Formula For Finding Data In Another Sheet

Jan 18, 2007

I have a workbook with two tabs in it. The first tab (2004) contains a current price sheet. The second tab (2007) is an updated price list from our vendor with added part numbers so the rows are not corresponding to the 2004 tab although the columns are exactly the same. I have changed many of the descriptions (Column C) in the 2004 tab but need to use the new sheet because of the added part numbers.

I would like to find an easy way for excel to find the matching part numbers in Column A of both tabs(sheets) and return into column C in the 2007 tab(sheet) the description for each part number from the 2004 tab. For those new part numbers in the 2007 tab the description should remain (as there will not be one in the 2004 tab) but I would like for it to somehow flag me (color change) so I know which ones I need to manually change.

The columns in each tab (2004 and 2007) are exactly the same. Column A is empty, B is the part number, C is the description and D is the Page number.

Can I create a formula to make this easy? If so how? Data in tab 2004 is in Rows 3 to 2157 and the data in tab 2007 is in rows 3 to 2532.

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VBA - Finding Data And Copying It From 1 Sheet To Another

Oct 10, 2007

I have 2 sheets and i have a date which is common in both

In sheet 1 I want to find a date in column A17:A23 (it will always be rows 17 to 23) and then copy column C, E, G

I then want to find the same date in Sheet 2 column A (The date could be on any row in Column A) and paste the value in column S, T,U

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Finding Number Of Data Rows In A Sheet

Mar 14, 2007

One of my Worksheets gets populated, by another application, with variable number of Data Rows, each time.

sometimes, there are BLANK rows, as well, in between the consecutive data rows.

In one of my macros, I need to find the following:

Total number of rows, including blank and non-blank
Number of blank and number of non-blank rows.

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Finding Formula To Search For Specific Data

Nov 15, 2011

I am having trouble getting a formula to work with exactly what I need. I need a formula to find the total quantity of each product. The file I'm searching from does not list the product name or description in the subtotal column. The host file is similar to below and I just want the product name and total quantity in the new worksheet. I will have a list of all products we carry in the new worksheet and I want to pull the total quantity ordered for each item, and if none were ordered return a quantity of 0. The program the host file is exported from also lists a header at the top of each page, so for example there may be a header in between the last occurrence of Product D and the Subtotal.

Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity
Product B Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity

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Data From The Data Sheet Is Copied Over To The Report Sheet With Formula

Apr 11, 2007

The data from the Data sheet is copied over to the Report sheet with formula.

Basically, what I need to do is If statement:
-when there is no any data in csv file (so the Data sheet will be empty);
-the range (A7:N1000) to be hidden (on the Report Sheet)
-the Report sheet to be saved

and also...

I would like to ask, how to select from the Data sheet, the rows with Data only. I copy them over with formula instead of macro- but would like to hide all the empty rows on the report.

Option Explicit

Sub Update_Report()
' Macro1

Dim extract1 As String
Dim dReport As String
Dim rSheet As String
Dim dSheet As String

extract1 = "LeadSheetAll_0001.csv"
dReport = "Appointments.xls"
rSheet = "Report"
dSheet = "Data1"

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

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Copy A Formula Across Several Work Sheet And Have The Formula Always Take Data From Previous Work Sheet

Jan 2, 2009

I am want to copy a formula across several work sheet and have the formula always take data from previous work sheet.

2) I am working with this formula =C12+INDIRECT((MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,256)-1)&"!"&"C12")

and it comes from this thread I have included a worksheet attachment that has explanations

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Formula / Function To Collect Data From Multiple Sheets And Store Data In One Sheet?

Dec 17, 2013

- I have total of 13 sheets in a workbook - 12 sheets represent 12 months with data; 13th sheet is single sheet in which i would like to get complete overview of 12 months

- each of 12 sheets has actually sales results for multiple products with following data: internal code, manufacturer part number, name, and qty sold in that month

- situation is that some products have been phased out during the year and some were introduced so each sheet is slightly different in terms of in which row certain product is located

What i would like to achive is to make 13th sheet (whole year overview) do the following:
- there is a list of all the products in it, each product has unique internal code - this code (from each line) should be used to find that code in each monthly sheet, then find its monthly sales value (copy it) and paste it in sheet 13 in cell that represents this product and particular month.

In other words i would like to see for each product what was monthly sales throughout this year, but avoid manually filling in qty for each product per month.

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Macro To Move Data From Data Entry Update Master Sheet Using Formula To Allocate

May 12, 2013

I am working on a project and would like to see if there is a solution for it. i have a workbook that has data entry that is summarized at a master level but I need to automatically use a formula to update another sheet after clicking an udpate button. The data from the data entry sheet needs to be allocated to all the lines that has the same master item based on the formula. A test workbook is attached ...

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Finding A Cell From Another Sheet

Dec 5, 2009

I type in a number in G8 in F8 a town name comes up which is on another sheet in column c the number I typed in G8 in in column B of sheet 2 It continues all the way down in column G with differance numbers.

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Finding Cell Value In Another Sheet

May 29, 2014

I have a cell value in sheet 5. I want a macro to find that cell value in sheet 1, offset -14 columns and give that new cell the value in the column next to the original value in sheet 5. I named the ranges in sheet 5 that i wanted.

here is my original code.

[Code] .....

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Finding Row Number On Sheet

Feb 9, 2012

On Sheet1, I have 6000 rows of Data of which Columns B (ID) and D (Date) are needed to locate the row number on Sheet2.

Sheet2, Column A will correspond to ID and Columns C and D are start/end dates.

I am looking for a calc/function that will locate the row in which the ID matches column A and Date falls on or between the dates in C and I will need the value in Column E of that row.

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Finding The Last Non Blank Row From Another Sheet And Doing A Vlookup On That Row

Apr 4, 2014

I have a Workbook with 18 "sheets and a recap sheet. Each sheet will have a different number of rows between A9 and N60. On my recap sheet I want to be able to find what the last row with data in Column A and then be able to do a vlookup on that row to display the data in Column 2,3,4, exc. I know how to do the vlookup's fine but I don't know how to specify to select the last row. The data will always be different and the number of rows will never be the same either.

I tried the below formula because everyone complains that if you use True is returns the last row but that didn't work.


Is there a way to do this without VB, I don't understand VB at all and that would get way over my head really quickly.

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Finding A Cell And Placing It On Another Sheet

Jan 15, 2010

I have on sheet 2 in column D names of cities the vary like Sydney Brisbane could be twice but each week the cells could have difference city in them. In column F it will have a number in them a difference number each week . I need the total of the number that matches the city added up on sheet 1 that matches the city in sheet 1 which on sheet one the city never moves.

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Finding Sheet That Matches A Cell Value

Jun 12, 2008

I have worked on the code – with as limited knowledge as I possess – to perhaps communicate my intention. I know for a fact that in the code below there are 2 problematic lines – and herein lies the root of my problem. The first line is: “Dim Day As String” In Debugger speak, I am told that this cannot be done along with “Set sh = Worksheets(Day.Value)”. However, in normal speak, I am trying to copy data from one sheet to another. When pasting the data on the second sheet, I am trying to make the code find the appropriate sheet that matches a Day value in Cell I5. Getting the code to execute this one action is proving to be particularly difficult. I am thankful for any suggestion on how to get the code to work correctly.

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Finding Equivalent Of Maximum Value In Another Sheet

Jan 26, 2010

I have to sets of data, each in a sheet with the first column as identical for both sheets. Sheet2 contains two series of 6 rows, each for a specific first column (""B Code").

Now I want to find the values of "TCT-C" column in sheet1 (for each range of 6 rows that the "B Code" is match) which corresponds to the row number that "TCT" in sheet2 is maximum (again for 6 rows). The point is, I need to shift to another series of 6 rows in sheet2 once the "B Code" does not match.

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Finding Duplicates Adding Them To Another Sheet

Apr 1, 2009

Hello everyone....

I have a project where I need items for different boxes.

i have 20 boxes that need the same amount of items. However, when I came towards the end, i ran out of items.
For example




I have all in a spreadsheet all the items that are missing per box. Here comes the main question....
How do I program my spreadsheet find the items that are missing in each box and summarize in another sheet?

The summary I am looking for is....

and so on...

I started doing the code, but I haven't got too far.

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Finding The Visible Area Of The Sheet

Feb 4, 2009

described the code for calculating the boundaries of the visible area of the sheet - that is the bit you can see on screen.

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Copy Data From One Sheet Another Formula

Apr 16, 2014

I have a large database of customers with their contact details and address etc.

With the database the main thing we analyse is source of the customer and sales person it was given to.

I have separate sheets of which narrow the database down by source. Such as telephone lead, website lead etc.

At the moment i am currently entering the data into the main database sheet and then have to enter again on the lead source sheet.

Is there any formula for a sheet for example website sheet in which it will look up a column in the main database (lead source column) and pull everything single row of customer details that have came from the website.

I would ideally like this to just continuously do this every time i enter data into the main database it automatically gets added to its separate sheet.

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Transfer Data From One Sheet To Another With Formula

Dec 27, 2008

I have 2 different sheets one is my check book register and the other is a summary page. Both have different categories for example [sheet 1 "register" (gasoline = A) (food = F)] [sheet 2 "summary" (Auto = A)

I think this is how I want it but I need this to work no matter what category my debit or credit falls in. If date is "January" and category is "A" then copy "debit" to sheet 2 under January Auto. then sub total all as designated on second sheet.

If date is January and category is "m" then copy debit to sheet 2 under January mortgage, then subtotal as designated on second sheet. I have attached an example of my spreed-sheet so far as you can see I am struggling getting the amounts to go into the correct categories. Also sometimes there may be more than one of the same type of transaction in the same month they need to be able to go into the same cell and be totaled as well.

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Countif Formula - Getting Data From Sheet

Jan 26, 2012

Currently i am using below formula to get the data from Sheet 'Dec,11'

I have sheets from Jan,11 till Dec,11 and I would like to give a cell reference A1 where I will enter the Sheet name and I should get the data of that sheet.


Actually I tried entering like this


But its not working.

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Finding Values Greater Than Zero And Copying To Another Sheet?

May 13, 2014


In the file I have attached, this code works great taking information that has a value greater than zero from Sheet2 and putting it onto Sheet3. I tried to use this code to take information from Sheet1 from different cells than Sheet2 and also put it onto Sheet3, but I can not get the code to do anything.


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Input From Userform - Finding First Empty Row On Sheet

May 9, 2012

I have a userform that has Label 1, textbox1 and textbox2 at the top. (I shall call it HEADER)

Then, arranged in a row i have combobox1, textbox4, textbox6, textbox7 and label7 (I shall call LINE1)

On a row beneath this i have combobox2, textbox12, textbox14, textbox15 and label 10 (I shall call LINE2)

I need a way of finding the first empty row on sheet 1 (easy bit) and then putting the info from the HEADER and LINE1 in the first empty row, then HEADER and LINE2 in the next empty row etc etc. There are 5 rows in total

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Excel Formula To Transfer Data From One Sheet To Another

Dec 6, 2013

I would like to transfer data from one sheet to another with the following caiteria.

Sheet 1
Id Item
1 a
1 b
2 c
3 d
1 e
2 f

Out put sheet want:
1 a b e
2 c f
3 d

What is the way to do this. What formula I can use here.

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Formula (copy Data From One Sheet To Another When Value Matches)

Jun 26, 2009

I have two sheets (sheet 1 and sheet 2). Sheet 2 has a range of data about employees. Column A contains a unique reference number with the rest of the row (Column B - Column X) containing corresponding data about that empoyee.

When I enter that unique reference number in Sheet 1, Column A, and matches the value in Sheet 2, Column A; I would like the rest of the corresponding row data (Column B - Column X) from Sheet 2 to populate 'automatically' (copied) in Sheet 1.

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AutoFill Formula Based On Data In Another Sheet

Jan 20, 2008

Here is my test example I am trying to figure this out with.

Sub a()
Dim rg As Range
'set formulas to be filled
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A1:L1"), Type:=xlFillDefault
'now get autofill to populate until no more data on sheet 2
Set rg = [a2]
Set rg = Range(rg, Cells(Rows.Count, rg.Column).End(xlUp))
rg.Cells(2, 2).AutoFill Destination:=rg, Type:=xlFillDefault
End Sub

Without VBA, once I set the formulas for A1:L1, I can use the mouse to autofill all columns until Im around row 27,000.

Id like to be able to run a check for the end of data in sheet 2 so that if the sheet2 changes, it will all be included.

The resulting sheet1 cannot have any null values, so a perfect end of data check is necessary.

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Finding That Certain Formula

May 8, 2009

Below is an example;

I have a cell value of 13 in A4, and in A6 I am trying to find a formula where I can divide the value in A4 by either 2 or 1.5. I can't seem to find one that would work, and if at possible, I am trying to have it round up to .5.

example > 13 divided by 1.5 = 8.666 (I know 2 would be easy, but the 1.5 is killing me )

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Excel 2003 :: Finding First Empty Cell In The Sheet?

Nov 8, 2011

I have two work sheets where I have data.

Sheet1 contain daily input table which as follows:
Name salaryBonusXX10002XY9001YY11002ZY15003ZZ12502AA10502AZ9501

Sheet2 have table where all the information is saved. So we can say this is database of sheet1. Which store every day information of sheet 1.

SALARY DATABASEMonth Name Salary Bonus


I want that when I finished writing on the sheet 1(which i do manually) then with macro it go the sheet 2 and find first empty cell in the name column and past the all the data of sheet1 table. Months I will put manually. I am working on MS2003.

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Excel 2003 :: Formula To Pull Data From One Sheet To Another?

Jan 16, 2014

I have Excel 2003

My spreadsheet has multiple lines of data for multiple items (have a specific item #) and I need to be able to enter an item # on a different sheet so that the requested information can be pulled from the data source. The items have information on multiple rows. I need to have all of the rows pulled into my output file when I specify the specific item. #.

I have attached a spreadsheet showing the type of data is contained and what my desired output would look like.

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VBA Macro - Formula Extracting Data And Transpose Into Another Sheet

Feb 3, 2014

Extract data from one sheet to another sheet then transpose automatically.

I have attached the work book of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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Vlookup Formula Not Working With Data On Separate Sheet

Mar 13, 2006

I have a sheet set up with names. I have 2 other sheets with spouses and
children that belong to the first sheet. I want to insert a formula that
will look up the correct spouse (based on a member number) and put in it the
column. Same with the children. I tried the vlookup function, but it did
not return the correct result.

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