Highlighting Or Deleting Specific Cells

May 16, 2009

I have Column A with 380 cells filled in with numbers (A1-A380) i.e. numbers like..456758, 567848 etc etc

Column B has a subset of those numbers, maybe 80-90 or so (B1-B90).

What I want to do is either highlight the numbers in Column A that also appear in Column B in yellow, OR delete them from Column A altogether

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Highlighting Specific Cells

Feb 11, 2009

this seems like such a simple thing to do but I just cannot suus it out. Basically I want to Highlight a cell depending on another cells value:

ie. I have a value in Cell A1 and a value in Cell B1, in Cell C1 I have an IF statement that dsplays the word 'NO' if the values in A1 & B1 are not equal. In Cell D1 I have the word Fault. I would like to highlight Cell D1 if the Cell C1 displays the word 'NO'

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Highlighting Row (specific Number Of Cells)

Sep 25, 2013

Any method for colour highlighting a row (specific number of cells) as and when any cell of that row is selected, and return to normal when deselected.

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Highlighting Cells If Specific Data Appears In Adjacent Cells

Mar 18, 2014

I have a couple of spreadsheets that has several columns each containing several hundred thousand rows of codes. To quickly analyze this data, I am trying to come up with a conditional formatting formula to highlight the respective cells when specific values occur next to each other. A particular code will show up in many cells, but the code that is the respective adjacent cell is always different. I need to know when row A contains, for example, '9928559' and row B contains '36415RT'.

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Conditional Formatting - Highlighting Specific Cells

Jun 7, 2013

I'm having issues with conditional formatting. I used the INDIRECT formula to highlight specific rows.

For example, column A has the days of the week. I wanted the whole row highlighted if it was a Saturday. I used:


What I want to do now is to highlight specific cells (Columns F and G) if column A has Friday in it. I do not want the whole row highlighted if it contains Friday.

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VBA Code For Deleting Columns With 0 Value In Specific Cells

Oct 24, 2008

I am trying to write a VBA code in excel to delete any columns when a cell in that particular column = 0 (zero). That cell would start at B19 and subsequently follow to C19, D19 and so on.

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Establishing Duplicate Entries - Highlighting Them Then Deleting

Apr 17, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with thousands rows of items on. I am trying to identify duplicate entries based on two or three cells within each row. If those two or three cells are duplicated for that particular ID then the duplicate entry (row) should be highlighted for deletion.

Better still it would be great if there was a macro or formula which would delete that duplicate row.

So for example on the spreadsheet I have attached, I would like rows 6 and 9 deleted or highlighted as the criteria for deletion is a duplication of the entry in the 'YEAR' column AND the 'VALUE' column for the REFERENCEs AB-1234 and AB-9876 which are the unique identifiers for each individual case.

This would leave the end result as per the table below on the attached spreadsheet.

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Highlighting/Deleting Special Charahters In A Range

Aug 15, 2008

I have a column that needs to be text format, but it needs to include only digits (0-9), no letters, no special characters. Also all cells need to have 7 digits.

I am trying to do a couple of things:
1 : Hightlight the cells that contain Strings with Non-Digits characters
2 : Highlight the cells with less than 7 characters (I have the code, it is below)

I have tried many ways to get #1 but I am stuck.

Help please.

This highlights the cells with less than 7 characters:

Sub StringLength3() ' IT WORKS!

Dim strTest As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim Cell As Range

'Select Range
Worksheets("tres").Range("A2", Range("a65536").End(xlUp)).Name = "RangeA"

For Each Rangea In Selection
i = Len(Rangea)
If i 7 Then
Rangea.Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 7
End If

Next Rangea

End Sub

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Highlighting Duplicates Entries Across Specific Sheets

Jan 20, 2012

I have 13 sheets of data in my open workbook. Column D, which includes blank cells at times, across each of these sheets maps the same info. of orders. However, I know there are several duplicates, and I want to clean them out. I am trying to figure out a way to highlight all the duplicates that appear only in column D beginning with sheet 4 and ending with sheet 13. I will leave the duplicates that appear on Sheets 5-13 alone, but I want to have them highlighted, so I can review the ones that appear on sheet 4 first, and then delete them.

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Highlighting And Copying Specific Text In Multiple Worksheets

Jul 3, 2008

I want to link him on all the spreadsheets, but his cell location is always changing because new doctors are being added every year. Is there anyway to link the specialty column with his name so that whenever his name comes up on the other worksheets, the specialty will be automatically filled in with the correct specialty value? I want to be able to do that with all the doctors.

Also, I want to highlight certain doctors in all the seperate sheets, I have Excel 2007 on my home PC, but on my work PC I have Excel 2002. To do this in Excel 07 I would just conditionally format the workbook to highlight certain names, but I cant seem to find a way to do this in Excel 02.

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Highlighting Lowest Score Without Duplicates Highlighting And Counting Player Skins?

Feb 15, 2013

I found this spreadsheet on here and I have been trying to customize it to what I need. I am trying to have scores from skins match highlighted. I want only the minimum score to be highlighted but if there is another duplicate minimum score I don't want it to highlight anything. I also need to find a way to count the skins won by each player and have it off to the side.

For those not familiar with golf a Skin is a game where you try to get the lowest amount of strokes on a specific hole. Ex- 4 people play the hole one. P1 scores 4, P2 gets a 3, P3 and P4 get 6. The skin would go to P2 who has the lowest score on that hole.

Highlight lowest number in each column not highlighting if there are duplicates starting at L6 down to L11 and for each column till AC. And the same for the group just to the right on attached file.

On row 13 and 14 it tells me who won a skin. I want to tally up the total skins won by each player. so if Joe's names shows up twice on R14 I want it to tell me somewhere in the sheet Joe = 2

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Highlighting A Range Of Cells Dependant On Data In Any Of Those Cells

Jul 20, 2009

On the attached sheet I am trying to indicate that enough data has been entered by highlighting the entire column. Any 3 cells in Rows 7-13 and 18-36 will be filled in with any of the values from cells O6-O11 (hidden). When the total = 6 i would like to highlight the entire column to indicate it has been completed.

The aim is two fold: to ensure that the correct number of points is allocated in each race, and secondly to indicate which column is the next to be filled in (as human error sometimes misses the column and adds the points to either the previous or next columns). You could call it idiot proofing the sheet. At present i have the cells in Row 37 conditional formatted to show this, but would much prefer the entire column to highlight.

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Deleting Specific Rows..

Feb 21, 2009

Here's my problem. I have the following table:

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Deleting Specific Rows ....

Nov 9, 2008

I have created a worksheet (through an import into MS Excel 2007) which contains 287,281 rows. However, the data I need is located in rows: 4, 67, 130, ... (or n+63) rows.

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Deleting Last Cell In A Specific Row

Feb 24, 2009

hey everyone

i'm using a table like this one :


1 Main | value | value | value
2 Extra | value | value | value
3 Main | value | value | value
n Extra | value | value | value

i want to delete every cell in column "D" only when cell in column "A" contains "Extra" value.

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Deleting Entire Rows Containing A Specific Value

Aug 29, 2007

I've been tasked with developing a macro that will generate schedules. For background, we're taking a QuickBooks Customer file and exporting it to be picked up by the macro. I've got that part working, but now I need to delete various rows based on certain criteria.

The spreadsheet has a field for Job Status which we use to define whether an account is under contract (2 in QuickBooks), or some other status. Basically what I need to do is delete the entire row of data where JobStatus (Column R) is anything but 2.

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Deleting Specific Rows That Are Identical

Mar 8, 2012

I want to delete some rows that are identical. Aside from creating a macros to do this, is there a way to find a row with a specific criteria and delete it if value returns TRUE?

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Finding And Deleting Specific Rows

Jul 31, 2013

I was wondering if there is a formula or command to find and delet specific rows. I want to remove people from an excel email list.

On Sheet 1, I have 500 rows with columns for first name, last name, and email.
On Sheet 2, I have 30 rows with columns for first name, last name, and email that appear on Sheet 1 but need to be removed.

Is there a way to do this without manually searching for each email and then deleting the row?

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Deleting Lines Containing Specific Numbers

May 8, 2014

macro that would keep all lines containing a number greater than zero in column D and delete all of the other lines?

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Deleting Specific Rows In Worksheet

Nov 28, 2006

i need to create a macro that will delete entire rows based on certain criteria. here is an example of some of the worksheet:

US0017651060AMR_CORP CM 12C
US0017658669AMR_CORP PR 8C


US0038813079ACACIA_RESH CM 12C
US0038812089ACACIA_RESH CM 16C



i want to create a macro that, when searching the third column of data (containing "CM" and "PR"), if a group of rows (between blank rows) do not contain at least one "PR", delete entire group of rows.

Therefore, the rows with "ACACIA_RESH" and "ACE_AVIATION" would be deleted from the worksheet.

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Avoid Deleting A Specific Worksheet

May 2, 2006

I have a workbook where everything is controlled from a single worksheet that I named "Start".

In the "Start" worksheet I have instructions and one command button. When this button is clicked, it will start the VBA code. The code will basically show a couple of userforms where the user will input some information and after the user clicks on a button on the last userform, the code will generate new worksheet and present the results in that new worksheet.

The user could do this as many times as he wants, each time creating a new worksheet or overwriting in an existing worksheet (except the "Start" worksheet). The user is able to delete any worksheets he want.

I need to write a code so that if the user tries to delete the "Start" worksheet, it will not let him/her because then there is no worksheet where I have the button to click to start the VBA code.

I tried protecting the workbook, but then it does not allow to add new worksheets either.

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Highlighting Cells Based On Cells Values In VBA

Mar 26, 2007

I need to highlight a cell when its value exceeds parameters based on the production line it comes from. If the line is K11, then i need this cell to highlight when its value is either < 0 or greater than 221. If the line is K21, than it needs to highlight when its value is <0 or greater than 474.

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Macro For Finding Specific Word And Deleting It

Apr 2, 2014

I have a excel file with more then 10 sheets..Some of the sheets contains this word in some random cells" #DIV/0! " I want a macro which can find it in every sheet except parent sheet and can remove it.

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Highlighting Matching Cells

Apr 11, 2008

im looking for a formula that will find matching dates in column a and then i want to see if column b has a matching time in it

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Highlighting Range Of Cells In VBA

Jun 9, 2006

What is the line of code in VBA that allows me to highlight a range of cells (in a column) to the end of the range? e.g. Selection is A2, highlight to end of range in column A. I know this is simple, but I'm new to VBA. Unsuccessful searching the posts.

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Auto Highlighting Cells

Jun 8, 2007

Is there a way to automaticaly highlight multiple cells if there is data in two other cells else were? What kind of programming will I have to use. I.E. highlight cells D1:E15 only if there is data in cells A:2 & B2

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Highlighting Cell When Enter Specific Date In Another Cell

Jul 4, 2013

I have a problem regarding highlighting a specific cell, when i entered a specific date in another cell

Let me explain

If there is a Name, joining date, termination date/resignation date in cell A1 A2 & A3 respectively.

If the name is John, Joining date = 01/01/2012, Resignation Date 06/06/13

I need a formula which highlights the cell A2 plus all those cells which have the same date when i entered a date (i.e 01/01/2012) in another cell.

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Automatic Highlighting And Expiration Of Cells?

Jun 12, 2014

I have a large document control register and it is updated daily and posted to a cloud for many people to access. It is very time consuming to constantly jump in and out and highlight and unhighlight as many things as there are and keeping track of which items that need to be unhighlighted. The thing I'm trying to figure out is if there is a formula for this...If i change any cell in a row I want the row to highlight itself entirely, but after 24 hours I want the highlight to expire. Is there a formula or function I can use to make this happen?

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Highlighting If A Range Of Cells Meet A Value

Jan 19, 2008

I have a worksheet 200+ rows with 7 columns (euro lottery numbers) I had great help last night to highlight any matching numbers. I'm getting lazy now, can anyone help with a formula to highlight a cell in an adjacent column when 2 or more numbers in the corresponding cells match the winning numbers, I know all I have to do is look down the columns and check but if a simple formula could be inserted it would save me perhaps missing something.

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Highlighting The Cells Using Conditional Formatting

Aug 19, 2009

Is it possible to highlight a1:h1 if cell a2 contains dark?

i used this code in cell i1-->=MATCH("dark",a2,0)

and i dont know what's next, my friend in the office told me to use conditional formatting.

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