Display A Price Range

Nov 17, 2006

I'm trying to figure out a way of showing a price range on lots of different products. My spreadsheet is set out as follows(sorted by price ascending):

column A Column B
Product1 $1.99
Product1 $2.43
Product1 $3.01
Product2 $21.01
Product2 $23.98

I want to be able to summarise the product 1 price range as $1.99-$3.01 and product 2 as £21.01-$23.98. Is it possible somehow to concatenate the price from the first and last occurence of each product in column A?

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Area Chart To Display Price Spread Between Different Types Of Wheat

Feb 17, 2014

I am using an area chart to display the price spread between different types of wheat.

Now the problem I am having is that, at the "end" of the chart, ie. the most recent observation date, the line drops to zero while the value is actually well above zero. How can I avoid this ?

I am attaching a screenshot : Wheat Spread.PNGā€ˇ

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Excel 2010 :: Multiplying Price By Variable Number Of Years And Annual Compounding Interest To Price

Sep 5, 2012

I need J22 to multiply based on years in B22 AND increase 5% for each of those years (compounding) after two years (excludes year 1 from 5% increase). In addition the cell needs to remain blank if D22 is blank. B22 = 1, then the stockprice needs to remain the same, and only increase by 5% after year 1.

B22 = a number of years indicated by the formula: =IF(A22="","",DATEDIF(A22,I3,"y"))
J22 =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(D22,stockprices,2,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(D22,stockprices,2,FALSE))


If J22 stockprice lookup is $1000.00, and the number of years listed in B22 is 6, then the reported value in J22 needs to be $1494.40.

Windows 7 Ultimate / Excel 2010

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Calculate The Implied Volatility Which Minimizes The Sum Of Squared Differences Between The Observed Market Price And The Model Price For Each Day

Jun 9, 2008

I have calculated the implied volatility for different single options using the newton raphson method. But, I also need to calculate the implied volatility which minimizes the sum of squared differences between the observed market price and the model price for each day. I guess one needs to use vectors (jacobian matrix) to do this, but I do not know how to expand the code to be able to do this. Anyone have any idea how this can be done? I have attached the [code] I have used to calculate the implied volatility for one option.

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Lookups For An Item's Price From A Price List

Jan 4, 2010

The analysis basically has 2 data components to it:
The 1st part, is a basic transaction list of shopping items bought through the year. Each transaction's shopping item also has the quantity of that item purchased at that time.

The 2nd part, is a pricing sheet for all the different types of shopping items. The pricing sheet has different prices for different quantities at which the item is purchased.

What I am trying to do is to find the relevant price for shopping item, which depends on not only what the item is, but also the quantity. In point form, it should follow the logic below:

1) Identify the item in the shopping list (worksheet 1) from the list of prices (worksheet 2)

2) Find quantity in the prices worksheet that is closest to the quantity in the shopping list (i.e. where the difference between the quantity on transaction list and the quantity on the pricing sheet is the least)

3) Pull the price for this "closest quantity"

I have uploaded a worksheet showing the structure of that data.

Is there some VB code I need to do this, or can it just be a few simple formulas?

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Show Only Amounts Within Price Range

Jun 20, 2008

I have a table of information as follows:-

CLIENT 1 13,740,719 541,5743.9%
CLIENT 2 2,524,535 59,799 2.4%
CLIENT 3 349,125 17,085 4.9%

I need to be able to show amounts less than £1million which is easy enough in an IF statement but then I need to be able to show amounts between £1million and £5million as a seperate block.

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Median With Criteria - Price And Date Range

Jan 30, 2014

I am trying to find the median for a huge amount of data, so I have cut it down to just an example size. I have uploaded a copy of the example file.

I have three price ranges that I have to find the median for:

Under $5MM
$5 MM - $25 MM
$26 MM - $56 MM

I need to find the median for each price range for Signed units and Sold units. I also have to find a median within a date range (e.g. within the last six months) that includes the previous criteria.

For the first formula, I have tried using the following formulas:



(I remembered to do "CTL + SHIFT and ENTER" to make it an array.)

For the second formula, with the date range, I am able to find the total for the last six months, but not with a price range included.

The formula that I am using that works for the median of units Signed within the last six months is:


However, once I try to find the price range, it does not work:


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Adding Multiple Columns That Have Price Range Statement?

Feb 28, 2014


$2.95 to $11.00
$4.50 to $19.00
$17.45 to $40.00

Is there a formula that will add column A to the left and right sides of columns B and C to give me an overall answer range in column D?

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Copy The Current Price Back To Sheet1. The Current Price Needs To Be Pasted Back Into Sheet1 (next To The Existing Price)

Jul 24, 2006

All data is located within one book. I have two sheets with material codes in each sheet which include pricing (existing and current)

Sheet1 (has existing material codes plus existing pricing) Has about 1200 lines
Sheet2 (has current material codes plus current pricing), has about 36000 lines

I need to cross check if the material code (taken from sheet1) are still available in sheet2, and if they are, copy the current price back to sheet1. The current price needs to be pasted back into sheet1 (next to the existing price). If the material code doesn't exist (for whatever reason, in sheet2), the program needs to move onto the next line and leave the current price for that material code blank. The program should finish once all the lines in sheet1 are completed. I have attached a sample of what I'm trying to do,

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Looking For The Closest Price To A Reference Price

Feb 12, 2010

I have have a large array of prices (across rows) and am looking for the closest price to match a price that I have been provided with. It's a basic benchmarking exercise on a row by row basis....and the price can be positive or negative. Is there a clean way to reference the closest price?

I have come across a fair amount of solutions, but none worked optimally - particularly the =INDEX(Data,MATCH(MIN(ABS(Data-Target)),ABS(Data-Target),0)) approach....it just didn't work for some lines, and only worked for values less than source price in other instances.

I would also like to reference the source on the next column.

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Price List Lookups And Additonal Calculations For Out Of Range Values

May 11, 2009

The sheet has a price list (I attached the sheet). its a width x height(drop) format. If width or height <= minimum width/height then use the minimum listed. if width or height > minimum <=maximum then lookup in table next heightest value. here is the complication. any oversized items are priced as roundup((size -biggest size) / (biggest - second biggest size),0) * ( price of biggest-price of second biggest). so if my widths are

4600 4700 4800
10 25 35

and I am pricing 5050 I would do :-

calculate howmuch its oversize

5050-4800 = 250

Calculate the difference in the last 2 sizes

4800-4700 = 100

Calculate the rounded up multiples

250/100=2.5 rounded up = 3...........

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If Statement: If The 2009 Price Is .50 Or Less Away From The 2008 Price, Bring Back "Check"

Mar 17, 2009

I am trying to do an if statement where I ask if the 2009 price is .50 or less away from the 2008 price, bring back "Check" See below:

2008 2009
$23.95 $24.15

Using excel 2007

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Found In A Range, And Then Sort Their Corresponding Price Values From Highest To Lowest In Columns A And B

Jul 18, 2006

I'd like to have a list printed of all the "qualifying people" found in a range, and then sort their corresponding price values from highest to lowest in Columns A and B. EXAMPLE:

RANGE: D3:D20 - Numerical
RANGE: E3:E20 - Text (names)
RANGE: F3:F20 - $$$

I'd like to search column D for any values of 2 or higher. When it finds a 2 or higher, I want it to find the corresponding name in the SAME ROW in column E, and of course the corresponding price in the SAME ROW in column F. Then I would like only those qualifying people "with value of 2 or higher" to be listed in order from highest price to lowest price in Column A, and B.


0-----Mike Bob-----$52.65
1-----Dave Jon-----$42.50
2-----Jane Doe-----$37.65
0-----Gary Lon-----$25.50
0-----Joey Saw----$35.65
2-----Mike Jon-----$35.65
1-----Kate Low-----$38.68
2-----John Doe-----$40.00................

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Making Average Buy Price And Average Sell Price

Aug 13, 2008

to formulate Excel formulas to obtain the average buy price and average sell price for me to do this futures trading. Thanks a lot. I downloaded the Htmlmaker to post the spreadsheet here to show the manual way to calcualte the average buy price and average sell price but when it is on html form, i clicked on the 'Please click this button to send the source into clipboard' button & then i paste into this thread. Is the way to make my spreadsheet appear here correct cause it cannot work.

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Sum Extended Price Without Extended Price Column

Jul 14, 2009

I have a unit price and a quantity. I want to be able to take the sum of the extended price without having to add a column for extended price. I don't want to just hide it, either.

Example attached.

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Display Range Value

Oct 21, 2008

how can i check the range value if i have the merge cells in the range? i want display it in the msgbox.

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How To Display Only Certain Number Range

Jul 23, 2014

I have a column of numbers ranging from -500 up to 50,000... How do I get it to only display numbers between 0 and 1000?

(I already have a formula attached to this column)

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MSGbox To Display Dim Range Value

Dec 6, 2011

I want to use a msgbox to display the dim range of

r = "G" & endg & ":J" & endg

Should be something like G29:J29

How can I do this?

it's so I can investigate what is going wrong with my pie chart code


Sub Add_PVVrGChart()
Dim co As ChartObject, endg%, i%, r$, sname$, suffix, r$, s$
'~~~ Suffix allows the code to be manipulated more easily with changing the sheet name but keeping the Suffix the same
suffix = Array("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H")
For i = LBound(suffix) To UBound(suffix)


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Display A Named Range

May 5, 2007

I have about 20 named ranges, and I have a formula that spits out the name of the range I would like to be displayed. So, for instance, in cell A1, it says "Red1" (the words are created by a formula though). I want the data to change to the new data if A1 changes to say "Red2". The problem is that when I refer to the contents of cell A1, it will not use the contents as the named range. This was a little difficult to word so if you don't understand what I am saying just ask.

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IF Funcation: Another Cell To Display An Age Range

Sep 22, 2009

I have a field called “Age”. What I want to do is; If I type in the person’s age say “26” then I want another cell to display an age range (i need to entered the age ranges i want eg “16-20, 21-29, 30-39” etc. So if I type in 26 in the first filed I want to second cell to display “20-29”.

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How To Display The Value From A Range In A Separate Cell

Jun 8, 2014

Want to be able to select a month (Jan - Dec) set in a range A1:L1. When the selection is made, I want the selected cell to be displayed in a separate location e.g. cell C4, but if the selection is outside the range A1:L1 then C4 to remain blank.

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User Friendly Way To Display Range Value

Jul 14, 2009

I am writing a macro in which the user selects several ranges (entire columns) for the macro to manipulate. I display a userform to the user that contains 16 refedit objects (1 for each range that they picked). Unfortunately, the value that appears in the refedit boxes is not very user-readable. It looks like this:


I can assume that all of the ranges will reside in the same workbook, so I have been cutting the workbook name portion off as a string and displaying it in 1 place only. I can leave the value of the refedit as: Sheet1'!$B:$B, but even that is not very friendly. Of course if I do change the value of the refedit controls then I will need to "fix" them before attempting to access the range.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to display the sheet and column of the range to the user?

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Message Box To Display Range Of Cells

Dec 3, 2009

I am using the following code to display a range of cells from a single column (A1:A10) in a message box, with each cell value on a seperate line.

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Display First, Second, Etc Nonblank Cells In A Range

Sep 22, 2005

There will be anywhere from 1 to 5 values in each of these columns, but not
successively. There will be several blank cells inbetween these nonblank
cells, which I need stacked neatly into the first five rows at the top of the


(A10) - Apples
(A17) - Oranges
(A23) - Peaches
(A38) - Some other fruit of your choice...

(B14) - Toyota
(B21) - Honda
(B44) - Mercury...........

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Display The Top 5 Values Withinin A Range On A Different Row.

Nov 11, 2008

Excel Formula, that will display the top 5 values withinin a range in another area.

Example: I have a row of number, 16, 72, 87, 12, 45, 23, 12, 43 etc.
I want a different row to display the top 5 values from the this row/range. I do not want to simply conditional format the first row.

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Display Which Cell Is Empty In Range

Feb 12, 2014

In cell D1 of sheet 2, I want the cell reference to be displayed of the next available cell in column A of sheet1

for example if cells A1:A238 in sheet1 are populated the cell D1 of sheet2 will display A239

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Display A Message If There Is A Blank Row Between A Range

Jan 9, 2007

I've got a spreadsheet where i need the user not be able to save the workbook if there is a blank row in a range of task which run from A4-last cell with data entered.

I would like it to say that "the row will be deleted, please amend"

After the check has been completed or varified it saves

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Display Worsheet Range On UserForm

Nov 8, 2009

i want to insert a range of cells from a worksheet onto a userform. how can this be accomplished? i use excel 2007, so theres no spreadsheet control. active x controls i dont know anything about and i heart its unsafe.

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Display Last Cell In Range With Blanks

Sep 26, 2006

How can I get the last cell with data, show in other cell? For example last cell populated info in total cell.

Date Cases Within 30 Days


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Display Range Values In Textbox

Jul 18, 2007

it is possible to populate a textbox (Userform_Initialize) with a predetermined range from a worksheet ("range" meaning " multiple cells"). I know you can set the ControlSource to populate the textbox using ONE CELL, but I don't know a way to do this with a range of data.

I've tried using the Value and Text properties, but no luck. I'm hoping to have the Userform Textbox populate automatically with a set of data when the Userform is opened. The data will always be 2 columns wide, but could be anywhere from 1 to 50 rows long. I've considered naming this dynamic range and then populate the textbox (somehow) with the named range. Can't figure it out and beginning to wonder if it is possible using VBA.

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