How To Create Buttons To Navigate Around A Spreadsheet

Feb 23, 2007

I was wondering how to create buttons such that when the user clicks on the button they are automatically taken to a different part of the workbook.

I'd like to do this because my spreadsheet is now large enough such that navigating just using the sheet tabs at the bottom is not ideal.

I can create a hyperlink, but I think a button just looks nicer.

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Macro To Navigate Through Spreadsheet

May 21, 2006

when the user selects any cell(s), then hits the command button, I want the code to move the cell(s) selection to the far left i.e. Column "A". I've managed this is a roundabout way, but I'm trying to make a far more elegant version.

Set C = Selection
With C
While Not C.Previous Is Nothing
MsgBox C
Set C = C.Previous
End With

So C is the selection made my the user, for this example they are just selecting one cell. The MsgBox proves to me the code to moving the cell selection to the left, but the While condition falls as the Previous test condition fails and bombs the macro. I cannot think of another way of doing this. Is there a method that returns X and Y co-ordinates as numbers?

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Spreadsheet Model & Buttons

Dec 20, 2006

I want to create a button on this spreadsheet - the button will be called z4 in the "Yr 9 ICT" sheet

it will include the following

rows Jane Bloggs 2
rows Jane Bloggs 12
rows Jane Bloggs 22
rows Jane Bloggs 32
rows Jane Bloggs 33
rows Jane Bloggs 42
rows Jane Bloggs 44
rows Jane Bloggs 66

What do I have to do to create this.

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Disabling Command Buttons In A Spreadsheet

Jul 8, 2013

I have 3 cpmmandbuttons in a spreadhseet named "Controls" . viz

Trim and Edit Base DataCreateReportArchive

They are always run in the same order.

My Aim is to disable and gray out the Archive button once its assigned macro is run(by clicking it) so that it activates only next time that the workbook is opened.

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Default Menu Buttons On The Spreadsheet

May 2, 2007

Is it possible to put the standard Excel buttons (as in the ribbon in 2007 or the toolbars in 2003) actually on the spreadsheet. I would like, for example, to put the " pivot table refresh button" on my spreadsheet somewhere in the middle, separate from the program. Can I extract or import these Excel program's buttons somehow to insert elsewhere?

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Adding Submit Buttons To Transfer Data To Live Spreadsheet

Mar 18, 2014

I would like to set up a maintenance register where I would have:

worksheet 1 - a page where staff can choose a location and choose a maintenance issue and hit submit
worksheet 2 - after they have hit submit the detail will appear in designated cells in worksheet 2 (a ledger of maintenance issues). so each submit should send the info to a new line in worksheet 2.

I have a basic knowledge of Excel and have used formulas and functions before but not VBA/Macros. Any step by step through setting up the submit button and macro correctly?

I've tried to do Worksheet("Register").Range("A2").Value = Worksheet("Request").Range("A1") after installing a push button but all I get is errors.

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Create New Worksheet Containing Buttons, Not By Template

Jun 18, 2008

I'm trying to create a macro that creates new worksheets with buttons on them that have macros attached. I've been able to produce one worksheet with a button and macro, but when the function that copies the code is looped it crashes out of Excel.

I realise that the usual method of doing this would be by templates, but this code will be run on other people's computers so the template wouldn’t exist in the location that i had specified (I think with my limited experience with VBA - Please correct me if I'm wrong). I've also tried to copy the page with the button on, but this takes too long (even with screenupdating = false) as there are many sheets to be created.

This is a stripped down version of the code that I have created for the purpose of this forum. To recap, the function that creates a new page, with button, with macro attached works. It's when it's looped that it crashes out. I've stepped through the program, and it reaches the second message box, then it gives up on life ..........

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Create New Worksheet With Macro Buttons

Jun 16, 2008

Is it possible to use a macro to create a new worksheet with a button on it, that has a macro attached to it, that i can send out to people? I've looked at the Template example, but i'm not sure this will work when emailed as i'm unsure whether the template will be sent to them.

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Create Basic UserForm. TextBox, Buttons...

May 25, 2007

I want to do is have a User form that allows a user to add a new column across several sheets (i.e. b2, then c2, then d2) where what the user has selected from 3 defined ranges (in this case commodity, pack_type and pack_spec) is concatenated. see the example attached. So for exmaple, I would like the choice of adding into cell B2 across all sheets (except sheet pack) gold solid 5kg. Then I can add the next into c2. I have tried searching few a few examples of userforms with various problems but I dont know how to code it correctly.

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How To Create Macros Buttons To Add Or Delete Columns And Rows

May 21, 2014

So I'm trying my hand at creating VBA buttons and functions that do the following.

Button 1 :
to add a column with every click. The button will create one extra column. So by design there will be at least 1 column. Example if the button is clicked twice it will create 3 columns. I just need a buffer col. (contains no data)

Button 2 :
to delete empty columns leaving only one empty buffer column. That is this button will purge empty columns except the buffer column. OR if ALL the columns are filled, Button2 will create the buffer column.

Eg. I click Button 1 three times. It creates four columns. I only fill two columns. When Button 2 is clicked it will delete all the empty colums except the buffer column. OR I fill in all four columns, there is no buffer column, when I click Button2 it will insert the buffer col.

Button 3 :
to add a row with every click. The button will create one extra row. So by design there will be at least 1 row. Example if the button is clicked twice it will create 3 rows. I just need a buffer row. (contains no data)

Button 4 :
to delete empty row leaving only one empty buffer row. That is this button will purge empty row except the buffer row. OR if ALL the columns are filled, Button4 will create the buffer column.

Eg. I click Button 3 three times. It creates four rows. I only fill two rows. When Button 4 is clicked it will delete all the empty rows except the buffer rows. OR I fill in all four rows, there is no buffer rows, when I click Button4 it will insert the buffer row.

In the sample file there are six columns filled with data. The 7th col is empty(the buffer column). The column after that calculates the average of data in filled columns. There are eight rows with data and the ninth row is the empty buffer row.

The "add" buttons must be able copy the format/formula of the column/rows BEFORE the buffer colums/rows and insert it before the buffer column/row.

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Create Command Buttons Based On Worksheet Names

Jan 18, 2010

I am at it again and maybe I am asking to do something that is not possible. I am trying to build a program that will allow the user some flexibilty down the road if I am no longer here to support my code. I have a workbook that contains several sheets. The sheets are labled by equipment name. The Sheets themselves contain specific data with regards to the equipment. What I want to do is as follows. Populate a user form with command buttons based off of the worksheet names. The reason for this would be if 2 years from now we add a new piece of equipment all the user will have to do is add a sheet in the workbook and the user form would reflect the new sheet with a new button. Like wise if I delete a sheet in the workbook the user form would refelect that change as well.

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Create Multiple Buttons All Assigned To Macro Code

Mar 6, 2008

I'd like to write a macro to create buttons with the caption "Fix" in over 300 cells. Furthermore, I would like each button, when pressed to run a macro that would copy and paste the values (paste special) of the entire row in which the button is situated as well as copy and "paste special" the values in the fixed cells $J$2, $K$2,$L$2, and $M$2. I've attached a file to clarify what I'm sure is an extremely convaluted statement of my problem.

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Create Click Events For Command Buttons Created Dynamically At Runtime

Apr 2, 2013

I have a userform that has one combobox at the top created manually. When the userform is opened, the user select an option in the combobox (these options are taken from a range on 1 worksheet). From the selection of the combobox, I use the comboxbox's change event to create and display 5 columns of textboxes and 2 columns of command buttons on the userform.

The number of rows of textboxes created depend on the option selected from the combobox since each option links to a different range of cells. Each of the 5 textboxes in each are set to be ".enabled = False" and display text as per the cell values within a range on another worksheet. 2 Columns of command buttons are created at the end of each row of textboxes - 1 is enabled and the other is not.

The creation of the textboxes and command buttons works as required. However, I am having problems with setting click events for each command buttons. When the 1st column of Command buttons are created, I need the click events to be created and filled out with 2 actions:

1. Enable all textboxes in the same row as the command button

2. Enable the other command button in the same row.

Here is the code I have so far that creates the textboxes and command buttons.

Each of the 5 textboxes and 2 command buttons have a unique name so the 1st row will have textbox and command button names of cTxtA1, cTxtB1, cTxtC1, cTxtD1, cTxtE1, CmdAmend1 and CmdConfirm1. The 2nd row will have the same names but with 2 on the end and so on. The bold sections is the code for the creation of the command buttons that I want click events for.


Private Sub CboTeamSelect_Change()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
If CboGroupSelect.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
Dim cTxtA As Control, cTxtB As Control, cTxtC As Control, cTxtD As Control, cTxtE As Control
Dim CmdAmend As Control, CmdConfirm As Control
Dim iNum As Integer
Dim TxtTop As Long


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Create A Spreadsheet Where A Certain Value Is Added?

Apr 11, 2014

I need to create a Spreadsheet where a certain Value is added to the from of the data I enter into the cell. For example: All of my MAC Addresses start with 00:80:64. I want to be able to just type in the last three entries into the cell and have Excell automatically add the value 00:80:64 So I want to be able to add a specified value to ebvery entry in a collumn.

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Vba To Create A New File From Spreadsheet

Mar 27, 2008

I have the following spreadsheet:


What I need is if there is an NDT in Column B and 123456 in Column A then I need to eliminate all rows which contain 123456.

End result


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Automatically Create New Row With New Entry From Different Tab / Spreadsheet?

Mar 24, 2014

I've got a master spreadsheet grabbing data from 12-13 different tabs/spreadsheets.

One of those has a table, and I was wondering:

Is it possible for the master spreadsheet to automatically add a new line every time someone adds a new line and creates a new entry in a different spreadsheet?

In other words,

If there is a table in the master spreadsheet, and someone adds a new line, is there a formula which allows the master spreadsheet to add a new line in order to autopopulate?

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Create A Find Button In The Spreadsheet

Jan 15, 2009

I'd like to create a button that makes the "Find and Replace" popup come up when pressed. How to do this? (Ctrl + F is the shortcut for it)

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Create A Spreadsheet In Which The Cell Will Tell How Many Hours, More Or Less

Nov 14, 2009

I'm trying to create a spreadsheet in which the cell will tell me how many hours, more or less, i have worked a week.

Below is what I’m trying to create - but I'm having trouble.

- if the total = 35 (in cell A1) then display -2 (in A3),
- if the total = 36 (in cell A1) then display -1 (in A3),
- if the total = 37 (in cell A1) then display 0 (in A3),
- if the total = 38 (in cell A1) then display 1 (in A3),
- if the total = 39 (in cell A1) then display 2 (in A3), etc (and so on)

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Macro To Create CSV Files From Spreadsheet

Jan 27, 2010

How do I create VBA macro to create CSV files out of Excel spread sheet for each tab? Right now I am manually opening the spreadsheet and saving each tab as CSV file. But it is taking lot of time if we have lot of tabs.

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Create Excel Spreadsheet For Investments?

Jun 17, 2012

I have a small loan business funded by multiple investors. A spreadsheet that could calculate each investors monthly share of cash flow. Can a party familiar with Excel create this custom sheet with my input. How would your charges be determined.

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How To Create Multiple Spreadsheets From One Master Spreadsheet

Apr 16, 2014

I am trying to find a code that will allow me to generate multiple sheets depending on what is selected in one specific column. I have found a code that is perfect for this however I can't seem to set the range. For example instead of copying all of column headings I only need to copy up to column AN2.

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Create Spreadsheet That Use Monte Carlo Simulation?

Sep 22, 2005

Has ever created a spreadsheet that used Monte Carlo Simulation?

I've been able to create one that works using the random number generator in conjunction with discrete probability distributions - that's fairly easy, just assign a probability to each discrete value in the distribution and then decide whether or not to select it using a randomly generated number.

However, I want to perform a Monte Carlo simulation that uses a continuous (not discrete) probability distribution, but how I would use the random number generator to then select a value from the distribution based on its probability of occurance.

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Create Splash Screen With Filter Spreadsheet

Mar 26, 2008

i have a spreadsheet which i have attached, currently users have to filter each column to get the end result

I would instead, like to create a screen where by they answer questions, for example. a drop down box where they choose flow rate, ie. 0-5l/min 6-10 l/min and so on for each option and then they end up with the list of choices which meet their criteria

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Create Clone Copy Of Spreadsheet For A New Year

Sep 11, 2009

I have an Excel spreadsheet containing a large amount of formulas applicable to 2009. I want to create a duplicate workbook for 2010. I want to maintain all cell formatting, ie A1=sum(whatever) without retyping it all. When I attempt to use copy-and-paste (or paste special) from 2009 to 2010, the cell values maintain a reference to the 2009 workbook. For example on 2010 workbook, A1=[2009]sum(whatever). Therefore the values from 2009 print in cells. I only want to maintain cell formula formatting, not a reference back to 2009 workbook.

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Multiple If Conditions - Create Spreadsheet When Certain Score Is Given

Jul 30, 2012

I am trying to create a spreadsheet where when certain conditions are met, a certain score is given. For example, if the condition is >= 300, the score is 15. If the condition is >= 290, the score is 14. All the way down to a score of zero.

I tried...
=if(A2>= 300, "15", if(A2>= 290, "14", if(A2>= 280, "13"))) etc.

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Navigate Through Sheets

Feb 16, 2009

i have an excel file with over 30 sheets on it. Contained in each sheet is a seperate pivot chart. i am looking for away to navigate around these sheets from the main screen. does anyone have any suggestions or opinions on the best way i can do this? here are my ideas but not sure which would work best

1. Create main sheet at the start and have hyperlinks to all sheets (by doing this how could i navigate back to home page?)

2. Create userform with drop down list of sheet names or search function to search for sheet names and then click on a button to go to sheet? dont know would i be able to do this? will the userform follow to the sheet with the pivot chart so i can select a different one from the same page? how could i hide the userform to view the chart and then bring it back to navigate to another?

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Merge 2 Tabs Into 1 Spreadsheet To Create Pivot Table?

Jul 9, 2014

I would like to combine 2 tabs into one spreadsheet. I was not able to do so, because it exceeds the max rows allowed in excel. I have installed powerpivots but not sure how to combine data using powerpivots.

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Create Spreadsheet Where First Page Allows To Input Number Of Teams?

Apr 24, 2014

What i'm looking to do is create a spreadsheet where the first page allows me to input the number of teams in the group.The teams cannot play others in the group except the ones they are paired with. eg. "Enter number of team pairs in set" (in this case 4)

Team 1a vs Team 1b
Team 2a vs Team 2b
Team 3a vs Team 3b
Team 4a vs Team 4b

After number of teams in set is established click a start button on the first tab of the spreadsheet.

this auto generates a new tab with all the possible win/loss combinations of 4 team pairs.

New Picture.jpg

if the number of teams on Tab 1 is changed (say to 6) and the start button is clicked, another new tab is generated with all possible win loss combinations of a 6 team set.

remember 1a vs 1b can only be win or lose and the win lose combinations are for the set of 4 matches ( or more matches if specified on the first tab and clicked).

if you put 7 in for the number of team pairs then it would be win loss combos for 7 pairs of teams.

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Create Basic Leaderboard In Excel / Google Spreadsheet

Jan 3, 2014

I would simply like to know how to create a basic ranked leaderboard through EXCEL or Google Spreadsheet, which i will later on implement on a community forum. I would like 2 entries for the leaderboard column titles, being:

Column B: POINTS

Then under A i will be typing all players manually, and similarly for B with points.

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Macro To Create Multiple Tabs With Same Spreadsheet On And Date Them

Jul 20, 2014

I am trying to create a workload spread sheet for work I need to have the same looking spread sheet 365 times but also need each sheet to be dated, EG (tue,01/04/2014 through to tue,31/03/2015) I can create 365 tabs that have the same spread sheet on and I can create dates but not do both at the same time, it isn't fun doing copy and paste 365 time.

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