Inputing Values When Check Box Is Checked

Apr 25, 2008

I am trying to create a form and I want the form to put values on certain spaces when box is checked. For example:

apples unchecked box
pears unchecked box
and so on.

I an going to create a list like this

and so on


If I check any of th boxes, I want a certain price to be posted besidesmy listand at the bottom to give me a total.

This is just an example of what Im going to do. No I am not creating a shoping list I just want to learnesd how to create the boxes and run macros.

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At Least One Check Box Must Be Checked?

Jun 15, 2013

I am using an array from another application for option buttons. I have attempted to adapt this code for checkboxes but with no success.

Option Explicit
Private Sub cmdadd_click()
Dim wrs As Worksheet, i As Long, x As Long


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Check Box Name Changing When Checked

Jun 2, 2009

I want the name of a check box to change when it is checked or unchecked. I have a box where it is working just fine. I was given assistance to the initial code and have been using that code to create the same scenario with other check boxes on my sheet, but receive errors. I have been trying to decipher the problem to no avail. Can someone look at my codes and explain why when I copy the same formula it is not working.

The UN-Check All / Check All button is the working check box. I am trying to apply the same function to the four boxes next to Check Date and GL Post date fields.
I have reset all codes except for the last check box #34, which I have left so the error can be looked at. What I want it to do is when checked I want the name to be "Payroll GL Post Date" When Un-checked the name should be "Adjustment GL Post Date"

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Check Box Change Color When Its Checked

Oct 20, 2008

Is there a way I can make my check box change color when it's checked? I'd like to have it uncolored and then turn green when checked. Not the cell, but the checkbox itself. I can't seem to make the check box part of the cell, if that would be an easier route to go please let me know. If I have to turn the cell green and not the check box, I'd love for the whole row to turn green.

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Sum Numbers Checked By Forms Check Box

Dec 6, 2008

I am creating a worksheet that has multiple pricing options. Next to each pricing option is a form control check box. I would like the worksheet to automatically total the checked rows only. I have linked the check boxes to the corresponding cells with pricing. I did not use Active X controls.

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Change Colour Of Check-box Text When Checked

Jul 5, 2008

Qtn.1 - Do i use 'Conditional formating' under 'Format' to change colour of Check-box text when 'checked'
I.e when ticked >> change colour of text to red

Qtn2 - If yes-, what's the syntax to put in 'Conditional formating' ?

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Copy Rows Represented By Checked Check Boxes

Sep 8, 2007

I have created checkbox for all the rows of items in sheet1 so that they will be able to select and then copy to sheet2.


If a checkbox at row 1 in sheet1 is selected, the entire row (which the checkbox represent) will be copy into sheet2 (which would have the same column headers).

If a checkbox at row 2 in sheet1 is not selected, nothing will be done there.

If a checkbox at row 3 in sheet1 is selected, then the entire row of 3 in sheet1 will be copy again into the next avalible row in sheet2 (in this case, row 2 in sheet2)


There will be other informations at the beginning (top) of each excel worksheet which does not need to be touch at all. Only the data portion (starting column C row 16 in sheet1 and column A row 16 in sheet2) will need to have the above function.

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Check UserForm Frame Controls That Options Are Checked

May 8, 2008

I have a Userform which has a series of Frames that contain Option Buttons. What I would like to do is check that an option button in each of the frames has been selected. If there are any missing then I need to inform the user - I would like all frames to be checked at the same time on the click of a button.

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Determine If CheckBox Is TRUE/Checked Or FALSE/Un-Checked

Aug 30, 2006

code below whould return value "a" to specified range(s) The cells are formatted Marlett, 10pt, black, bold, center. Should return a nice tick mark to the specified range if selected shape has value of 1. I double chk'd the name of the shape referred to in code and it is correct Yet value of "a" is not returned, though the chkBox is "ticked". What else can I check?

Option Explicit
Sub cv_ReviewCheckBoxes()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsNotesLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinRolled As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsSummary As Worksheet
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
. ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........................

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VLookup "Inputing Data Values Automatically Based On Data Value In Another Column"

Sep 13, 2009

I have a thread in here called "Inputing data values automatically based on data value in another column". I have determined that I need to use the VLookup function.

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Put Values Checked With Checkbox In One String

Jul 11, 2013

If cells A1 to A10 are filled with content and from range B1 to B10, only B3 and B7 are filled with content, I want Excel makes a string without spaces, just from the rows which have been filled in column A and B.

For example:

1 car
2 tree
3 money tree
4 fruit
5 ball
6 food
7 water park
8 bread
9 joke
10 boat

The string I want Excel generates should be: moneytreewaterpark

So I need all the words in one string but Excel has to exclude every value from a row if the cell in column B is not filled with content. If the string is generated, is it possible to make an hyperlink from this string and open automatically in internet browser?

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Inputing Data In A Cell Only ONCE

Dec 17, 2007

is there a way to validate a cell (that is already validated btw) to prevent it from being able to key in data to it a second time??

I have very low expectation of this but I guess I can always ask...

the cell has validation to assure unique records. I think I would have to add to this validation...
the formula is


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Check Boxes Macro: Macro That Will Check If The Boxes Are Checked And If Not Ignore Them And If So Run A Certain Macro

Jul 28, 2006

I have numerous hyperlinks in cells on a worksheet, next to these I have checkboxes. I am looking for a macro that will check if the boxes are checked and if not ignore them and if so run a certain macro.

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Userform Listbox: Check Wether Range Have Negative Values Or Not If Yes Load All Negative Values In The Listbox1 By Clicking Checkbox

Jan 19, 2009

I have data in range J2:J365 , H368:H401 & J403:J827. i want to check wether this range have negative values or not if yes load all negative values in the listbox1 by clicking checkbox.

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How To Check Values In A Range

Jan 20, 2012

I have this code that checks for blank cells and it works fine:

If Range("A15").Value = "" Then

I would like to change it to look in six specific cells, but the following code doesn't work:

If Range("A15:F15").Value = "" Then

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Check If All Values In Range Were Same?

Mar 7, 2012

What would be the best way to check if e.g. all the values in range A1:A4 were the same?

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Check For Values Greater Than Zero In 2 Cells

Nov 3, 2008

I want to divide the numbers from 2 cells, down a long column. Let's further say that in some instances there aren't any numbers in either of the cells. You get a divide by zero error.

So you have values in a1 and b1 through a10 and b10. You want to divide the value in the a column by the value in the b column and return the answer in the adjacent c column. You've copied the formula all the way down to c20.

All the cells from c11 to c20 will have divide by zero errors.

What is the syntax to check if both cells in columns a and b are greater than zero so that either an answer will be returned or just a blank cell will result, (when nothing is in one of the cells from a or b?

The following formula works for checking the status of cell A, how do I also check the value in cell B?

something like?:
=(IF(A5>0 and B5>0,A5/B5,""))

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Macro To Check Values In Row & Hide

Apr 19, 2009

I would like a macro to look through a sheet.

1. Unhide all Rows
2. Check through all cells in Row, If all cell values in row is either 0 or Empty then hide this row.

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Check If A Value Is Between 2 Values From 2 Cell And Return A Value

Jun 11, 2014

Let's say i got something like this

A B C D Result
200 250 Apple 600 Melon
251 450 Orange 225 Apple
451 700 Melon 325 Orange
751 900 Grape 457 Melon

So based on my example above, I have those data from column A to column D Now, how do I check if the value from column D belong to which category from column C based on the column A and B?

225 -> 200~250 -> Apple
325 -> 251~450 -> Orange

The result will appear on "Result" Column

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Check The Different Values In Each Row Where This Strings Occure

Nov 15, 2007

I have strings like this:


I'm running a loop on all cells, and checking different values in each row where this strings occure.

But I would like to do a IF check on this string. If it find a string with 'ap' in it, it should do my check.

My problem is to understand the combinations of right, len, mid, instr etc. How could I use this functions to do checks in the strings.

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Check Values Of Cells & Return Value Accordingly

Sep 12, 2007

I am tryng to perform a logical statement using 3 fields, ex

A1>0,B1<0,C1<0 returns
A1>0,B1>0,C1<0 returns
A1>0,B1>0,C1>0 returns

end statement

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Constantly Check Range For Values

Sep 25, 2007

At the moment I have 2 columns, A1:A5 and B1:B5. Normally A1:A5 and B1:B5 are all 0's. Every 5 minutes numbers will show up in column B and I do a procedure outside excel(feedback of DDE's) and they all go back to 0. Now sometimes the cells in A1:A5 are not all 0 after the numbers show up in B1:B5. I can reset A1:A5 to 0 with a macro button. I already built that macro, lets call that macro 'Mike'. So now I have to press that macro button every time when B1:B5 are showing zero's after the procedure and A1:A5 are not showing 0's. Is there a way a macro can constantly check if A1:A5 is non zero and B1:B5 is zero that the macro Mike is called?

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Check Cell & Return 1 Of 2 Values

Aug 4, 2008

I'm quite new in VBA and it can become a painful process to complete a working code. What I'm working on is a small process which looks up in individual cells within a range (ccy), for a particular value (EUR or USD) and if it finds that value, another cell in the same row with the value found is entered a certain text. What I wrote is:

Dim ccy As Range
Dim zone As Range
Dim i As Integer ...

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Vlookup Using Multiple Criteria To Check Values

Jan 15, 2014

Have spent ages on this to no avail. Need the attached sheet to verfiy the values in the "Reconciliation" are correct when referencing the "Prices" sheet. I need column F (Reconciliation sheet) to lookup the "Code" in column B in the "Prices" sheet and then further look up the "Payment Frequency" (column D in the Reconciliation sheet) in the "Prices" sheet to verify that the price is correct.

Due to slight decimal point issues, if the value has a greater than 0.02 difference then display "ERROR" otherwise 0.

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Check Instances Of A Range Of Values In A Column

Sep 30, 2008

I have a column that I want to check if a column contains any instances of particular values. If any are present I want it to return a 1, if not then return a zero.

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Check If The Values Of A List Are In Progressive Order

Jan 18, 2013

I have several series of 13 figures (from 0 to 20), such as :


I would like to filter those series with the following condition :

Each figure (except the zeros) should be higher or equal to the first figure (found on the right) which is not a zero.

In the example :

14 should be higher or equal to 18 : FALSE
8 should be higher or equal to 3 : TRUE
3 should be higher or equal to 3 : TRUE
3 should be higher or equal to 1 : TRUE

So, the serie is FALSE, due to the fact that 14 is not higher than 18.

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Macro To Check Values On Two Cells Should Be Equal

May 2, 2014

I have cells that they're values should be equal B6=B11, B7=B12, B8=B13, E6=B14, E7=B15, E8=B16, I want a macro that if the values are not equal then the background should be RED and a pop up message "The values should be equal".

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IF-functions To Check The Values Of Two Fields In Sheet1

Oct 13, 2008

I have an excel file with several sheets. I have a macro with IF-functions to check the values of two fields in sheet1 (one text input field and one drop-down menu with two values A and B), and based on these values I get different data from sheet2 and inserts it into a field in sheet3

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Formula To Check Values Against Entries In Column Above

May 14, 2012

I'm entering some time data (in format hh:mm) into Columns. Pretty basic Workbook that I have been given and, to be honest, it's just donkey work putting the data in. The times going down the Columns need to be progressive (ie B8 is arrival time, B9 is admission time etc). This goes through to B27 and then repeats from C8-C27 and ultimately J8-J27.

I'm looking for something as a formula to pop into Column K (or VBA, I don't mind!) which will do a simple verification to ensure that the times I enter is not less than the any of the cells above in the aforementioned ranges. I can do simply the cell above, but due to rusting of brain, can't think how to do this for the range!

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Blank Values In Control / Check Table

Nov 18, 2013

I am building a table for staffing purposes, and I basically only need to controls to "validate"/approve the table.

1. The number of staff put in must equal the required amount of staff (E column)
2. The same staff cannot be put on twice for the same time period (which I have done by the OR(F7=G7,F7=H7,G7=H7) as part of the validation)

My problem is that sometimes I need 0 staff (when its closed), but when I leave it blank obviously it wont approve the table because of rule #2 above, since it thinks the blanks are the same staff member.

I have tried with some ISBLANK statements, but it wont work.

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