Extract A Fill Pattern From A Cell Comments Field

Jun 21, 2008

I have a file where comments are used for some cells. The user does not insert any text into these comments fields, but uses the comments feature to display pictures.

A picture is used for the fill pattern of the cell (inserted through fill effects) and that picture is what is displayed when someone moves the mouse over the cell.

The "fill pattern picture" becomes part of the excel file and my question is how can I extract this picture and use it somewhere else.

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Fill Handle Pattern (not Finding My Pattern)

Jan 31, 2007

Pre-requisite: I would consider myself to be very poor with excel, based on what I've read on this forum and found on my web-searches. I have a worksheet that has a list of data on the left going vertically, then a summary of this data going horizontally across the top. It is not arranged in such a way that transposing the data will do what I want. I am pulling the 5th word out of the title of each block of the vertical data and need to show this word on the horizontal section.

When I use this formula to pull the 5th word: =MID(MID(MID(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4),1,256), FIND("^",SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4)),256),2,FIND(" ",MID(MID(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4),1,256),FIND("^",SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4)),256))-2)

I need to increase A2 to A30, then A58 (up by 28 every time) in every instance in that formula. The fill handle increases the values by 1, instead of 28 (even if I do 3 or 4 instances manually) How do I do this? I've run into this problem in other scenarios, and there HAS to be a way to get around it.

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Extract Pattern From A Cell

Dec 18, 2007

I'm trying to write 'user-defined' function in Excel, that doing following:

Getting two arguments: cell and 'like' pattern (_ _ , *, e.t.c).

As a result returns data that match this pattern.

For example:

1. Cell = "golf car is really comfort", pattern = "_ _ _ _" will return "golf"
2. Cell = "toyota is number one", pattern = " num*" will return "number one"

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Specific Pattern - Fill Won't Recognize It

Aug 1, 2014

I am comparing two years' data, one on top of the other (Rows 1 and 2). For each cell in each row, I am referencing a cell from a different tab. This needs to be done with about 290 data items, so 580 rows.

When I attempt to copy the two rows down, it doesn't go in the correct order (skips a cell reference number). It looks like this:

Excel Forum Q.xlsx

It would save me a lot of time considering each of the 580 rows has about 30 different column with each cell referencing various things.

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Fill Right Or Down Cells When The Pattern Is Correlative

Aug 29, 2007

how to fill right or down cells when the pattern is correlative....but how can I fill the cells to the right when the pattern is not correlative ??? I need to have a differnt pattern when I fill right...as in the picture. This is, I need it move 4 columns on each cell.

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Drag Fill To Follow Pattern And Skip Row

Mar 9, 2014

Attached is a sample worksheet. I have data in column A that I want to drag fill in column C. In column C, once the first 2 results in column A are entered, I would like a blank cell and so on.


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Copy Rows Formula Horizontally With Pattern Using Fill Handle?

Mar 2, 2014

b2 = a2 * 150
c2 = a2 * 145
d2 = a2 * 140
e2 = a2 * 135


in the first row i want to use the fill handle at 135 and drag rightwards so as to copy/retain the pattern (decrementing by 5, from multiplier 150 until 100)

how would I achieve that?

p.s I also want the formula for columns to work with the fill handle drag downwards.

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VB To Extract Comments And Value To New Sheet

Dec 6, 2009

I would like to use a macro to automatically extract the comments in Sheet 1 ( those comments are Customer Names and Their addresses ) to a new Sheet 2 which will print shipping labels.

I have manually created the first three labels on Sheet 2 to show what I want to accomplish. The tricky thing is, that some Customers receive 2 or more artworks...

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Extract Comments To Multiple Rows

Nov 2, 2009

I have been provided a spreadsheet which has a Quantity column "H". In this column is the quantity of the items and a note containing the serial numbers of the items. The note has no real format. Here are some examples:

Example 1: Serial numbers: 161702, 161722, 161740, 161741.
Example 2: Dec 2006: s/n 63194
Jan 2007: shipped 1 widget, 52480
Example 3: Sent in 2004: 717, 718
Apr 07: shipped 63522 and 63524.
Oct 30, 2007: K. Grande reported only two widgets onboard, 63522 and 63524. 717 and 718 are missing.
Nov 2007: 160302.
Dec 14, 2007: shipped 161093.

There are thousands of serial numbers on hundreds of rows like this. I am looking for code that would copy a new row to another sheet for each serial number in the comment with the serial number placed in column "J". I don't know if the extraneous text can be filtered out, but if I can at least get everything on a seperate row, I can sort/delete what I don't need a lot faster than doing this manually.

In have uploaded an example with before and after sheets. The After sheet is what I have done manually so does not match the examples I used on the Before sheet.

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Extract Comments To Adjacent Column

Feb 21, 2008

I have a substantial schedule that has been completed by a 3rd party who has used the comment function for important data. Can anyone suggest how i can utilise a macro to extract all of the comments into the adjacent column?

The comments are currently against cells in column E and i'd like to extract them to blank cells in a newly inserted column F.

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Extract Numbers From Field?

Sep 18, 2012

I run this report from ADP and it only comes out in PDF or txt. I copied and pasted it to Excel, but it comes out funny. Below is a sample of the data from one field and I am trying to extract the 6 digits (it's the employee ID) from everyones name with a macro to the adacent column (.i.e data is in col B3, I would like the output to be in cell B4)

The problem is the 6 digit numbers isn't in the same location and I didn't know how to extract it.

Sample Data

MEYOR,SAM 010046 A 07/30/1979 -----> 010046

000548 A MOLINA,DARREN 06/01/2002 -----> 000548

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Extract Month For Seemingly Date Field?

Nov 7, 2013

I need to extract a month from a field which looks to me like a date field, but as you can see in the file: Month(A1) returns 11/01/1900 instead of 06/11/2013.

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Auto Fill Macro For Fields Below Active Field

Apr 9, 2014

I need a simple macro to use for conditional autofill of cells below the active cell (to the end of the sheet) with the text that is being entered in the active cell.

DESCRIPTION: I have two columns of data, the first (call it Col1), has a word number which is unique to each specific word in a foreign language, every cell in this column has a number in it from 1 to 30000. Each number reoccurs many times in cells over the length of this column.

The other column (call it Col2) is blank. As I type words in english in each cell of this column, I need the macro to autofill the text that I have just entered, into every cell in Col2 where it's Col1 number is a match with the Col1 number where I am typing.

For example, in one row, Col1 has the number "21" and I type in Col2 the word "run". I need the macro to find every row where the number 21 is found in Col1 and automatically enter "run" into Col2 at that location.

The macro must only autofill cells which have no data in them. Preferably from that cell down, although if that is not possible, all cells would work seeing we are only replacing blank cells with data.

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Extract Zip Code From Address Field - Return Blank If Not Found

Jul 17, 2013

I'm very new to excel. I need a formula to put in a column (I) that returns ONLY a five-digit zip code from the adjacent cell in column J, which is a full address. Nearly every entry is written differently, and many do not contain a zip code. I would like the cell to be blank if the cell in J contains no zip code .

I'm using the formula:

This formula sometimes returns -**** format numbers, considering them to be negative and still five-digit. It also returns #N/A if no zip code is present, and I would like this to be blank. I'm sure I can nest the formula within an IFF, but have not been able to make it work myself.

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Extract Two Separate Numbers Of Varying Length From Text Field

May 24, 2014

a formula to extract the numbers into two separate fields. The text may vary in length and the numbers vary in length also from 1 digit to 2,000,000.

Data in A1 is as follows:-

Meter reading Old:1345 New:67890

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AdvancedFilter Error: The Extract Range Has A Missing Or Illegal Field Name

Aug 26, 2006

Trying to pass an array to a procedure to use as criteria in advanced filer.
My code below is raising this error:

Run-time error '1004':
The extract range has a missing or illegal field name

rngData. AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=rngCrit, CopyToRange:=rngDest, Unique:=False

Private Sub btnOK_Click()
Dim arrValues()
Dim lngI As Long
Dim lngX As Long

With Me.lstAccounts
If .ListIndex <> -1 Then
For lngI = 0 To .ListCount - 1 ................

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Runtime Error 1004 :: Extract Range Has An Illegal Or Missing Field Name

Dec 5, 2007

"Extract range has an illegal or missing field name"

I am trying to use a simple advanced filter (unique) function. Any ideas on why I could be getting this error?

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Cell Pattern Palette

Jul 28, 2006

Is it possible to change the borders/pattern of a single cell so that it looks like the image in the attached document? This may seem a strange thing to want to do, but there is a good reason! Merged cells will not suit my purpose. The pattern palette allows a cell to be filled with horizontal lines, but I need there to be just two lines (i.e. dividing a single cell into three boxes).

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Pulling Data From Repeating Cell Pattern?

Jun 6, 2014

I have a weather graph I am putting together for fun and cannot figure out a way to bring data in for a table based on a consistent data pattern. My high temp averages are in column C along with other annual averages (High (Cell C7), annual avg. (Cell C9), low (Cell C8), precip (Cell C10) etc.) for that year, my data will go back 50 years. I am trying to find a formula that will bring the temp data into another column so I can create a graph of just the high temps or precipitation or any other measure. I have color coded the cells I am looking for.

Essentially, I am hoping that in column H, I will have a year (2014 for example) and column I will search for a match between column A and H (year), if a match is found, it will bring in data from that year for a specific category (Temp for example). OR, another option would be to to skip the cells and just pull in data from the cell (High temps would be in cell C7, C18, C29, C40 etc.) through a =C7+11 (cell count, not adding to number result) type of formula.

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Autoupdate Cell Comment Based On Cell Input / Dynamic Cell Comments?

Aug 16, 2013

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to have a cell comment automatically update depending on what data is input in the cell (via user input, VLOOKUP, etc.)?

For example, if cell A1 contains the text "CHARLES" with a comment saying "Employee of the Month", and is then subsequently updated with the new text "JOHN" (again, via direct input, a VLOOKUP, data validation, etc.) is there a way to have the comment automatically update to say something else, such as "Team Lead" for example?

I've considered using VBA to accomplish my goal, but am unsure how to compose an effective code to do so. I've also considered perhaps creating a named table filled with all the different comment possibilities I would like to have used in this cell and then inputting a formula in either cell A1, or the comment contained therein, that would then call the corresponding text from that table based on the data in cell A1. Honestly, I'm not sure that what I'm trying to do is even possible;

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Excel 2007 :: Cutting Portion Of Cell Value To Cell Comments

Aug 9, 2012

I have an Excel 2007 workbook with several sheets, and various cells in several of the sheets have column headers with a description in the same cell enclosed in curly brackets, e.g. Header{Description}. I would like to to keep the column headers in their respective cells, but move (cut) the descriptions along with the brackets to the respective cell comments.

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Printing Cell Comments

Jul 8, 2009

I have several worksheets that have comments in the cells. Most of the comments i have set to "un-hide" and they can be printed. I now have this one spreadsheet where no matter what I do I cannot print the comments.

I must have something turned on or off but for thwe life of me I cannot figure out what it is. I can see the comments on the screen but when I go to print preview they are not there.

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Cell Comments Don't Appear When Hovering?

Jan 7, 2013

I have several comments being placed into a pivot table from a macro. However, all of a sudden, when I changed the source of the Pivot table, the comments now do not appear when hovering over the cell. They only appear way off to the right if I click "review," "Show/hide comment" or "show all comments."

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Comments Display On Cell

Apr 30, 2012

I have inserted a comment on a cell.... what required is the comment should show every time the cell is selected/highlighted with the keyboard - no matter the mouse pointer is on the cell or not.

Whereas, the comments only shows when the mouse pointer touches the cell...

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Automatic Cell Comments

Dec 28, 2006

I have a worksheet with the following in Column E and F respectively:

ID Name
100 aaa
100 bbb
200 ccc
200 ddd
200 eee
300 fff
400 xxx
500 yyy
500 zzz
500 kkk
500 lll
500 mmm

When I input an ID number in Cell A1 and if it is found in the above table, it should bring all the names corresponding to that ID in a cell comment.

The ID Number is repeated in the above table because the names in Colum F are the dependants name for that particular ID.

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Add Cell Comments Macro

Jan 2, 2007

I am trying to add comments in a selection of cells and where there is a value then the comment should show the formula value of the cell ie if the formula in cell A1 is = 9 + 10 then the comment should show this. This I have got to work, but if I have a comment already the macro fails and I have tried to get round this but I am not clever enough.

Sub InsertingComments()

Dim r As Range

For Each r In Selection
If r.Comment = True Then

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Udf That Creates Cell Comments

Feb 15, 2007

I have a list on my first worksheet that is sequentially numbered in the first column, and has work activities in the next column. On my second worksheet, I have those sequential activity numbers as the column headers on a new list. Problem is I don't have any room to label the new list by the activity's actual description(second column, first sheet). If I did, I would just use a simple VLOOKUP.

So, what I would like to do is utilize the VLOOKUP to pass the activity description string to a UDF that will create a comment in those column headers. Then when the user mouses over the activity numbers, the respective activity descripiton will pop-up as a comment thus solving my space problem!

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Sum Numbers In Cell Comments

Dec 5, 2007

I would like to be able to sum quantities held in comments. I am using the Ozgrid VBA module to sum cells based on a fill color, and it works incredibly. However, sometimes I only want to sum a fraction of a cell's contents, and I don't want to use separate fill colors for all possible combinations, so I am thinking to have the comment tab contain the quantity that I want to sum. Example: employee has a total hrs worked of 8 but 2.75 of those hours are to be allocated to sick pay. Typically employees are restricted to taking benefit hours in increments of 4 or 8, and I have some coding to handle that situation.

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Loop Through Cell Comments

Jan 24, 2008

I need help with my current macro so that it will look in several cells (myrange) if comment(s) are found, write it in a particular cell, so that you end up with all comments written in that cell. If no comment are found then search until the end of the range(or until all comments are found). My current problem is that it is repeatedly writing the comments it finds and I end up with the same number of comments in one cell as number of cells in myrange.

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VBA To Add Comments Based On Cell Text

Jun 5, 2014

I have a VBA that can add a comment based on the cell value, however, I need it to do it for the whole worksheet and not just one cell. I am pretty new to using VBA's, so this is the best code I could find that would perform what I need. If there is a way to have it do run a vlookup, instead of me listing all the cases, that would be great as well.

Sub AddComment()
Dim strText As String
With Range("s6")
Select Case UCase(.Value)
Case "UPT": strText = "UnPaid Tardy/Late"

[Code] .....

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