Replace A Letter With A Word

Aug 10, 2009

Column A has cells showing either Y or N I want Column B to take a Y and convert it to a Yes and N to No. I tried an IF statement but it wont seem to work.

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Pick Word From Excel Search In MS Word And Replace All

Jan 4, 2012

I am trying to automate the below process:

1. I have a excel file with Japanese words in column A and their English equivalents in column B.

2. I am trying to create a Macro and assign it to a button. On pressing the button Macro should be able to:

3. open a form where I can enter location of a word file.

4. Macro should open the word file specified in (3).

5. Macro will pick up first Japanese word from excel file (Sheet 1 - A1)

6. Search for that word in Word file

7. Replace the Japanese words in Word file with their English equivalent from excel (B1)

8. Then it should search for second word (A2) and replace with its equivalent (B2) and so on till it reaches last filled cell in excel file column A.

After a lot of search I could find a code from net (Below), made a few changes, but it is not working.

Private Sub OK_Click()
' Requires a reference to Microsoft Word xx.x Object Library
Dim sFile As String


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Replace Word In MS Word With Varable From MS Excel

May 1, 2009

I am in the middle of automating a process here at work, the program takes a word, "pencil" for example, from excel. It will then open up a word document with content already in it (premade template). The program will then find all instances of a string, "placepencilhere" for example, and will replace that instance with the string from excel.

Basically I want to be able to take a variable that has a stored string value from excel and use it to replace another variable in a word document.

I tried recording a replace (ctrl+f, replace tab) macro, copying the code, and inserting it into the excel vba code.. but I get a error message. Here is what I have:


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Replace The Letter

Dec 3, 2008


i want to replace the letter A,B,C,D,E, with numbers from 1-5.
When I take of the """" and replace the letter with the numbers the formula does not work.

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How To Extract First Letter Of Word

Apr 7, 2014

I have the company name in one column. I need a formula to extract first letter of each word and it had to be grouped.

Find the attachment : File1.xlsx‎

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Capitalizing First Letter In Each Word

Dec 10, 2008

I have 30,000 lines and in each line I have words that have all capital letters.
What I want to do, is make only the first letter in each word capital, and the rest lowercase.

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Capitalizong First Letter Of Each Word In A Title

Dec 22, 2005

I am trying to find a way of capitalizing the first letter of every word in an excel listing of music. i tried the function that was suggested to me in the help =proper(cell#) and it does not work. i ahve a list of 2000 lines in excel to fdo and would like to do it thequickest possible.

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How To Find Any Number Greater Then (x) And Replace With A Letter

Feb 22, 2007

how I could search for any number great then (x) and replace it a letter

For example I have an excel table with a series of weights.


I like to replace any number greater or equal to 6001 lbs with the letters SS.



Then I'd like do the same thing again but this time replace any number less
then or equal to 6000 lbs with the letters SS-LL .



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Making A Letter Equal A Word In Another Cell?

Mar 14, 2013

I have this project for work where on one sheet information is put in by typing AF, CF, WF. I need to have Excel read the AF, CF, WF and make that read as the full word. Is there anyway to do that? I can get my boss to have people just put A, C, W

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Capitalizing First Letter Of Specific Word In A String?

Oct 2, 2013

I have sample string: Cat jumped over lazy Dog

I only want to capitalize: LAZY

so it should be: Cat jumped over Lazy Dog

Proper capitalizes first letter of every word, just want one word capitalizaed.

Also, if I want to use an and function to capitlize multiple words, so it should be: Cat Jumped over Lazy Dog

where just Jumped and Lazy are capitalized.

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Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In A Cell, Without Changing Anything Else

Nov 23, 2008

What I need to do is fairly simple to explain:

I want to have the first letter of every word in a cell to be capitalized, but the rest of each word must remain as is.

Ie: If I have "My AMD CPU still has some pew-pew" in a cell, I want to be able to use a function, let's say:

=CapFix("My AMD CPU still has some pew-pew")

and the output should be:

My AMD CPU Still Has Some Pew-pew

I've tried using:

=PROPER("My AMD CPU still has some pew-pew")

But the output is:

My Amd Cpu Still Has Some Pew-pew

Which is incorrect (capitalization in the rest of the words "AMD" and "CPU" is lost). Does anybody here know what can be done to solve this problem, or have any info about what I can use to solve it? I have not been able to find any built-in Excel function to solve this, nor ASAP Utilities and I can add VBA code and macros, I just don't know how to manipulate the strings correctly or do the loops, etc that I think will be necessary to solve this.

If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. I've not seen a single site where a similar problem has been posted. Even if you can't give me a full solution, but can point me in any direction that would be useful, I'd be really grateful.

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VBA - Replace Cell Value With Sheet Name For Sheets Beginning With Certain Letter

Jan 10, 2014

I have a workbook with a bunch of sheets and I am interested in the sheets that begin with the letter "P". Each of these sheets is named "P###" with #s ranging from 0-9 and not consecutively.

On each of these sheets, the various formulas link to the cell O37. I would like to replace the value in cell O37 with the name of the sheet "P###" for all sheets that begin with P.

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Find And Replace A Specific Letter/number Combination

Jul 9, 2008

I have a column of references I wish to standardize. Contained within a general text description there is also an order-specific reference number, which is not relevant for my purposes. I wish to find all of these numbers and replace them with nothing (i.e. retain the rest of the description).

The reference numbers are always in the format "P#####/##". Unfortunately these references are in the middle of the text field, not at the start or end, so I can't use a LEFT or RIGHT formula to delete them.

Once these reference numbers have been deleted I will then be able to filter for unique records only. When I do this at the moment the filtering has no effect due to these specific reference numbers.

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Change First Letter Of Word From Uppercase To Lowercase In Each Cell Of First Row?

Sep 18, 2013

Is there a way to get Excel to automatically change the first letter of single word entry to lowercase in each cell of the first row of my worksheet leaving the case the same for all other letters?

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Formula To Enable A Letter To Provide A Word As Answer

Apr 4, 2009

I have the following letters in cells
D2= A
D4 =L

These represent Accomodation,Groceries, and Liquor.
Starting at E12 I want a formula , to drag down the column, which will show either Accomodation, Groceries or Liquor depending on the letter I put in cell D12,

Eventually I will possibly need help to summarise these costs on another sheet with other data such as fuel costs and fuel analysis but this will get me started.

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Replace Word In A Sentence?

May 14, 2014

I use the following code. I want to make Replace only in the case which there is a whole word in a part of a cell, but not in part of specific characters.

Example: In the code i want to replace the word "to" but replaces all the words that contains "to". For example in the word together lets only the characters gether, and in the word tonight lets only the characters night etc.

[Code] .....

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VBA To Replace One Word In A Cell With Another

Feb 26, 2014

I found the below code and have tried adapting it without success.

Sub Colorize_Word()
Dim Found As Range, FirstFound As String
Dim FindWhat As String, MyColor As Long, Counter As Integer

MyColor = 3

FindWhat = LCase(InputBox("Find what word?", "Color word"))

[Code] ..........

This code finds any string in a cell of your choice and colors it red. I would really like to replace the string with my own string of text. I couldn't use the simple find and replace function as this replaces the WHOLE cell content not just one word.

I believe the line of code that needs editing most is this one

Found.Characters(Counter, Len(FindWhat)).Font.ColorIndex = MyColor
Counter = InStr(Counter + 1, LCase(Found), FindWhat)

But I cannot figure out how to use the replace function with this.

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Find And Replace Whole Word?

Mar 31, 2014

Looking to build a simple find and replace with an added condition that it must match the whole word since some of my data appears as below:


I am trying to replace abc with alphabets and I need the result: alphabets.abc_no not alphabets.alphabets_no.

What do you think the best approach to this would be? All my data that I need converted is in one column (Column C) which are thousands of rows long and on another sheet I have a list of the conversions I need to do (about 150 - columns A and B) setup like:

A |B

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Replace Second Word Of A String

Dec 9, 2007

I need to replace the second word in a cell with another,

eg in cell AI1 I have Black Box.

Which formula would retain the first word, before the space and replace it with another, eg

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How To Replace Repeated Word In Same Sheet

Jul 16, 2007

I create a monthly excel sheet regarding customer & their payment
like this..

Month January 2007
Customer A 2000
Customer B 2000
Cust C 3000


Cust D 3000
Cust E 4000
Cust A 2000


Cust B 2000
Cust A 2000
Cust G 4000

Now, I want to do somthing like that If a customers Name repeat in another month, I mean Cust. A name has been already entered in Month January & if it comes again in february then it should be automatically replaced or highlight with red line Or something like that.

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Macro To Replace Word In Formula

Jun 24, 2014

I need to replace part of a formula. I need to delete the workbook reference: "[Combined Flow2.xlsm]". I need to do this for range A1:Z100 and this is what I record when deleting them one at a time:

[Code] ........

How can I do this to delete it from all worksheets for the range A1:Z100 besides one at a time.

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Replace Some Of The Text In Word (Docx)

Oct 29, 2011

I have a VBA that opens a word document where I have a standard text, and some of the words are ment to change depending on who customer we have in mind.

It seems a bit unstable, sometimes it takes half of the words, if I add a sign like a comma after the word it seems to catch them better and manage to replace them.

Right now it doesn't change any of the words....

This is is:

Option Explicit
'the document
Dim Inv_doc As Object


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VBA Macro To Find And Replace In Word

Jul 22, 2009

The error is a Run-Time 450 (Too many arguments or invalid property assignment), when I click debug it highlights With Selection.Find

Sub TestTemplates()
Dim s1 As String
Dim s2 As String
Dim s3 As String
Dim appWD As Object
Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application")

s1 = ActiveSheet.Range("Name")
s2 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add1")
s3 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add2")

appWD.Visible = True
appWD.Documents.Open Filename:="C:UsersRemy LabueDocumentsCareCore WorkTest Letter TemplatesTest Letter 1.DOCX"

Call DoFindReplace(FindText:="(1)", ReplaceText:=s1)...................

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Replace Part Of The Word In Cell

Apr 16, 2007

I have a worksheet - sheet 1 like below:

00001 - $2000
00002 - $3150
00004 - $2010
00001 - $1011

I would like to look up customer number (such as 00001) and replace to Peter

sheet2 like:

00001 Peter
00002 Marry
00003 John
00004 Mac

Expect Output:

Peter - $2000
Marry - $3150
Mac - $2010
Peter - $1011

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Formula To Replace One Word With Other (IF Condition Not Working)

Feb 24, 2014

I want to change country name 'California' and 'Belziuma' with new country name as 'USA' in column B2.

Similarly change country name 'Moscow' with new name 'Russia'.

If cond not working.

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VBA - Find / Replace Excel Variable In Word

Apr 7, 2012

I have never used VBA in word before, so I am assuming I am making it more complicated than it needs to be. I have a macro that stores 20 excel values as variables, then opens up a word document. I want to replace values in word with my values in excel. I keep getting an error with the replace part. I do not want to use bookmarks or mail merge. MSWord is a reference in excel VBA.

Code that stores excel variables (Example: Var1=Data1 and Var2=Data2)...
'Opening up the correct word document
Dim WdApp As Object, WdDoc As Object
Set WdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
WdApp.documents.Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "" & Range("D1").Value & ".doc"
WdApp.Visible = True

[Code] ..........

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Replace Cell Text Leaving 1 Word

Jul 10, 2007

I am looking for a syntax or function wherin i can replace all lines in different cells containing specific string or text in it. e.g. Few cells in sheet contains " This guy is for deployment", other few cells may contain "guy is for core deployment" and other cells may have " project is specific deployment". I want to replace all such lines which contain a word "deployment" with ony one word "Deployment".

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Excel 2003 :: Use Find And Replace To Delete Word?

Dec 1, 2005

I'm looking to simply delete certain words that are in cells, without having to delete rows, columns or the entire cell. I can use 'find and replace' and replace the particular word with a space, but I really want to delete the word. I'm using both Excel 2003 and 2000.

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Replace Like Words In Column To Make Word Cloud?

Jun 21, 2013

how to accomplish more work quickly is proving difficult. I am making a word cloud of survey responses for my boss and he doesn't like to see similar words in the cloud (like Ease and Easy or even Fast and Quick). I have several hundred of these responses that are open ended answers that say one or many of these terms. Any way I can separate all the words and have them in one neat column? If I can get to that point, replacing those words will be simple enough.

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Find And Replace Every "YES" In The Worksheet With The Letter Y

Sep 10, 2009

For example this function is as follows: =IF(OR(AND(X1=4674,Q1="YES"),AND(X1=5400,Q2="YES". I wanna replace every "YES" in the worksheet with the letter Y for example.

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