Circular Reference: Cell References In The Formula Refer To The Formula's Result, Creating A Circular Reference

Aug 14, 2006

I have the following formula in cell L51 of all sheets calculating the volume depending on the monthly index that is chosen from the drop down menu in a particular sheet. =If(MIndex=0, SUM(D33:L50),If(MIndex=1,SUM(D34:L50),If(MIndex=2,SUM(D35:L50), 0))). I am getting the following message and I do not understand what it is about.

Microsoft Office Excel cannot calculate a formula. Cell references in the formula refer to the formula's result, creating a circular reference. Try one of the following

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Circular Reference Due To Formula Already In Cell

Jun 12, 2007

Workbook attached. Workbook contains 53 sheets. 52 sheets are identical and represent one sheet for each week of the year. At the bottom of each column is a SUMIF function that member JimFuller1 showed me how to use. The 53rd sheet is where I would like to calculate all of the totals (per item and per first-aid kit) I tried using the same SUMIF principal, applying it to all sheets but I keep getting a circular reference. I asked a coworker of mine and he said that it was due to the fact that the cells I am trying to put in the SUMIF function allready are part of a different SUMIF formula.

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Circular Reference With Formula But No Reference To It

Mar 26, 2009

=INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),MATCH(B1,INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),,1),0),MATCH(A1,INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),1,),0))
A1= "M16" and B2= "185%RPIT630"
'Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5=QxTermAge63
Can some on tell me why this is raising a Circular Reference!!

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Tracing A Circular Reference In Custom Formula

Sep 25, 2007

I'm working on creating a custom formula that loops through each row of data and performs a range of calculations when a common number appears in a field (payroll number).

The formula is being applied to 2 sets of data, both are similar however 1 has a few more fields.

When I use the custom formula in the 2nd dataset I keep getting a Circular Reference.

I have attached a stripped down version of the whole spreadsheet, which just relates to the part causing the problems.

On the sheet 'Teaching (Yr1)', the calculation works fine.
On the sheet 'Support (Yr1)', the calculation doesn't and Excel prompts with a Circular Reference.

I've tried using the Circular Reference toolbar to trace the predecessors, however it doesn't highlight what they are. All the inputs are blue, and none of them perform any calculations on the cell/column with the formula in it (unless I'm being exceedingly blind!)

Excel gives the following message ...

Originally Posted by Excel

Excel cannot calculate a formula. There is a circular reference in an open workbook, but the references that cause it cannot be listed for you.

I've spent many hours (probably 10+!) debugging the formula trying to ascertain why it's happening and I'm stumped! I've run through all the named ranges, I've changed the formula and still no success.

What I have noticed though, that for some reason the same formula is 'called' multiple times, in fact 3 to be precise.

When I enable Tools -> Options -> Calculation -> Iteration, the formula calculates, however whenever the spreadsheet does an full calculation, it reverts back to #VALUE!

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Circular Reference With Dynamic Named Range Used In Formula

Aug 13, 2008

I have a problem creating a circular reference with dynamic ranges. I have searched already but can't find the specifc problem. I have a spreadsheet where I use vba code to insert extra columns. Within the worksheet there are sum calculations at the end of each row. When I add a new column within the table I would like the sum calculation to expand to account for this extra column.

Now, I thought that dynamic ranges would be the way to go but the only way I can see to do it creates a circular reference as the CountA function trys to count the cell with the sum function in it.

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Macro: Convert Cell Value Without Being A Circular Reference

Jan 11, 2007

if this is possible without becoming a circular reference.

Aim: to have a Macro that takes user selected cell and converts it the result and place it back in the same cell.

Example: could have a typed value in A10 say 500, and when the cell i selected and the Macro is run is converts the value by B10 (.5) and places the value back into A10. ie A10= A10*B10 (250)

I know this is a circular reference but could the macro say take the Value A10 and hold it in a temporary string of some sort before calculating and then returning the new value in there?

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Circular Reference - Value Of That Variable Changes Depending On The Location Of The Cell

Mar 16, 2009

Excel 2003 > Attached is a small model of what I am trying to accomplish. Cells B2 and B4 contain the same formula a formula that calls a simple function. The function has a variable passed to it and the value of that variable changes depending on the location of the cell. Now, see the function in Module1 it is called CellCalc. If the variable passed = Jim then value = 3. If the variable passed = Jack then value = 8. That is straightforward.

Note also that when Sheet1 is activated, I calculate the cells from left to right and top to bottom that is important. Here is the challenge. If B2 > 1 then I want to add B2 to B4 and set B2 to 1. I can set B4 properly but I cannot reset B2. You can see my 2 attempts that are commented out. Is there some way of accomplishing this or am I simply stuck in a circular reference?

The alternative to this is to write a function that operates externally on these cells. That will work for sure but then the values of the calculations will overwrite the functions in those cells, thereby taking away the dynamic nature of this application.

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Automated Entry In Cell Instead Of Manual (without Causing Circular Reference)

Apr 22, 2008

I need to make cell A1 = cell D1.

Cell A1 is calculated by entering a number in cell E1[COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR]. Due to the various formulas used, when cell E1 goes up, the value in cell A1 goes down (and vice-versa - When E1 goes down, value in A1 goes up). Cell D1 is calculated using formulas UNASSOCIATED with A1 or E1.

I can't enter a formula for cell E1 to do the calculating due to the circular reference created.

I need some type of code that will automatically figure out what number needs to be in cell E1 to make cell A1 equal Cell D1 without creating the circular reference.

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Circular Reference ..

May 9, 2008

I'm trying to update a cell with today's date based on the choice from a drop-down list in the neighboring cell, but only if the cell is empty.

Source list for cell B2:Rcvd

If Rcvd is chosen from the drop-down list, put today's date in A1, but only if A1 is not already populated. Don't do anything if any of the other 3 options are chosen.

I can't seem to use the A1 cell in a conditional statement to check it's status without creating a circular reference.

Trying to do it without resorting to VB.

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Avoiding Circular Reference

Jun 25, 2009

Let's say I have a sheet called Category. Column A contains code; column B contains description. Now I have another sheet in which either column F contains a category code or column G contains a category description. I want to look up the code in column F if the description is given or the description in column G if the code is given. I thought I might be able to do something like:

in F2: IF($G2<>"",INDEX(Category!A:A,MATCH($G2,Category!$B:$B,0)),"")
in G2: IF($F2<>"",INDEX(Category!B:B,MATCH($F2,Category!$A:$A,0)),"")

(and then copy the formulae down the rest of the columns of course). In other words, if the cells were both empty then there would be no common dependency; it would just set them both to empty. However, if I provided either value then it would overwrite the formula in that cell so there would be only one formula left and nothing to be circular dependent about.

However, it must be looking at the condition itself and seeing the two columns in common because it is coming up with a circular dependency. I thought I might be able to trick it by having IF(INDEX($G:$G,ROW())<>"",... but it still doesn't work.
This sort of situation must crop up from time to time. How do we get around it?

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Formulas (Circular Reference)

Apr 20, 2007

I have 2 cells which I will select on a work book; (say A1 and A2). A1 is the input cell and the formula and the result generated is in A2.

Suppose I input 3 in A1 and A2 shows 60, what I also want to do is input 60 in A2, which should show me 3 in A1, without destroying the formulas.

In short both cells will have formula and both cells will be input cells for each other.

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Circular Reference :: .02 Of A Total

May 20, 2009

I need to get .02 of a total.

But I need to add this number without getting a circular reference.

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If Function & Circular Reference

May 17, 2007

i got three cells namely; M7, AC7 and BA7. Initially, an input value is entered in cell M7 which will be processed to give AC7. An IF function is entered in cell BA7. This IF function is really simple. It states that IF the difference between the values of M7 and AC7 is greater than 1 then, decrease 0.01 from M7, otherwise, retain the value of M7. The syntax is:
=IF((M7-AC7)>1, M7-0.01, M7)

As I told you, it is really simple and looks fine. I have no problem with it so far. The problem came about when I tried to make the circular reference. I am trying to make M7 to equal BA7. Well, before I made the circular reference, I made a manual entering of the values of cell M7. What I have done was that I put a value like 29.94 in M7 then I let the calculation to proceed. The the value that I get in BA7 (i.e. 29.93), I re-entered it in M7 then I repeated the process until I got a value (i.e. 29.90) that was not changing due to the use of the IF function. The manual calculations are shown in Table2 of the attached file.

I said to myself instead of entering the values manually, I can use a circular reference so that the cell M7 = cell BA7. Unfortunatelly, the circulation of the values instead of giving me 29.90 which is the right answer, it gave me 29.89 which ment that Excel has done one more step further of the IF function. In other words, Excel should have stopped decreasing 0.01 from M7 when M7-AC7 was less than one. This is achieved at M7=29.90 (as clearly seen in Table2). However, Excel went one step further and done: BA7=29.90-0.01=29.89 then it stopped subtraction at 29.89 which is not correct.

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Locate Circular Reference

Sep 25, 2007

I've often lurked in the background here and have found great solutions to my problems from the ozgrid FAQ's and email outs.

I have a custom VBA formula that has a heap of ranges as inputs. I loop through one range then perform calculation on the other ranges in the formula.

The formula is to work on 2 sets of data, 1 with more columns than the other. I've set Optional variables for the unnecessary columns.

For some reason I keep getting circular references on the 2nd set of Data.

I've attached the spreadsheet (stripped down) to show both examples.

I'm absolutely confused why the "teaching" one calculates correctly and "support" gives a Circular reference error.

I've set the Iteration in options and this corrects it, however I'd like to know why one works perfect and the other fails?

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Circular Reference In Status Bar

Aug 9, 2008

How do I add the "Circular Reference" permanently to my excel tool bar? Every time i need to use this tool I have to do the following:

-check the "circular reference"
-close appears and I can use it. Then after i type something in another cell it disappears again! I would like it to ALWAYS be in the tool bar as a standard item even when opening a new book/ sheet or whatever. I want it to be a standard tool.

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Today Date Causes Circular Reference

Dec 8, 2013

Several places on my spread sheets I need to compare an action date to today's date.

I use: [Code] .....

in one cell and the fomulas to compare a date in a different cell to that cell.

I get the message "Circular References" for the cell the the above "today()" formula.

I do not get circular references in the cell that refer to the today cell, just the today cell.

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Circular Reference Error Message

Mar 2, 2014

This formula might be the problem for the error message.


I have other cells with the same formula (but with different range i.e. D3:CP3), yet it doesn't have circular reference error message.

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How To Get Circular Reference To Work In 2007

Nov 3, 2009

I have these cells:

The two center cells are the average of the top, bottom, left, and right cells. Of course the two center cells will therefore reference each other.

I enabled iteration in Excel options but it will not calculate the answer. I am getting a #value error. I checked the cells, the equation is right and they are all numbers.

What am i doing wrong?

See the work book. I had to rewrite everything manually to get it to work (But I have a HUUUGE matrix and rewriting everything will take forever) Please look at the work book and tell me why one group of cells is returning answers and hte other is returning a #value error.

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Create Circular Reference Between Three Cells?

Aug 24, 2011

Is there anyway to create a circular reference between three cells, and still enter text freely into any of the cells?

I've speculated that it might be possible by utilizing three or more other cells slaved to the first three, and simply kept off to the side.

To give a better understanding of what I'm trying to do, I've created a finance spreadsheet for our shop's snack bar, and below is a screenshot of a portion of said spreadsheet.

As you can see, all of the formulas are set up to where Columns F, G, and H are directly affected by what I put in Column E, but I don't want to be limited to just Column E; I want the other users and I to have more freedom than that.

Once again, my goal is to set up a 3-cell circular reference in which data can be typed into any of them. I've considered setting up a macro, but those are only active temporarily, and I would prefer the calculations to be made in real-time.

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Circular Reference When Code Runs

Sep 4, 2009

I'm at my wits end trying to work out why I'm getting a circular reference when this code runs:

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
Cells(Rows.Count, "K").End(xlUp).Offset(1).Value = Range(TextBox1.LinkedCell).Value
With Range("K5").Resize(40, 1)
.FormulaR1C1 = "=OFFSET(" & Cells(Rows.Count, "K").End(xlUp).Address(True, True, xlR1C1) & ",-(ROW(RC)-ROW(R5C)+1),0,1,1)"
.Value = .Value
End With
End Sub

The circular reference cell is K29. I have an "X" in K46 after which all the values in TextBox1 are copied.

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Make A Circular Reference Work

Jan 10, 2010

if i enter a value in 1 cell and want it to increase by a percentage how can this be done without having a sum column etc

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Circular Reference & Code Iterations

Feb 25, 2008

I'm looking for a macro that changes Iterations from 100 to 10. I have a circular reference that I can't seem to completely remove, so my endusers complain about the pop-up warning. I know I need to resolve the circular ref issue, but in the meantime I would like to create a button that makes it easy for an enduser to change the Iterations with one click. A secondary question is, "Am I sacrificing significant accuracy by limiting Iterations from 100 to 10? I'm dealing with $'s, so the nearest penny is good enough.

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Circular Reference :: Multiple Sheets Update

Jan 2, 2006

I've a workbook and it has two sheets. Suppose, I want to link A1(sheet1) and a1(sheet2). If I update any of the cells in any of the sheets the other one will be updated automatically. How can this be possible? Or are there any other alternatives?

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Excel 2010 :: Columns That Are Dependent On Each Other Without Circular Reference?

Aug 7, 2014

I have two columns of data; one is in inches, one is in metres. If someone is inputting data from an original source that has the data in metres I want excel to automatically calculate and input the data into the inches column. Additionally, if they input the data from the source in inches, I want excel to convert it to metres and input into the other column automatically. The conversion factor from inches to metres is * by 0.0254. I am no expert but after looking for this on the internet I am sure this requires some sort of VBA event code (although I don't really know the first thing about VBA). The excel columns will be in the same worksheet. I don't have a circular reference like I would do using normal Excel formula? I am using Excel 2010.

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Can Circular Reference Warnings Be Supressed On Workbook Open

Mar 13, 2009

way of supressing the Circular Reference Warning on Workbook Open?

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Identify Circular Reference (Changing Ranges, Vlookup(), If() And Sum())

May 28, 2007

Changing Ranges, Vlookup(), If() And Sum()

This is the link to the thread where ByTheCringe2 showed me the power of SUMPRODUCT and sorted my problem out. I don't think you'll need it, but I'd rather reference it before Roy reprimands me! lol

I am building on the same topic, though.

Hi All!

I have an investment where the monthly interest is added back to the capital. The next month earns interest on the higher figure and this higher interest is again added onto the capital and the story starts all over at the next month. OK, that's easy to do (Again, I think!).

All works fine UNTIL the end of the Tax year is reached and Tax on the interest earned is payable from the investment as the capital carried forward is reduced by the Tax payable. In the attached file I show how I calculate the interest earned for each following Tax year (which always ends at month 2) using SUMPRODUCT. Sumproduct is used because I never know whether the initial investment is made in month 5, 11, or any other month and by using certain controls (thanks ByTheCringe2!) I can simply total the interest earned in each tax year - the months between month 3 (start) and 2 (end).

On a seperate sheet I calculate the Income Tax payable as follows:

Firstly, I calculate the standard Tax payable on the investor's income from other sources. I then add the taxable portion of the interest to the standard income from other sources and calculate the tax payable on that combined figure. I then deduct the two figures from each other and get the increase in Tax payable because of the interest earned.

This "increase in Tax payable"-figure is then returned to the spreadsheet on which the interest is added onto the capital. See Sheet2! cells O9:O15. The Tax payable for each Tax year is placed next to taxable values I calculate using SUMPRODUCT (again!) in column N9:N15.

VLOOKUP is then used to transfer this Tax payable figure into the calculations (Column K9:K68) as and when required (only when tax is payable) - and should be deducted from the value in (Same row) Column H and that answer should be transferred to next row Column E (Balance at beginning of month) -

BUT it causes CIRCULAR REFERENCE faults and I am absolutely frustrated at not being able to figure out how to sort it out!

Sheet2, Column E9:E69 (See Sheet2!E19 for Comment explanation) in the attached workbook.

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Excel 2013 :: Simple Date Arithmetic - Circular Reference?

Aug 10, 2014

Here is a very simple workbook/sheet with some simple date arithmetic.

I keep getting the warning that there's a circular reference in C2.

Either I need to suppress the warning so vba loops can run or PREFERABLY I'd get rid of the "circular reference".

Run with Excel 2013.

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Circular References

Aug 25, 2008


and i wanted to divide these all by 4.

I can do this by clicking on a cell OTHER than one of those four above, and do:

=A1/4 (if 15.2 was A1) and copy that formula down.

But then I have the originals AND the new ones in separate columns.

I want to just be able to divide those original numbers by 4 without resorting to using other cells, but if I do =A1/4 on A1 itself it says that i have made a "circular reference"

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Report Of Circular References

Sep 14, 2007

I'm looking for something that could report the details of (all) circular references in a workbook.

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Sum Column Getting "circular Reference In An Open Workbook" Error

Feb 19, 2009

i am trying to do a sum of my columns but it's not calculating at all.I keep getting "circular reference in an open workbook" error. This is the only workbook opened.

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