Add Condition To Simple Formula

Mar 26, 2009

Using Excel 2003. I have a very basic SUM formula I am using to show how many forms are still in-house. Pretty simple.

Column D is how many came in.
Column F is how many were completed.
Column E is what is left.

To get the daily count I take the previous day's Column E, add to today's Column D and subtract today's Column F.

Puts the results in E3.

This formula is copied on down the worksheet which results in:
=(E3+D4-F4), with the results in E4. And so on down Column E.

The problem is that if there is no data entered in Column D or F, the results from E are carried (copied?) as far down as the forumla. i.e., if today's column E results in 4, then that is displayed for as far down as I have copied the formula. What I'd like to do is set the formula so that if there is no data in columns E or F, then there is nothing displayed in Column E.

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Simple If Array Formula

Mar 10, 2013

Trying to work out array formula.

basically if B2 = list of figures in range(F1:f22) then "G14" otherwise "".


doesn't work.

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Simple IF Formula And Linking 2 Sheets

Feb 9, 2009

So I have a list of names, and I need to keep track of whose paperwork I have. There's a column that says Yes/No.

I would like to link everything to another sheet in the file. So for every name that says "No," I would like that name to appear in the next sheet. And when someone updates the first page to put in a "yes," I want it automatically taken off the second sheet.


I have Sheet 1:....

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Simple Formula Returning Odd Result

Jun 10, 2009

I have a reasonable grasp of Excel and this has me completely stumped. Three cells hold numeric values (format General though the format seems not to change the result)

C4 = 4082322.25
D4 = 4046689.05
E4 = 35633.2

Another cell contains the simplest of formulae ...
F4 = "=C4-D4-E4"

Clearly the result should be zero.
In fact the result is (to 15 decimals) ...


If I change F4 formula to "=C4-E4-D4" the result is zero.

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Simple Array Formula Between Two Different Sheets

Sep 25, 2013

I'm working on simple array formula between two different sheets.

I'm working on Sheet 1 and sheet 2

Right now I want the result on sheet 2 C9

Sheet 2 C6 has MTR
Sheet 1
c6 MTR
c7 MAR
c8 MTR

E6 2
E7 4
E8 6

Now on Sheet 2 C7 has 10

Now the result Sheet C9 has to get 8


I want this formula to work on both excel and Google Drive but now this formula doesn't work on any one.

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Inserting Simple Formula In Range

Jan 1, 2010

I would like to insert a formula in a column, the formula is in column D and must be something like "=C1-B1" for row 1, "=C2-B2" for row 2,...etc. I would like to do it without using a loop cycle in VBA...I have attached an example of the data I'm using..

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Type Mismatch With Simple Formula?

May 26, 2013


fma_rng = .Range("C" & fma_top & ":C" & fma_btm)
rows_blnk = Application.CountBlank(fma_rng)

why I would be getting a 'type mismatch' error with the line in red?

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Simple Subtraction Formula Not Calculating

Nov 21, 2007

I've got a list of marks (col T), and I want to create a new column subtracting 5 from each value.

Obviously, the formula in this new column is

But I enter that formula and excel doesn't do any calculating, it just displays "T1-5"
It even seems to recognize that it's a formula, highlighting T1 in the formula and the T1 cell itself, but no resulting value...

I've tried changing the format of the cells (in both columns) to Number and back to General again, but without success.

I've also tried copying and pasting (values only) the whole T column to another column, and tried there, also without any success.

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Adjust Simple Formula To Find Last Row

May 8, 2009

I am using this formula in Cell J12: =AVERAGE($G$12:$G$85)

It will always be $G$12 but $G$85 needs to be done so that it goes until the last empty row on the worksheet.

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Simple Formula Using IF And SUM - Yields Unexpected Error

Apr 25, 2014

Using this formula for a bank account,

=IF(SUM(C2-A1+B1)=C1, "match", "NO match")

down a column of about 3000 rows, yields only one cell with an unexpected and probably incorrect response in G2 with a "NO Match" - where the math is correct ?

63.58 0.00 -54.97 match
64.57 0.00 8.61 NO match
128.21 0.0073.18 match


Attachment is included;

in a bank account file, where "C2" is the previous balance, "C1" is the current balance, "A1" is any check written, "B1" is any deposit applied.

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Simple Formula Construction And Conditional Formatting?

Jul 26, 2008

I have used Excel for a number of years and have gotten on ok on my own working out simple formulas myself but I have been stuck on this one for a while. Is it possible to enter a value into a cell and have a predefined formula that works with the data that I enter?? I would like to enter a value between 1-10 and the cell then takes this number and multiplies it by a value in another cell. Eg.

I have a cell that displays 10 (let's say D6)
In another cell I enter 8
I would then like the cell to do the formula =8*D6 automatically, as this value can be different each time (1-10)

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Simple If Greater Than Formula Giving Error

Jan 19, 2012

I'm getting a mismatch error on my If activecell.value > 5 Then portion of this code. I'm trying to say if the value in column AG is greater than 5 then create an email address from the first and last name. I've even made sure to copy and paste the formula results as values.

Sub CheckPFPDates()
Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Dim cell As Range
Dim emails As String
Dim salution As String
Dim currenttime As Integer

[Code] ........

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How To Convert Simple Text To Bold Using Formula

Sep 13, 2012

I have a data example

Cell A1 which contain text I.E = "Words"

I have link B1 To cell A1 I.E = A1

Now what I want is I want the last two words or any alphabet between alphabet
to be bold




Any alphabet between word to be bold upon my requirement.

Instead of linking that cell to another cell , i want any value when entered into that cell.

That alphabet automatically becomes bold as this will not be requiring linking to that cell

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Simple Formula For List Unique Records Only

Sep 30, 2012











Need the simple formula to list only unique records of above data

unique list is




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Simple Formula To Skip Blanks (array)

Jul 16, 2013

I have a row with numbers

What is the formula to get then on another column as

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Simple Formula For Lookup With Two Conditions And Duplicates

Sep 16, 2013

I have two spreadsheets of data, one column contains an employees name, the other is a value.

Employee Amount
Bob 10
Frank 12
Katie 14
Katie 55
Simon 5.2

I would like to do a lookup that states if name is Katie and value is 55 and is in sheet 1, return "Yes", else return "No"

The name and value conditions will read off the other spreadsheet.

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Simple Macro - Copy Result Of Formula

Dec 14, 2009

I am trying to implement a simple macro. Here is my
Function Age(DOB)
Age = Int((Now - DOB) / 365)
End Function

Sub Macro1()
Age (Selection)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
End Sub

The function basically calculates the persons age using their date of birth. What I need to know is how to copy the result of the function into the cell next to the selected one. (The code above only selects the adjacent cell).

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Simple Date Comparison Formula - When Two Dates Are Equal To Each Other

Feb 10, 2014

Report I generate once a month that checks to see if tasks are done on or before their due date. Sometimes it works, and others it doesn't...

The basic formula is: [Code] .....

If they closed their task by or before the due date, the condition should be true and it should output "Compliant" beside their task. Otherwise their "Over Due".

The forumla works except when they close their task ON the due date. No matter how I tweak the forumla, it thinks the condition is false as if it cannot tell when the two dates match.

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Wrong Data Type Error In Simple Array Formula

Jun 30, 2013

I am trying to use FIND and an array formula to find the position of text in a range of cells (A2 and A3 in the example) which could be one of a number of options (C1:D1 here). But the array formula throws up the following error: "A value used in the formula is of the wrong data type". The simplest illustration of the problem is as follows. The formula in B2 is

and $C$1:$D$1 contain REF and ATM respectively. [/CODE]
203047 05AUG 08.55 OKEHAMPTON ATM
CO-OP GROUP 380611 REF 191 7553375222 BCC

We see that B2 has a #VALUE! error - wrong data type. But for some reason B3 is ok returning 22!

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Combining Simple Formula With Text Concatenation Produces Too Many Decimal Points

Feb 18, 2014

This is my formula with concatenation: =K3/K1*100 & "c" & " Each"

This is the result of the values in K3 divided by K1: 6.41666666666667c Each

I would like to limit the decimal places to two: 6.41c Each.

I have tried to format the cell and none of the formatting options have any effect.

If possible I would like to use the rounding function but I do not know how to combine the formula + text + rounding.

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Add Addition If Condition To Existing Formula: Long Formula

Aug 12, 2007

This task joins a string together based on a number of characters per cell in the range.

I want to isolate one range, Col N, and add an IF condition to it.

There may be other issues preventing this from happening, e.g. the number of IF that exist in the complete formula. I will isolate the current cell and its requirements and then post the entire formula at the end for reference....

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Array Match Formula Fails But Simple Match Works?

Feb 5, 2014

In sheet 1, I have

Col A Col B
John Sedgwy - R

In sheet 2, I have the following names

Col A Col B
Peter Walker
John Sedgwicky

When I did an array match -> ={MATCH(1,(TRIM($a2)=Sheet2!$A$1:$A$2)*(left(b2,5)&"*"=Sheet2!$b$1:$b$2),0)}

gave me an error but when I did an individual match to both John and Sedgw, it works.

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Two-condition If Formula

Aug 8, 2008

I am creating a IF(... formula, here is what i have so far...

=IF(B3='Max' AND C3='Sell', D3-J17,0)

I have two drop down boxes, one at B3 and one at C3, i want to D3-J17, but only when B3 = Max and C3 = Sell, otherwise 0 (really instead of 0 im gonna add in more formula for the rest of the drop downs, but for arguments sake lets say 0), what do i do?

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Add Condition - Replace R4 At The End Of The Formula?

Jun 6, 2014

i am already using a formula in which i need to add a condition.

Existing formula - =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(K4,{"Cancelled","On Hold","Onboarded","Open","Profile Available","Profile shared","Rebadge"},0)),IF($AG$1+X4>T4,$AG$1+X4,T4),R4)

i need to replace R4 (at the end of the formula) with this condition - if (R4>T4),R4,T4

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Set A Formula Based On Condition

Mar 22, 2009

I have a column called Average and it have numbers from 0 to 100. I want to set a string on another column based on the value of Average. The condition is

< 50 is negative
= 50 is neutral
> 50 is positive

For example
Column A Column B
45 Negative
50 Neutral
80 Positive

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Formula Which Contains An =IF Condition And Index

Jul 24, 2009

I'm trying to construct a formula which contains an =IF and what I think needs to be INDEX, but cannot be 100% certain as I've never done.

I can't post a sample of the workbook due to company policy, but here's what I'm trying to do:

In Cell b2

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Add If Condition Excel Formula To VBA

Mar 24, 2014

I have written this code to add a column to the data. but it is giving application defined error how to resolve it??

[Code] .....

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Add Condition For Array Formula?

May 21, 2014

Add a condition to this formula Let us assume for the column (classes) and the condition is selected from the cell "G1"

Condition E2: E30 = G1


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Triple Condition Formula?

May 23, 2008

ColA-ColB-ColC- Z
a1 - b1 - c1 -1
a2 - b2 - c2 -2
a3 - b3 - c3 -3

if there a formula to check all the rows,

in cell a1,
if a1=a1, b1=b1, c1=c1, it'll return 1

if a3=a3, b3=b3, c3=c3, it'll return 3

I checked the formula below, from how I read, it only check for 1 condition...
=IF(COUNTIF(db!$G:$G,nvT!E6),INDEX(db!$H:$H,MATCH(E6,db!$G:$G,FALSE),1), "0")

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Multiple Condition Formula

Apr 16, 2006

in cell A1 and cell B1 I have a "yes", "no" or "maybe"
in cell C1 and D1 I have a number

if cell A1 and cell B1 "yes" multiply cell D1 times 2 (all results in cell E1)
if cell A1 "yes cell B1 "no" multiply cell D1 times 1.2
if cell A1 "no" cell B1 "yes" multiply cell C1 times 1.2
if cell A1 and B1 'no" multiply cell cell C1 times 2
if cell A1 "maybe" cell B1 "yes" multiply cell D1 times 2
if cell A1 maybe cell B1 "no" multiply cell C1 times 2
if cell A1 "yes" cell B1 "maybe" multiply cell D1 times 2
if cell A1 "no" cell B1 "maybe" multiply cell C1 times 2

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