Pull List Of Dates That Are Greater Than Certain Date (meets Criteria)

Jun 26, 2013

So I've got a vertical list of dates in M/D/YYYY format, and I'm trying to come up with a method to pull certain dates that are greater than a given benchmark and paste those values in another column. For instance, if I've got a list with 3/3/2008, 5/5/2010, 6/6/2011, and 7/7/2012 I want to pull only the dates beyond 12/31/2010 (so would be the 6/6 and 7/7 ones).

I'm assuming this isn't doable with one formula, so I would need a macro. But I'm having trouble just even coming up with the logical operator for just one date. I must be doing something wrong here. If my date in B2 is 1/1/2009 and I have a formula as IF(B2>12/31/2009,"True","False"), I just get TRUE, which shouldn't be the case.

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Generate From Larger List Short List That Meets Multiple Criteria?

Mar 27, 2014

I have a large amount of data, 40,000+ rows about how students do in remedial classes including from whom they took the classes. I have pulled from it a subset of student success as relates to the separate instructors. Now I would like to extract a consolidated list of those instructors for whom the student gain on criterion based pre and post course assessments is above a specific level. I have no trouble writing if statements that will look at two types of data, the course taken and the average student increase to determine which instructors meet or surpass the criterion, but I can only do that within a list that includes all the instructors. Because there are more than an hundred such instructors, it would be easier for the dean if I could provide a short list of those that meet specific criteria. I believe that it would be an array that I should use, but I have been fooling around with this for 2 days now, and am finding myself at a series of deadends!

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Sum If Tuition Reimbursed Meets Date Criteria

Feb 25, 2009

I am trying to add the tuition to be reimbursed if the claim date is on or after a certain date and then deducting the total from a set amount. I have included a simple example. I tried a formula from the pierson examples but Im doing something wrong.

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Color Cells Where Cell Below Meets Date Criteria

Nov 21, 2007

I´m trying to do a macro that changes the color of all fonts in a row if the cell in the column "R" has the date lower than a specific one, something like this:

Dim Data2 As Date
Data2 = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("today")
Do While ActiveCell <> ""
If ActiveCell < Data2 Then
Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 3
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate
End If

But it just don´t work. The macro does that in the first row, than it stops. Do you have another code for this, or another way to do?

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Make Unique List From List Without Duplicates But Hold Cell And Pull Corresponding Dates

Apr 18, 2013

I have my dummy data, and I have (what I think) is how I want the data to be shown. My friend uses Google Sheets, but I prefer Excel. I am trying to convert the code because I am a stickler for excel. Typically I can convert codes some easily, but this is way beyond me.

For Column A: I want to create a list on sheet 'Setup!' based on ids!D2:D="yes". If that list has duplicate entries, I would like only the first entry to show up, but for the next entries I would like the cell to be blank. (this is important for the next step) For Column C: I want to have the corresponding dates go with the name entry. For Column D: I want to have the notes go with the corresponding date entry. (I believe I can manipulate Column C's code to do Column D myself).

I am also going to upload a data sheet, and an expected results sheet.

unique list.xlsx

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Count Dates Greater Than Date In Cell

Aug 27, 2007

Its a training list, and I want to count the number of staff with valid training dates, I want to keep invalid dates as a reminder and I also have text N/A to disregard. Have used an IF function array but there are approx 33 column entries I want to add and using array function limits the amount of formula entries up to column 24.

Would be much easier if I used data validation to kick out the invalid date entries but we want to keep them if possible.

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Count Number Of Dates Greater Than A Stated Date

Apr 9, 2014

I have a range of dates B1:B100 which I want to compare to a certain date A1 and see how many are greater than my stated date A1.

I've tried with countif(B1:B100, "=>A1") which I thought would work, but it gives the error Value!

How do I do this?

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Counting Number Of Dates Equal To Or Greater Than A Said Date

Mar 8, 2007

In my Excel spreadsheet I enter todays date in a single cell (A2), then I list various dates that jobs come into shop in other cells (A8:A108). I have cells ( F8:F108) where I have been manually entering an asterik (*) for those jobs equal to or greater than five days old in cell (A2). Is there a formula that can do the math for me? I've tried Excel help but to no avail.

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DGET Setup - Pull Coordinate Pairs From A List And Match To A Label Based On Certain Criteria

May 15, 2013

I'm trying to use DGET to pull coordinate pairs from a list and match them up to a label based on certain criteria. I can't seem to get it to work. I'm also thinking that the way I have it set up, the coordinate pairs might not stay together and that has to be the case. My criteria is multiple cell based too and I don't think DGET can handle that.

For example, In order for a coordinate pair to be labeled "B" the x coordinate must satisfy a condition and the y coordinate must satisfy a different condition. Can I use DGET with the AND function?

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MAX If Meets 2 Criteria

Jul 15, 2014

I am having problems getting a formula to calculate the max if it meets 2 criteria. MAX of time listed by 1/past a certain date. 2/are of a specific client.

Here is my formula...

The data...
$D$2:$D$155685 - is the list of dates per ticket.
$O$2:$O$155685=$A2 - Are a variety of clients, where $A2 is a name of one of the clients.
$G$2:$G$155685 - Being a range of time stamps.

The formula runs, however it only shows the MAX of all entries, not within the specific date range...

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Getting Last Value From Column That Meets Certain Criteria

Jul 8, 2014

In theory I know what I should do, but I don't know the syntax. So here it is:

There are 1450 unique records in my XLS, every record contains 45 different rows(these are the phases) with their position(1....45). Every row has a status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete)

COLA(uniqueid)....COLi(it is a number, it is the position).....COLN(status)

. .
. .
id1 ....45.....status


basically I would like to get the last "in progress", If not found, the last "Complete, If not found then the first "Not Started". and put a "Y" right next to the row to a new column for all the groups(45 rows)

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Find The Last Row Which Meets Criteria??

Feb 28, 2009

s/s has 325501 rows. Column C contains names of people (whether present or not -I enclose small attachment to illustrate).
Column J contains scores (if present). I need column N to list the last row number where each column C name scored points (not just when heshe was last present). I think I need macros which I can fill down both columns (??).

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Sum Range When Another Meets Criteria

Mar 24, 2008

In the attached Exel work book I have work sheets named

Material Usage – Usage of materials
Estimate - calculate the Total material cost for a job
Material Cost – defines the material cost for each material type

In “Estimate” worksheet Job number is repeated but sub jobs falling under a particular job number is unique. Materials used for each sub job is different.

Once the job number is selected from the list box , I need to calculate the total material cost for each job. I tried sumif function but I don’t know how to get it to look up for each material type and get the sum .

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Formula To Pull Lowest Number In Cells I2:L2 And Must Be 0 Or Greater?

Sep 12, 2013

Formula to pull the lowest number that falls in Cells I2:L2 and the number must be 0 or Greater. Some of the numbers might be negatives and I am trying not to pull those numbers.

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Finding The Nth Value If Another Column Meets A Criteria

Feb 7, 2009

here is a sample of the data


I know if I use dmax for only where first column equals 13 I get 460 but how do I get the second highest value for only those rows that have 13 in the first column (expect the answer to be 268). Then I want to do the same for 3rd, 4th highest etc.
I know large does it for one column and not only when the first column matches a designated criteria.

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Find Last Row And Score Which Meets Criteria?.

Feb 28, 2009

s/s has 325501 rows.

Column C contains names of people (whether present or not -I enclose small attachment to illustrate).
Column J contains scores (when present).

I need column K to list last row where column C name scored and column L to list last score.

I think I need macros which I can fill down both columns (??).

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Coying A Cell Value If It Meets A Criteria

May 12, 2009

i am trying to get my excel formula to say if 2 date ranges in my excel workbook are the same (in seperate worksheets) to put a value from a certain cell into another cell in another worksheet. This is all in the same excel application...

The first step i have taken are:

1) if the 2 date ranges are the same to say 'true' if not 'false'

I am trying to get a forumula to say "if it is true to put a value from a different cell into another cell (both in different worksheets) but the same excel application...? but if its false to move on to the next date

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Sumif Formula The Meets Five Different Criteria

Feb 15, 2010

I want to create a sumif formula that will sum the data if it meets five different criteria. I tied to do an “Or” statement in the formula, but it doesn’t work. For example, I want to sum all the rows that contain: Apples, Bananas, Cherries, Pears, and Plums. How do I write the sumif formula so that it will do this?

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Copy Row (specific Columns Only) If Row Meets Criteria

Jan 24, 2013

I have gotten a code. It goes into Sheet 1 and picks up all the Rows (entire row) in which Column A = 1.

Instead of copying the entire row, I need to just copy the row but only specific columns (i.e. Row 2, Column B,C,D,E,G).

Is there a way to specify where it pastes values in Sheet 2 (say from column D) because Column A-C have pre-filled data which do not change. And when it pastes, it has no gaps (despite a gap in the copied columns (i.e. Column F in sheet 1 was skipped)).

Sub cond_copy()
'assuming the data is in sheet1

[Code] .....

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Returning Text If Data Meets Certain Criteria

Apr 24, 2014

IN column J(on sheet 1) i want it to return text (OB) if Sheet 1 column A1 equals Sheet2 Columns A1:A500. And if Sheet 1 column A1 do not equal Sheet2 Columns A1:A500 return text(IB).

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Count Single Cell If Meets Criteria?

Apr 12, 2012

I am trying to come up with a simple formula to count a single cell if it contains either a 2 or 3.

The cell can contain numbers ranging from 0-8.

Even better would be if I could some how evaluate single cells based on the contents and then count the number of cells where the criteria for contents is true. The problem is the criteria differs from cell to cell (i.e. D2 could = 2 or 3, but E2 needs to be counted only if it contains a 4 or 5).

I know COUNTIFS only evaluate a range but it would be perfect if I could somehow get it to work for single cells. COUNTIFS(D2,2,D2,3,E2,3,E2,4,F2,2)

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Delete Formula If Cell Value Meets Criteria?

Feb 18, 2014

I'm using the following on the Worksheet_Activate event to update rows with the date, (Cell AD1 contains the current date):

Range("X2:X2000").Formula = "=IF(IF(ISBLANK(W2),,$AD$1)=0,"""",IF(ISBLANK(W2),,$AD$1))"

Is there a way I can amend it so it only updates those cells which currently have no data?

At the moment it is changing every cell with the date which overwrites existing dates - I want it to update the new stuff only.

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Formula To Return Cell That First Meets Certain Criteria?

Mar 5, 2014

Say I have a column of cells filled with numbers that are ascending. What I would like to do is to pick out the first cell that meets my condition. For instance, these cells contain irrational numbers that increase from 0 to 100. I would like a formula to pick out the first cell that exceeds 10.2, and to return the row number of that cell.

In the case of descending numbers, if I would like to pick out the first cell that goes below 10.2, would the formula be the same?

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Calculate Xirr If A Column Meets A Certain Criteria

Aug 12, 2008

Is it posssible to use the xirr function with conditions. For example, an array formula that will only calculate xirr if a column meets a certain criteria or if the dates are within a range?

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Delete Nth Row In All Worksheets If Cell Meets Criteria

May 21, 2008

I want to scan all sheets in a workbook and to delete a first row where a value in cell(1,1) is "table".

Sub DeleteFirstRowInWorksheet()
Dim SheetName As Worksheet
Dim i As Integer

For Each SheetName In Sheets
If Range("A1") = "table" Then
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
End If
Next SheetName
End Sub

It delete only in an active sheet. What's wrong?

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Pulling Data From Multiple Columns If Meets Criteria

Aug 13, 2012

Have a worksheet Pricelist, require to pull data from the columns to a new worksheet only if qty is more than 0, and delete empty rows afterwards. Required result is in worksheet order. Original file is about 10K rows.

Attached sample file : example.xls

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Return All Cells From Sheet1 That Meets The Criteria On Sheet2

Feb 10, 2014

As per attachment, see data : 2604 Stock.xlsx

On sheet 1 column A and B. On sheets 2 I would like to make a seach tab - so if the people type part of the word or code it must return all the data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 that meets that criteria in full or part thereof. I have tried but can't get it to work, might it be that it is on 2(two) sheets ?

I do not understand code so I really do not know what to do where. Basically it should work as a Ctrl-F (find-all) function.

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Find The Correct Formula To Sum Text That Meets Two Criteria?

Mar 27, 2014

I'm trying to find the correct formula to sum text that meets two criteria. If C2:C1023 is Equal to TEXT from J8 and F2:F1023 is equal to TEXT J4 add up the total times J4 shows up in C2:1023


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Sum Cells If Another Cell Meets Criteria And Stop When Count Is Met

Jan 14, 2009

We were so close!. But it appears that the assumed correct answer only works if there are no repeating N. The repeating N gets the same count as the last Y and it throws off the sum ....

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Excel 2003 :: Return First Value In Column That Meets Criteria

Apr 30, 2012

Using Excel 2003.

In column Y, I have a list of employee numbers (there are a random number of blank spaces in between each number)

In column AE, I have a list of clock in times (there are a random number of blank spaces in between each clock in time)

In column AY, I have a list of the same numbers from column Y (there are no blanks in this list)

Column BB. I am looking for a formula to place in cell BB2 and copy/paste down that will match the number in column Y and return the first non blank cell from that point in column AE.


10062 is employee number in cell AY2. Her employee number (10062) is also located in cell Y5. Her clock in time is located in cell AE7.

10099 is employee number in cell AY3. Her employee number (10099) is also located in cell Y14. Her clock in time is located in cell AE16.

What formula can I place in BB2 so that it returns the clock in time of employee 10062. Then copy and paste so that BB3 returns the clock in time of employee 10099?

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