First Attempt At UserForm Progress Bar - Bar Not Updating?

Jun 23, 2014

So this is my first attempt at creating a UserForm progress bar. I currently have the status bar doing basically what I am trying to accomplish but I'm trying to broaden my skills (BTW, I've deleted all company sensitive data but the code should still work for you). I got almost all of this code from microsoft's web page on UserForm Progress Bars and then modified it to work with my existing code. When I execute the code (Click the macro button) the UserForm comes up, but the progress bar is not updating like I was expecting.

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Userform Progress Bar Not Updating

Sep 1, 2008

I have some code that runs in conjunction with a userform progressbar....

I launch my progress userform like this from a userform commandbutton:

Load UserForm6
(I suspect the load command may not be needed....)

Then when my progress userform launches:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Call UpdateTasksAll
End Sub
Then my macro:

UserForm6.Label1.Width = 0
UserForm6.Frame1.Caption = "0%"

If UserForm4.TextBox1.Text = "" Then GoTo 4
OL_TK_Crit = UserForm4.Label24.Caption & " " & UserForm4.Label23.Caption & " " & UserForm4.Label38.Caption & " " & UserForm4.Label3.Caption 'your task subject to be updated

The problem is that while the code is running, my userform refuses to show it's face, and only appears when the macro has finished! I get this quite frequently, and cant fathom the cause

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Progress Bar On Userform Not Updating

Nov 29, 2007

I am using a version of the Progress bar code shown below which I found on a thread here.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Dim dTime As Date
Dim i, t As Integer
For i = 1 To 100 Step 100 / 8
dTime = Now + TimeValue("0:00:01")
Application.Wait TimeValue(dTime)
ProgressBar1.Value = i
Next i
End Sub

I have the code written so the progress bar shows the progress by taking the total number of loops that need to happen divided by the number of times the loop has taken place. During each loop, the macro copies and pastes data and formats it, then loops again after updating the progress bar. The progress bar works great and shows the progress of the macro if I step through the macro. But if I run the macro at around 25% or 30% the Userform with the progress bar stops updating the bar and the progress seems like its stuck at that percent. The macro still runs fine and finishes without any errors. The macro does not turn off the screen updating. I just can't figure it out.

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Progress Bar In Userform

Jun 25, 2014

I would like to have a progress bar in some of my userforms.

As an example I attach a sample. progress bar.xlsm‎

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Progress Bar For Loading Userform?

Jun 21, 2014

I have created a Excel userform. Since it has lot of controls, it takes good amount of time to load.

Is there a possibility of displaying a progress bar till the userform is loaded.

Google search has shown me ways to create a progress bar using Excel Forms. However, I am looking for a way to show the progress bar till the main userform is loaded.

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Display A Progress Bar Using A The Userform

May 31, 2007

The code I'm trying to execute is given below

Public Sub datafill()

Sheets("Bloomberg Data and Formula").Activate

' Creates prompt to input date to be checked

Dim InputAnswer As Date

InputAnswer = InputBox( _
prompt:="Enter NAV date for verification against Bloomberg in the format DD/MM/YYYY", _
Title:="Date Input Screen", _

Range("C1").Value = InputAnswer

' Clear out previous day's data

Range("A6 : Z6").Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

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Adding Code To VBA Userform Progress Bar

Aug 16, 2002

I have just discovered the exciting world of the additional controls that can be added to userforms. provide me with some sample code to make a progress bar increment and to activate a windows media avi file from a user form. I only need to know the code (I know how to add the controls etc)

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Progress Bar From Userform Will Not Show Label

Mar 11, 2014

I am trying to make a Progress bar with a statment using a Userform with a label saying Please wait. I call the form using UserForm1.Show vbModeless.The form shows and functions as needed but the label with the caption please wait is not visible. how to get the label to show?

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Modeless UserForm :: Loop Showing Progress Bar

Jul 10, 2009

On opening of my WorkBook I refresh my PivotTable and that takes a while so while its refreshing. So I want to launch a UserForm that basically have a loop showing progress bar similar than the Windows loading bar (i.e. a set of green vertical green bars moving in a black rectangle).

Here is the code in THisWorkbook:

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Excel 2010 :: How To Create Userform With Progress Bar

Feb 7, 2013

I'm trying to create a userform with a progress bar. The progress bar does NOT need to be 'real' and accurate, but simply act as a timer to illustrate to the user that the program is running some quick calcs.. Again, basic progress bar, with about about a 4 second completion time..

(using excel 2010 VB)

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Progress Indicator Userform Position Jumps During Execution?

Aug 4, 2014

I have a macro that calls 3 other procedures during its run. I have the positon set in the UpdateIndicator sub

With ProgressIndicator
.Top = Application.Top + 300
.Left = Application.Left + 400
end with

and the Userform StartUpPosition property set to 0 - Manual (though I did experiment with the other settings as well.

The issue is that when the series of subs are running, the Indicator jumps and shifts (by 10 or so pixels down and right) and sometimes blinks off completely as each new sub is being called and subsequently returns to the initial macro.

It is accurate and does what it's supposed to do, I just find it annoying and that it probably looks a bit unprofessional (and unstable) to the eyes of some coworkers who use the macro as well.

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Progress Bar: Use A Msgbox As A Progress Indicator For A Routine In An Application

Mar 16, 2009

I want to use a msgbox as a progress indicator for a routine in an application. I cant figure out how to do this.

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Set The Progress Bar Which Should Indicate The Progress Of The Data Loading?

Mar 28, 2014

Im consolidating datas from muliple excel files to single data base excel file.Am having macro and it is working fine for me.But when am loading data to data base file the excel files are vibrating.To avoid this issue i want to Set the progress bar which should indicate the progress of the data loading.

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Updating Data From Userform?

Feb 7, 2014

can't get the data to update right. It updates the cells but also overwrites the first person's name.

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Updating Textbox In UserForm

Aug 3, 2009

I am trying to update a Textbox from two Listbox's and several Textbox's as the user enters values (or double clicks the textbox for a value). (DoubleClick code is completed). I have ten textbox's to enter data into (or double click for prior data stored in the registry). Two Listbox's requiring one selection each. The last textbox (textbox11) produces the text as it is being entered from the previous ten, I currently enter the data in a specific order to build my string, which I want to stick to. If the user has entered the wrong data in any of the active textbox's I would like to be able to update the string shown in textbox11 without losing any data from the string.

Hence where my brain cells are popping. My current code (laughing is a pre-requisite). Is in the next two posts due to character length restrictions (no dis intended). Attached is a screen shot of the userform. In the textbox labeled "FCF" all the data you see that is not in any of the textbox's or listbox's is written in from code.

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Lable On Userform Not Updating

Sep 3, 2009

I have a UserForm that contains a progress bar. This bar is updated dynamically as the code progresses, but for some reason the lables on the form are not updating themselves. I have tried adding a time delay to see if it is that but to no avail. Code Below.

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Label On Userform Not Updating

Apr 12, 2007

I have a userform with seven textboxes. I want to sum up the values in those textboxes and print the result in a label caption on the form. The label which displays the total needs to be updated every time anyone adjusts the textboxes. Because I need to have it update like this, I need to have a separate (short) procedure that I can call (when a textbox is adjusted) to sum up the textboxes once again, and place that sum in the label caption.

I have encountered a weird problem. When I update the label caption during the USERFORM ACTIVATE procedure, everything works fine and dandy, even though the summing is taking place in a separate procedure. But I cannot realistically run this entire activation procedure every time the user changes the number in a textbox. (Or, I should say, it just seems like sloppy programming to me.) I really need to update the label caption in a separate smaller procedure. However, when I change my code so that the label caption gets updated during the smaller procedure (which performs the summing operation), the caption remains blank.

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Updating Data On Spreadsheet From Userform

Nov 18, 2007

I have created a userform with textboxes. I want to update cells on a spreadsheet with the values in the textboxes. I have set the code into a command button to update the values, but they only get updated when I close the userform, not when I click the command button.

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Updating Spreadsheet Post Userform

May 22, 2007

(1)I am using a userform (this contains a listbox) to update cell A1 which in turn updates a cell B1.

(2)I then run the next userform on cell A2 which should update its listbox from column B (which has just been updated previously).

My problem is that following step (1) the spreadsheet gets updated but when I processed to step (2) the listbox within the userform is not updated to show the information now in column B.

Finally, if I run the user form again (same as step (2)) the listbox has been updated .

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Sort Failure On First Attempt Only

Feb 23, 2007

My file has 8 sheets with identical linked drop-down boxes at the top. Sheet1 has a graph that needs to be sorted from top to bottom each time a drop-down box from any of the sheets is adjusted. Using tips from this site, my macro moves to Sheet1, sorts, and then returns to whichever sheet I start at.

This works if the first drop-down box I adjust is from Sheet1. If the first drop-down box I adjust is from any other sheet I get "Run-time error '1004': Sort Method of Range Class Failed." Basically I get an error unless I use a Sheet1 drop-down box first. After using a Sheet1 drop-down box, all sheets work without error. How can I fix this error? Below is my macro................

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Excel 2007 :: Updating Workbook2 From Workbook1 Using Userform VBA

Mar 6, 2014

I have to complete his worksheet but now I am in a memory blank. I have the code set up but I guess I have been staring too much at this code...

I have 2 workbooks... One if for data entry and the other one is for a report.

So workbook1: the user will insert information on sheet1 and click a command button that will transfer the information on the next available row in Workbook2.

Workbook2 is strictly for report purpose. So all information transferred from book1 will be in book2.

I need a way, in book1, to have my userform (already set-up) to search for the matching information in my book2 Column A and update the information from my Book1 sheet2.

I have it set up this way:

Dim wbArchive As Workbook
Dim wsSrc, wsDst As Worksheet
Dim rngSrc, rngDst As Range
Dim rngReqNo As Range
Dim strReqNo As String

[Code] .....

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Updating Cells Q1 And R1 With Start And End Dates Selected In A Userform

May 29, 2009

I need some assistance taking dates entered in a userform and applying them to the sheet 'Completed_Report' cells Q1 and R1. The userform code that stores the input values is:

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Attempt To Extract Data, GETPIVOTDATA?

Nov 14, 2005

I've attached a spreadsheet which is a basic version of what I'm trying to achieve. I've got a pivottable based on 3 columns of data: Order No, Delivery Date, Value

I want the sum of a given order in a certain month. E.g. the value of Order No. 1001 for Dec '05. I tried doing a pivottable and then using GETPIVOTDATA (which I've not really used before) and failed. I imagine there's a better way I've not attempted yet. Can anyone shed any light? The spreadsheet is attached

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Return Latest Attempt At Exam From A List?

Mar 10, 2014

I have a list of students that have sat a number of exams on different dates. Can I pick out from the list the last exam for each person. I can sort by id number and then by date but how do I then show the record showing the latest date for each person?

Mary 1/2/2012
john 2/3/2012
john 1/3/2012
mary 1/1/2012
mary 4/4/ 2012

I want to select the record showing the latest date for each person. the result would be
mary 4/4/2012
John 2/3/2012

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Attempt To Assign Macro To A Button Failed

Dec 30, 2008

Created a button in a spreadsheet but cannot activate the shortcut menu that contains "assign macro." Help says select the button, right click on a handle and a shortcut menu appears with "assign macro." Not. I right clicked every handle numerous times and get the regular shortcut menu without the "assign macro" option.

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Vba Query: Attempt To Find A Missing Integer

Jan 29, 2007

I am trying to write a code enabling some calculations. As part of this code I want to find an integer in an excel range. I set the variable (integer) as Rvalue and wrote the following:


which works fine as long as the find is successful. The issue I have however is when the variable cannot be found. I tried using the "iserror" function in vba but it appears that excel/vba does not recognise this issue as an error; I could use an excel formula (i.e. if(iserror(vlookup...) but I would prefer to find out how to handle the issue in vba.

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Status Bar As Progress Bar

Apr 29, 2009

Im forgetting how to code something for this ....

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Progress Tax Calculator

Jun 19, 2006

I'm trying to come up with an efficient formulae or function to calculate tax

The problem I have is that the tax is progressive. As below

the first 20,000 is taxed at 5%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 6%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 7%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 8%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 9%
more than 100,000 is taxed at 10%

I'm trying to do a formula like below

Cell B3 is my taxable amount
Cell B5 =IF(B$3>20000,20000*0.05,B$3*0.05)
Cell B6 =IF(B$3>40000,40000*0.05,(B$3-20000)*0.05)

This gives me a problem in that for 35k say, I end up with a negative number for the second part in cell B6. My other issue is that each calculation will take up 6 rows on my
spreadsheet. I was hoping to set up a function that could do this in a cell, but even the simple stage defeats me at the moment.

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Progress Bar Code In VBA

Dec 22, 2011

I struggling in progress bar code, Once code executes code execution stops, Once if i close the userform at runtime step wise code continues from next line in this case i mean UserForm.ProgressBar1.Min = 0

Sub test()
UserForm.ProgressBar1.Min = 0
UserForm.ProgressBar1.Max = 100


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Dick's Progress Bar

Nov 13, 2007

There is a nice progress bar at

Sub DoStuff()

Dim ufUpdate As UUpdate
Dim dtTime As Date

'instantiate the userform
Set ufUpdate = New UUpdate
ufUpdate.lbxStatus.AddItem "Starting Process..."
ufUpdate.lbxStatus.AddItem "Do the next thing..."
ufUpdate.lbxStatus.AddItem "Done!"

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