Prevent Spreadsheet From Opening When Being Updated

Jun 19, 2007

I currently have a spreadsheet that my deparment use at work. Its just a full time equivallent sheet, nothing fancy. However I added code onto it to prevent users opening it as I was updating it.

However I went to open it and It wouldnt open. It wouldn't recognise me as being the exception. Its just a code on the workbook open that says if user is "slb090" (which is me) then do nothing, else msgbox and just a quickie sayign come back later".

I have attached the spreadsheet, in the hope someone can open this for me and remove the message so I can open it!

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Date Being Updated On Consequent Opening Of File

Nov 20, 2006

I have created a spreadsheet and saved it as a template. when the staff open it to enter information they use save as and give it a name. They only need open and enter information once. I have put into this spreadsheet in cell A1 a formula to enter the days date. This all works fine. A few days later I need to access the spreadsheet to check the figures entered and obviously the date changes to the date when I open it up. Is there any way of stopping this happening without using macros. i.e. keep the date as the day they entered the information.

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Show Who Last Updated Cell On Spreadsheet?

Dec 6, 2013

Is it possible to set something up on a spreadsheet which shows who last updated a cell and when they did it? I have a huge spreadhseet with lots of data on which gets updated by a number of users, they update a lot of different cells and this leads to errors being made with the data in the spreadsheet.

is a way I can show who updated a cell and what date - is this doable?

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Prevent A User From Opening Another Workbook

Feb 12, 2009

How can I prevent a user from opening another workbook in an Excel session "from the outside"?

I'm fairly new to VB. I'm developing (in VB 2003) a simple but SECURE Excel environment which will allow a user to update a hidden Master_Records workbook. I need to keep the user's Excel session secure...for example, I've disabled all Excel Toolbars and Command Buttons, effectively preventing the user from doing anything except filling in some cell values and clicking on a few custom buttons in the worksheet. But how can I prevent the user from opening another workbook into the active session from his desktop and introducing some malicious code into the session via that route?

One respondent in another forum (the only one, in fact) suggested that I look into "instantiating workbook level events" so that I can detect when other workbooks are open. I'm not sure what that means, is there someone here who could give me some guidance into that solution?

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Prevent Users Opening In WordPad

Jul 11, 2006

I know how I can protect worksheet or a group of cells, but I can not prevent any one to damage it by (open with) WORDPAD to clean or damage it then to cancel this protection!

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Prevent Email Code From Opening New Instance Of Outlook Every Time

Aug 28, 2013

the code always opens a new instance of Outlook even though one may already be open. If left unchecked I may have like 30 instances open if I leave the computer for a few hours. So I was wondering is there some snippet of code I can add in here to check if excel is open first and if so do not open a new instance?

Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
On Error Resume Next
' Change the mail address and subject in the macro before you run it.
With OutMail
.To = ""


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If Macros Are Diabled At Security Prompt, How To Prevent Workbook From Opening

Dec 15, 2008

I am relying on macros for a lot of functionality and security.

Is there a way to stop a spreadsheet from being opened/accessed if a user disables macros at the security prompt?

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Sending Outlook Calendar Invites Automatically When Cell Updated In Excel Spreadsheet

Jan 7, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet that displays new dates in column D based on provided dates in Column B and recurrence intervals selected in column C. The dates in column D are when a training deadline occurs. I have been trying to get a macros written so that when a cell in column d is updated, an outlook appointment message is sent to the person doing the updating. The idea here is that anyone can use this without future coding (so their address would be placed in cell say A1)

So far all i have gotten is excel to send an email to me with the excel spreadsheet as an attachment, not really what I want. Again, I dont want somethign specific to my computer settings, I want to be able to send the spreadsheet out with simple instructions for the user to change their email in cell A1 and then every time a cell changes in column D, it automatically generate an appointment reminder for the new date.

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Lock Spreadsheet To Prevent Use?

Jun 27, 2012

I have a excel worksheet that I am looking to market and I want to give the prospective customer a 30 day free trial before purchasing my worksheet. What I would like to do it be able to lock the worksheet so it can not be used after 30 days and also display a message telling them that the trial period has ended. I would also like to keep all formula cells locked at all times to prevent unathorized copying of my calculations.

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Opening OpenOffice Spreadsheet In Excel?

Mar 22, 2013

Is it possible to open an OpenOffice spreadsheet in Excel while keeping all formulas?

At the minute when I try this, Excel just opens the spreadsheet with the values of each cell from OpenOffice (the results of the formulas) and not the actual formulas themselves.

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Opening Spreadsheet With Varying Names

May 15, 2014

I am working on a personal macro that is lauched from a file that is produced on a weekly basis resulting in a filename that changes every week due to a date range that is in the file name (ex. Weekly Accounting 04_16_14 to 04_22_14.xlsx), for this example I will call this "Spreadsheet A". When working with this spreadsheet I open another spreadsheet ("Spreadsheet B") to retreive data and I then need to go back to Spreadsheet A again to paste this data. The problem I have is I don't know how to go back to Spreadsheet A since the name changes each week and I cannot hard code the name into the coding. I usually use Windows("Random Spreadsheet.xlsx").Activate to go between spreadsheets, but in this case I cannot.

Is there something that will allow me to return to Spreadsheet A no matter what it is named?

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Making A Spreadsheet Smaller On Opening

May 16, 2007

I have a 30 in monitor (I know I'm lucky!) but when I open a new spreadsheet it opens all the way across the screen 100 columns and 100 rows. How can I change the size when it opens?

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Opening Popup When Spreadsheet Opens.

Dec 20, 2006

I was wondering if you can make a popup open when a user opens a spreadsheet. I have some templates i made and users continue to make the same mistakes. I was hoping to add a form/pop so when the file was opened a popup would come up with reminders. Once they press ok they can proceed.

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Excel 2010 :: Link Data In Different Spreadsheet And Data Will Be Automatically Updated

Nov 3, 2013

I am working on Excel 2010. I want to find a way to link data from one spreadsheet to another one and whenever I update the first spreadsheet, the second one will be automatically updated?

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Data Validation Disappears When Re-opening Spreadsheet?

Aug 23, 2013

I add data validation into 4 columns and when i re-open the spread sheet after saving it, it clears all validation.

Although it clears the validation, the place where it gets the data from is still there. i have also unfroze panes and is still clearing data validation

Attached is the spread sheet. The data validation is in columns A, G, H and I on the 'unsourced' page and is getting the data frfom the 'Sheet1' Page.

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Message Box On Opening Of Spreadsheet - Option To Run Macro Or Not

Nov 9, 2012

I Have a tool which will be used online & offline.

I would like a box to appear on the opening of the spreadsheet which asks the user "Are you online?", with options "Yes" & "No", if the user selects "Yes" then a macro (which i have already written) refreshes the spreadsheet.

if the user selects "No", the sheet is not resfreshed.

What is the best way to do this?

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Disable Password Prompt Upon Opening Spreadsheet

May 29, 2008

have a password protected spreadsheet with a userform for people to enter data. This allows them to enter data, but stops them from editing or deleteing data once entered.

When the spreadsheet is opened, it asks for a password to unlock it. Hitting cancel allows the user to continue and the userform pops up for the user to enter data. I would like to disable the initial password prompt when the file is opened to avoid confusion on the users part.

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Opening My Spreadsheet Which Will Only Open If The Correct Answer/ Password Is Typed

Apr 22, 2009

upon opening my spreadsheet which will only open if the correct answer/ password is typed.

I’d need to store the questions, passwords/ answers somewhere for VB to look up I guess??

Capital of England – London
Capital of France – Paris
Capital of Italy – Rome

Etc etc

And then I need coding which will open one of the random questions, which will only grant access to the spreadsheet if the correct answer is typed.

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Prevent Workbook Opening If Other Workbook Open & VBE

Aug 29, 2006

how to prevent a workbook from opening if another excel document is open and if a visual basic window is opened.

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Opening A File Without Opening A Workbook

Apr 17, 2007

I have a need to open a file from my companies intranet. My current method was to open said file via the method that the recorder gave me. However, I would like ot be able to open a said file without having to start open another workbook.

This is the path:

So the command is this:
Workbooks.Open [url]

Links are not actual links

So what I need to know. Is how can I open this file without opening a workbook. I haven't been able to use the VB "Open Statement" to open a file and I don't believe that I've been successfull using the Filesystem object either.

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Dictionary Value Not Being Updated?

Aug 13, 2014

I have 2 dictionaries; both have a "location" and the "frequency of occurence". The 2nd dictionary locations are related to the first, but are named differently, so I have a range of cells I'm using to define the equivalent locations, ie:

Dict. 2 Location----Dict. 1 Location
Robot----------------Robot Arm
Robot----------------Robot Base

(It's not a direct 1 for 1)

The program is meant to take both dictionaries, convert the 2nd dictionary keys to the equivalent dictionary 1 keys (based on the cell range data provided) and then combine the values associated with that location and store them in D_Master. D_Master is a copy of my dictionary 1, in which I am also trying to add the values from dictionary 2.

I started by writing the location definitions within the program, i.e.:


which works, but there are several hundred definitions and it becomes less robust, whereas a user could type in a definition within the range of cells and the code below could take care of the rest.

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Last Updated Date

Feb 25, 2008

I have a front page with buttons linking to other spreadsheets, e.g

{ button } Stock Sheet .xls (???)

{ button } Sales Sheet .xls (???)

In the brackets I wanted to display the last updated date of the said spreadsheets, so that a user can see if it has already been updated. Is there a way of retrieving the last updated date for a spreadsheet, and dispaying it (i.e is it held against a variable or named item)

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VLookup In Several Sheets Last Updated Value

Jan 13, 2014

I have several sheets named by months like 1213, 1113, 1013, 913, 813, 713, etc (month-year) and I'm doing one sheet as an index that needs to find a value across all the sheets.

All the months sheets have a list of names in column A and status in column B. When the business with the name is done, it doesn't appear in the next sheet.

For example "Client A" could appear in 713, 813, 913 (business done) and won't appear in 1013, 1113 and 1213,
In the index sheet I want to lookup what is the status for a name from the latest sheet (last updated status).

So I have all the sheets names in a range called months and I want to make a small formula if possible.

I want to start looking in the latest month (sheet) and if that doesn't have any value it goes to the lower one and so on.
If I use =VLOOKUP($A$5,INDIRECT("'"&MAX(months)&"'!A:D"),4,0) it shows N/A since the name only appeared until 913 and its looking on 1213.

Right now this is working, but it's too big to understand.


[Code] ......

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How To Print Updated Information

Sep 11, 2009

I am wondering how to print only the rows that have information in them. I have a report that is super long. We only want the information that is updated to print. This information will change weekly.

Is selecting the area I want to print the only way to do this? Or is there a way I can tell excel to print only the rows that have been updated?

This report is one that we use every week, for ordering, there is a lot of information on the report that we will not need every week, so we are hoping to print only the rows that are updated for that week.

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Merging Updated Info Row With Old Row

Aug 8, 2013

a little task that I'm trying to accomplish. twice a day, a coworker of mine puts out a report on all the jobs we have going for the next couple of days. I paste her report into my own, hide the columns I don't care about, and format the way I like, and add in column U, which holds my comments about the job. It ends up looking something like this:


Later that afternoon, I get the updated copy of her report, in which the B number and customer name always stay the same, but some of the info might change, for example the HOLD column, or the boards or sten columns might change.

What I would like to do is to paste in the afternoon copy of the report, and to have excel merge duplicate rows in such a way that I have the afternoon information from her report (columns B-Q) and keep the comments that I had put in the morning record's row.

When I paste her afternoon report into my spreadsheet, I get duplicate entries looking like this: escelex2.PNG

But I want to be able to merge the data, so that it looks like this: escelex3.PNG

Does that make sense? I want the afternoon version of the data, with no duplicates, but I don't want to delete the comments that I put in in the morning (which is what the "remove duplicates" button is doing)

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Transferring Updated Data

Feb 16, 2009

I am trying to get a macro to update information from attached sheet GTS807 to the Stock sheet. The code in Module 26 works only for the first line and will be very long if I repeat it for the 20 lines of the input sheet! Basically we need to copy the new stock balance from GTS807 column AA13 to AA32 to the individual corresponding product name on the stock sheet (Column E)!

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Subtracting Updated Value In Cell

Sep 25, 2013

If in Cell A2 I have a function that updates it's number value automtically (i.e. From 5 to 7) and in cell B2 I have a value I wanted subtracted to the value Cell A2 updated by. Is this task possible?

In the I.e example, cell A2 had an updated value by 2, will it be possible to subtract that value in Cell B2 and continue doing so if Cell A2 kept updating?

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Sheet Last Updated Info

Nov 12, 2006

I have sheets Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 and Master in a workbook.

In sheet Master, I list Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 in range A1:A3. In range B1:B3 I want to return the date in which the sheet in A1:A3 was last updated. So everytime Sheet1 has changes, I want the date to be logged in B1. Same with Sheet2 (B2) and Sheet3 (B3).

I have tried writing the code but it returns errors.

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Automatically Updated For Each Job On Another Worksheet

Jun 9, 2007

i have 1000 lines of criteria (being updated all the time)
i have say 10 or so different jobs

i need a summary of values that is automatically updated for each job on another worksheet for a report

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Centrally Updated File

Jun 22, 2007

I have developed a system for logging phone calls in Excel which will be used by a team of 3-4 people in a small call centre type environment. Each operator will have their own copy of the application which will independently contain the data for their own calls.

However, what I need to do is have some way of regularly updating everyone’s data to a central workbook so that all the operators have access to reasonably up to date information from all the other operators.

I can handle the actual transfer of data from one book to another and perhaps using an OnTime procedure to handle the regularity, but the problem I have is that with regular updating, there will inevitably be read-only issues which are going to make the application crash.

I was thinking maybe have the data update run from the central workbook itself to avoid this, but was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas. Some sort of file sharing or something maybe?

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