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Make Drop Down Box Bigger

how can i make the drop down box bigger to display my text?

heres my problem

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Make List Of Combobox Bigger?
i found this example of a combobox at but I don't think it is for excel. Is there anyway I can use code to make it so my combobox's list will be like the picture so it shows all the words instead of cutting them off?'

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Make The Auto-filter Range Bigger Than 1000 Cells
Is there any way witch i can use to make the auto-filter range bigger than 1000 cells?

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Make Drop Down Menu
how to create a drop down menu and grab data from the other side. pls have a look for a while at my attachment to check it...has anybody can provide me the steps

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Formula: Make Drop Down Boxes
Column A - I want to make drop down boxes #1-30 - which would represent quantity
Column B- That will be 30 rows of dollar amounts
Column C - To be able to calculate the quantity x dollar amount

I'm able to create the drop down boxes with the numbers, but say I choose the number 5 by the dollar amount 200.00 It won't calculate 5 x 200.00....

I've been trying the formula you would use to find an average, and i've tried the if statments, but my drop down box isn't being recognized.

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How To Make A Drop Down Box Populate Fields
I have a Drop down box on my main sheet with the options "plan 1" "plan 2" "plan 3" etc... these options read from a list i setup on sheet 2 using the data validation list feature.

When i choose one of the plans from the drop down box I want it to populate the fields D13:D20 with data from more defined lists in the 2nd sheet.

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Combo Box With A Yes Or No Drop But How Do You Make The Y A Default Always Entered
How do you make a Yes No combo box always have the default answer as Yes appearing on a user form but still allow the user to change it to NO?

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Make A Drop Down List Show The Picture
I am trying to do, is make a drop down list show the picture above it. I have tried to change everything, and I am sure I am just a hair away from getting it right. I got the spreadsheet to where it will pull up the "Picture #" in the appropriate box, and even had it delete/hide all my pictures (I say delete/hide because I couldn't get them back after I removed the coding I was working on).

Another nice function I would like would be a button, around cell B74, to erase all the picks and reset the sheet for the next season... it would have to have a prompt to verify the user was absolutely sure they wanted to do that though! But I don't know where to begin on that button issue. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The spreadsheet is too big to attch, so it's hosted at the link below. The sheets involved are NFL Survivor & PicTable. On sheet PicTable, the Names & Pic #'s have already been named PicTable for ease of coding.

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Drop Down Lists: How To Make Source From Different Worksheet
When creating a drop-down list using Validation, is there any way to make the source a different worksheet in the workbook? Right now when I click on Source and select my list, it will not allow me to go to another worksheet.

If I manually enter a reference to cells in another worksheet, such as 'PCP'!$A$2:$A$250 it only shows that cited reference, not the actual list.

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Make Autofilter React Based Upon Selection In Drop Box...
I have a pricing model I'm working on where the request is to have all of the line/part items in the model, but only display a subset of those items based upon a sub-line chosen by the user by a drop box that includes all sub-lines.

Right now the list of parts is a table that I'm querying that also includes a simple '1' or '0' to indicate whether every part is an element of one or many sub-lines; eg (sorry, sure this won't format right):

Item SubA SubB SubC
210-1010 1 1 0
210-1011 1 0 1

So if choosing SubB in the drop box, I need the autofilter to show the first part, but not the second one. I think I have to do it this way (autofilter) because it will retain all of the parts whether the user is looking at them at this moment or not; they will use this tool to perhaps first price all SubB items, *then* go select SubC and price all of *those* items - and it needs to retain everything they've done, rather than a dynamic query that would lose prior changes and pull in a whole new set of data (if that makes sense).

So.... I need my autofilter to react not to specifically choosing data on the autofilter itself, but to a choice made in the drop box (probably a macro/VB attached to the box that reacts to the linked cell value that results from the choice, but I don't know how to tell it if the linked cell value is '5', go to column 7 (first two are part number and description) in the autofilter and filter on that column.

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Drop-down Boxes Make File Size Too Large
I'm using Excel 2007. I have a cell with a dropdown box that has the values 1 thru 10. When I save the file (as an Excel 97-2003 compatible .xls file), it's 17kb which is normal. I want multiple dropdown boxes going down the same column, so that every time the user goes to the next row, another dropdown box will be displayed. I copied the cell with the dropdown box, selected the entire column, and pasted the dropdown box.

This time when I save the document, it's over 2MB in file size. I've seen other spreadsheets with several columns of dropdown boxes spanning thousands of rows and they stay under 30kb. I don't know what they did differently to keep their file size small. Why is my file size so large and how do I fix this? Do I need to use a 'paste special' function?

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IF Statement: Using Bigger Of Two Numbers
Sometimes my brain just fails me and I'm pretty sure this is a simple one:

In M5:

IF(ISBLANK(L5), (Use whichever number is greater: G5 or H5), (otherwise Subtract L5 from greater of G5 or H5))

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Embedded Bigger Than Smaller Than-IF
The jist of the problem is that employees are paid their normal wage up untill 37.5 hours of work. From 37.5 to 40 hours of work they are paid 1.5 times their wage. Any hours over 40 are paid at 2 times the regular wage.

So i need a formula that can work out their total pay. Im not sure what i could put in a dummy document to help you since it would just be one cell for their hourly wage, one for their hours worked and then one for the calculation. so you can reference any cell as an example and assume 6 as hourly rate

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File Gets Bigger After Deleting Data
I have a file about 13 Megs. I deleted a lot of data and saved it. It was 1 Meg bigger. I closed it, reopened, saved again. 700 k smaller than before, but still bigger than original. That is strange. There must be a way to get the dirt out.

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Smallest Number In A List/Bigger Than X
Is there a forumula that will allow me to find the smallest number in A1:A10 that is also larger than the number in B1?

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Created Validation Drop-down List - Can I Make The Row Now Change To The Colour That Relates To The Selection From The List
I am trying to create a fairly simple spreadsheet with about 8 columns and about 400 rows. One of the columns features a drop-down list with about 8 or 9 different options. Dependant on which option is selected, i would like the entire row to change colour with that option.

For example:
FAILED - whole row changes red
SUCCESSFUL - row has no fill
Tested - row changes to orange


Is this possible within Excel 2003?

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Make A Cell Look For Another Cell Value Then Call Up A Drop Down
Is there a way to create a multiple dropdown (Similar to Windows Start menu) so that the user can select the item and its properties then the selections be placed into multiple cells? For example, i select wood from drop down list and i get another drop down list asking for the type of wood, I select MDF and another drop down ask for thickness. when I finished my selections, then the selected Items copy themselves into 3 different cells.

I have a drop down in (A1) cell and I select an item from it. I want (A2) cell to check the name in (A1) then call up another drop down i already made in (A2).

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Lists, How To Make Drop-down Lists Optional
Is there a way to make a drop-down list optional? When I create drop-down lists the user has to make a choice from that list.

Example: a list of doctors. I need the user to be able to select from that list if the patient saw one of those physicians, but if the patient saw another doctor not on the list, I need the user to be able to enter the name of that other doctor. Currently the user has to select from the list or not enter a doctor. I am using Excel 2003.

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Make Now () = 06/29/2009 (make To Cells With Dates Equal Each Other)
I need to figure a way to make to cells with dates equal each other if the
day,month and year are the same but are placed into a cell at different times during the day. "Making Date Now () = (06/29/09) In another cell". Therefore, A1= Now() and E11 = 06/29/09

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What Its Called When You Have Drop Down Menus That Correspond With Other Drop Down Me
what its called when you have drop down menus that correspond with other drop down menus.

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Populate Drop-Down Based On Another Drop-Down Selection
Currently I have columns fixed or assigned to the names of insurance providers/companies.

In each column below the name of the Insurance Company, a combobox containing the plans that company offers. Choose a plan, and the rest of the column is filled in using vlookup.

Now to save space, IE opposed to having 13-15 columns one assigned to each Insurance Company/Provider. I am looking to have only 3-5 columns with a first initial combobox in which one chooses the Name of the Company/Provider, and in turn populate the original combobox and vlookup functionality I already have built in.

Here is an example of what I am working with.

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Populate Drop-Down Based On Another Drop-Down Selection ...
Im a fairly basic VBA user who has just purchased the code for J-Walk's Enhanced Data Form.

On other threads in this forum I have noticed a lot of people asking how to make the contents of one drop-down box dependant on the selection in another. I am trying to do the same thing but with the criteria section of the EDF form.

Is this possible? What does give me hope is that a simple Autofilter - whilst not as aesthetically pleasing, does the job well.

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Populate Drop-Down Based On Another Drop-Down Choice
Here is what I'm trying to do:

I have 4 sheets:
1 called main
1 called states
1 called counties
1 called people

On "main" I have 1 drop down box and 1 cell:

the drop down lists the states from "states" sheet
the cell, which i would like to have as a drop down is supposed to be listing the counties in the state selected from the 1st drop down. right now it is setting the value to TRUE for testing purposes.

then when the county is selected, it will display the people in that county listed in "people". So far I can only get the 1st drop down to list the states. that's the easy part. i need to getting the counties to list in another drop down based on what state is selected.

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Drop Down List Which Returns Values Based On What Has Been Selected In The Previous Drop Down List In The Adjacent Cell
I'm trying to create a drop down list which returns values based on what has been selected in the previous drop down list in the adjacent cell, e.g. if 'Apples' is selected in the previous cell then you should only be able to select from 'Gala, Granny Smith', or if 'Oranges' is selected you should only be able to select 'Seville, Blood Orange'. Is there a formula which would do this, or can I use a pivot table somehow? I'm totally stumped.

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Selection From One Drop Down Creates New Drop Down
In the attached example I am trying to get the selections from one drop down to gnerate available selections in the next. The first drop down is the door style. This then needs to generate the possible drop downs in wood species. This then needs to generate the possible drop down in available stains. this then needs to generate the related door factor....

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Drop Down List Which Displays A Different Set Of Values Depending Upon The Value Selected By A Previous Drop Down List
I need to have a drop down list which displays a different set of values depending upon the value selected by a previous drop down list. ie. (drop down box 1)= x, y, z. (drop down box 2)= either x1, x2, x3, or y1, y2, y3, or z1, z2, z3. I can produce a single drop down box thats not a problem but linking several drop down boxes is beyond me .

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Drop Drop Menus
I receive inspection sheets from mechanics and I need to start tracking trends. So, let's say the mechanic has marked an "interior" issue and of the 10 potential items that could related to "interior", he has chosen "dirty upholstery" -

Column A is drop down menu with four categories listed:


So in Column A from the drop down menu I pick the main category of Interior. Then it's on to Column B to choose the exact issue of the Interior. When I choose "Interior" in Column A I would like Column B to automatically show me another drop down list with issues that relate only to Interior (i.e. glass, dirty upholstery, torn upholstery, etc.)

that is question #1....

If there are multiple issues on one vehicle, I would then go to Column C, pick another category (i.e. Transmission) and then in Column D, I would like it to automatically display the drop down menu that relates to Tranmission issues (engine oil, air intake, engine wiring, etc.).

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Drop Down List Values Dependant On Value Of Another Drop Down List
I have a drop down box in column N, however I would like the options in that drop down box to change depending on what appears in column M.

If column M Says "Lapse" then I want one drop down box to appear in column N, If coumn M says "NTU" then I would like column N to show different drop down options.

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Make A Sum Value Less Than Zero Appear As 0?
If the sum of a Payment Due (Column C) minus the Amount Actually Paid (Column D) is results in a number greater than zero (Column E), no problem.

For instance:
C22: D22: E22:
200 150 =SUM(C22-D22)

E22 shows a result of: 50. That's great, exactly what I want it to do. However, if I paid more than what is due (D22 is greater than C22), I want the result in E22 to show as "0" instead of a negative number.

For instance:
C22: D22: E22:..............

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How To Make Macro Run Only Once
is it possible to put a message box in a VBA code so that the macro only runs once, else the worbook needs to reopened again for it to work. Is this the best way from preventing the macro to run again?

If i have multiple users, there is always a chance one might accidently press the command button twice.

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Make Certain Cells
I am creating a form and certain fields are required. Can I force the user
to input some value before they can save?

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Make Certain Numbers Red
I have some numbers in column G and column I. The formula I'm wanting to write in lamens terms is:

If the number in I4 is not within 10% of the number in G4 then I want the number in I4 to be red otherwise I want it to stay black.

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Make Directories Using VBA
I need to use VBA to test if a certain directory exists and if not ten create it.

I do this with:
[CODE]Sub MakeDir()
Dim DirName As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim fnameshort As String

FileName = "C:TestA1ATest.xls"
fnameshort = Right(FileName, Len(FileName) - InStrRev(FileName, ""))
DirName = Left(FileName, Len(FileName) - (Len(FileName) - InStrRev(FileName, "")))

If Dir(DirName) = "" Then
MsgBox "Does not exist"
'Dir to be created using MkDIr
End if
End Sub/CODE]

My problem is that I need the script to loop back until it finds a folder that exists, and then make the respective subfolders.

C:TestA1A should be created, but currently only C:TestA exists.

VBA should then test for the full path, and when it finds out, that it does not exist, it should strip off one folder, test for that and so forth.

When it finds an existing folder, it should then make the respective subfolder, and then the subfolder to that...

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Make The Listbox
How can I get the results, not in column D but in a textbox,so I can choose one of the
names from that text box?

Sub concatvals()
Dim strvalue As String
Dim strsearch As String
strsearch = InputBox("What Number do you want :?")
For Each c In Range("A1:A100")
If c.Value = strsearch Then
If Len(strvalue) < 1 Then
strvalue = c.Offset(0, 1).Value
strvalue = strvalue & ", " & c.Offset(0, 1).Value
End If
End If
Range("D1").Value = strvalue
End Sub

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How To Make Cells
anyone know how to make cells number going down the row in "4's. I wish to have cells, A1,B1, C1, D1 to have a "1"in it, and the next four down (E1,F1,G1,H1)to have a "2", and the next four to have a "3",and so on.....

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Make One Big Worksheets Into Little Ones
Every month I get a big 5,000 row worksheet from a mainframe download. I need to move data from the one worksheet into multiple little worksheets (about 25 of them) according to a field called "OrgUnitName".

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Formula To Make Every 50 Add 1
If i wanted to tack on something to the end of a formula so that it would make every 50 add 1 (example: 200 would convert to 204, because 200 divided by 50 is 4).

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How To Make Last Row As Variable
i hv following code , which is working fine.

Sub M_0_1_project_20080107_ask_how_to_make_last_row_as_variable()

Range("F1") = "month"
Range([e2], [e6].End(xlDown)).Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = _

Range("g1") = "yr"
Range([f2], [f6].End(xlDown)).Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = _

End Sub

i like to change to code as following , but it cannot work , hope some one can help me.

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick _

lastrow = 6

Range("F1") = "month"
Range([e2], [e[lastrow]].End(xlDown)).Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "=month(RC[-1])" _

Range("g1") = "yr"
Range([f2], [f[lastrow]].End(xlDown)).Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "=YEAR(RC[-2])" _

End Sub
As i have many variable with same function, tried of keep change last row number.

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How To Make 2007 Look Like Old
I've just had Office 2007 installed on my computer and I HATE the new Excel layout. Is there any way I can get the old look back - I liked the old customizable toolbars and I hate these new ribbons.

I know there's one customizable easy access toolbar. Is there a way I can get more toolbars and get rid of these dangblasted ribbons?

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Using VBA To Make A Chart
I have the following code to create a 3D line graph:

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How Do I Make A Msg Box With Out Any Option
I made a msg box but i dont want any option to be displayed in it.. it only should display as an info to the user.

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N/A# Make Blank


the #N/A errors are based on the line above. Is there a way to remove the #N/A? I want to make Row B/C/D above blank

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Make A Formula Look For Something That IS NOT There?
Total newbie trying to use excel for work here. I have two problems that both need the use of "is NOT in another column". 1. I need to count the number of instances in a column that do NOT have the word "fly" in column G. The current formula is...

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How To Make A Macro Run Just Once A Day
I am trying to figure out how to make a macro run just once a day -- the first time i open a workbook and then no matter how many times I open that workbook again it does not run......... I know how to get to run automatically when i open the book - just not how to keep it from running again THAT DAY.

Then the next day when i open that book again I want it to run again -- once......and so on..................

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Make A Calendar
Is there any simple way to build a calendar in Excel? Ideally, all events will be listed on one sheet by date and the calendar will display the events on their respective dates. Is this possible?

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Make Changes Globally
I would like to create a master workbook that can moderate other workbooks referenced by it. So something that is set up like a regular template, yet when I make changes to the master workbook, all documents that reference it will make the same change.

The only possible way I can think of doing this is linking, but 90% of the document will be all linked up and knowing how fragile links are I was hoping there was another way to do this.

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Make Same As Link
how cam I make same as link? zip.html. to install my own add-ins like that...

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How To Make Stopwatch Run Continuously?
I'm looking to have my stopwatch run continuously until "and only until" a command button ("Stop") is clicked. I already have a code and stopwatch in place. I have 5 command buttons: start (starts the timer), call (activates/hyperlinks to another sheet where I have more command buttons and data entry needed/), stop (stops the timer), reset (resets the timer), and record (stamps the elapsed time on the sheet1).

They work great BUT the problem is, when the cell is touched (i.e. when you type a character or double click on any cell even if it's on a different sheet, or even on a different workbook) the timer stops!

I'd think that all this would require just a simple string/line inserted in my code. I'm really, really new to VBA and doesn't know how to write my own codes yet. I have to google what I need every time and do trial and error! Just to give you more info-- I'm using this for a call simulation program, in which the user is an operator taking in a call. She would have to be aware of how much time have passed after performing some actions/data entry on the different sheets on the workbook. I hope I've explained it enough. :D Anyway's here's the code I got, which I think needs just a few edits.

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Make #NAME? Go Away And Calculation Come Back

I have this formula in Column L. The calculations are working fine and I close the file. After I email the workbook from one computer to another and then resave it, every row in Column L that has the formula turns to #NAME?

Do you know why this is happening?

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Automatically Make New Tables?
I got a excel file which i use to add invoices on. But these invoices are numbered and in a book.
1 book has 50 pages, i have to write the amount of $$ on it. But i made this file to enter the amount of money on the invoice. And the sheet automatically gives me the total amount of money which was earned when the book is full.

Now i was wondering if its possible to let excel somehow add 50 new lines with the same formulas used in the first 50 lines. So once line 50 has info enter, excel will add 50 new ones with the correct info(book and page numbers).

Can excel do this with some sort of macro?

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