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Make Drop Down Box Bigger

how can i make the drop down box bigger to display my text?

heres my problem

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Make List Of Combobox Bigger?
i found this example of a combobox at but I don't think it is for excel. Is there anyway I can use code to make it so my combobox's list will be like the picture so it shows all the words instead of cutting them off?'

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How To Make A Drop Down Box Populate Fields
I have a Drop down box on my main sheet with the options "plan 1" "plan 2" "plan 3" etc... these options read from a list i setup on sheet 2 using the data validation list feature.

When i choose one of the plans from the drop down box I want it to populate the fields D13:D20 with data from more defined lists in the 2nd sheet.

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Combo Box With A Yes Or No Drop But How Do You Make The Y A Default Always Entered
How do you make a Yes No combo box always have the default answer as Yes appearing on a user form but still allow the user to change it to NO?

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Make The Auto-filter Range Bigger Than 1000 Cells
Is there any way witch i can use to make the auto-filter range bigger than 1000 cells?

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Make Autofilter React Based Upon Selection In Drop Box...
I have a pricing model I'm working on where the request is to have all of the line/part items in the model, but only display a subset of those items based upon a sub-line chosen by the user by a drop box that includes all sub-lines.

Right now the list of parts is a table that I'm querying that also includes a simple '1' or '0' to indicate whether every part is an element of one or many sub-lines; eg (sorry, sure this won't format right):

Item SubA SubB SubC
210-1010 1 1 0
210-1011 1 0 1

So if choosing SubB in the drop box, I need the autofilter to show the first part, but not the second one. I think I have to do it this way (autofilter) because it will retain all of the parts whether the user is looking at them at this moment or not; they will use this tool to perhaps first price all SubB items, *then* go select SubC and price all of *those* items - and it needs to retain everything they've done, rather than a dynamic query that would lose prior changes and pull in a whole new set of data (if that makes sense).

So.... I need my autofilter to react not to specifically choosing data on the autofilter itself, but to a choice made in the drop box (probably a macro/VB attached to the box that reacts to the linked cell value that results from the choice, but I don't know how to tell it if the linked cell value is '5', go to column 7 (first two are part number and description) in the autofilter and filter on that column.

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Add Drop List Box Or Combo Box In Yearly Time Sheet
how to add drop list box or combo box in this yearly time sheet so every employee has his own record in this time sheet so when ever i select name from drop list all info changed, i did include table in sheet 1 as an example.

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Drop Down Or Combo Box Instead Of Input Box
I currently have the following user inputbox that asks the user to enter the company name, of which it then copies the entered name to Cell E1 on the active sheet

Dim strName As String
strName = InputBox(Prompt:="You name please.", _
Title:="COMPANY NAME", Default:="Enter Company Name")
Range("E1") = strName

However, I would prefer it if there was a drop down list to select one of five pre-set company names without having the user to type the name out every time.

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Make Drop Down Menu
how to create a drop down menu and grab data from the other side. pls have a look for a while at my attachment to check it...has anybody can provide me the steps

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Formula: Make Drop Down Boxes
Column A - I want to make drop down boxes #1-30 - which would represent quantity
Column B- That will be 30 rows of dollar amounts
Column C - To be able to calculate the quantity x dollar amount

I'm able to create the drop down boxes with the numbers, but say I choose the number 5 by the dollar amount 200.00 It won't calculate 5 x 200.00....

I've been trying the formula you would use to find an average, and i've tried the if statments, but my drop down box isn't being recognized.

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To Make A Combo Box In Excel That, If I Select It The Sheet Inside The Combo Box Will Appear
I want to make a combo box in excel that, if i select it the sheet inside the combo box will appear.


Inside of combox are: Sheet1

If i click combo box and i choose sheet3 the sheet3 will appear.

How can i do this? theirs a macro code to use?

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Make A Drop Down List Show The Picture
I am trying to do, is make a drop down list show the picture above it. I have tried to change everything, and I am sure I am just a hair away from getting it right. I got the spreadsheet to where it will pull up the "Picture #" in the appropriate box, and even had it delete/hide all my pictures (I say delete/hide because I couldn't get them back after I removed the coding I was working on).

Another nice function I would like would be a button, around cell B74, to erase all the picks and reset the sheet for the next season... it would have to have a prompt to verify the user was absolutely sure they wanted to do that though! But I don't know where to begin on that button issue. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The spreadsheet is too big to attch, so it's hosted at the link below. The sheets involved are NFL Survivor & PicTable. On sheet PicTable, the Names & Pic #'s have already been named PicTable for ease of coding.

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Drop Down Lists: How To Make Source From Different Worksheet
When creating a drop-down list using Validation, is there any way to make the source a different worksheet in the workbook? Right now when I click on Source and select my list, it will not allow me to go to another worksheet.

If I manually enter a reference to cells in another worksheet, such as 'PCP'!$A$2:$A$250 it only shows that cited reference, not the actual list.

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Drop-down Boxes Make File Size Too Large
I'm using Excel 2007. I have a cell with a dropdown box that has the values 1 thru 10. When I save the file (as an Excel 97-2003 compatible .xls file), it's 17kb which is normal. I want multiple dropdown boxes going down the same column, so that every time the user goes to the next row, another dropdown box will be displayed. I copied the cell with the dropdown box, selected the entire column, and pasted the dropdown box.

This time when I save the document, it's over 2MB in file size. I've seen other spreadsheets with several columns of dropdown boxes spanning thousands of rows and they stay under 30kb. I don't know what they did differently to keep their file size small. Why is my file size so large and how do I fix this? Do I need to use a 'paste special' function?

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Make The Message Box Disappear
before i run my macro, i would like a msg box that appears that says "please wait, this may take a while". I've tried using the msgbox function but unless the user presses the "OK" button on it, the macro won't run....

any suggestions on how i can have a userform/msgbox appear while the macro is working in the background (without the user having to press "ok")

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Formula To Make A Box A Color
I need to be able to enter text in a box, and from that box the formula looks at the text to see if it is in within strings of text in any other box in the entire spreadsheet. If the text is there, the box needs to turn green (or any color). If not, it stays the same. The catch is I need the formula to be in a separate box, and the Entered text will be in a blank cell, so the user (who is excel illiterate) will not be confused by the odd formula.


B1, B2, C2, D4, and D6 will have the items: XXX, YYY, ZZZ
B3 and B4 will have only: YYY

In the "search box" the user will enter XXX

B1, B2, C2, D4, and D6 turn green, while B3 and B4 stay as normal.

If they enter YYY in the search box, all of them turn green.

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How Do I Make A Msg Box With Out Any Option
I made a msg box but i dont want any option to be displayed in it.. it only should display as an info to the user.

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Using Data Validation To Make My Combo Box As It Looks Cleaner
A row of say 20 cells, the first cell has 4 options in a combo (using data validation to make my combo box as it looks cleaner). Once the first cells value has been selected I want to populate the values of cells 2-20 based on which of the 4 options was selected in cell 1. Cells 2-20 will be a drop down of 7 options (so cell 1 selects the default selection in the other combo boxes). Also, for combo boxes 2-20 I want to change the cell background based on which option is selected.

How difficult will this be to program in Excel? Can someone help me out or point me in the right direction to find some good tutorials to help with this. (I do have some experience with Word VBA but I am by no means an expert with it, but I do program in other languages)

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IF Statement: Using Bigger Of Two Numbers
Sometimes my brain just fails me and I'm pretty sure this is a simple one:

In M5:

IF(ISBLANK(L5), (Use whichever number is greater: G5 or H5), (otherwise Subtract L5 from greater of G5 or H5))

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Embedded Bigger Than Smaller Than-IF
The jist of the problem is that employees are paid their normal wage up untill 37.5 hours of work. From 37.5 to 40 hours of work they are paid 1.5 times their wage. Any hours over 40 are paid at 2 times the regular wage.

So i need a formula that can work out their total pay. Im not sure what i could put in a dummy document to help you since it would just be one cell for their hourly wage, one for their hours worked and then one for the calculation. so you can reference any cell as an example and assume 6 as hourly rate

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Make A List Of Selections For User To Choose From In My Combo Box?
How do I make a list of selections for user to choose from in my combo box?

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Use VBA To Make A Combo Box List All The Sheets In A Book
I want to create a form and use VBA to make a combo box list all the sheets in a book. Is it possible to select multiple entries like in HTML? I would like the user to be able to select the sheets they do not want to delete before a macro runs.

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Drop Down Box Formula
if it is possible to have a drop down box of 2 or 3 options, and depending on the selection of those options, the cell behind the drop down box will change to a specified color, ie: red, blue, green

I figured using some sort of conditional formatting on the cell would work, however I do not know how to link the conditional formatting to the drop down box.

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Drop Down Box Disappeared
I have created some drop-down boxes on a tracking spreadsheet. Last week they were they today they are gone.

I went in and cleared the cells and re-created by dropdowns. I did remember to click, in-cell dropdown, but when I click on the cell it is not there.

Now if I right click on the cell it does give me an option to choose from a drop down. So my options are still there but why are they not appearing in the cell when I click on it.

I am using Excel 2003 with Windows XP

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Create A Drop Down Box
creating a drop down box that will contain the names of all the worksheets in the workbook and on selecting a particular name it should go to the selected sheet.

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Drop Down/ List Box
i have a spreadsheet with several fields. i want to derive information from this data. i want to be able to control the output through the use of list/drop down boxes.

so the user will choose several criteria AND based on this criteria, the ouutput will reflect user requirements.

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Field Changes With A Drop Down Box
Spreadsheet A
Stock Name: This field changes with a drop down box i have created

Depending on which stockl you select it goes to Spreadsheet B to select data from column 2 based on date. In spreadhset B all the stocks are listed, so not only am i trying to lookup data but also return value in co,umn B for that particular stock i selected. So the idea is i can change the stock in teh drop down and then it will return the values i want.

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Drop Down Box In Cells
I am trying to create a drop-down box in cells D21 and D22 which are dependent on each other. From my understanding this cannot be done in Data Validation. For example cell D21 is Route Number and D22 is Route name. If someone knows the Route Name they would select it from the drop-down, then cell D21 would fill in the Route Number. Similarly if they know the Route Number the Route Name would fill in.

I am able to have one dependent on the other using Data Validation and VLOOKUP, however not dependent on each other.

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Drop-Down Box With A Calendar
Is there a way to set up a designated cell in a spreadsheet with a drop-down box that will have a calendar, so that when you click on a date in the calendar it puts that date in the cell?

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Drop-Down Box Toggle
Is there a way to keep the drop-box on a combobox from showing at all? I am trying to build one that has several different values that will just cycle through when clicked.

Here a bit of code I am using so far, just as an example:

Private Sub ComboBox1_DropButt*******()
If Range("F7").Value = "Yes" Then
Me.ComboBox1.Value = "No"
Me.ComboBox1.Value = "Yes"
End If
End Sub

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Drop Down Box In A Cell
I'd like to have a drop down box in a cell in excel - so you would click on the drop down arrow and choose a name from the drop down. This name would then be displayed in that cell. The idea being that you can only chose a name from the list, and type nothing else in there.

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Drop Down Box -Goto
I have a drop down box linked to cell A2 for example, when the change is made on the drop down box the linked cell returns the value 1,2or 3. I'm not sure if I require a code or an 'IF' command - but what I would like to achieve is that say when 2 is selected I want to goto sheet 3 A1, if 3 is selected then sheet 3 A2 and if 1 then nothing happens. Or can I make the function dependant on what the drop down box displays e.g Correct, Not Correct and Requires Change. (1,2 and 3 respectively).

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File Gets Bigger After Deleting Data
I have a file about 13 Megs. I deleted a lot of data and saved it. It was 1 Meg bigger. I closed it, reopened, saved again. 700 k smaller than before, but still bigger than original. That is strange. There must be a way to get the dirt out.

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Smallest Number In A List/Bigger Than X
Is there a forumula that will allow me to find the smallest number in A1:A10 that is also larger than the number in B1?

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User Form Drop Down Box
I have a project, i want to create a user form, basically i have a work book that contains dinner menu's on column A and ingredients in column b.
I would like to create a user form that have a drop down box that would show all the possible menu's referencing my workbook sheet1 column A values. and by selecting a item, i would like to be able to show all ingredients needed, is there a way to do this?.
I hope so, it would be so cool to do this.

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Adding Balloons To The Drop Down Box
I am using validation to create drop down boxes that refer to a list on another worksheet. Does anyone know how to add a balloon to the drop down box that refers to another column in the corisponding row of the same worksheet?

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Userform - Calendar Drop Down Box
I am working in a userform and I need to find out how I could set a field for date and have a calendar drop down in it?

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Vba:Drop Down Box In Userform
A listbox is too big and take too much space. Can I have a drop down box instead?

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Drop Down Box Linked To Pivot
I have a Drop Down / Combo box and when a value is selected I want it to change/update multiple pivot tables.

I am trying to get it to change for one pivot table first and I have the following
Sub DropDown1_Change()
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("SMS").CurrentPage = [NOT SURE WHAT GOES HERE]
End Sub

I have read somewhere that I can't link directly to the values in a combo box, but I can use the cell link? If so, how do I do that?

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Drop Down List Using A Combo Box
Trying to create a drop down list using a combo box. Then, when i select an item on that list, it will bring me to the range of cells where that information is stored.

Is that possible? I have no VBA experiance at all.

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Color In Cells With Drop Down Box
I have a drop down box that shows progress of a project. The options in the drop down box are 0%, 25%,50%,75% and "Completed" - I am wanting to make it so when i click the desired option in the drop down (say 25%) it makes 25% of the cell show green (or completed)...all the way to when I click "Completed" then it will make the cell 100% green. I am trying to show a percentage of something getting done by way of color.

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Data Validation, Drop-down Box
I want to do couple of things here.
1. put an empty field in a drop down box. If possible the empty field should be at the top from the drop down menu.
2. Update names in drop down box when I add names to the list

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Drop Down Box Color Fill
Is there a way to color fill a drop down box in Excel 2003? I have a workbook where info is flilled in on the first sheet, affecting the remaining sheets.
I want all areas that need input on that first sheet to be color filled in Yellow.

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In Cell Drop Down Box Action
(using excel 2k7)

Is there a way to create an in-cell dropdown list, then when only 1 item is selected an action is done, plus this has to be repeated for at least 20 rows, preferably 200.

I can do it with an activeX combo box, but that will be tedious and looks messy. The form control box's were linked, or at least when I created them.

Data validation is the prefered method for my drop down list. It looks neat and is easy to replicate for 200 rows.

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Drop-down Box Font Size
I currently have an Excel spreadsheet already created. I have added drop down lists using the Validation>Data feature and can get this to create the drop-down box, but the font is unreadable. If I create a new sheet and create the drop-down list it becomes readable. I can't figure out why the first is unreadable due to its small size. I eventually plan to add formulas to calculate how many yes's or no's in a column, but will address that later. I use Excel 2003.

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Drop Down Box Info To Another Worksheet
I am working on a product quote pricing worksheet. I have several products and on my one worksheet I have about 5 different columns with drop down boxes with several different choices. I want to know if there is a way to select something from the drop down list and once something is chosen information on that particular product can populate a cell on another worksheet.

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Drop-down Box Value To Trigger Macro
A1 is a drop-down list, created from Data> Validation>List, which lists 3 different words (Text1, Text2, Text3). I have recorded 3 macros (Macro1, Macro2, Macro3). Here's what I want to happen:

When Text1 is selected in A1, I want Macro1 to run (same for Text2/Macro2 and Text3/Macro3). I want the user to be able to change this value as many times as they wish and have the corresponding Macro run each time. I've tried creating the appropriate code in Editor using other threads on this forum, but I can't seem to figure it out.

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Lookup Value Chosen From Drop-Down Box
I'm trying to find out how I get a cell to automatically find a code based on the selection of a drop down menu. If drop down menu selction is Rent I want the cell to automatically find the code for rent 61100. It's a large selection that will grow alot bigger than it currently is so needs to also have growing room.? I can't seem to find any answers on here already that seem to work on this, (or understanding them is maybe my fault). I've attached the sheet

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Creating Multiple Drop Box In Hierarchy
I did all the search for multiple drop box or list box that can connect to other list boxes but no luck.

It's the same as when you surf with Internet Explorer, you can click "Views" in menu bar, list box appear and then choose "Encoding", another drop box appear, then when you choose "More", then another box appear.

Is it possible to have this sort of hierarchy list box in excel where drop box connect to another drop box?

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Showing Different Results Dependant On Drop Down Box
I'm creating a spreadsheet to track orders as part of a project, the spreadsheet currently lists all the different options that can be ordered, it then lists all parts of the order, installation & setup etc.

However it is likely that not all of the options will be used.

What I would like to do is create a few drop down boxes for each option, if 'yes' is selected then the order tracking for that option shows below.

Example, the wants 'internet' so 'yes' is selected for internet using the drop down at the top of the page. Further down the page all the order tracking info is shown for internet. If 'no' is selected nothing is shown for interent.

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Get Current Row Number Of A Drop Down Box
I have an application that when user insert a new row, it will place a dropdown box on first column of that row waiting user to make a selection to pupolate other attributes to the rest of columns of the row.

That runs fine if user follow the sequence precisely. That is, user create a row, make a selection, then create yet another new row, make a selection, and so on.

My trouble is that when user created a few rows consecutively without picking a selection from each dropdown first, but instead s/he first created a few rows (say on 21, 22, 23, 34, and 25) and then came back to make a selection from the dropdown box in row 21, the VB code would insist current working/active row number is 25, not 21. This becomes a big problem.

curRow = ActiveCell.Row
curRow = Selection.Row

both show curRow = 25, which are incorrect

Is there any mechanism that when user click on a dropdown, I will be able to get its correct position (row = 21, column = 1, for example) from the engaged dropdown box? In other programming languages "Me" is a reserved object that would give out individual's property, but I am not sure if that exists in Excel macro/VB.

I am new to Excel macro. I am looking for its answer for a few days and unfortunately I haven't found any clue yet.

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