Avoid Delete Prompt Deleting Sheets/Worksheets

Aug 9, 2006

whenever you want to delete a sheet, excel would prompt you to ask you if you are sure you want to delete the sheet. im making a vba so that the sheets will delete upon workbook close, but i dont want to be prompted everytime to be sure to delete it when running the vba macro. Also, i would like to avoid being asked to save any changes to my workbook

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Macro - How To Remove Delete Prompt When Deleting A Sheet

Jul 22, 2013

I have a Macro which deletes a sheet called "Pre selection" with:

Sheets("Pre selection").Select

It asks me every time if I am sure and I have to click to continue. Is there any way to remove this prompt or set it to continue without my intervention?

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Loop To Delete Worksheets Stops After Deleting One Sheet

Mar 17, 2014

Sub DeleteSheetsPlease()

Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
Application.StatusBar = "checking " & ws.Name

[code] .......

This skips "Parameters" and "About", then it deletes a single sheet (that does not match "Parameters" or "About"),

BUT THEN IT STOPS, leaving "deleting [WSNAME]" in the appstatus. It's like it skips the "Next ws" statement altogether after deleting a sheet.

I want it to keep looping on all the sheets, but that delete action seems to kill the looping...

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Avoid Deleting A Specific Worksheet

May 2, 2006

I have a workbook where everything is controlled from a single worksheet that I named "Start".

In the "Start" worksheet I have instructions and one command button. When this button is clicked, it will start the VBA code. The code will basically show a couple of userforms where the user will input some information and after the user clicks on a button on the last userform, the code will generate new worksheet and present the results in that new worksheet.

The user could do this as many times as he wants, each time creating a new worksheet or overwriting in an existing worksheet (except the "Start" worksheet). The user is able to delete any worksheets he want.

I need to write a code so that if the user tries to delete the "Start" worksheet, it will not let him/her because then there is no worksheet where I have the button to click to start the VBA code.

I tried protecting the workbook, but then it does not allow to add new worksheets either.

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Security Prompt Even After Deleting Macros Using VBA Code

Jun 27, 2007

I have used the following Macro that deletes the Macro code. It then saves the file and quits excel.

Sub removeAllCode()
Dim awi
Dim awcl As Integer
Dim count As Integer
Dim i As Integer 'loop counter
On Error Resume Next
count = ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.count
For i = 1 To count
Set awi = ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(i)
awcl = awi.CodeModule.CountOfLines
awi.CodeModule.DeleteLines 1, awcl
Next i
Set awi = Nothing
End Sub

However when I open the Excel File, I still get the Macro Prompt. I have checked in Macro list as well as in VB Editor and no Macro code exists

If I have the file manually (or do a save as) and then reopen the file, I no longer get the Macro prompt.

I have tried various examples listed in different forums/sites but nothing works.

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Deleting Cells Won't Prompt To Shift Row Or Column Up / Down - Left Or Right

Feb 22, 2013

I've attached the sheet I'm working with. I need to delete most of column F and shift the rows to the left, but when I delete the cells it doesn't give me a prompt to shift the row, it just deletes the entire column or individual row. I need them to shift, what can I do?

Attached File : Coordinators Test.xlsx

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Clear Rows Vs. Deleting Rows To Avoid #REF! Formula Error - Macro

Jun 9, 2009

I have a macro which is copying data from several worksheets into one consolidation worksheet. When determining where to paste the data into the consolidation sheet, the macro includes some logic to find the last row that has data in it (using e.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row, where "e" is a variable holding the name of the consolidation worksheet).

Once all the data is on the consolidation worksheet, I have a second worksheet with formulas that link to the consolidation sheet. The issue I have is that the first step of my consolidation macro deletes all data on the consolidation sheet to ensure that no data is double-counted). I am deleting the data with logic that simply deletes all rows from 3 to 65536. Once these rows are deleted, Excel returns a #REF! error on my second worksheet which is linking back to this data.

Rather than deleting the rows on the consolidation sheet, I have tried using the Clear and/or ClearContents commands instead. This works (i.e., my formulas no longer error out), but results in the consolidation macro running very slowly (~15 minutes, compared to

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Prompt Row To Delete

Mar 19, 2012

Is it possible to prompt the user for a specific row number to delete in a vba textbox? If yes, then the code would fire using a button. I have the worksheet protected and only want to unprotect through code to delete a specific row number, then protect it again.

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How To Avoid Displaying Movement Across Sheets While Executing VBA Code

Feb 5, 2014

I have written a vba code which does some calculation on the data on sheet 1 and then puts this data on sheet3 and after the calculation is done it puts the result on a few comboboxes on sheet2. Now the issue is while this whole calculation is performed by excel, I can see the movement in between the sheets. I want to avoid seeing this movement ?

Is it because of multiple Sheet.Select statements inside the vba code ?

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Macro - Hold View And Avoid Confirm Delete Message

Feb 11, 2009

1. I can't remember it, but I know there is a command so that the view hold and that the selected tabs and cells does not show and the same view remains until the "unhold" is called in the macro. THEN the view is updated. What is this command again? Could not find it...

2. The macro needs to delete tabs at the click of a button (easy part) but for each deletion, a message appear:

Data may exist in the sheet selected for deletion. To permanently delete this data, press Delete. Is there a way to prevent the message from popping out when the macro is executed?

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VBA Deleting Sheets Between Start And End Sheets?

Mar 4, 2014

I'm trying to get a macro to work that will delete a number of worksheets that are located in between a sheet called 'start' and one called 'end'

I have got this code - which deletes both 'start' & 'end' too, i've been struggling to get it to work so it doesn't

Sub Macro_delete_worksheets()
Dim i As Long
Application.DisplayAlerts = False


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Deleting Worksheets

Jan 29, 2010

I am trying to write a macro that will look through all the worksheets in my workbook and delete any that are called "Data2", "Data3",... "Data#"

So basically I want to find any sheet that has Data and a number after it (with the exception of "Data1") and delete it. Does anyone know of any way to do this?

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Deleting Worksheets Not Between Beg And End

May 10, 2006

Would anyone have a way to delete worksheets not between worksheets called Beg and End? I am actually looking for a way to delete all worksheets to the left of Beg (including Beg) and all worksheets to the right of End (including End).

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Loop Through Worksheets Not Working (delete Some Hyperlinks In Column A On 50+ Worksheets)

Jan 16, 2009

Just need to delete some hyperlinks in column A on 50+ worksheets. Thought a loop through all the worksheets would do it. Only works on active sheet. Forgive my ignorance, don't really even know where it goes, once it works - module or workbook?

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Deleting Worksheets With Macro?

May 2, 2014

I am trying to write a macro that takes the value in cell B2 from a workbook called ""numbers" in a worksheet called "summary," and creates a new worksheet in a workbook called "filestransfer" that is named the same thing as the value in cell B2 from "numbers." That part is done.

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Deleting Columns In Worksheets

Mar 24, 2014

I tried to write a macro for deleting some columns automatically in my workbook

- it will be applied to all worksheets, except two worksheets called "samsung" and "toshiba"
- columns will be deleted from V to AA and AU to AZ in the related worksheets

Please check my attached file and my macro inside it.

deleting columns makro.xlsm‎

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Deleting Multiple Worksheets

Mar 27, 2006

My spreadsheet involved plenty of importing of data for Analysis. However the spreadsheet get cluttered very often and i have manually delete the data worksheets.

I was wondering whether is there a way of deleting all the worksheets that contains data(I.E someway of protecting my proccessing and display sheets from being deleted, about 100 of them) or isit possible to delete spreadsheet in a loop with the last char being a number as all my data sheets are named xxx1 ,xyz2 etc and none of my other sheets end with a number

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Prevent Others From Deleting Worksheets

Jun 6, 2006

I'm on a system using Windows XP with several user accounts. It's possible to share a document by putting it in a directory called, unsurprisingly, "Shared files' or somesuch. Anyway, I wish to put one of my Excel spreadsheets into this directory so that other users can see it. The workbook itself has about 10 worksheets and I want other people to be able to edit only one of them. So I used the "Protect Worksheet" option within Excel to protect those worksheets I don't want edited. However, I notice that it's still possible to delete a worksheet even though its protected. Is there a way to prevent from deleting worksheets?

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Conditionally Deleting Lines On Multiple Worksheets

Jun 17, 2014

I need to delete line if 2 conditions are meet.

If col A is blank and col D or E is blank then I want the line deleted for lines 1no more than 100 The option of D or E has me stymied I end up with it not working right. This is what I had tried

Dim lastrow As Long, c As Long
lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
For c = 1 To lastrow
If Range("a" & c).Value " " and Range("d" & c). Value " " or Range("e" & c)Then ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.delete
Next c

But doesn't work

I also need macro to run multiple worksheets which varies anywhere from 12 sheets to 50 sheets.

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Deleting Sheets If It's Name

Jul 9, 2008

Checks if there is a sheet name and if there is a sheet of that name then it is deleted.

the sheet name is a number entered through an inputbox and "Average"

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Deleting All Other Sheets

Dec 8, 2009

In writing Macros with Excel 2003, is there a way to have all other worksheets deleted except the present one, other than listing every other sheet?

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Deleting All But Specified Sheets

Jan 19, 2007

i have a procedure that imports data & splits it by staff name, creating a separate sheet for each person

i wanted to ensure if the code was run twice it wouldn't throw up errors trying to name sheets with names already used, so used the following code to delete all sheets apart from the 2 sheets containing my base data (sheet names for these are IDs and base data)

Sub ClearUpSheets()

Dim ws As Worksheet

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name <> "control sheet" Or ws.Name <> "IDs" Then ws.Delete
Next ws

Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub

unfortunately, apart from a chart sheet (which i actually want deleted) this code deletes all sheets including the 2 i don't want deleted

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Cannot Delete A Cell Without Deleting A Row

May 23, 2006

I am using Excel on a work computer that someone else may have changed the settings on.

I want to simply delete a cell, without deleting the entire row the cell belongs to. Yet when I highlight the cell, and go to Edit -> Delete, the program asks me if I want to delete the entire row, and only gives me two options: OK or Cancel. So I can't delete just one cell (and have all of the lower cells shift up one).

When I right click, the 'delete' option is not present either. I tried changing the menu properties to add the 'delete' function, but it will not delete a cell without taking out the whole row.

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Deleting Multiple Worksheets And Saving Active Worksheet

Aug 3, 2007

I am trying to find a easy way to delete multiple worksheets in a workbook and then saving the workbook based on the tab name of the worksheet.

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Deleting All Sheets Except One (macro)

May 8, 2012

I need a simple macro to delete all sheets in a workbook except one that is called "START"

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Deleting Select Sheets

Aug 22, 2007

I have a File with many sheets (40 - 60) and I'm trying to eliminate the sheets I don't want. The names of the sheets are all random, but in common they have a three letter code for a country.

The following is the code that I have -

Sub Deletesheets()
Dim x As Integer
Application.ScreenUpdating = 0
On Error Resume Next
For x = 1 To Sheets.Count

I'm hoping to save any sheet that has either CAN or USA the name and delete the rest.

Besides being inefficient, my code errors out because I've got my IF's and ELSE in the wrong place, but I can finagle it to work.

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Deleting All Chart Sheets Only

Jun 30, 2006

Im would like to delete some sheets in my workbook using a macro. The problem is that
I wont know in advance the name of these sheets.

I was thinking using a code like the following one to delete the sheets but the problem is that Excel expect a sheet name at this part of the code since it is expecting the sheet name.

Sub Delete_Active_Diagram()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Dim i As Integer
Dim strSheetName As String
Dim blnFound As Boolean

strSheetName = "Average Sales Per Week" & "" & Sheets(i + 1).Range("C3")
i = Sheets.Count

For j = 1 To i
If Sheets(j).Name = strSheetName Then

blnFound = True
Exit For
End If
If blnFound = False Then Exit Sub
If blnFound = True Then strSheetName.Delete
End Sub

Is there a way to cope this problem, or should i think about another way to do it. Like selecting each sheet I would like to delete and then delete the selected sheets.

By the way. All the sheets I try to delete a Charts Sheets. Maybe there is a way to delete all the charts in my workbook.

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Can't Delete A Table Without Deleting The Data?

Jul 8, 2009

I have Work book that is quite big and I was silly and put in tables, but this ultimately slows down excel so much so that I have to wait 20-30secs while it performs a single task (PC is i7 with 4g of ram).

B/c I have been working on this Workbook for a long time it has multible sheets all interconnected and I can't go through all the sheets and redo the equations , as that wouyld just take too much time. Is there a way of leaving the data the way it is and deleting the table? This is an example below of the type of table I am talking about.

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Delete Rows Without Deleting Validation?

Jan 7, 2014

I have a long spreadsheet with multiple dependent lists. If a change is made to the spreadsheet such as deleting a row, the validation is removed. I have to re-do the validation each time I make a change. Is there a way to "lock" the validation so that whatever changes are made to the spreadsheet, the validation stays?

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Deleting Duplicates-Delete The Correct One

Apr 18, 2006

I have some Job numbers that are duplicates. I can't just do a loop and delete any duplicates that come across because I have to be sure the right one is deleted.

I want the old data to be deleted if there is a duplicate..I just don't know how to verify which one is the old one using VBA. I was thinking of maybe using an advanced filter, but I don't know enough about them.

Is there code that will check both duplicates and delete the old one?

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