Data Exported To Word

Jul 4, 2008

I have some monthly sales data (max 200 lines per month). The sales are from numerous suppliers (we sell on behalf of others and take a commission). Each month the sales/commission are reported back to the suppliers that have actually sold something!

The problem I have is that some supplier may have sold one item and others may have sold ten (so a simple mail merge is out of the question).

I can create the data in Excel quite easily but currently have to copy and paste this into Word. I am sure this is quite simple, but I cannot get anything to work.

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Extracting Text (Exported Data) From A Cell

Mar 13, 2014

I have a spreadsheet where the data held in column A is an export from another system and the exported data looks like this:

??????? Stn ??????? ??????? ??

What i would like to be able to do is to split out the data in column A so that the text before the 'Stn' (but including Stn) are shown in column C with text after 'Stn' is shown in column D. i have looked at using =LEFT, =MID or =RIGHT with =FIND but the problem i have is that the text prior to the letters Stn could be one, two, three or four words and the text after could be similar.

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Creating Button To Generate Spreadsheet From Exported Data?

Jun 9, 2014

sample pic.png

I have two spreadsheets of data I export regularly from an outside source. I want to consolidate the data from these two sheets into one large sheet with all the data in a more concise form bringing in only the data related to certain parts I am conducting analysis on. I have a list of these parts already. My first thought on how to do this would be to use the list in an entry for an input box and have that list be the index for a for loop in which i searched for a part code, copied the entire corresponding row, and pasted it back into the master sheet. I have gone through and tried to do this but I am running into problems because sometimes I have multiple rows of data that correspond to a single part number. I have attached a template of the way that the data should look in the master file with the multiple rows of details that correspond to just one part entry.

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Create New Table (or Matrix) From Exported Set Of Data From Website

Jun 19, 2014

I have a set of exported data from a Project Management SW (activecollab). The result is an excel .xslx file with a table inside with a lot of cells I am not going to use. Additionally, what I would like to do is creating new tables on other sheets that use only the data I want from the export. For example, I have two projects and three employees. I want to create three tables with the names of the three employees. In each table I want the tasks done by them and the time they will spend on them in order to create a Gantt chart. I need a solution that allows me to create new tables with selected data from a bigger cluster (the export). you do not need to give me the exact solution, I only need to know whether it is possible or not and where could I get the info to do what I want.

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Macro- Data That Is Exported Our House Investment System

Oct 27, 2008

i have a spreadsheet with data that is exported to Excel via our in house investment system, the report looks something like below, though real data consists of 2000 rows of data. Where we have O/S in Bank this means these entries are all physical bank entries i.e statement credit and statement debit, and where we have O/S not in Bank these are all accounting entries, i.e. Ledger Debit and Ledger Debit.

What i am after is a macro that will insert a column next to Team and then input SDR SCR on all statement entries and LDR and LCR on all Ledger entries, the final report should look like the second spreadsheet....

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How To Format Exported Database

Jan 30, 2012

I'm trying to format an exported excel database.

I'm currently running into difficulties with a text field full of user comments.

At present, there are cells with the #NAME error on them, and the only way I've been able to get rid of them is by double-clicking on them and pressing ENTER. This is also the only way I've found to remove excess white space in each cell.

Double-clicking each entry in the database would take far too long, and I'm assuming that there must be an easier way.

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Rearranging An Exported File

Oct 12, 2007

I imported a file of National Historic sights which imported fine with the exception that it's all out of order. Here is how it currently looks:

Lake Norconian ClubApplicable CriterionARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING
Lake Norconian ClubApplicable CriterionEVENT
Lake Norconian ClubArchitectGibbs, Dwight
Lake Norconian ClubArchitectWilson, G. Stanley
Lake Norconian ClubArchitectural StyleMISSION/SPANISH REVIVAL
Lake Norconian ClubArea of SignificanceARCHITECTURE
Lake Norconian ClubArea of SignificanceEXPLORATION/SETTLEMENT
Lake Norconian ClubCurrent FunctionDEFENSE
Lake Norconian ClubCurrent FunctionGOVERNMENT
Lake Norconian ClubCurrent SubfunctionCORRECTIONAL FACILITY
Lake Norconian ClubCurrent SubfunctionNAVAL FACILITY
Lake Norconian ClubFederal AgencyDEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY
Lake Norconian ClubHistoric FunctionCOMMERCE/TRADE
Lake Norconian ClubHistoric FunctionDOMESTIC..........................

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Improve Quality Of Exported Chart

Oct 20, 2008

I was working with automatically exporting the contents of a textbox to an image file and found this post which I was able to modify slightly for my purposes.

Is it possible to improve the quality of the output image. I need to print out the resulting image and the quality of the image this method creates is too poor for my purposes.

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Rearranging Exported SharePoint Lists In Excel?

Jul 1, 2013

I've just exported a list from SharePoint to Excel, which gave me as a result a owssvr table, so far so good cause every time the list in SP is updated I can do a refresh and get the latest values; however once I opened the table I realized that the columns where not correctly order they were all mixed and the information does not look as it is required so I need to rearrange them. I do not need to delete a column I just need to be able to move them between themselves so that they will follow certain order: Product ID, Name, Amount of pieces, Place where they are stored, etc. this is very important because later on I use "vlookups" to do a series of reports.

I've tried cut- paste to move the columns to the correct position, unfortunately once I close the excel file and try to open it again, I got a message saying that the content is not readable and when Excel repairs it, my owssvr table loses the link to SP so I cannot update refresh the table anymore.

I cannot edit the list in SP as this site does not belong to me and I only got access to export the data and be able to refresh the table, all I want is to be able to move them within my ovssvr table so that locally I can work with them better.

Here is a pic of what I am talking about: cmms.JPG

So for example in the pic I put, I need that instead of Comments in Column E, Product ID can be in Column E, then Name in column F and so on..

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VBA To Create New Workbook From Most Recent User-numbers From Exported List

Apr 15, 2012

I need to create a macro that can produce a new workbook with the list of the most recent users of my company, so that we can print their membership cards.

From my company's admin I can export the complete list of users with their name, serial number and address. Every time we export this list, the file is saved as "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls", and "dd-mm-yyyy" as today

However, I would like to create a macro that would
1) open the most recent "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook in the folder,
2) compare the user numbers in this file with the most recent "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" and
3) produce a new "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook with the list of all new users since the last "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" ("dd-mm-yyyy" as today), based on the highest number for user number (this is a continuous list)

Note, the "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook has name, serial number, address, expiration date and user number as columns.... but the extracted info to "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" is just of the name, serial number and expiration date.

What is the easiest way of doing so and what code should I use for the macro?

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Filling In Header Dates Dynamically In One Column In Exported Canned Report

Feb 12, 2014

So I have exported a canned report showing me payments by day and it is EXACTLY what I need EXCEPT the dates don't repeat (and it has spaces and some headings but those aren't a big issue). Anyway, I need to dynamically fill in these dates for an entire year.

To be clearer, column A starts off with 1/1/2013 and column B has payment amount, column C check number, D invoice number etc.

But the rest of the cells in Column A for 1/1/2013 after the first row are blank until you hit the payments for 1/2/2013. Then 1/2/2013 is listed once and then blank (or junk header data at a page break) until 1/3/2013 and so on. And of course there are different numbers of payments for each day.

I'm looking to dynamically fill in the dates so that I have a real data /flat file that analysis can be run on. I have some ideas ... Could probably incorporate a "do until" statement somehow...

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Opening Word & Count Word Instances In A Word Document

May 26, 2006

I have an excel program that is supposed to count word instances in a word document. I can't seem to find the right declaration for a word document.
For example to declare a workbook in excel its

Dim wb As Work Book

I've tried

Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim doc As Word.Application

as shown in some of the forum posts, but an error user-type not defined keeps displaying.

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Export Cell Contents To Word Fields In A Protected Word Document

Jul 6, 2009

Is it possible to export Excel cell contents to Word fields in a protected Word document? For example...

What code would be needed to tell Excel to open up, copy and export the contents of A2 in the active sheet of a workbook to "Field 2" in a Word document named "Report 01" and then put the contents of B2 to "Field 2" etc?

Do both applications have to be opened up at the same time or is Excel able to open up Word on its own? Will the macro be able to....

1. Automatically open up the correct Word document?

2. Look ONLY in a certain folder for the "Report 01" Word document?


Bring up a "selection" box that allows you to select the document you wish Excel to export it's data to?

3. Close and save the Word Document without any user intervention?

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Excel 2003 :: Count How Many Times A Word Is In A Range / Word Can Be In Cell More Than Once

Feb 16, 2012

I need to count how many times the word Test is in the range B4:H9 with

Range N2 = Test the formula below works if Test is only in the cell once.

=COUNTIF($B$4:$H$9,"*" & N2 & "*")

But I have data in cells like below, this is all in one cell, so how would I have it count all the times test is in the range when some cells have test 2 or more times in a single cell?


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Using The IF Function, To Make Entering A Word, Space Then Word Correct

May 6, 2009

How can I use the IF function, to make entering a word, space then word display correct and incorrect if not.

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How To Search For A Word In A Column And Have Entire Row Opaque Once Word Is Found

Sep 3, 2009

I need my macros to search for the word "Cancel" or "Cancelled" in columns "T" and "U". Once found, I need the macros to make that entire row an opaque shading.

There will be other wording in these cells that contain "Cancel" or "Cancelled". Is it possible for the macros to search in the sentence and find the words "Cancel" or "Cancelled"

I started on the code below but am stuck.

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Find A Certain Word In A String Then Return The Number Associated With That Word

Jun 9, 2009

Have problems using find and the Dictionary
What Im trying to do is find a certain word in a string then return the number associated with that word

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Pick Word From Excel Search In MS Word And Replace All

Jan 4, 2012

I am trying to automate the below process:

1. I have a excel file with Japanese words in column A and their English equivalents in column B.

2. I am trying to create a Macro and assign it to a button. On pressing the button Macro should be able to:

3. open a form where I can enter location of a word file.

4. Macro should open the word file specified in (3).

5. Macro will pick up first Japanese word from excel file (Sheet 1 - A1)

6. Search for that word in Word file

7. Replace the Japanese words in Word file with their English equivalent from excel (B1)

8. Then it should search for second word (A2) and replace with its equivalent (B2) and so on till it reaches last filled cell in excel file column A.

After a lot of search I could find a code from net (Below), made a few changes, but it is not working.

Private Sub OK_Click()
' Requires a reference to Microsoft Word xx.x Object Library
Dim sFile As String


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Copying Data To Word

Dec 27, 2008

I have data in Column J1:J90, I use a macro to open the word document.
Would like that data in Column J may be pasted in word document in text form automatically. such as:




may be pasted as, abc cdc, xyz etc.

The macro is:

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Apr 10, 2009

Is there anyway I can get Cell Data to go over to a VBA variable in Word .. Ive tried googling but not coming up with much...

For example.. I have a cell with the number 10 in it... Id like that to get sent over and be assigned to a string variable "Attended" in word....

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Exporting Data From Excel Into Word

Jun 2, 2008

I have a very indepth spreadsheet at work. We also have a form that was typed up in word that uses some of the information from the spreadsheet. I was wondering if there is a way to have the information from the spreadsheet autofill the form that is in word?

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To Convert Microsoft Word Data Into

Nov 12, 2008

I am currently working on a project, and basically I want to convert Microsoft word data into excel. Is there a way excel can read specific fields of data from word?

For example, search for a field called a particular name and a corresponding value amongst several data held within Microsoft word pages?

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Search For Word In A String Of Data

Feb 11, 2009

I have put a formula in excel to count how many times the word 'administration' appears in a column:


Unfortunately, the output that I am searching has mulitple words in it, separated with a colon and no space. My formula skips the count if the word Administration is not completely on it's own

e.g. Administration counts 1
Administration;Cardiology does not count

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Creating A Word That Can Spit Out Data

Feb 7, 2013

I've created an excel document to count calories. Here's an example of what I've made...


8 oz

[Code] .....


So basically I'm wondering if there's a way I could simply type in "milk" and have the rest of the information appear (cal, fat, carbs, etc). What would be even better is if I could somehow enter the item and create a formula to multiply by the serving size. I feel a word bank with a list of common food items I eat throughout the day and there respected numbers would be the most simplistic way.

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Extract Data Right Of Certain Word In Text

Apr 11, 2013

I want to return the 7 letters of text that appears after the word Timer in cell A1. So cell A1 will be a sentence with the word Timer in it somewhere and I want to return the 7 characters after it appears.

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Import Word Data To Excel?

Apr 16, 2014

I would like to extract some text from a word file and transfert it into an excel spreadsheet.
My text is always presented in the same way. First there is a line with some data (see exemple bellow). I have no problem to extract them using the macro bellow even it's not perfect.

My problem is on the main text. I weed to keep the format or at least the different paragraphes as when you copy text in word and past it in the formula bar (or press F2).

Here is an exemple of my word file

Code : XXX1- Abrege : DGS45 - Type : D - ADICAP : PHXT5847

Text Paragraph 1
Text Paragraph 2


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Adding Data From Worksheet To Word Through VBA

Aug 28, 2009

I'm having an issue with adding data to word from excel through VBA.

I would like to add the Table to the word doc, then copy and paste data below it. The code works fine. However, after the table gets added to the top of the word doc, the rest of the stuff begins pasting from the top of the doc, causing the table to appear at the bottom...

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Automate Data From Excel Into Word?

Sep 23, 2011

how to automate data from excel into word. This vba code takes every sheet from excel and puts it into a word document:

Sub CopyWorksheetsToWord()
' requires a reference to the Word Object library:
' in the VBE select Tools, References and check the Microsoft Word X.X object library


My problem is that it doesn't style the data into a table, is there any way to do this with the code I have posted? perhaps with a .Style code or something of that sort?

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Pasting Data From Word To Excel

Jan 15, 2013

I have 10 pages of data in a word document.

Can i write a macro,

to copy Word Page1 in excel sheet1 cell(J2),
to copy Word Page2 in excel sheet1 cell(J3)
to copy Word Page3 in excel sheet1 cell(J4)
to copy Word Page10 in excel sheet1 cell(J11)

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Coloring Data And Count The Word

Mar 9, 2007

I've have two cell with data as below:
CELL1: X1, X2, X5, X7, X8, X12
CELL2: X2, X5, X12

My question:
1. using macro to identify different data in the cell using color (for same data will be blue
and different data will be red).
2. How to count the word in the cell (sample CELL1: after
count will become 6 words)

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