Add Row Of Data To Combobox

Oct 14, 2013

I am trying to add a row of data to a combobox list of values but it looks like it will only allow a column of data to be added. Is there a simple way to add a row as the source data or would i need to add each data point using a For Next loop?

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Auto Populate 2nd Combobox Based On 1st Combobox Data

Mar 30, 2014

I need to populate two combo boxes from excel sheet, the data will be like below:

Column A Column B
A 1
A 2
A 3
A 4
A 5
B 100
B 101
B 102

So from the above data, one combo box should hold unique values A & B.

On selecting a value from the 1st combo box A or B, respective values should be populated in 2nd combo box.

So the data should be like below:

If A is selected in the 1st combo box, then 2nd combo box should only show the values 1,2,3,4 & 5.
If B is selected in the 1st combo box, then 2nd combo box should only show the values 100,101 & 102.

Friends I need it in a macro and one important point is, this is dynamic and it is not static and the data can be more.

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Populating Combobox 2 With Items That Match Criteria From Combobox 1

Mar 30, 2009

Am trying to get dynamic population of 2nd combobox based on match from criteria in combobox 1.

if column a = bears and column b = colours of bears then

when I select bears in combobox one, combobox 2 would populate with colors of bear.

I am think of having a combobox 1 change event that evaluates each row in a specific range (does it match the criteria?) if so, then add 2nd cell (column b) of that row to the combobox 2.

I know it would probably involve match and offset, add item and loop, but I am not sure what the syntax is.

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Dismiss ComboBox Dropdown While ComboBox Code Is Still Running

Dec 8, 2009

When I make a comboBox selection from the dropdown menu, the menu stays down until the last statement of the comboBox code is finished. How do I make the dropdown disappear immediately after the selection is made?

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Add Data To Row Depending On Combobox?

Feb 21, 2014

Basically I have a column filled with names (A) that the combobox is filled with, I then have a text based inputbox and a submit button. Right now the submit button transfers the data from the inputbox to the same row depending on the combobox choice and edits the existing text which is fine.

However I also want the data to be submitted to another sheet where the data is not edited but added.

Example: I choose James from combobox and writes 10 in the inputbox, the submit button will then edit the existing value on the "Data Edit" sheet on the row James and add the value to the row James on the "Data Add sheet".

This is the edit code, I basically just need some pointers as to how to add data to blank cells in corresponding rows according to combobox selection.

[Code] .....

Attached File : Combobox Row Add.xls‎

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Populate A Combobox From Data

Jan 26, 2009

able to populate a combobox from data elsewhere in the workbook as follows:

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Linking Data For ComboBox

Sep 2, 2009


A1:A3 was input into combo box list. If I select an option in combo box, how can I make B11 and B12 to update data accordingly? (ie, if Metal was selected, B11 should show $500 and B12 should show C-rating)

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Populate ComboBox In VBA With Data

Jan 15, 2013

I have created a combobox1 and I have written a code to populate the box the problem is when I run the form and select the data from the dropdown list it gives me an error. I can see the data but just can't select it. I have a command button that I use to save the data I select and insert it into fields on my worksheet. All I just need the drop down box to let me select the data I chose below is my code.

Private Sub ComboBox1_Click()
ComboBox1.Value = .Range("A2:A14")
End Sub

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ComboBox For Data Validation?

May 3, 2013

I am working on a project where I have a data validation list box in column A B and C on the same row. The selection in column A determines what can be selected in column B, and column b effects column c selection. The data from the list is located in another sheet and dynamic named ranges.

The data validation source is as follows:

Column A:
Column B:
Column C: =OFFSET(ProjectNoList,MATCH(D11,OFFSET(ProjectNoList,MATCH(C11,ProjectNo,0)-1,2,COUNTIF(ProjectNo,C11),1),0)-1+MATCH(C11,ProjectNo,0)-1,3,COUNTIFS(DisciplineCode,D11,ProjectNo,C11),1)

This works fine, however I need the drop down menus to be longer as there can sometimes be a lot of data to scroll through. To do this I have used the instructions at Excel Data Validation Combo box Click to make a combobox data validation.

It works fines for column A, however I can't get the list for column B to populate in the combo box.

The code looks like this:

Dim str As String
Dim cboTemp As OLEObject
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = ActiveSheet
On Error GoTo errHandler

If Target.Count > 1 Then GoTo exitHandler

Set cboTemp = ws.OLEObjects("ComboName")
On Error Resume Next
If cboTemp.Visible = True Then
With cboTemp
.Top = 10
.Left = 10
.ListFillRange = ""


I suspect that column A works because the data validation formula is only referring to a named ranged, ProjectNolist, however columbs B and C use a few in a formula.

.ListFillRange = str
is empty when column b is selected

is it possible to get the data validation list from column b and c into a combo box and if so how?

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Data Source For Combobox

Jan 2, 2009

I have a combobox in which I need data loaded from a column of an excel sheet.

As of now, I am using the below
Last = Sheet9.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
With ComboBox1
For Row = 2 To Last
.AddItem Sheet9.Cells(Row, 1)
Next Row
End With
Is there any other way to load data?

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Data Validation VS Combobox

Mar 17, 2009

I am using Excel 2007 and I've been working with a spreadsheet that utilizes several Data Validation to allow users to make different choices and depending on those choices the next options in line change. My problem is that I have so many different options, so long of formulas, that I run out of space to type in formulas in the DV source field. One way I get around this is to drop down to the next cell and start again, but I really need all the choices to stay in one row. Somebody suggested using VLookup, but I am not sure if that is the right path to take because a few of the final drop down choices have multiple options, and I'm not clear on how to use VLookup.

I am strongly considering using a Combobox Form Control or Combobox ActiveX control because, from what I have learned, they wouldn't be restricted by formula space. However, being fairly new to Excel I do not know what the codes would be to allow the comboboxes to change options based on previous selections. I've searched the message boards extensively and haven't been able to find an answer.

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How To Put Data Into An Array From A Combobox

May 19, 2006

I'm trying to create a data entry form that uses comboboxes. I can populate the comboboxes with data from an excell sheet. There are 3 columns of data that are called to each combobox, and the list of data is the same in each combobox. When the chosen line is selected for each combobox I then want to pass all that data back to the excel sheet in the same column layout. I suspect this will need to be done with an array.

Basically, I want to have five tasks with timing details that are done from Monday to Friday - these are listed in excel. I want each of these tasks to appear in each combo box (two columns in the combobox) so that the user can decide which task will be done on which day. Then the tasks are passed back to excel as a timetable. If it were 1 column I could do it but the second column is causing me grief. I suspect this will need to be done with an array.

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Import Data Via Combobox

Apr 2, 2007

I am trying to trigger an event when a value from a combobox in Excel is chosen. E.g If i choose "Option 1" from the combobox then push Command_Button 1 (for example) i would like excel to connect to my database and pull all information on "Option 1", if i change my mind and want to see all information on ("Option 10"), i would like it to go and get "Option 10" info anfter the button is pushed. I have had a look around and cant see anything that comes close to completing this. I though about using the worksheet change event to trigger this but the application comes back stating "Application Error or object defined error".

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Delete Data With Combobox

May 13, 2007

How to delete the selected data that is displayed in a combobox?

Belox is the code I have used to add the data.

Private Sub cmbnewuser_Click()
Set ws = Worksheets("Start")

' find first empty row in database
iRow = ws. Cells(Rows.Count, 27) _
.End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

'copy the data to the database
ws.Cells(iRow, 27).Value = txtnewuser.Value

txtnewuser.Value = ""
End Sub

I can get the data I want to delete to show in the combobox, I just have no idea what to assign the command button to do.

'RowSource' is set to Start!AA1:AA1000, is there anyway I can make it display only the cells that contain data (as there are currently only 3 bits of data, with the potential of more)?

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Using Multiple Combobox And Getting Data From Access

Oct 13, 2009

I have some documents created in Excel that I use; I am wanting to make things easier so I don't have to keep typing customers details into the delivery notes and invoices as I go.

What I have done so far is create an access database with a customer table (this contains company name & address) also a table for contact (this contains contact details for various people at the companies).

I have used the import data feature to get a full list of customers address and contact details on the spreadsheet. I have another sheet that I have created a combobox that I can type a company name in and it will find a match from my list.

Now the bit I am struggling with is that I also need a combobox for the contact; I don't want the combobox to have all my contacts in, just the one that releate to the company I have chosen in combobox 1.

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Save Data In Same Row Of Combobox Selection?

Jul 18, 2014

There are two Combo boxes in the form. ComboBox1 is being populated from a named range - "ParticipantName". (Located in Sheet1!C2:C500) ComboBox2 has been populated with "No" and "Yes" with additem in Form1 Initialize.

There are 3 (Three) Command Buttons - "Save", "Cancel" and "Close".

"Cancel" shall clear data in both Combo Boxes. It is done.
"Close" shall unload the Form. It is also done.

My problem is with the "Save" button. The user will select a name in the ComboBox1 and Select "Yes" or "No" in ComboBox2. Then if the user press "Save"; only the selected data of ComboBox2 will be written in the 26th Column (Column "Z") of Sheet1 in respective Row of the name selected in the ComboBox1.

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Using A Combobox Without Overwriting Existing Data

Oct 9, 2008

I have a worksheet containing employee information (i.e. name, manager, department, etc.). I also have a userform that will be used to make changes to the employee information. The userform has three comboboxes and, when activated, the userform is populated with the existing data in the worksheet.

Here is the problem - I need to have the existing worksheet data populate (as it does now) but also have the combobox choices available in the event that one of the 'combo' fields need to be changed. How do I keep the existing worksheet data AND keep the functionality of the combobox?

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Get Data From Cells Using Combobox Criteria

Mar 29, 2009

Attached herewith a Excel file. How to Retrieve data from the Corresponding Worksheet Row using Combobox criteria

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Another Dependent Data Validation Combobox

May 5, 2009

I'm still curious about the sample from Contextures, (DV0032 - Dependent Data Validation Combobox)

I have made a modification from its file (sample is attached). First drop list can be autocomplete, but the second cannot. For the comparing, I made row 2 in ValidationSample sheet is my modification, and row 3 is the original.

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Using A Combobox To Fill Data In Sheet

Feb 22, 2010

Using a combobox with dropdown choice you can select today or yesterday. After this i want to fil in cell A1 the date (now) if choose today, and date (-1) if choosen yesterday. I attach a test sheet with this post.

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Combobox VBA To Change Data In Cell?

Dec 12, 2012

I am looking for a way to use VBA code to allow a combo box (form control) to change the data in a cell. For example: The combo box could contain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If the user selects Monday in the combo box, than cell A1 will populate the word Monday. In the particular situation that I using this for, an if statement will not work since there are 82 values (options) in the combo box.

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Combobox To Filter Data In Excel?

Mar 19, 2013

I have a table of data and would like to filter it based on the combo box selection so that only those results which match the combo box are displayed.




WARD, MONTH, YEAR will be combo boxes through which the records below will be filtered.

I want to attach a sample but not sure how to

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ComboBox Data Selection & Lookup

Jun 11, 2006

I have a computer build worksheet I use to configure the cost of my notebooks.

There are 2 worksheets, on one I have all my data seperated in 2 colums. One column is the name say Intel Core-Duo 2500 2.0 Ghz, and next to it the price, say $300.

The other worksheet is the actual form for "building" my systems. Right now I am using combo boxes that feed their output to another cell, then a 3rd cell with complex nested IF statements to retrieve the data from the 1st worksheet.

This way I have the form look like
1. Combobox selection: Intel Core-Duo 2500 2.0 Ghz
2. It feeds a second cell its value 1 (if this is the first value in the list)
3. 3rd Cell reads second cell value with a complex nested IF statement: 1 and goes back to the data sheet and reads the price from the second column: $300

This is a total pain in the butt when I want to add products or change their order in the data sheet. Can someone point me to a direction that this could be made easier, a good book on the subject and what I should be looking for and whatever syntax I need.

Here is the file: [url] You need to have iterations set for the sheet to work properly because there are circular references to calculate percentages of the total for shipping insurance paypal fees and ebay fees etc.

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Modifing Data In A Userform's Combobox

Jul 3, 2006

Using my workbook i want to modify the entries of a worksheet. If u hit the Commandbutton1 , u can see that i have a userform with 3 pages.

The 1st page is to create a formula
The 2nd page is to modify the formula
The 3nd page is to delete the formula

What i want is the following:

1-Using the 2nd page I want to select a formula description and then to modify the description or the formula or both. After that, if i hit the Ok button to save it.

2-Using the 3nd page I want to select a formula description and then if i hit the Ok button and Delete the selected formula i want the bar to move to the previous row of the deleted one. Eg.: If i delete the row 10 i want the bar to move to row 9.

3-At last ,if u think that u have to change parts of my code and make it better go ahead.

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Return Corresponding Data Chosen From ComboBox

Sep 9, 2007

I have a combo box, which is used after a search. The box only identifies a list of cells, but to the right of that, is somemore info that i need.

I would like it, so when you bring down the list window, and pick from the list, it knows which Address it is, so it can then HLOOKUP the information in the next column.

I can't seem to make it happen. I either cannot get it to let me know the Address of the cell I had choosen, or I cannot make it look to the right, and put the contents into another text box...

I have something like this:

Addresslist.plant = addrlist.offset(,5).value

how do i make it find the location ie $D$5 of the of item i selected from a combo box?

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Combobox Data Capture From Other Workbook

Nov 20, 2007

how data capturing works, using controls. I try to explain what I mean. I have a userform with a combobox that allows to select data from a worksheet in another workbook (database). Using VBA, I'm asked to define the "source" for the combobox. I don't understand the difference between controlsource and row source because when I close the userform, I find only the first field filled in (column "A"), while I would like the entire row to be copied.I also would like to have an "ok" button to allow me for multiple selection. In other words:

I select the desired data from the combobox
I click on the "ok" button ahd this event should copy the data (entire row) selected via the combobox on my worksheet without closing the userform in order to allow me to select other data on the same session. The row to copy data into is selected using the firstemptyrow method..

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Filling Combobox Based On Another Combobox.text Value.

Jun 20, 2009

try and achive is when a user selects a item from the 1st Combobox the 2nd Combobox is the populated with the cell that is to the right of the selected item.

for Example if a user selects AAB from combobox1,, Combobox2 should populate with Belly.

Maby using combobox1_Exit for the excercise.

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ComboBox Selection That Fills A TextBox And Other ComboBox

Sep 28, 2013

I created a UserForm then linked ComboBox1 to range A2:A, TextBox2 to range E2:E, and ComboBox3 to range M2:M of the same worksheet, named Sheet3. The row contents in Column A, Column E, and Column M are associated. Therefore, when the UserForm is active I want to be able to select a row from Column A in ComboBox1 and have the UserForm pull the contents from the same row of Column E into TextBox2, and Column M into ComboBox3. Here is what I have so far, but its not quite doing it.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim ColARange As Range


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Populate Combobox Based On Selection Of Other Combobox

Jun 12, 2006

I have a table, headers "FirstName" and "SurName".

Further a Userform with 2 Comboboxes "FirstName" and "SurName"

I'd like to choose the FirstName (say Jack) in the "FirstName" combobox, and based on that get the choice of the Surnames of all my Jacks in the "SurName" combobox.

Actually my sheet has much more fields and comboboxes, but i think my problem is just that I do not find a way to populate them dynamically.

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Set ComboBox Value Based On Text If In The ComboBox List

Feb 8, 2008

How can i Loop through a combobox's values and compare to a string value and then set the listindex of the combobox to that value?

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