How To Create Multiple Spreadsheets From One Master Spreadsheet

Apr 16, 2014

I am trying to find a code that will allow me to generate multiple sheets depending on what is selected in one specific column. I have found a code that is perfect for this however I can't seem to set the range. For example instead of copying all of column headings I only need to copy up to column AN2.

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Updating A Master Spreadsheet From Other Spreadsheets

Jul 19, 2009

I'm on a BTEC in college and my tutor wants me to create 3 spreadsheets, one of them is a Master spreadsheet which shows each pupils grade for each module, their over all end year grade and how many UCAS points that grade will earn them. The other two sheets are for the modules which will have the grades of the pupils in that lesson, Pass, Merit, Destinction or Fail. I hope you're still with me... I've attached an example of one of the 'Slave' spreadsheets as I call them.

My problem is that I can't seem to find a way of doing all this without constant nesting of COUNTIF. The code I have for my 'Unit1' spreadsheet's grade is:

"=IF(COUNTIF(B3:G3,"x")=6,IF(COUNTIF(H3:J3, "x")=3, IF(COUNTIF(K3:M3, "x")=3, "Distinction", "Merit"), "Pass"), "Fail")"

It works, but it's very messy. If this sounds confusing I apologise, the attached documents should clear some of the confusion up. Once the smaller spreadsheets work, the Master needs to use them to update it's cells. If someone has a Merit grade in 'Unit 1', the Master needs to show it too by somehow linking the 'Grade' cell from 'Unit1' to the 'Grade' cell in the Master spreadsheet.

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Create Spreadsheets That Auto Populate Using Information From Main Spreadsheet?

Aug 9, 2013

I have a main spreadsheet that I am consistenty adding information to. The columns are : Company name, Contact, Territory, and Status. The main spreadsheet is titled "Main". I want 5 additional spreadsheets in the same workbook that are automatically pulling information from the "Main" spreadsheet, and populating the appropriate spreadsheet . For example...I have 500 entries of different companies in "Main". All of these companies are either categorized as "North, South, East, West, Offshore" in the Territory column. So, I would like my workbook to have 6 "Main, North, South, East, West, Offshore." As of right now, I am Sorting the column, then copy and pasting into correct spreadsheet manually.

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Copy Multiple Spreadsheets Into 1 Spreadsheet

Oct 1, 2012

I have created with most of it being done by Austrada (who has done a great job) code to copy multiple spreadsheets into 1 spreadsheet. We have run into a error Run Time Error '9'. Subscript out of range.

Sub CopyData()

'You need to make sure you have activated the Scripting Runtime reference for the FSO to work
Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject


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Data Extraction Multiple Workbooks And Sheets To Master Spreadsheet

Mar 20, 2009

I have directory with multiple workbooks. Each workbook contains multiple sheets (sheet 1, sheet 2, etc). On each sheet of the workbook, there are various data. The data I am looking to extract from these sheets are in the same cell of each sheet. (See data sheet –datasheet.xls). If I can extract these data without opening the file, it would be preferred. Otherwise, opening the workbook, extract the data, and then close the workbook is acceptable.

Desired Solution:

I would like the assistance to create a macro that will extract data from each sheet of the workbook in the directory at a time until all the workbooks and sheets within the directory are read. The macro shall extract data from cell B5, B6, B10:B20, and sheet name from each sheet of the workbook and copy these data to an active sheet called “US” on workbook, DesireResult.xls. The DesireResult.xls shows how the data should be copied over. Before copying the data to the DesireResult.xls workbook, the macro will prompt the user to enter a cell on the “US” sheet as the starting point to paste the information to. Prompting the user to enter the beginning cell shall happen only once and not for each workbook or sheet being read. The reason for this is because the “US” sheet will already have other data in it. After reading each sheet, the macro shall leave a blank row at the end. The data from the next sheet shall be pasted below the blank row. Note: all the workbooks contain macro and link to other file. When opening each workbook, the macro should automatically choose not to update the links.

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VBA - Copy Data On Different Cells In Master Spreadsheet To Multiple Closed Workbooks

Dec 19, 2013

I have tried to write the below VBA to copy a specific cell to a specific workbook. I have set the folder path in B1 and listed the file names in column E4 onwards. E1 being the number of files in column E. I get a run-time error 91 "Object variable or With block variable not set" on Current File =

Sub UpdateParameters()
Dim CurrentFile As Workbook
Dim wbOpen As Workbook


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Create Master Workbook From Multiple Workbooks

Jul 3, 2013

I need to consolidate a lot of information from multiple workbooks all the workbooks are located in a folder, i am not bothered about running each one separately or a group at a time, each work book has ten sheets with each sheet in the workbook being different, it needs to add to the next blank row on each sheet.

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Create Master File With Macro Built In That Will Allow Multiple Users To Use It At Once

Feb 7, 2014

I am trying to create a master file, with a macro built in, that will allow multiple users to use it at once. The macro is to open a dilouge(sp sorry) box showing the contents of a specific folder, allow the user to selct one of the sheets, then copy and paste the set details from the hidden tab on this sheet (All sheets will be the same barring title), append the details to the master list in the first empty row.

I've got this far thus
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Modify this folder path to point to the files you want to use.
FolderPath = "My Folder name here"

' Set the current directory to the the folder path.
ChDrive FolderPath

[Code] .....

So I can copy the row, but I can't get the first part to open .

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VBA Macro To Create Multiple Workbooks From One Master Workbook By Cost Centre

Jun 27, 2013

VBA Macro to work through a worksheet that consist of static data (tab 4) cost centres and to populate a new work book per cost centre consisting of three tabs for every cost centre found in the static data.

The master Workbook has the following tabs:

Tab 1 is called travel and consist of column a which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns)

Tab 2 is called Mobile and consist of column a which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns)

Tab 3 is called Expenses. and consist of column a which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns)

Tab 4 Static Date column 1 cost centre number and consist of column 1 which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns).

If no information found on a specific cost centre, the tab will include the headers and return the words "No transactions for this period"

Whilst splitting data into Tabs the workbooks should check against the Static Data table and include cost center description in Column B of each tab in the new workbook.

If master workbook consist of the following....

Tab 1 is called travel and consist of column 1 which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns), cost centres, 555,557,

Tab 2 is called Mobile column 1 cost centre number and consist of column 1 which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns) cost centres, 555, 78689,

Tab 3 is called Expenses. column 1 cost centre number and consist of column 1 which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns), cost centres, 555,

tab 4 Static Date - column 1 cost centre number and consist of column 1 which is the cost centre number (plus 14 other columns). cost centres, 555, 557,78689

It should output 3 workbooks by cost centre number.

One for 555, which consists of 3 tabs, travel, mobile and expenses.

A second for 557 which has 3 tabs travel, mobile and expenses, but only with data in the travel tab.

A third for 78689 which has 3 tabs travel, mobile and expenses, but only with data for mobile data.

The workbooks will be replicates of the contents within the tabs where column a wil be the cost centre plus 14 additional columns.

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Combine 13+ Spreadsheets Onto One Master Sheet

Jun 24, 2008

We have 13 salesman each completes a quotation log (each log is identical - except for the data obviously)

For month end and reporting purposes it would be useful to have 1 single log sorted by date.

It is not possible for each sales man to input the data into one log as some are away on business and take the log with them.

The logs are all stored in the same directory however there are other files and excel spreadsheets in the same directory.

This is how I would like to see it working - On opening the "MASTER" sheet it automatically (no user input required) clears out the old data, then gathers all the data from 13 spreadsheets, sorts it by quote date and dumps it into a new workbook.

We will be using excel 2000, 2003 & 2007 I can enable macros on all machines if necissary.

The spread sheets are very simple, single sheet with no formulas - just manually adding data. There will be no blank rows and data will be held in the range A - S with rows 1-4 being headers and titles

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Multiple If Conditions - Create Spreadsheet When Certain Score Is Given

Jul 30, 2012

I am trying to create a spreadsheet where when certain conditions are met, a certain score is given. For example, if the condition is >= 300, the score is 15. If the condition is >= 290, the score is 14. All the way down to a score of zero.

I tried...
=if(A2>= 300, "15", if(A2>= 290, "14", if(A2>= 280, "13"))) etc.

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Macro To Create Multiple Tabs With Same Spreadsheet On And Date Them

Jul 20, 2014

I am trying to create a workload spread sheet for work I need to have the same looking spread sheet 365 times but also need each sheet to be dated, EG (tue,01/04/2014 through to tue,31/03/2015) I can create 365 tabs that have the same spread sheet on and I can create dates but not do both at the same time, it isn't fun doing copy and paste 365 time.

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Single Spreadsheet From Many Spreadsheets

Jun 18, 2008

I want to create a single spreadsheet containing a selected row from each of 365 spreadsheets;

(1) I have 365 Excel spreadsheets (1 for every day of the year);
(2) Each spreadsheet contains:
(a) 24 values (one for every hour) horizontally with hourly average temperatures; and
(b) 8,000 records (vertically) for 8,000 different locations;

I want to create a new single spreadsheet in which I select a specific location (say, Linden, New Jersey), and capture the temperatures for all 24 hours (horizontally) and all 365 days (vertically);

the file names are all;

20070101.xls, 20070102.xls, 20070103.xls, ............ 20071231.xls (one for each day of the year)

(I tried using =VLOOKUP(Linden,CONCATENATE(A1,A2,A3,"'.xls'!","$B$1:$CA$8017"),3,FALSE); where A1, A2 & A3 are year, month & day respectively) but was unsuccessful;

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Report Spreadsheet, That Reads Several Other Spreadsheets

Jul 11, 2007

Linking is what I am having trouble with... I can establish the link but when I copy down a cloumn, Excel wants me to establish the link each and every time.

I purchased Link Hacker and it tells me Error 52. Bad file name or number

I have tried the mapped drive as well as the entire directory listing.

Is there anyway to force Excel to perform the formula without having to manually tell the link where to go?

I want to type a formula and it tells itself where to find the data.

If not is there another way to accomplish the reading of the spreadsheets?

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Populating One Spreadsheet From Data In Other Spreadsheets In Same Workbook

Jun 1, 2007

I need to have totals from individual worksheets automatically enter into cells in a master spreadsheet.

What I am doing is keeping track of donations collected from individual departments - each on their own worksheet. I would like to have the totals of each page automatically enter & update onto a master worksheet that would show the totals from each dept and then give me a total of all those.

I am not that well versed in Excel. I have been able to set up the individual worksheets and the master.....but can not figure out how to accomplish what I want with the Master tally sheet.

On the individual worksheets I also want to set it up to give me the average donation per person. So if I total the # of donors and the total $$$ amount...what formula do I use to get the average?

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Creating Summary Spreadsheet From Two Seperate Spreadsheets

Mar 16, 2007

I have two spreadsheets. I need to be able to match information from detailed spreadsheet for specific information from a lookup spreadsheet.

The detailed sheet (call it Purchases) has information about what was purchased during a month.

Columns: ...

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Collect Data From 4 Similar Spreadsheets And Rank Them In Fifth Spreadsheet?

Sep 24, 2013

i am trying to do collect data from 4 different spread sheets (they all consists of the same columns but they do not have the same amount of rows) and rank them based upon one of the columns in a fifth spreadsheet. in the fifth sheet i also want to display all of the information found in the four sheets, see simplified example below. Is this possible? and how do i do it? when i googles it i only found ways to do it using macro but i know nothing about macros..

Simplified example:

Sheet 1
A 3 W
B 5 X

Sheet 2
C 2 Y
D 7 Z

What i want excel to do
C 7 Z 2
B 5 X 1
A 3 W 1
C 2 Y 2

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Posting Dynamic Date In Individual Spreadsheets To Overview Spreadsheet

Jan 2, 2014

I am trying to build a workbook to track patient treatments. My overview sheet needs to list the last treatment received per patient which is listed in column a of each patient's individual sheet dynamically so I can review the history of treatments as well. I have tried to create a dynamic list, but it is not functioning correctly. I was using : =OFFSET(txdate,1,0,COUNTA('patient, name'!$A:$A),1) , where column A ( the named range "txdate") lists the treatment dates in succession and should be updated automatically when a new treatment is done.

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Loading Data From Other Spreadsheets - Open 20th Spreadsheet (by Date)

Sep 26, 2013

I have a sheet from which I load data. A normal cell looks like this:


I wrote a script however that writes new data into a new sheet every day, and saves it with the name of the date. The obstacle is, that I won't have a sheet for each day (ex: weekends, holidays). For that reason, is it possible for excel to scan a certain folder, and open the 20th file when sorted by date to read from?

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Combining Data Onto A Master Spreadsheet

Jan 15, 2009

i just want a macro to run over 4 sheets and combine onto one. I found this code -

Sub masterer()

if sheets(1).name "Master" Then
Sheets.Add before:=Sheets(1)
ActiveSheet.Name = "Master"
end if
For i = 2 To Worksheets.Count
Cells(1, (i - 2) * 7 + 1).Select

End Sub
This places all data in a line in row 1. Can the code be easily changed so
it puts each line from each worksheet onto a new row. So i have one big list of data ranging from columns A:G

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Looping Macro To Populate Master Spreadsheet?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a number of spreadsheets, all of the same format, saved into ("C:Email Attachments").

I wish to populate a master workbook, using a macro to loop through all of the workbooks in that folder, copying all of the data (Starting at B52-Q52) using Selection.End.Down, as the row count is always different and pasting it into the master workbook. Sometimes there may only be one row, so an IF statement may be required, to say if there is nothing in B53 then don't do Selection.End.Down. The overall result would be for all of the data from each spreadsheet is detailed as one big list in the master spreadsheet.

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Assign Individual Investment To Master Spreadsheet

Dec 17, 2012

(i) I have a spreadsheet listing all the investments details. For example,

Investment Investment Date Amount
xxx company 1/1/2012 $10,000
yyy company 2/1/2012 $20,000

(ii) Each investments have different investors. For example, xxx company has two investors: A and B; yyy company has 4 investors: B, C, D, E

I want to assign Investors Name and their Personal Investment Amount to the main investment spreadsheet. So that I can retrieve individual investor's investment positions.

For example, I want a spreadsheet showing B's investment. Then this spreadsheet should have details of xxx company and yyy company, as well as B's personal investment amount.

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Individual Contributor Tabs From A Master Spreadsheet

Jan 8, 2010

From a master (data entry) spreadsheet of work projects, I'd like to automatically create a tab for each individual contributor that lists all projects they are involved with. The thing is that being a contributor can mean being the lead, assisting with, or being the technician on the project (all columns in the master). To make the individual tabs easier to read, it'd be great to have that tab's contributor name in red, wherever it happens to fall in the various columns.

I've created an example that's a little simpler than reality - in real life there would be 20 tabs for the individual contributors and instead of 3 "Assist" columns there would be 20 columns.

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Highlight Rows In Master Spreadsheet Without Affecting Formulas?

Jan 19, 2014

how to highlight entire rows within a spreedsheet based on the information in a cell. I have gone to the conditional formatting and done:

=$A4="Needs Labs" and formatted that red, but when i go to note what areas it applies to, It will not highlight the row. I use the wizard box to decide where to apply the formatting like I saw on an online tutorial and dragged across the row, but nothing happened.

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Master Spreadsheet Pulls Variable File Name Data

Jan 22, 2014

I'm creating a master spreadsheet and I want it to pull live data from other spreadsheets depending on a variable.

I've a cell that has a variable date. I've files saved that have this variable attached to it in the name format: 'filename variable'.

I want to pull data, hopefully live, from workbooks based on this variable.

For example, I have files: generic 01212014, generic 01222014, generic 01232014.

The date is stored in the master workbook say in A1 that I can manipulate by entering a different date to pull data from a different workbook.

='[generic 01212014.xlsm]Database'!$L$3
='[generic 01222014.xlsm]Database'!$L$3
='[generic 01232014.xlsm]Database'!$L$3

There has to be away to make the bolded portions of the file name variable, right?

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Import Received Sheet Of Data To Master Spreadsheet

Jul 12, 2013

Every week I receive a sheet of data that I need to import into my master spreadsheet. The problem is I have to adjust the data I receive to import it unless there's a better way of doing it. I'm trying to automate both the modification and the importing of this sheet. I've tried to create a macro to modify and import without any success.

To adjust the spreadsheet I receive I need to: delete or find a way to exclude the first 3 rows, the bottom row with data stating "complete" and columns C,D&E from being imported; change font, size, color, bold to match the main spreadsheet in addition to formatting; split data in column A and remove any special characters. Formatting is important because I have to be able to easily remove duplicates. Also, the number of rows in the sheet I receive changes weekly.

I've attached a workbook with sample data. The first sheet is representative of what my master looks like, the second is what I sent and the third what I've been modifying it to and then importing. As stated before, I'd like to have my master automatically update with the sheet I sent, but I'm at a loss having to reformat everything every week before importing. Having the sheet that's sent to me revised before I receive isn't an option. What's the best way to automate this?


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Inventory Spreadsheet - Transfering Count To Master Broken?

Nov 19, 2009

I went to add the count to the inventory, it keeps returning an error where the date is pasted from one sheet to the other. I had originally tried to reference the value of the date directly, but because it was being passed to a merged cell, Excel didn't like it too much, so I had it copy and paste it. That worked at first, now it suddenly doesn't.

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Search For A File And Bring Back Data To Master Spreadsheet

May 22, 2008

To set up the problem, I have a folder that contains files that are all named numerically, ex. 08-100, 08-101, etc. Each file is identical in format but contains different data, ex. cell B1 is alway "material weight", cell B2 is always "estimated man hours" and new files are added weekly.

I am trying to set up a master spreadsheet that all I have to do is enter the file name (08-102) in the first column, and the second column will return the data in a specific cell of that file.

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Master Sheet - Trying To Create Unique ID

Mar 12, 2013

I have a master sheet with allot of columns. I want to be able to cut the data in seperate tabs.

I would like to have a formula to create a unique IDs to easily pull the information I need. If column Type and Vendor are the same I want the number in the Unique ID to repeat. The info on the master sheet can be sorted at any time.

Unique Id Type Vendor
Commission-1 Commission Microsoft
Commission-2 Commission Google
Commission-1 Commission Microsoft
Commission-3 Commission Netflix
Commission-2 Commission Google

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Vba To Create Separate Reports From Master

Jun 20, 2008

I have the following spreadsheet Columns on master sorted by Column J:


What I need too do based on the Codes in Column J is create a separate workbook for each different code.

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