Convert Blank Formula Cell To Empty Cell

Feb 26, 2008

I am using a IF(ISNA(Vlookup##,##,##)),"",(Vlookup##,##,##)) function, in order to remove N/A errors. Is there anyway to convert the "" values to back to an empty cell without anything in it (i.e not text "", but empty as it was originally). I find that the file sizes are very large, when using this function, as data (although blank) is stored in each cell (i know this, because if I use cntr+arrow, it sees it as data, and not an empty area). I don't want to manually go through each cell and delete them as there is quite a bit of data (10000 rows , 2 columns, 30 tabs)

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Convert Blank Formula Cell To Empty Cell?

Feb 26, 2008

I am using a IF(ISNA(Vlookup##,##,##)),"",(Vlookup##,##,##)) function, in order to remove N/A errors.

Is there anyway to convert the "" values to back to an empty cell without anything in it (i.e not text "", but empty as it was originally). I find that the file sizes are very large, when using this function, as data (although blank) is stored in each cell (i know this, because if I use cntr+arrow, it sees it as data, and not an empty area). I don't want to manually go through each cell and delete them as there is quite a bit of data (10000 rows , 2 columns, 30 tabs)

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Is A Cell With A Formula Considered True Or Is It Empty If The Criteria Is Empty

May 30, 2009

Is a Cell with a formula (like shown below) considered true, or is it empty?

If Scorecard!$B$13 was False...
Would a cell with the above formula be considered?
True or Empty?

If Scorecard!$B$13 was True...
A cell with the above formula would be True.

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How To Check If Cell Is Blank But Not Empty

Jun 9, 2014

How can I write code to test if a cell is blank? My code is using "isempty" but I keep type mismatch error because my cells are filled with formulas that make the cells blank. It only works if the cells are truly empty with no formulas.

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Test If Cell Is Empty Or Blank

Dec 16, 2006

I want to add an IF statement to my macro that will run only if a cell on the worksheet is not blank (empty). I know how to use the if statements but can't figure out how to test a cell for contents.

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Test If Cell Is Blank/Empty

Jul 10, 2007

I'm testing to see if a cell has nothing in it, and if that is true then it will execute the code. My problem is that even though the cell is blank the field does have a drop down list (list validation set for that field) below is the code i used, but doesn't work.

If Range("b3").Value = " " Then

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If Statement To Return Blank If Cell D1 Is Empty...

Nov 11, 2008

I have a problem with finding the right function. My goal is to have the following function...

The cell D1 has the following function: [=IF(B1<=C1;"YES";"NO")] But I would like to have the cell D1 to be left blank, if the cell A1 is blank.

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Not Plot Empty/Blank Cell In Chart

Aug 21, 2006

For Excel 2000:

In worksheet A, there is a column of numbers that can be 0 or not zero.

In worksheet B, there is a column of cells that determines if a corresponding cell in worksheet A is zero or not.

'As an example, for cell 'B!C6
=If( 'A!B52=0,"",'A!B52)

The column in worksheet B is used in a chart.

The chart settings are:
Tools | Options | Chart | Active Chart- Plot empty cells as: Not plotted

The chart is not treating "" as EMPTY, and therefore is not presenting correctly.

How would I set the value of cell 'B!C6 to EMPTY (or null, or blank, or whatever Excel calls it) using an IF statement, such that 'B!C6 would evaluate to EMPTY, and be ignored by the chart?

Would this be any different in Excel 2003?

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Run-time Error 1004 (founds An Empty Cell The Value For One Cell Is Copied To The Empty Cell)

Feb 26, 2009

I have a workbook with over 900 worksheets.

The macro I have is looping all sheets looking for empty cells in a specific column, and when it founds an empty cell the value for one cell is copied to the empty cell.

But in one worksheet it stops with the error:

Run-time error '1004'
Application-defined or object-defined error

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Count/Average Number Of Specified Name Where Corresponding Cell Is Not Blank/Empty

May 1, 2008

sumif problem but it wont work with a countif or average if.

Column A has various names and Column B has amounts, what I need is to count the number of occurances "John Smith" has an amount in Column B. The previous formula I tried was

=sumif(A:A,"John Smith",B:B) but with either countif or averageif it errors too many arguements.

I wasn't sure if Dcount or an array would be suitable but have not used them before.

Pivot tables I'm sure will be the future with this but haven't got to the foot of that mountain yet.

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IF Cell Empty And Cell Not Empty Then Put Formula In Empty?

Mar 20, 2014

IF cell(some cell) empty AND cell(Diferent cell) not empty then Put Formula in empty cell

Next (to go throught the cells because the range constantly changes with every new report)

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Using IF AND Formula To Display A Cell With (0) As Yes But It Also Returns Empty Cell

Apr 14, 2014

I wrote an IF AND formular to display "Yes" for a cell with zero. but when the cell is also empty, it still returns a "Yes" instead of empty.

this is the formular:


when I2 = 0 it returns Yes

Also with I2 = "", it still returns "Yes" instead of "No"

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Keep Cell Blank If Referencing Cell Within IF Formula Is Blank

Jul 28, 2014

My workbook is for financial planning but I'm attempting to streamline an input page (name, birthdate, etc) that will be referenced throughout the entire workbook to trigger automatic calculations (present value, education calculations, etc).

The cell in the input page is a birthdate - which when populated will trigger a cell on a different worksheet to calculate the respective age using this formula:

=IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH('Input Page'!B30),YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30), IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH('Input Page'!B30),DAY(TODAY())>=DAY('Input Page'!B30)),
YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30),(YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30))-1))

The problem is if there is nothing written in the birthdate cell then the age cell will automatically calculate 114 (reference photo below). Ideally I'd like that cell to be blank if nothing is in the birthdate cell on the input worksheet. I'm assuming since I'm using an IF formula to calculate the age already then I'll need to use a macro to to an "ignore".

[URL] ...........

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Convert Cell Reference Text To Cell Formula

Aug 18, 2009

I am wanting to convert a cell reference text
to an actual cell reference

Manually I can go through each cell and click F2 + Enter and Excel automatically changes it.

I have tried recording a macro whereby I click through each cell with F2 + Enter but the VBA writes the actual formula "=$A$1" rather than the process. This does not work as the cell reference is variable.

I'm NOT wanting an external cell to convert it for me
because I am wanting to copy the answer to another independent spreadsheet

I'm NOT wanting to paste values
i.e. return the answer from cell $A$1
because I want the cell reference to remain within the cell.

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Leaving Blank Cells Blank In Dragging Formula Combining Different Formulas In One Cell?

Aug 2, 2014

I can't modify my formula to leave blank cells blank when dragging it down, Also, I've got two formulas that i need to combine. Please view the comments I've put in cells E4, F2,F3,H2 and I2 to understand clearly what am seeking. See the attached worksheet.

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IF Blank Or If Not Blank Function That Works With Adjacent Cell With Formula In It?

Aug 12, 2014

I have one column that contains an If statement formula and would like the next column to then work off of the first column (i.e. if that 1st column returns a value then then adjacent column uses that result).

What is happening now is that it is returning #value (because I guess technically the cell isn't blank?)

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Formula To Create Blank Cell Based On Dollar Amount In Another Cell?

Jan 7, 2014

Ok, basically C3 is a dollar amount. The default total for C3 is $0.00. If C3 is $0.00 then this formula cell will display a blank cell. If there is any other amount in C3 then the formula C3-C2 will run.

I tried this but it's not working:


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Find Last Cell In Column And Paste Formula In Next Blank Cell Then Repeat On Remaining Columns

Jan 14, 2013

I need a macro to find the last cell in the column, then copy the formula to the next blank cell. Then, it goes back to the last cell (above) and paste's values. Then, go to the next column and repeat the process. I can do this but have to call each cell separatly...however, I would like to do it in a loop to simplify things. It would be great to even be able to just set the start and ending columns. Here is my current code:

Dim rng As Range, aCell As Range
Set rng = Range("C8, D8, E8, F8, G8, H8, J8, K8, L8, M8, N8, O8, P8, Q8, R8, S8, T8, U8")
For Each aCell In rng
Application.CutCopyMode = False

[Code] .......

It does not go to the next column, instead it stays in the same column and repeats the process.

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Formula With Offset From Active Cell And Sum Until Blank Cell

Dec 24, 2013

I have a formula in cel B1 : =SUM(A2:A100) / A1

I would like to use this formula many times in the sheet, so I would need a reference to the cell the formula is in, and have the SUM range until the next empty cell one column to the left.

So I would need something like (literally):

=SUM(Offset activecell (1,-1) : Offset activecell (1, (look for next empty cell -1)) / Offset activecell (0,-1)

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Having An Empty Cell When No Formula Is Being Used

Oct 7, 2009

I am learning how to create functions. All is going well, except when I auto fill for future input, the cells fill will all kinds of N/A or Null stuff etc.. I was trying to figure out how to do an IF statement like in my example below, that when the cell of reference is empty, keep it empty...but it is not working. take a look at it and tell me what I am doing wrong? I am using a grading system example...when a grade is put in, the corresponding letter grade fills, but when no grade value is entered, I want to keep the cells empty.


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Skip Empty Cell In Formula?

Jul 1, 2014

I want to make the formula: x=SUM(A * e^(-b*d)), wherein A and b are parameters and d the distance.

I've just over 10.000 rows and 15 columns (B4 to P10013) with distances. For each column i give a formula =$S$2*EXP(-$R$2*B4) and extent that for all colums and rows, then I sum all the columns. This works fine, except for the fact that when there is an empty cell the outcome is wrong. Because I set for example A as 10. The answer for that cell is 10, because he sees an empty cell as 0, i guess.

So how do I skip these empty cells?

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Making A Cell With A Formula Appear Empty

Mar 16, 2009

I have a chart with blank values in some cases. I have set up the chart to show those values as gaps, which relies on the blank cell being empty. However, my blank cells have a formula along the lines of: if (condition,value,"")

So the chart does not consider them blank, presumably either because the formula is in there, or because "" is not the same as blank. How can I make this cell appear blank for the purposes of the chart?

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Leave Cell Empty Even When There Is A Formula In It

Jan 16, 2010

Its probably very simple question, but i can not work it out.

I am trying to design a simple worksheet so I can keep track of how much money my room mate has paid me and what she owes. She pays $142 a week rent plus $23 a month for internet.

Please open the attached workbook. You can see in E7 and 8 there is a red negative number. This is because my tenant hasn't paid me yet for those weeks (D7 & 8).

How can i get these cells to read $0 or leave the cell empty?

The reason why I need this to read $0 or nothing is because it is messing up my next calculation in D3 where it works out how much she has paid for our internet bill.

Thanking you in advance. And sorry if this is a really daft question. Its probably something really simple i have missed.

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Pasting Formula To First Empty Cell

Nov 30, 2011

Im looking to add an update macro button so if A ""

the formula contained in say H2 gets dropped down until it hits were col "A" is blank.

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Find Empty Cell And Add Formula

Apr 24, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that is pulled automatically from an access database.
The information that is pulled is invoices that have been paid for each of the temps working for our company.
Each month I have to give a figure per cost code on how much they are accruing so that they can see how much is still outstanding.

Right so what I am trying to do is have a macro take the temps charge rate then * 40 hours and place the amount into the empty cell.
As you will see in the attachement some of the cells are coloured. The purpose of the colouring is show that a invoice has been processed and paid for that week so no value is needed in that cell.

Then total all the cells at the end.

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Hiding Answer To Formula If One Cell Is Empty

Nov 5, 2009

Is there a way to have the answer to a formula display nothing if one of the cells have nothing. Example cell A3= A1*A2 ... it will naturally show 0.00 but even if both A1 and A2 are completely blank. Is it possible for A3 to show nothing if A1 or A2 or both contain nothing. I still want it to show 0.00 but only if thatís what is in the other cells.

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Formula Showing - Minus Value When Cell Is Empty?

Jun 6, 2012

I have a formula when C15 is empty it shows -18 value. I need if the value is blank then show blank?



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Leave Cell Empty With IF And Month Formula?

Apr 12, 2013

I would like to use the IF function so when cell B2 is empty, cell C2 will stay empty. the formula =MONTH(B2&C2) need to be used when cell B2 is not empty. this to convert text to number in column C

This is the result that I would like to achieve






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How To Write Sum Formula For A Range In Last Empty Cell In Each Row

Sep 22, 2013

I have a spreadsheet. In this sheet the data is added daily so one column is increased everyday. The rows may also be increased. What I am trying to do is to sum the data in each row for a range of first cell in the row to the last non empty cell in that row and this has to be done for all the rows. So I thought the for loop would be useful for such requirement and I tried to write the following code. But unable to write the sum formula in the last empty cell in a row and I get the value error. The code is as follows.....

Sub sum_on_LastEmptyCell()
'find the last empty row in column A
lrow = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
'find the last empty column in a row

[Code] ........

Though one of my friend told that it can be done with "with and end with block but I am not aware of with and end with block.

It would be better if you tell me that how can I put the sum formula in my code. How can I use variables which return the row number and the column number in the sum range within the For loop because I want to put If Else condition for the calculations within the For loop i.e. if certain condition is true then I want this calculation to take place otherwise do something else. Moreover it will be easier for me to understand. Because I can use different formula based on different cells as well. Is there any way to do this?

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Ending Loop When Cell Is Empty But Has Formula In It

Oct 7, 2008

I have a do while loop that runs until the reference cell is empty. This has been working but now I have changed the reference cells somewhat so that the cells contain a formula that returns nothing if a function returns 0 or an error. So the cell has no value but it does have a formula in it. The do while loop keeps running because it thinks that the cell has something it it.

Do While Cells(i, 2) ""

Is there something else that i can put for "" to get the loop to stop when cell contains no value but a formula.

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