Multiple Lookup Values Rows And Columns To Lookup Single Target Column On Right End?

Apr 7, 2014

I have a table of data (say Column1 to Column 5) with multiple rows.

Column 1 to 4 will have the lookup values in multiple rows and Column 5 data should be picked up using vlookup or other lookup function.

I managed to somehow bring all these lookup values in (Column 1 to 4) in a single column in another sheet. I am now trying to use some lookup or other functions to match this single column and pick column 5 data in original sheet. Result i am expecting is lookup value in first column and next to it column 5 value.

It is basically a lookup wherein lookup value is spread over multiple rows and columns and result column is fixed. I tried using vlookup, but lookup value column and column number had to change every time when i moved from column1 to 4.

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VLookup - Single Value Lookup Returning Multiple Records Into Multiple Columns

Feb 7, 2014

Certification and Training tracking.xlsx

I want to create a certification only list on a separate tab of training that has been completed where a certification has been issued (as indicated by a "Y" in the "Certification?" column on the training tracking tab) and then populate from some of the fields vs. all of the fields.

What I have now, only pulls the first occurence, not all occurences. I saw that I could have identified the multiple columns that needed to be populated, but it didn't work either, so I'm fine putting a separate vlookup in each column.

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Lookup Single Value In One Array, And Return Multiple Values

May 30, 2006

I know something very similar was posted before, but unfortunately, it wasn't what I was looking for. I have a Worksheet tracking several associates and the department they have done work in. (Our associates are contractors for other departments). I need to have a final worksheet that allows me to pull up a name, and display every dept they worked with in the past week.

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Return Multiple Values From Lookup To Single Cell

Feb 20, 2007

i would like the code that allows me to copy enything I typing in column a sheet1 to column a in sheet2

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Lookup Multiple Values In A Single Cell (separated By Commas) And Then Return The Values To A Single Cell (also Comma Separated)

Jan 7, 2009

If I have, in one cell (call it D1):


and in a lookup table on another sheet:
1 ED T
2 EH F
3 DR G
4 HU H
5 SE E
6 YU E

I need to be able to lookup the values in D1 on the table and return the values in column B to a single cell (say E1), also comma separated...



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Reverse VLookup (Index Match) To Return Multiple Values Based On Single Lookup Criteria

Jul 11, 2012

I have encountered a situation where I need to essentially accomplish a reverse Vlookup (using index match) and return multiple values.

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Lookup Returning Multiple Columns And Rows?

Oct 8, 2013

I'm working on a database right now for our school, similar to a directory. What I want to do is be able to look up what items a staff member has been issued and when/if they were returned. What I have right now is one sheet with all the information about the staff that looks like the one below. I want to create a separate sheet where you could look up a staff member by last name and can find all the information in the array relative the the specific cell looked up.

Last Name
First Name

So, on the "lookup" sheet, I want to be able to input either Doe and have the look up return cells B2:E6, or if I input Smith it should return cells B7:D11.

I've been experimenting with Vlookup, hlookup, index, and match but haven't been able to get exactly what I want..

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Return Values Using Lookup Value From One Sheet Across Multiple Columns

Dec 11, 2012

I'm trying to find a way to:

Use a referenced lookup value from sheet "A", to return values, from several columns in sheet "B"

Things to note:

a) The lookup values sometimes repeat. I need all the associated values with each repetition as well.

b) The lookup values in sheet "A" are a comprehensive list, sheet "B" also contains some of these values but not all. Essentially, what I need to do is find a way to lookup each value in an account numbers column in sheet "A", against a different account numbers column in sheet "B".

If that value occurs in sheet "B" I want it to return the values from Columns X, Y, Z, (I want these values returned in sheet "A".

If that value does not occur in sheet B, the corresponding cells should remain blank.

If the lookup value occurs multiple times, I need all the corresponding values from each of X, Y, Z columns.

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Lookup A Value Based On An Array Spanning Multiple Rows And Columns

Nov 24, 2008

I'm having difficulty finding a way to ask excel to lookup a value based on an array spanning multiple rows and columns. There's a mock example in the attached.

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Lookup Values And Insert Column And Rows?

Feb 18, 2014

I have a table (Arrears) showing a list of customers with part numbers and quantities in arrears. A second table is a customer order table showing details of what needs to be shipped for a given date.

Based on these two tables, I would like to add a column to the Order table to show the values for arrears against the order quantity for the given date. In addition if there are no order requirements but there are arrears then insert a row to show the corresponding arrears.

see the attached spreadsheet for more details. This shows the two source tables (Arrears and Order) and the expected results showing the added column for arrears and the inserted rows.

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Lookup Item That May Be In One Of Multiple Columns, Display From One Column

Jan 1, 2010

I would like to put a formula (or make a macro) for Cell F7 (and all the other cells too) in sheet "Budget Sheet" that pulls the value $100 from cell G5 from sheet "Input Sheet" by looking through columns A-F for the account ID "5111100"


- I (for the most part) cannot change the format of "Budget Sheet" or "Input Sheet"

- I cannot have the formula (or macro) just look down Column F because the actual file I am working with has the pertinent account IDs scattered through columns D-F (it was exported from another program).

- I am using Excel 2003 SP3
- If necessary, I can make the reference to "5111100 Bonus" if that would make things simpler

- Column G will always contain the dollar amount I need.

-I've been hitting the books trying to figure out how to get array formula working on this and cannot for the life of me get it to obey when I press ctrl-shift-enter.

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Lookup Multiple Values In Same Column With Same Column Heading

Feb 10, 2010

Is there a formula to isolate observations in the same column (different values) and also all have the same column heading like the file attached?

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Split Single Column Into Multiple Columns And Rows

Aug 20, 2008

I have 300 rows worth of data that looks similar to this, all organized in one column:

John Q. Smith
2111 NW 13th St
Anywhereville, USA, 55555
(555) 555-5555
Joe P. Snider
5645 NW 45th St
Anywhereville, USA, 55555
(555) 555-5555
Patty Williams
6454 NW 34th St
Anywhereville, USA, 55555
(555) 555-5555

As you can see it is consistent with the name, position, address line 1, address line 2, Phone number, for every single entry. All my names are already alphabetized so I don't have to worry about it. What I want to do is have the information for each entry translated into 5 separate columns so it looks like this.

John Q. Smith Programmer 2111 NW 13th St Anywhereville, USA, 55555 (555) 555-5555
Joe P. Small Organizer 5645 NW 45th St Anywhereville, USA, 55555 (555) 555-5555
Patty Williams Accountant 6454 NW 34th St Anywhereville, USA, 55555 (555) 555-5555

Supposing I started the sheet in the top left corner at A1, I was just going to have cell B1=A1 then Cell B2=A6 then just autofill down column B but it doesn't work. I have seen some people do something similar to what I want with VBA but I am convinced there has to be something simple in with an excel formula seeing as my information is already so organized and consistent.

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Lookup Single Value In Cells With 2 Values

Aug 24, 2006

I have following sample list of data:

0000 - 1069BEGrimb
1100 - 1179BEGrimb
1070 - 1099BETern
1020 - 1229ATLZN

I now need to determine the Terminal for postalcode 1086 in BE
but since the postal code that I need to find is within a range
(1070-1099) that is within a single cell, and there is a second
argument (BE) in the next column, my novice knowledge of VLOOKUP()
isn't sufficient to come to a result

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Multiple Outputs For Single Lookup Value

Feb 4, 2014

On one of the reports which i am doing to identify the series of values for a single input data. In the attached spreadsheet there are 2 tables, table 1 has complete data with column a is the lookup value and column b is output value

I have to fill the table 2 in the same manner as shown in the attached template. there could be many different for a single lookup value but i am targeting to look for the 1st 9 matches and last matched value. eg. if i am looking for the value 9 which has 15 different values i want to display the 1st 9 matches (p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x and ad - being the 15th match)

Not sure whether this could be possible by using formulas?

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Multiple Duplicate Lookup Results In Single Cell

Aug 15, 2007

I have attached a copy of what I am trying to do. I've been researching vlookup for a while and everything I try doesn't seem to work. I'm also fairly new to Excel, so most of this is my first time trying these formulas.

In the attached test.xls file, I have two sheets created. The first is "Responsibility," and the second is "List." The data in "List" is what I am trying to pull from. As you can see, the people's names are listed more than once as the list goes down. On the "Responsibility" page I have each person's name one time. In the "Extinguisher" column, I'm wanting it to list every number that is found next to the person's name on the "List" sheet. For example:

Column B2 on the "Responsibility" sheet should read as follows:


Here is the formula I have in these cells:


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Multiple Comma Separated Lookup Results In Single Cell

Mar 13, 2008

I have a cell witch contains CSV I need too look up all the values off a master list an out put the vlookup results in 1 cell


( SHEET 1/Cell A1)


(SHEET 2/ look up list)
.A .B

I need the output to show the following in Cell B1


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Lookup Many Rows And Columns

Dec 29, 2002

My daily receiving list has Item# received that day e.g.
I need to compare this to a Data Base list that has 10000 item# , seller, and status (this data base can have repeated same item# but varied seller and therefore different status
Ing.xls (Data Base file)
Item# Seller Status
123 ABC Approved
123 GMC Not Approved
456 ABC Pending
456 XYZ Not Approved
456 QRS Approved
etc. +10000 items
Now I need to compare the daily receipts to the data base file and pull all the sellers for those particular items and their status which like I said could be on many rows, one row, or not listed at all to the ReceiptList.xls(which I can then make sure that the received items are from an Approved source etc.)

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Lookup Table (adjust Which Column The Lookup Function Refers To)

Jun 12, 2009

I am trying to perform a lookup (vlookup) function in a cell in excel and wish to have the range as a variable, so that I can adjust which column the lookup function refers to.

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Lookup In Multiple Columns

Aug 12, 2009

I have been already fighting for about a week with this problem. I attached the Excel-file. I have three input data and as output I want to get also three different data. For Vendor I use the VLOOKUP function. For agreement# I have used (not in this file) CONCATENATE by adding an extra column to the data table and then use VLOOKUP.

The actual problem is to find the price because it is based on the three input data. I can't seem to find a function for it. I've tried INDEX, MATCH, IF, nested them for as far as my knowledge reaches.
The problem lies for as far as I know in the cell. For example, input date is:
Client#:912345, Product:E569831, 16.7. (July 16th). This input date should return cell G12.

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Lookup Multiple Columns

Jul 10, 2006

I am trying to create a formula that will look in 3 columns containing 300 rows, and give an answer if the criteria in all 3 columns is met on a single row.
example: A B C
1 Blue Bag 60
2 Red Bag 100
3 Blue Bag 60

I want to check ALL the rows in the 3 columns that satisfy the criteria "Blue" and "Bag" and "60" and count how many times this occurs. I have tried COUNTIF but with no success, unless I am doing it wrong.

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Lookup And Match 2 Values Within 2 Columns

Apr 16, 2014

I want to search (sheet2 column A and B )for a match of (cell A2 and B1 of sheet2) and return value into sheet2 cell B2 Completed and if not found Outstanding

A john
B Week 1

A2 john
B1 Week 1

B2 Completed

Here is a formula I had been using in a google spreadsheet but does not work in excel


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Lookup Multiple Columns Match

Feb 9, 2012

I have data like this:




and I want to look up an approximate value in Col2, say 310, and return it's next-highest friend from Col3, in this case "g". This is easy enough with INDEX and MATCH. But I want to take it one step further and only use those values which are approved by Col1 - so in this case I want 310 to ACTUALLY return "e"

I found some good information here which gets me close. The following works very well. It uses a boolean & operator to match two values at once, but it only works for exact matches. This example goes down the list and finds the first "sydney" which has an "x" and gives the result "h".




When I use this approach on data like in my first example it falls over, my guess is because the boolean & falls down before the MATCH function has a chance to accept an approximate match.

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Lookup Multiple Columns Return A Value

Jun 26, 2012

Here are two sheets:

systemip1 ip2 ip3 ip4 ip5 ip6

ip system

Sheet 1 has 7 columns(system,ip1,ip2,ip3,ip4,ip5,ip6 and ip7)
Sheet 2 has 2 columns (ip,system)

I have to fill column "system" in sheet 2 with "system" listed in column 1 of Sheet1.

In other words look for "ip" in Sheet2 in 6 columns of Sheet1 and return column 1 of sheet1 as value.

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Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to run a lookup on a rather large table.

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F

Postal code City Province Postal code City Province

I am trying to look up the City and Province based on the Postal code and can't figure out how to do this.

There are too many Postal codes to fit them all in Column A, I have tried V Lookup, Index Match and can't get it to work.

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Lookup Multiple Columns And Return Top Row

Sep 21, 2006

I've been working this for ever and can't seem to figure out the best way to go about it. I have attached an example sheet. All I need to do is figure out the Dept #... which is listed in Row 1, Column F:H. I want to match the project numbers and then return the AA, BB, or CC in Column B.

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Match Multiple Columns To Lookup Value

Feb 20, 2008

I'm using an index array formula I learned here to lookup a value between 2 sheets in a workbook. I have had no trouble using it when matching just 2 pieces of information (first & last name), but now I need to make 3+ matches to get the value & the formula is no longer working.

When I check "show calculation steps" in the attached example, I can actually see that all 4 items have successfully matched across the 2 sheets but for some reason the formula is still not pulling in the desired value. Am I wrong to think that I can match more than 2 items w/ this kind of a formula?

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Macro: Copy Columns & Lookup Associated Values

Dec 5, 2006

I have attached a file with an example of what I need. The data tab show the data has been given to me. I need it in a different format to be able to load it into our system. The Needs tab shows what format I need. Basically, I need to convert this table into a flat file, where there is a record for each "X" value only.

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Lookup With Multiple Rows.

Sep 22, 2009

I have been trying to auto update a table by looking up information from a table on top. However, for the top table there are multiple entries in the same column, and my look up only checks the first row and ignores the rest.

My formula at this point is: =IF(ISERROR(INDEX($C$3:$H$33, MATCH("X", I$3:I$33, FALSE), 4))=TRUE, "", IF(INDEX($C$3:$H$33, MATCH("X", I$3:I$33, FALSE), 4)=0, "", INDEX($C$3:$H$33, MATCH("X", I$3:I$33, FALSE), 4))).

If you can take a look at my attachment, this formula is in the cells I40:W40. Eventually, I will want to populate the entire bottom table with the same formula.

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Possible Multiple Rows LOOKUP

Jan 10, 2008

I have a worksheet which Sorted in ColA contains Product Id#, ColB contains Vendor, ColC contains Grade# (1 thru 6). Now there may be multiple Vendors (ColB) for same Product # (ColA) but with different Grade# ColC).

I would hope if you can please help me formulate for ColD to pull (list) ALL Vendors for the same Product# (there maybe as many as 6) PROVIDING that the Grade# (ColC) is either 3 or 4.

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