Ignore Duplicates When Adding Items To ComboBox -VBA

Dec 3, 2011

I need to add items to a combobox without adding duplicates or empty data. I am able to add without empty data but how to ignore the duplicates.

Here is what I have...

Dim GL As Range
Dim ws1 As Worksheet
Set ws1 = Worksheets("Main")
For Each GL In ws1.Range("MainGL")
If IsEmpty(GL) Then
'do nothing
ComboBox2.AddItem GL.Value
End If
Next GL

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Adding Items To Combobox

Jul 29, 2009

In my excel sheet, from B2 to B20 i have datas like,


I want to add this to my combobox1 with out repeation as, 'aaa' should be listed in combobox once. What is the macro for this or we can do it in Combobox properties itself?

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Combobox ADDING Only The Items That Are NOT In The Combo Already

May 2, 2006

I've got a database and want to put the names that are in one culumn of the Worksheet into a combobox.

I use a Loop and the addItem procedure.

The thing is that there are many names that are the same, just diferent records for the same company...

How do i do that every name only appears once in the ComboBox.

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Adding Column Head As Items To Combobox

May 13, 2006

How do I add the column heads (e.g. A1, B1, C1....) as items to a combobox or listbox if they are not empty?

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Excel 2007 :: Adding Items To Combobox At Run Time?

Jan 12, 2012

Adding items to combobox at run time

Setup office 2007 win xp pro ie8

Further to my post relating to swaping jpgs

The code below scans from the column on the row of the worksheet till it finds a blank, this seems to work ok as I previously had a msgbox in that displayed the value of n once the loop finished

So I was hoping that the values in the columns on that row would be added to the combobox but for some reason I get a typing missmatch error.


Dim n As Integer
n = 1
Do While LValue6 "" 'find out how many alternatives there are
LValue6 = FoundISBN.Offset(0, 32 + n).Value
n = n + 1
DataInput.ComboBox1(n) = LValue6 - I was hoping that the value in the cell was added to the combobox

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Adding Items Into ListBox With Comboboxes Even Combobox Is Empty

Mar 21, 2013

I have a list box in the userform. I would like to add items into ListBox which correspondent with 4 combo box values. If all combo boxes is selected, that would be easy task. However, user might not need to select all combo boxes. If any of the combo boxes empty, my code fails that end up listbox is empty. I could write the code with all of the combinations, but that will be my last choice if there is nothing easier than that. Can I adjust the code such as if the combo box="" then skip then look at the other combo box if that is "" than skip again. If all combos are "" add all the items from the source.

My code is below:

AllStaffLB is listbox
StaffSrchCB is combo box
StaffSrchCB2 is combo box


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Adding Unique Items To ComboBox From Another File/Workbook

Aug 31, 2006

I need to add about ~200 items to Combo From Other Excel File (with no duplcates).
How to make it.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
With cboComp
.addItem "item"
End With
End Sub

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Populating Combobox 2 With Items That Match Criteria From Combobox 1

Mar 30, 2009

Am trying to get dynamic population of 2nd combobox based on match from criteria in combobox 1.

if column a = bears and column b = colours of bears then

when I select bears in combobox one, combobox 2 would populate with colors of bear.

I am think of having a combobox 1 change event that evaluates each row in a specific range (does it match the criteria?) if so, then add 2nd cell (column b) of that row to the combobox 2.

I know it would probably involve match and offset, add item and loop, but I am not sure what the syntax is.

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Ignore 1st Value In ComboBox

Jan 23, 2008

I have a small problem. Basically what I need to do is this: I'm setting the initial value of my combobox to say "Select a Payer". The combobox has a list of insurance payers. When one is selected by the user they click a button and on another sheet is displayed thier selection in a Pivot Table. Unfortunately, when the user selects nothing (the combobox stays at "Select a Payer") problems occurr.
What I want is to use if combobox1.value = "Select a Payer" then combobox1.value = {the first actual Payer in the list}. Index number 1 ?

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Pivot Table To Ignore Duplicates?

Jan 4, 2012

I have a pivot table to show the number of complaints by site and by type of complaint. This is not providing the correct information as each complaint can have can have multiples line attached to it. I only want to count the complaint once. For Example, There are 13 site locations, and several different types of complaint.

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Conditional Format Duplicates Ignore Certain Criteria?

Jul 30, 2014

I have conditionally formatted a column of staff names where duplicates are highlighted - this is fine but there are some duplicates that I do not want to include - these all have the same criteria in that they include the suffix (v)

Is there an easy way of doing this?

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LOOKUP Multiple Results But Ignore Duplicates

May 30, 2006

I have this formula below it will return multiple results is it possilbe to modified it that it will return multiple results but ignore duplicates. I would like it to be a stand alone formula no helper cells or helper columns.


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Find Active Cell Value & Ignore Duplicates

Jul 28, 2007

I need to write a macro for find a value in all sheets in current workbook. The problem is put like this: I have to write a ID (for DVD archiving) in a column but testing that generated value is unique in entire workbook (I have multiple sheets, organized by movie genre). I can use find method and testing for value <> Nothing but it always said that the value is present (the current cell value); there is any method to omit selected cell value? I think "After:=" parameter can do this but I don't figure out how to handle with it...

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Multiple Criteria Ranking To Ignore Duplicates

Apr 2, 2008

I posted a thread a while ago asking for a formula to rank based on multiple criteria (Rank On Multiple Criteria). The following; = SUMPRODUCT(--($A$2:$A$50=$A2),--($B$2:$B$50=$B2),--($D$2:$D$50=$D2),--($G2>$G$2:$G$50))+1)

works an absoulte treat, however is there a way to modify it so that does not allow duplicates? The data in the G column refers to time values acheived during testing of athletes, the problem arises when two athletes achieve the same score and thus they are ranked the same. However, body mass is also measured (F column) and in essence the athlete with the lower body mass has achived the better score and thus should be ranked accordingly.

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Ignore Blanks & Duplicates In Dynamic Named Range

Feb 27, 2008

I am having 2 problems with dynamic named ranges. On one hand, I am getting a LOT of duplicates in some ranges and a lack of entries in those ranges that have too many blanks. Here is a sample of the dynamic named range in the first column:

This first range is called "NamedRange_1"
=OFFSET(Data!$A$2,0,0, COUNTA(Data!$A:$A)-1,1)

how to eliminate both the duplicates and the blanks?

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Ignore Text Adding Cells

Dec 19, 2006

I am trying to do is add together numbers in the same cell though in different sheets. However some of the sheets will not have numbers in them and it comes up with an error value. How can I ignore this and still have a value be returned if there is no values entered in some cells?

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Show How Many Duplicates Items In Columns

Jul 13, 2009

I have a list of line items and I want to be able to see how many duplicates in Column A and B.

Column A has text field and column B is a numeric field

I thought I could use INDEX MATCH but I'm unsure.

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Add Same Items To 10 Different Combobox

Mar 13, 2009

The below code shows the way I add items to 10 different comboboxes. However, the items to be added are actual the same.

Is there a way I can simiply it? I am worry that by the end of day, i might have up to 50-60 comboboxes and the code will be a relativity long and not efficient.

Taking into consideration the the comboboxes will be labelled as Jieyi_task_ComboBox1...to 10
jane_task_ComboBox1...to 10
Kenny_task_ComboBox1.. to 10

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Combobox With Duplicates

Nov 29, 2012

I have a combobox on one of my worksheet, it is taking values from another worksheet and it is appearing that the values are repeated/duplicated.

VBA code to just copy the value once from the range.

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Combobox With No Duplicates

Aug 21, 2008

From a list of data in a column (which will be containing duplicate values), is there a way of producing a list containing no duplicates, for use in a userform combobox?

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Creating List Of Items Selected (Yes) Without Duplicates

Jan 19, 2014

I have attached a sample of what im trying to do here.

A2:A10 i have items, B2:B10 they can selected "yes" or "no" and C2:C10 the values

What I would like is, is "yes" was selected, i would like the item name added to a list. so basically:


And then I can just add the value to each item later but I need to remove duplicates and obv have this carried throughout the cells.

Attached File: TEST.xlsx‎

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Extracting Non-duplicate Items, Not Deleting Duplicates

May 16, 2006

I have 2 huge lists. One is " the Master list" which I have to extract items that are not already listed on the second list . I don't want to remove duplicate entries,I want to remove the duplicates completely. in both lists, so that I only have items that are not in the second list...

like this..

List 1:
# $ % & * ! @
List 2:
# & @

so I want to end up with:
$ % * !

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Add/Delete Items To Combobox

May 30, 2009

I want to know the procedure of adding and deleting the items to a combobox or list box dynamically.

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Alphabetize Combobox Items

Jan 19, 2010

I have a significant number of comboboxes on a multipage userform. Almost all of them are populated dynamically (it takes the user choice from one combobox, looks for that value on the spreadsheet and if it finds it, it takes whats in the next column and adds it to another combobox).

My problem is that all the items in these other comboboxes are not in alphabetical order. I'd like to find some code that will work for all my comboboxes so that I don't have to have the same code over and over again for each field.

I found the code below and that works to alphabetize the dropdown, but I still have to use it over and over again and change it for each fieldname (in red). I tried to use a variant and just make the value the same as each fieldname before it calls the sub and whats in red below was just my variable but that just crashes my excel.

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Items From Sheet In Combobox

Jan 12, 2007

C Attached file.

I want the items that appear in B9:B5000, automaticaly in Combobox_Category. How can I do this, so that every item stays unique.

example B9 = fat cow and B10= fat cow, fat cow will only appear 1 time in the combobox lista and not twice, how can I organise the combobox list Alphab?

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Combobox Ignoring Duplicates?

Apr 23, 2014

I have a combo box with a list of vendors. The problem is that a vendor can appear more than once. The list of vendors is dynamic so new vendors can be added and still appear in the combo box but how can I get the combox box list to only recognize the vendor name once so I don't have multiple duplicate vendors showing in the list?

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Prevent Combobox Duplicates

Jul 17, 2007

How do i stop my combobox from displaying duplicate entries?

See Sort & Remove Duplicates From ListBox

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Remove Duplicates And Populate Items Based On Dropdown?

Feb 10, 2014

I have an excel sheet with data where I have column A index number, B company name, c empty, d data , e with item.

[Code] ......

What I trying to do is I made a dropdown for company list and i select comp1 then i want to populate items list with out duplicates .

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Calling Macros For Items In Combobox

Feb 9, 2014

I am trying to run macros for each item in combobox. These macros will insert text in a cell. The problem is that when i make a selection from combobox, save the file and reopen the file, it again runs the macro based on the value in combobox. I am getting the results twice in a cell.

I've written the following code.

[Code] .......

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Find Range For Items From An Combobox

Feb 24, 2009

I have an workbook with two worksheets: sheet1 and sheet2. In first sheet I have an combobox (with data from sheet2, range A2:end xldown). In second sheet I have:

column A: item
column B: item with range
column C: range

I need to select one item from combobox (for example 3) and after that to select a cell (for example D3).

In sheet2, column A, I need item 3 to be deleted.
In sheet2, column B, I need item 3 to be added.
In sheet2, column C, I need the selected cell (D3) to be added and so on for all the items!

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