwise I can't get rid of it and it causes problems with a vlookup.

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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Data
Each week I import some data into my workbook (its financial-imports stock names, identiy codes and stock type). I've added a formula which calculates the credit ratings of each stock type, and then conditional formatting to highlight any credit ratings which are less than my required rating.

Further to this I need to get rid off all the rows which which have an stock type "No Asset Class". I cant use auto-filter because there are too many other stock types which I need to be included.

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Getting Rid Of Command Buttons
I have a range of cells (A1:D5) identified within a worksheet (worksheetA) as part of a user input form.

When a certain condition exists, a routine is executed that copies a range of cells (C1:F5) from another worksheet (worksheetB) to this defined range. The copied area consists of two command buttons. They get copied and pasted no problem.

When I want to reset (blank it out of its contents) my range in worksheetA from I copy another range over of just a range of blank shaded cells. However, doing this does not eliminate the command buttons left in the range on previous pasting.

How do I delete these command buttons left from previous pasting activities when I wish to reset my range?

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Getting Rid Of Specific Column Data
In this example, i need to get rid of all the rows except for the mfg part #. The heading "mfg part #" can be deleted as well.

The number of rows will vary each time i capture data. So for this example, i need 50 rows of data, but the next time i capture it, i might need to only keep 10 rows of data. The format will remain the same, the only thing that changes are the number of rows and the actual part #'s.

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How To Get Rid Of Duplicated Shortcuts On Right-click
I've created a calendar in VB following the instructions in this link - [url]

The calendar works fine but the problem I've got is I've got unwanted copies of the shortcut when I right-click. If you scroll down the URL, right at the bottom in blue is a paragraph that describes the problem and how to get rid of it. I've tried this numerous times but the duplicate entries keep re-appearing.

I've attached my workbook in the hope that any of you experts would be so kind as to take a look and offer any help or advice on how to fix this problem?

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Get Rid Of Trailing Spaces From A Column
What the quickest way to get rid of trailing spaces from a column of imported data ?

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How To Get Rid Of The Enable Automatic Refresh
I have a spreadsheet with a web data import query that is set to automatically refresh whenever I open the spreadsheet,

But whenever I open the spreadsheet, I get a dialog box "Query Refresh" that tells me my workbook contains queries to external data that refresh automatically.. etc., etc. This requires that I click "Enable automatic refresh" to get close the dialog box and start the import.

I want to get rid of the warning box, and just have it run after being started.

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Conditional Formatting To Get Rid Of #DIV/0!
I have my formulas in place and they are working. The reason why some are coming up with #DIV/0 is because I do not have the data to complete the calculation.

Is there a way to make the #DIV/0 error go away until I imput the data to complete the calculation? I was thinking there might be a way to do it with conditional formatting.

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Getting Rid Of Light Blue Lines
I have these light blue lines showing up on my sheet. I have "not boarders" selected and they do not print - but I can see them on the screen. Does anyone know how I can get rid of them?

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Get Rid Of The Original Column And Just Keep The Altered One
I'm using the function Proper(A1) to clean up some columns that have some entries in all CAPS. It works fine. What I'd like to do now is get rid of the original column and just keep the altered one. Of course since the original is the source for the new one, when I delete it the new one goes nuts.

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Getting Rid Of #N/A With MATCH & OFFSET

If there is not match, I get #N/A in the cell. I would prefer to get a value of zero (or ""). I've been experimenting with ISNA and ISERROR.

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Import File, Keep Leading Zero, Get Rid Of Spaces
I have a problem which may seem simple but is daunting for me.
I have a file in xls format that i need to import data from.
The problem is with column A, (e.g. 0233 45) if I get rid of the spaces I loose leading zero, if I keep the zero I cannot get rid of spaces. The thing is I need both conditions satisfied.
To summarize:

1)Import file and delete columns B and C
2)In column A get rid of spaces but keep leading zero (it's important to keep the zero where it exists, not add one). The length is different for each string in column A.

Here is a small sample of the file that is imported
import and convert.xls

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Advanced Filter To Get Rid Off The Duplicate Lines
I have a large spreadsheet of data, with various columns with different bank names, the amount (column H) each bank holds plus loads of other columns. Some of the banks are duplicated, so in a way I want to do an advanced filter to get rid off the duplicate lines, except that I need the amounts (column H) summed.

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Can't Get Rid Of Macro/object Reference
i created a spreadsheet which, using vba, disallows sheet deletion (works a dream); problem since has been that i cannot delete any sheets in any workbook anymore, and even a completely empty unsaved spreadsheet will try to open the worksheet containing the original code...

i've tried the following:
- deleted the workbook excel is trying to reference
- ensured there are no macros in excel
- ensured there is no vba code whatsoever
- checked the defined names (nothing)
- checked the vba objects
- debugged the "delete sheet" (didn't work)
- uninstalled all of office 2003, then cleaned registry, then reinstalled from scratch
- all of the above again
- searched about a zillion internet postings

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Can't Get Rid Of Values In Sum Fields
Although I have removed the original numbers in the main area (I12 - AM12), there are still values in the fields I11 - AM11 that just won't go away. These formulas merely sums up the columns below as far as I can see so I can't figure out how come the values 101, 98, 9o etc aren't '0' since there are no values to add anymore..

NB!Not sure if the formulas will be in norwegian or if they change based on language settings but think you will be able to figure them out regardless..

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To Rid Fields Of Strange Social Security Numbers
weeding out a huge file I have of 10,000 users. When the usernames and social security numbers were entered originally, there were many mistakes on the social numbers, some were longer than 9 numbers and some were shorter....well now I need to delete the rows of the numbers that are nonsense, so I need help in finding or creating a script that goes thru my XLS file and strips out all the rows with less than 9 or more than 9 characters....can someone direct me on how to do this? here is an example of what im talking about

484818227 | John | Doe |
283298383 | Bob | Smith |
2039022221 | James | Dean | <--------need this row removed
293938832 | Billy | Bob |
29832E | George | Bush | <--------need this row removed as well

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Static Formula Reference: Delete And Drag-and-drop Data To Get Rid Of Any Bogus Values
I making a template for multiple users to import data into for analysis. I want them to be able to delete and drag-and-drop data to get rid of any bogus values. However i need forumlas that reference those to NOT follow the values as there as moved. As a simple example say you have two columns, column A is a set of random numbers, column B is the number from coumn A times 2. If take the bottom half of column A and drag it up one cell, overwriting a cell, now the cell in column B next to the overwritten cell has a #REF err and ever cell below that now references a Cell in column A from the previous row. I want a formula that references a static address and will not follow the cell if it is moved.

If I use named ranges rather than specific cells references it works for the above example, however for my actual form it does not. Even though the ranges and formulas stay the same I start getting incorrect values. If there is no other way to this I will try to figure why the named ranges do not work.

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Function Sum Get Rid The "0.00"
if i use =sum(a1:a10) and there's no value in there the result is "0" i want to get rid the "0.00" if there's no amount in a1 until a10.

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Getting Rid Of '0' Values
I have values in Sheet 2 automatically inputted from cells chosen from Sheet 1. I put the function =Sheet1!A1 in the designated Sheet2 cell but I would like to have no ZERO value there when nothing is inputted from the cell in Sheet1.

Is there anyway to keep it blank?

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Get Rid Of The "N/A" Value And Replace It With 0
How would I get rid of the "N/A" value and replace it with "0?"


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Look At Data From One Cell Reference Another Cell Then Display The Results From The Cell Next To It
I have 2 problems relating to LOOKUP.
Not sure if Excel can perform these calculations as they could get to complex.

Problem 1
Can it be possible to have excel look at data from one cell reference another cell then display the results from the cell next to it in another cell, sort of example:

Tab 1 (Never changes)

Tab 2 (Dynamic, changes each week)

So it would work as follows.
Tab2 column B will take Tab2 column As data check Tab1 column A and display Tab1 column Bs result.

Problem 2

Weekly league rank table that shows position movements week by week


1FredUp 2
2BobNot Moved
3JonDown 2

Can Excel calculate/show the actual movements of league positions?

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Join Cell Text And 1 Cell Date From Cell With 2 Dates
I have three cells in A2:C2 which require user to input some data.

What I want to achieve is to combine the data from A2:C2 in D2.

C2 is a field which user will input the date. He might key in 21/08/06 or
21/08/06, 30/08/06

I have tried using below formulas in D2 but without success.

=A2&" " &B2&" "&(C2)
=A3&" " &B3&" "&DAY(C3)&"/"&MONTH(C3)&"/"&YEAR(C3) (doesn't work if there are 2 dates.

I have attached a file which shows 3 scenarios if user input 1 date and 2 dates.

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Find Cell Value Copy Cell And Adjacent Cell
i am trying to find a cell in column C (if cell =140) and copy that cell and the adjacent cell in column "D" to worksheets called" upload" then repeat through multiple tabs- repeating process and dumping values in columns on the "upoload" worksheet

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Run-time Error 1004 (founds An Empty Cell The Value For One Cell Is Copied To The Empty Cell)
I have a workbook with over 900 worksheets.

The macro I have is looping all sheets looking for empty cells in a specific column, and when it founds an empty cell the value for one cell is copied to the empty cell.

But in one worksheet it stops with the error:

Run-time error '1004'
Application-defined or object-defined error

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Cell Referencing: Enter A Product Name In One Cell And Have The Price For That Product Automatically Appear In Another Cell
I'm trying to create a supply order form. Is it possible to enter a product name in one cell and have the price for that product automatically appear in another cell? Is there a formula that I can use to make this happen?

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Send Row Number Of Changed Cell To Cell Where Row Resides In Cell
I have the following range of cells B2:Y3700. I want that when a value from 1 to 9999 is inserted in one cell of the above mentioned range, to copy the row number of that cell in the cell that is located in column Z and row is the number inserted in that cell. For example, if the number "1234" is inserted in one cell from range B2:Y3700, to enter in cell Z1234 the number of the row where is located the respective cell. At same the time is very important to me to not permit to insert the same number in B2:Y3700, so i believe that is need a macro code to check the cell from column z to see if value already exist .

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Countif: Value Of One Returned To A Cell In A Row If One Cell In That Row Contains A Value Between 10 And 5 (less Than 11, More Than 4) And Another Cell Is Blank
I have a spreadsheet with details of letters that should be responded to within 20 days, and i want to have a cell showing the amount that that need a response within 10 - 5 days. Basically I want to have a value of one returned to a cell in a row if one cell in that row contains a value between 10 and 5 (less than 11, more than 4) and another cell is blank. For example, AD27 contains 6, k27 is blank. I want AE27 to show 1. I also need the same if the value is less than 5, but i'm sure i could figure out how to alter it.

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Passing Cell References From A Cell's Text To LINEST Function And A Graph
I'm using Excel 2003 and I'm trying to make my LINEST function and the source cells for a scatter graph use the cell range specified in another cell in the document. I figured out that it was simple to do the following:

I250 contains: 10, shows: 10
I251 contains: ="I"&I250, shows I10

But I can't figure out how to do this in a larger function. I've tried a few things but none of them work. Here is an example where I want it to do a LINEST with y values in cells Ja - Jb and x values in cells Ia - Ib (where a and b are integers specified in cells I250 and J250 respectively):

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Copy Data From Cell In One Worksheet, Add Text, And Paste To Cell In Another Sheet
I have the following code in another workbook that is used to populate a cell on the same sheet based on input to cells in column 'A'.

Is it possible to modify this for the attached workbook to select a cell with data (numbers) on the Input Data sheet in column 'E', add text to the beginning, ('CG' in this case), and paste the result to the Import Template in the corresponding cell of column 'A'? I currently have a formula copied to dozens of cells in 'A' but since the number of rows for the Input Template is variable, there are usually cells in 'A' that contain CG but no corresponding data in the rest of the row.

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IF Formula That References A Cell And Returns A Different Result Dependant On The Number In The Cell Being Referenced
I'm trying to do a formula that references a cell and returns a different result dependant on the number in the cell being referenced.

For example I've said if A1 has a 3 in it then put the word TEST as the result, plus if it has a 4 put the word RESULT.

What I wrote as my formula is as follows-


It works fine when I only use one result but goes wrong when I add two. If I change the words I want to show to numbers it comes up fine but with words it just returns a Value error.

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Macro That Will Clear Contents Of Cell Based On Format Of Text In Adjacent Cell
Been racking brain, searching through the forum here, and my Excel 2003 Bible all day trying to figure out this problem to no avail. I would like to clear the contents of any cell in a given range if the cell immediately to the right of is formatted as bold.

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Loop: Macro To Go Through The Table And Preform An Operation In The Corresponding Cell In Column B Depending On The Value In Cell A
I have 2 columns and 10 rows (A1:B10). In column A are certain text values. How do I write a macro to go through the table and preform an operation in the corresponding cell in column B depending on the value in cell A? for example, if A3 = "Complete", overwrite the formula in B3 with the value (paste value)?

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Run Macro On Double Cell Click If Cell Part Of Named Range
I have a sheet where i have many differently named areas (like state1_1 and state1_2) When I doubleclick on a cell then a macro should run with following criteria: 1) Macro will run if the doubleclicked cell is part of any range in the list. Here I mean that names of ranges which belong to that list start with word state (like state1_1 and state1_2). No other ranges should not be in that list. If the cell is not in the range that is part of the list, then nothing should happen.

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Populate A Cell Based On Conditions Of Other Cells W/out Putting A Formula In The Cell
Is there a way to make a cell populate certain text based on conditions of other cells without putting the formula in the cell you want to populate. So that someone could type other text into the cell if the conditions were not met?

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Go Immediately To A Particular Cell After Inputting Data In Another Cell And Hitting Enter Options
I'm inputting data in E3 and after I hit enter I want B2 to be
selected. But only for E3 and only in one worksheet. And possibly a
further step... Sometimes the formula in B2 has picked up data from
another place depending on what value was entered in E3. If it's done
this then I won't need to go to B2, I'd want to go to A8 after E3
instead of B2.

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