Prevent Links Being Altered

Jan 12, 2008

I have all my info in a hughe ammount of books and they are all linked b/w them (about 15 books with 5-10 sheets each), the big issue is this:

Every time someone changes anything in any book most of my links get broken or they grab the wrong info, it takes up to 5-7 hours just to find the cell/column/etc. that got changed to fix it.

I've been thinking in protecting all my books and sheets and only allow users to change certain data by unprotecting specific cells, and then create a macro that open/unprotect all books/sheets so when a major structure/formula change is needed, all files linked to that book are open (cause I belive excel updates their formulas-links when they are open).

then create another macro that protects every single sheet of all books, saves and closes them...

questions are:

1. Is this ok?, or am I just wasting my time?

2. Is there a shorter easier way to prevent this from happening (broken links)?

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Prevent Update Links Message

Sep 12, 2007

When I open an excel file it asks if Id like to update the links to other data sources. I would like to say no everytime, does anyone know the VB to avoid the popup?

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Prevent Links Updating On Open

Oct 8, 2007

I have a large workbook 45MB with 40 sheets each containing a section that links to the server to update itself when the workbook calculates. With that being said it's impossible to have the workbook on Automatic calculate because the update process can take about 7-10 minutes so its set to manual. However, I would like to prevent the links from updating (its one link that is used to update the file) by possibly a macro that runs when the workbook opens and prevent the update link from running when I press F9 to manually calculate.

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Get Rid Of The Original Column And Just Keep The Altered One

Jan 19, 2010

I'm using the function Proper(A1) to clean up some columns that have some entries in all CAPS. It works fine. What I'd like to do now is get rid of the original column and just keep the altered one. Of course since the original is the source for the new one, when I delete it the new one goes nuts.

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Fix Formulas In Cell So Can't Be Altered

Jan 10, 2013

I need to fix formulas in cells so that this can't be altered by others or mistakenly erase formulas.

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Code To Rename Sheet. Can This Be Altered

Oct 31, 2008

I am using this piece of code (supplied by a Board member ) to rename a sheet. If the sheet already exists then this piece of code gives the option to name it as Sheetname (2).

Here it is: ...

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Can The Paste Special Menu Be Altered

Nov 25, 2008

if the Paste Special pop up menu can be altered?

I am sure this is not the correct terminology... I am referring to the options that are available when you select Paste Special.

I want to change it so that the only option under Paste is Values. Can this be altered via VBA or is there an option somewhere within Excel to alter this menu. Hope this makes sense to whomever is reading it...

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Cell Data Not To Change When Saving / Altered

Feb 7, 2014

[Code] ....

User 1 will enter date in column AA, then data needs to be copied to column CY (data in CY must not change again). I have a if formula that check if any AA and CY is the same. If any changes was done, it will give the cell a "YES" trigger to send a mail.

I think the .value is incorrect.

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How Color The Cell When The Existing Data Is Altered

Mar 1, 2007

How color the cell autmatically when the existing data is altered. the same needs to be done with the entired column

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Array Formula Works In One Portion But Not After Being Altered And Moved

Dec 18, 2013

I figured out exactly what I wanted to do and got it to work in a test excel sheet. However, when integrating it into the actual workbook I wanted, I was unable to get it to work. So, I used the same cell references I need to work in my actual workbook and pasted it all back to the test excel sheet.

So, the test excel sheet has the working formulas up at the top, and a duplicate of what I need to work in the actual cells I need them to work in. Changing the shift start time should group any persons with the same shift togethor. I'm still fairly new, but I think the only portion that could have been changed is the portion that says 1:1.. I figure that is relative to the array so it shouldn't be changed, but not sure what else to do.

Here's an array formula that works:


Here's the array formula to be in the correct cells that doesn't work:

[Code] ....

How to to get it to work in the different cell area.

Attached File : Shift.xlsx‎

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How To Create Trigger Event That Opens Email When Row Is Altered

Nov 25, 2011

I am trying to create a trigger event that opens an email when a particular row is altered. This all worked fine, until I tried to take it a step further and insert information from the spreadhseet into the email aswell.

I receive Argument not optional.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 10 Then
Call GenerateEmail(Target.Address)
End If
End Sub


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Edit Links - Break Links Not Working?

Jun 22, 2012

I have an unwanted link and I can't remove it. I have tried through the Edit Links dialog box, searched for [ in formulas throughout the workbook and gone searching manually for the reference but to no avail.

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UDF Links

Jun 15, 2009

I've been having a small problem with my UDFs. I'm sorry if it's already been asked but english isn't my first language and I don't know the proper search key works to find my problem.

Basically, I've been programming functions destined for a single workbook so I don't use addins. If I write a function called J13F and I try to write that in one of my excel sheets, it generally doesn't work. Excel makes me write it like this:


However, sometimes when I close then open my file, this won't work and excel will make me use my function normally: J13F(Sheet!F21)

I'd like to be able to use the function normally in every sheet in my workbook, how can I do that?

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Using Links In VBA

Feb 7, 2010

I am using several spreadsheets which are currently linked to specific cells in other workbooks. These are updated through dating the links whenever needed. However I would rather not use formulas in the cells at all and only have value updated by using the link function within VBA. I cannot find how to do this though.

Just to reiterate. I currently have cells that have"='\server01main_foldersubfolderDocument.xls" for example. The formula syntax is not exactly right but in the spreadsheets it is so you get the idea. These links are updated (when the workbooks are not open) when the links are update via the edit menu or a macro which does the same thing.

What I want to do is have no formula in the cells (only values) and use the feature that takes the value from the other workbooks but in VBA exclusively. This is what I have not been able to find out how to do.

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Spreadsheet Links

Sep 9, 2009

I've created a spreadsheet which pulls data from about 5 other spreadsheets via links in the formula.

Unfortunately I am having trouble with these updating. I have to open the 5 individual spreadsheets in order for the data to pull across otherwise I get VALUE in every cell in the amalgamated spreadsheet.

Any thoughts why this should be the case? I've tried it in the past and it's always worked fine.

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Open Links In A New Tab?

Feb 20, 2014

I just want to open some links in a new tab in a browser with a single click in a button.

For example:


then in a new tab


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Updating Links All At Once

Apr 11, 2008

if it would be possible to update all the links in a workbook at once. For example, say I have a worksheet which is linking to a file named something like 4-6-08 (1) and 4-6-08 (2) and so on with the number in brackets being from 1-21. Now say I have the same thing for 4-7 and 4-8 and 4-9. Now I want to change the links to point to 4-10,11,12,13 instead of 6,7,8, and 9. But still there are 21 copies of each sheet. Is there any way to change all the sources at once so all the 4-6's could become 4-10's and 4-7's to 4-11's?

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Transposing Links

Nov 10, 2005

I have very large sections of data which I need to transpose as links.
Problem is that the copy/paste links function cannot be followed up with the
copy (the linked cells)/transpose option, without having the transposition
screw the links up.

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Update Links When There Are None?

Jan 27, 2009

i have a complex workbook. Recently, when I open it, it asks me if I want to update links. I never (that I know of) established any links to other workbooks. I see that a workbook is referenced in the "edit/links" menu, but I can find no way determine which cells, graphs, etc, in my workbook are subject to this link. I would like to get rid of this useless and bothersome issue.

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Links Broken

Mar 4, 2008

I've got an excel file with LOTS of links... it's a sort of 'dashboard' that draws in data from all the individual data files in the company.

Recently, when I open the file it's telling me "this file contains one or more links that cannot be updates".

So... as I usually would, I use my 'find links' add in to find anything with a #REF in it... nothing.
Go into edit links and manually update each link... and they all update with no issue.

I just cannot find anything that's broken!

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Break All Links

Jun 26, 2009

Is there a simple code I can add to the end of my macro that will break all existing links in the active workbook?

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Links Not Updating

Mar 23, 2007

I have several Excel files saved on a network drive at work. We run cost studies and have numerous links mixed in with these files. My question is, when we change data in one sheet, it doesn't update the other sheet where we have it linked. When you click on the address for the link you get, (\fileshareN:Raetc...) If I remove the \fileshare and leave it as N: the links update. What am I doing wrong here? It automatically adds this \fileshare piece when I add the link. When I have removed it and close it, the extra information is added and I am back at square one.

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Excel Links To Outlook?

Jul 21, 2014

link a date within a Excel sheet to the Calander in Outlook so a reminder can be triggered on said date.

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Looking For Formula That Links Different Conditions Together?

Jul 29, 2014

I'm looking for a formula that links different conditions together.

For example, I'm entering the formula into G9 and I want the formula to be if G7 is equal or greater to G16 then the answer should be 30, if not then the answer is 0.

Simple enough I know this is my formula to use "=IF(G7>=G16,30,0)" but I want it to look past that.

Basically I want it to say if G7 is equal or greater to G16 then the answer is 30, if not it's 0 BUT if G7 is equal to greater than G17 my answer is 60 BUT if my answer is equal to or greater than G18 my answer is 120.

G17 will always be a larger number than G16, and G18 will always be a larger number than G17.

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Dynamically Change Links?

May 21, 2014

I have a link

='S:2014DomesticATL[ATL-BP Eval-2014-04.xls]Business Partner Evaluation'!F$13

Now i have to compile 3 years of data for 200 airports so changing the month and year for every airport would be a challenge. I can do Replace all and change the year and month but instead of that i was thinking if i could have the year and month on one row and connect the links to that cell so that whenever i drag the cell my link changes

im looking at

2014DomesticATL[ATL-BP Eval-",D2",.xls]Business Partner Evaluation'!F$13

where in D2 i will have 2014-04 . But this formula doesnt seem to work. Is there anyway i can do this ?

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Edit Links Greyed Out?

Sep 10, 2009

I've read a bit on the web about there being a bug with the 'edit links' feature. How/Can I get this function to work?

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Links Do Not Automatically Update

Sep 11, 2013

I have a dashboard (CW Dashboard.xlsx) that is linked to 3 main spreadsheets. In each main spreadsheet, there are 5 tabs. One tab contains raw data, the other 4 tabs contain tables: 2 tabs with formulas based on the raw data tab, and 2 tabs linked to 20 other spreadsheets (for now). I separated the raw data into 3 spreadsheets because Excel was calculating way slower than my patience would tolerate. All spreadsheets are Excel 2010. All spreadsheets reside on our network drive.

The links update as expected on the 2 tabs that are linked to the 20 different spreadsheets in each of the three main spreadsheets.The CW Dashboard does not update. I get #REF! in each cell (although when I click in the cell, the link shows no error). I am using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP in this spreadsheet. I can of course open the source documents from within the Dashboard and the links then work as expected. However, I would prefer the eventual users of the Dashboard not have to open 4 s'sheets.

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Links Breaking From Two Workbooks

Dec 18, 2013

For three years I've created a workbook (A) that is dependent on another workbook (B) I upkeep. When I open (A), I Edit Links and update the location to my newest weekly file to map from (B). For my 2014 (A) book, I did the same process, but when I update the values, all the links break. Only when I open up (B) with (A) will the values appear.

As a short term solution, I saved (A) with the values in there and disabled the prompt to update values, so others can see the data. This isn't a feasible long term solution since updates will be made weekly, and not everyone will want to open up (B) just to update (A).

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Automatically Fill In Links Name?

Mar 5, 2014

I have an Excel file which extracts data from other excel files (the other excel files are named 1.xls, 2.xls, 3.xls, etc.). So the formula in the cell is for example: ='C:[1.xls]Sheet1'!A1

Is there a way to let Excel fill in the next excel file address for the next cell? So that i would get this:


Because i have about 500 excel files, and otherwise i have to change the file number manually...

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Tab Links In Dropdown List Via VB

Feb 3, 2014

So I got a list of months in a drop down box that when selected goes to the appropriate month tab that works great. But what I want to do is hide those month tabs that are in the drop down list. I'll add another drop down list with the other tabs to reference back to all the other month tabs so the user can move around. Only problem is when I do hide them they are unavailable meaning when selected it doesn't go the the appropriate tab that's hidden. I want to hide them from the user and still be able to go to them, I'm not worried about the user breaking the sheet. See attached example.

There is VB code in the "Home" sheet. Tab Links.xlsm

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