Link Multiple Column Of Dates To Outlook Calendar?

Aug 13, 2014

I have a worksheet that has about 20 columns and 60 rows, but only need the data from 5 of the columns to link with outlook calendar. I want to be able to enter the date of completion of a task in the excel spreadsheet and have an reminder entered into outlook calendar a year later. I would like the Subject of the appointment to be the EMPLOYEE NAME and the Location of the appointment to be the TASK (what the employee has to renew) [these would be the column headers]. The duration can be ALL DAY for all appointments. A reminder would be fantastic!

The only other fear I have is each time I run the macro/VBA it will recreate duplicate appointments.

And I don't know if this is possible but one of the tasks (column) for renewal, ie: drug test, calls for an employee to be randomly selected every quarter. This will cause the employee to have a new annual renewal date in outlook but will outlook still retain the original annual renewal appointment date? I am sure we can live with this, but just a thought if there is a possibility of removing the original appointment it would be amazing.

I have attached example of worksheet. The yellow highlighted column headers contain the information I need renewal appointments created for.

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Selecting Multiple Dates Using Calendar Control

May 2, 2006

how to multiple dates can be selected using the calendar control object? I haven't actually explored this for very long

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Calendar Macro To Insert Multiple Dates Within The Same Cell

Jul 4, 2014

Attached is what I use as a Calendar Macro and it works great for single active cell use.

I have a column for 'Notes' and I can only use 1 cell per item so every time I have an update about a specific item I go the to notes section and put a date and leave few spaces then type in whatever the notes are. Currently I'm doing it manually and I tried to use my macro on the Notes column and what it does is to remove everything in the cell and replace it with whatever date I choose in the calendar.

find a way to use my current Calendar Macro to add a date in the cell instead replacing everything in the cell with a date.

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Create Outlook Appointment From Excel Dates Column Without Duplicating Existing Appointments

Jul 16, 2013

It is for a calibration spreadsheet that I run that keeps track of when items are due to be calibrated.

It works at the moment and has populated my outlook with calendar entry and reminder 2 weeks before they are due - which is perfect.

The problem is when I update one of the calibration dates I will want to re-run the macro to create a new appointment - but this will duplicate all the appointments that already exist! very annoying since there are over 200 items.

Sub outlook_appointment()
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim olAppItem As Outlook.AppointmentItem


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Run An Outlook Calendar

Nov 17, 2008

Is there a possibility to run an Outlook Calendar in Excel via code? and share it between users.?

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Export To Outlook Calendar

Aug 11, 2009

i am using the attached sheet to export data from excel to outlook calendar from last 2-3 months. Now suddenly it stopped working for me (I didn't amend the code)

All the data i have filled in is in the correct format but the code doesn't export the data after ROW 72.

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Automating Outlook Calendar Invitations

Apr 7, 2014

How to automate outlook 2010 calendar and email integration.

I would like to create a button that sends out calendar invites to a large number of recipients with different specific meeting details (date determined by spreadsheet and other details standard). I'd expect that this would populate a specific shared calendar (not my personal calendar) for managing these appointments. It would be good to avoid duplicate correspondence (e.g. via drop-down list or checkbox).

I've created buttons testing a few codes provided in forums, but have not been able to make these work correctly.

Attached is a simple excerpt of the spreadsheet I'm seeking to automate.

Test example.xlsm‎

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VBA To Extract Calendar Date From Outlook

Apr 8, 2013

I'm trying to reference a public folder in Outlook and pull a date from a specific appointment. I can get this to work for my personal calendar but I cannot get the code right to reference the public calendar.


Sub GetApptsFromOutlook()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Call GetCalData("4/1/2013", "4/30/13")
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub


Now I'm very green when it comes to VBA but I've messed around with the last line of this code in all sorts of ways and I still fail to get the object reference correct. I'm not sure if this has something to do with doing it from excel, offline, online, etc etc...

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Macro To Export Outlook Calendar To Excel?

Sep 27, 2012

exporting outlook calendar to excel using a macro?

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Excel To Outlook As Delayed Email (was Task) (was Calendar)

Oct 22, 2008

This isnt your typical email request, in this case I would like to set a Calendar event for a list of users with a reminder (Series) in OutLook.

Has anyone tried this, is it possible?

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Excel Pulling Outlook Calendar Info (Shared)

Dec 26, 2013

I have found a code to pull outlook calendar information from outlook to excel. I am trying to determine how to pull from Shared Calendars. This code looks as if they calendar has a number (9), but I can't figure out what the other calendar's numbers would be. How to pull from Shared Calendars and how to pull the month for which the calendar is on. My shared calendars are under Calendars>Shared Calendars in outlook. So for example, I would need to pull John Doe's calendar information for January if the calendar was on January. My code is listed below.

Sub ListAppointments()

Dim olApp As Object
Dim olNS As Object
Dim olFolder As Object
Dim olApt As Object
Dim NextRow As Long

Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

[Code] ......

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Sending Outlook Calendar Invites Automatically When Cell Updated In Excel Spreadsheet

Jan 7, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet that displays new dates in column D based on provided dates in Column B and recurrence intervals selected in column C. The dates in column D are when a training deadline occurs. I have been trying to get a macros written so that when a cell in column d is updated, an outlook appointment message is sent to the person doing the updating. The idea here is that anyone can use this without future coding (so their address would be placed in cell say A1)

So far all i have gotten is excel to send an email to me with the excel spreadsheet as an attachment, not really what I want. Again, I dont want somethign specific to my computer settings, I want to be able to send the spreadsheet out with simple instructions for the user to change their email in cell A1 and then every time a cell changes in column D, it automatically generate an appointment reminder for the new date.

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Excel Live Calendar Conditional Formatting With Multiple Cells In Column

Jul 15, 2013

I have designed a live calendar and am trying to highlight selected dates from a column in the calendar. I am able to select single cell in the column and highlight the date in the calendar, But am unable to select multiple dates in the column and highlight multiple dates in the calendar using conditional formatting.

Eg: calender dates are from B5:H9 and multiple dates are in column J10:J13

J column
J10 7/10/2013
J11 7/20/2013
j14 7/29/2013

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Highlight Dates On Calendar If Between 2 Dates

Dec 22, 2013

I'm trying to get excel to automatically highlight dates on my calendar that fall between a number of given dates, but this is causing some issues.

First of all excel doesn't support conditional formatting between dates, and second I can't copy conditional formatting rules to apply to another cell easily.

It would be possible to manually set up rules for all 365 days of a year, but I was hoping to use a formula that can do this automatically.

I found a formula that uses median that is quite clever, but I haven't found a way to apply it to a part of the calendar or the entire calendar for that matter.

This formula does a neat job for a single date, but it would be nice if it would work for an entire month.


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Pop Up Calendar To Choose Dates?

Oct 1, 2008

how I can make a calendar that pops up when the user mouse clicks or tabs/arrows over to a cell so they can choose a date instead of manually typing in the date?

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Adding Dates Via A Calendar

Dec 14, 2009

I'm trying to limit the information people can put into my format and therefore to ensure they put in a the correct date etc i'm wondering if it is possible to have a calendar pop up to click on the date for a particular cell?

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Block Out Dates For Calendar Vba

Sep 15, 2006

How do you block out the past dates?

Like today is september 14th, tomorrow I want september 15th to be highlighted but all dates previous to september 15th to be black.

Here is the code if it helps any one out. Thanks in advance for the help.

Sub CreateCalendar()
Dim lMonth As Long
Dim strMonth As String
Dim rStart As Range
Dim strAddress As String
Dim rCell As Range
Dim lDays As Long
Dim dDate As Date

'Add new sheet and format
ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False
With Cells
.ColumnWidth = 6#
.Font.Size = 8
End With

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Custom Calendar Dates

Jan 29, 2007

I need to create a Date Column (format = Friday, Janurary 10, 2007) for the entire year of 2007 that will display only the Tuesday and Friday of every week for every month ( total 2007 date entries : 52 weeks x 2 = 104 Dates). The format of the date is something that I will setup using the Format Cell menu options.

Is this task possible in Excel without involving a VBA script, because I'm not a VBA programmer? I tried setting up a formula to accomplish this task but the problem I'm having is that I can't add numberical values to Date values.

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Calendar With Restricted Dates To Select

Mar 18, 2009

Is there a way to have a calendar pop up when a particular cell is selected and only have Sunday dates as optional selections? Needs to be able to scroll by month.

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Calculate Dates Marked In Calendar

Apr 12, 2009

I have a calendar in the sheet attached. If there are leave dates that are marked in red, can I create a formula to count the number of leave dates for the entire year ?

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Calendar Creation From Dates On Various Worksheets

Oct 22, 2012

What I am looking to do is have a calendar on a worksheet that populates with dates from multiple worksheets across the workbook. I've got approximately 15 worksheets to pull dates from. Within each worksheet I have a table with 5-10 check options (Form control check boxes). When an option is checked, several dates appear going across the rows on the table. The dates in each row have several date ranges. For example, if I check option 1, I will get 4 separate date ranges of varying amounts of time. I would like these date ranges to then populate on the calendar. All worksheets should populate the same calendar. As each worksheet may have similar options, I would like the listing on the calendar to state Worksheet Name - Option Name for it's entry onto the calendar.

I've looked at the design of the calendar provided by Pete_UK and it looks like something that would work for me.

I've included a condensed version of the spreadsheet I am working on as well as the calendar created by Pete_UK.

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Limiting Calendar Control Dates

Jan 3, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that will always have the dates needed in cells H40 and H42. I would like the calendar to utilize the data validation in the cell to only allow someone to choose a date that is between the dates in H40 and H42.

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
'ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="pbrmeasap"
ActiveCell.Value = CDbl(Calendar1.Value)
ActiveCell.NumberFormat = "mm/dd/yyyy"
Calendar1.Visible = False

[Code] ...

Could I add this code anywhere to make it work?

Sub DataValidation()
With Selection.Validation
.Add Type:=xlValidateDate, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _
xlBetween, Formula1:="=$H$40", Formula2:="=$H$42"

[Code] ......

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Spreadsheet Dates In A Calendar Layout

Sep 8, 2007

I have a sheet pasted below, I am wondering if it is possible to take data and have it automatically laid out in a calendar format. Say all the dates in column G could be sorted into a calendar with reference text from column E....

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Translate True Calendar Dates

Nov 23, 2009

I am trying to create a formula that can translate true calendar dates when a date is entered IE 2/15/09 if with the normal formaula, it alwways calulates 30 days or even on 31 day months.

I need th formula to calculate actual dates and know when there is a 31 versus a 30 day month or 28/29 for February.

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Selecting 2 Dates In Calendar Form

Aug 2, 2006

I have created a calendar as part of main userform and I need to be able to select 2 dates and link them to 2 cells in the spreadsheet. According to your help on the calendar form at I managed to do the basic calendar but need to select in it 2 dates.

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Use One (1) Calendar Control To Add Different Dates To Different Cells

Oct 8, 2006

Is it possible to use one (1) calendar control to add different dates to different cells?

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Retrieve Two Dates From UserForm Calendar

Jun 24, 2008

I want the user to select a date from a calendar and insert a new sheet if a new date has been selected otherwise display the calendar again; then get the user to select a 2nd date and use this is in a Vlookup formula:......

Show the user the calendar Record the value Format it and check it against existing sheetsIf it doesn't exist, insert a new sheet ( name = date)If it is already present ask the user to enter another date and present the calendar to them againShow the user for the calendar for the 2nd dateRecord the valueCheck it against existing sheet names (names = dates) - it needs to be a valid date = sheet nameIf it's valid, use it in the vlookup formulaIf it's invalid, warn the user and display the calendar againOnce 2 correct dates are entered, I have a routine that then runs fine ....

I'm getting very lost in when the routine 'SheetAlreadyExists' and 'InsertNewSheet' should run (ie before/after each other etc.)

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Generate Calendar With Specific Dates Marked

Jan 6, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of my travel. Column A has the date I arrived somewhere, and Column B has the date I departed, and Column C has the name of the city I went to.

I am wondering if there is a way to generate a calendar using my list that will mark those dates. For example, a calendar for the month of June 2008 that would show I was traveling from June 3 to June 14, either by marking those dates with a different color or labeling them with the city names, or even just putting an x in the box.

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How To Create A Calendar Which Populates By List Of Dates

Apr 1, 2009

I have been asked to create a calendar which will display, on the applicable date of expiry, a contract name. Basically so someone can go and see what contracts are due to expire. And then if a new contract comes up it will automatically be added.

I have a list of Contract names in one column followed by the expiry date.

I have looked around and there are some things which could help but they are seriously complicated and I can't work out how to apply it to my situation.

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Changing Calendar Start And Stop Dates

Jun 20, 2007

The company I work for does not use the usual calendar dates and uses a modified calendar. As an example, the month of January is Dec 31 thru Jan 27, February is Jan 28 thru Feb 24 and so on. I need to group data using a pivot table and summarize data by month, but as I just described above, calendar months will not work. Is there a way to modify what Excel sees as monthly dates?

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