Scroll Bar Control Not Accessing Last 8 Month Of Data

Jan 22, 2014

I followed the instruction in the TechRepublic article "10 steps to creating a scrolling Excel chart"; [URL].... The problem is that the scroll bar stops working at a certain point and will not bring up the last 8 months of year 4 of my data. I get error messages and the chart turns blank.

I also tried a different method (again for a scroll bar and a rolling chart) as outlined in [URL].... There are a number of similar articles with almost identical formulas. Here, the first 8 month of year one are inaccessible = error messages and chart turns blank.

I have 4 years worth of temperature data. The original data table from where the Index function draws the data is 1463 rows long (minus 2 rows for the header). The "magic" number where the scroll bar stops working is 995 for the current value. From a current value of 994 onwards, the entire matrix displays error messages "Ref#".

In the second case, the magic number is 1242 which equates to August of the first year. 1241 and lower for the current value will freeze the chart.

How the scroll bar control generates and gets hung up on either of these two magic numbers is a mystery to me.

I set the control properties at the beginning, i.e. Jan 1 of the first year to: Current value =1, Minimum =1 (I also tried 0), Maximum = 1500, Incremental =5, page =30, linked cell =$E$2. What is most puzzling to me is the fact that the scroll bar does work but only for part of the data set.

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Control Scroll Bars: Remove The Scroll Bars From Just One Worksheet But When Unticked

Jan 13, 2007

In the menu via TOOLS-->OPTIONS-->VIEW I am trying to remove the scroll bars from just one worksheet but when unticked, this option affects all of the worksheets in my workbook. Is there a way to just nail this selection down to one sheet via properties?

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Control Scroll Bar Position

Feb 18, 2008

VBA Code of a custom control button, Scroll Bar, that mimics the same code as the corresponding form button, scroll bar? Where a cell is selected and the scroll bar changes the cell value from 0 to 100 in single intervals.

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Separate Table Control / Scroll

Oct 8, 2013

Table1 (TeamA)

Table 2 (TeamB)


Table 3 (TeamC)

Table 4 (TeamD)


Given above is a single Sheet in excel with Four Different Tables for each team. I would like to scroll and enter data separately in each Table.

Say for Example Table 1 Team A
Scroll through the rows (1-100)
Enter Data (in any row)
Freeze panes at header

Likewise for all the tables separately. I had tried using split panes, but that is not what i am looking for.

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Making The Scroll Form Control Automatic

Feb 1, 2010

I have a scroll (form control) linked with data from another sheet. It scrolls nicely and works fine but I'd like to be able to update the data sheet and then the table with the scroll automatically update too.

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Hide & Show Scroll Bars For Frame Control

Nov 30, 2006

I have a form that is dynamically created at runtime. I have assigned the controls to a frame in VBA and also attached a horizontal scrollbar manually to that frame.

How can I control the scrollbar in VBA to appear, when columns of controls added to the frame exceeds 10. If not I want the scrollbar to be invisible?

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Const cTextBoxHeight As Long = 16
Const cTextBoxWidth As Long = 40
Const cGap As Long = 10
Dim W As Integer
Dim a As Integer

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Macro For Form Control Button To Reset Scroll Bars To Static Column Of Numbers

May 8, 2014

I have never written or used a macro before and I have a simple macro task to complete:

I have Column L (L4:L10) of seven scroll bars that move according to number changes in column F (F4:F10). I want to create a form control command button that resets the changes on the scroll bars according to static column of numbers in Column E (E4:E10).

I don't know if it matters, but I'll add that I plan to add a second button that does the same thing with a different column of data. I assume I'll simply replicate whatever procedure I use in the first button - is this okay?

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Accessing Data From Other Workbook

Jan 17, 2008

How can i access data from other workbook i have opened.?
I am new in VBA.So little code snippet would be good to show.
I want to get the cell data from workbook2 to workbook1

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Accessing Data From Worksheets In Multiple Workbooks

Jun 27, 2008

I have read all the rules, and the guidelines for writting a thread title, and can only hope that my title meets those criteria (Dave, if they do not please do not ban me). I am fairly new to VBA, I have been able to edit other peoples code, and have created a few macros myself, and although I think I know how to use a loop and arrays, I sometimes lack some of the basics, this may be one such case. That said here is the problem I am facing.

I am creating a database, and as such I am sent several workbooks, with each workbook containning several worksheets. Within these workbooks, the naming convention of the worksheets is consistent, though each workbook may contain different number of worksheets. (the name of the worksheets represents a specific size/format).

What I have is a "Setup sheet" that I would like populated with all the data from specific worksheets in the various workbooks. So I would need to be able to get the macro to check all the workbooks, and if it finds a worksheet entitled "Sheet B" (for example) that it copies all that data into the "Setup sheet", and progresses onto the next workbook. I have the loop working and am fairly confident on this side of things, though where I am struggling is getting the Macro to know what worksheet to look at when going through the workbooks.

I need the macro to be fairly dynamic in which Worksheet it looks at so I don't want to simply hardcode the Worksheet name into the macro, rather I would like to be able to specify the worksheet name based on a cell value in the "Setup sheet". so going back to my earlier example if the cell value in the "Setup sheet" = "Sheet B" then the macro should get data from the worksheets entitled "SheetB" in the workbooks, if the cell value in the "Setup sheet" = "Sheet F" then the macro should get data from the worksheets entitled "Sheet F".

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Determine Month & Day Chosen From Calendar Control

Sep 5, 2007

how I would display a simple msgbox to a user if a date they select from monthview isn't a date I want them to select. They can only chose dates between aug and dec 07 and i have the code lines

If MonthView1.Month = "12" And = "15" Then december15.december15

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Calendar Control To Enter Chosen Month As Worksheet

Jul 17, 2009

I have a worksheet that has a Calendar on a worksheet from Calendar Control 8.0.

I want to be able to pick a month from the calendar and press a button to convert the selected month into a worksheet. I have a custom made calendar worksheet that I would like for it to be converted into.

I have uploaded my workbook. It contains the custom calendar worksheet as well as the calendar control.

The file is called "calendar.xls".

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Month View Control To Locate Future Date (Or Red Circle)

May 7, 2014

I had a Calendar Control (2007) but now stuck using 2013. I have to change all of codes related to my Calendar Control to a Month View Control. Problem is I had 4 command buttons beside my calendar to automatically add value to the calendar:

My Code is in a userform. Standard code for MonthView:

[Code] ....

Basically it was “highlighting” the todays date but if one of the cmd_button was clicked then it would highlight the today’s date plus 15 (making the highlighted date, if we take today as an example: 2014/05/22).

Now with the Month View is there a way to select the exact same thing? I mean I know if I deactivate the “Show Today” in the properties but is there a way to make the selected date to have the “Circle in Red” around the date IF I click on a command button?

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Restricted Scroll Areas Won't Scroll

Nov 26, 2007

I am using the toolbox/ properties method to restrict the scroll area in the sheets of my workbook. However, for some sheets when i keep the right hand arrow pressed, the screen will not scroll to the last column. (i.e. the screen display will not move with the selected cell box)

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Scroll Bar Exceeds Data Range

Jul 19, 2010

My worksheet ends at cell AG650, and Control-End takes me there. I have deleted all columns and rows beyond that, saved, closed and re-opened.

But the scroll bar takes me to cell AG924500 -- more than 900,000 rows too far...

I tried setting the Scrollarea in VBA and got some unexpected results.

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
ScrollArea = "A1:AG700"
End Sub

The elevator bar did not shrink at all, and the visible portion of the worksheet reacted inconsistently, sometimes correctly, sometimes seeming frozen or stopping short of the 700 rows specified, which makes me think there's an Excel bug involved.

I've also tried Hiding the unused rows but get this message:

"Cannot shift objects off the sheet"

So I've gone into VBA and removed all objects using this code:


But with no change at all...

I've also applied several commercial 'Excel tuning' programs, to no avail (FastExcel and CodeCleaner)

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Only Want 6 Of 7 Columns Of Data Rows To Scroll?

Dec 3, 2012

I have a single sheet that has 6 fixed columns of data in but the number of rows can vary per user per import. Users can actually insert rows as required. The seventh column has my macro buttons present. It looks and works great for about 20 rows (one screen) full. If the number of rows gets to be more than that and the user needs to scroll to modify those lower rows the macro buttons roll off the top and are not visible to access. Is there a way to keep the macro buttons in the same location (column G) and only have the data (columns A-F) scroll when required by the user? This way the macro buttons are available on the rows beyond the first 20 or so for the user to use, instead of having to scroll back up to use them. I've tried using the split and freeze functions but neither worked.

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Formula That Compares Month Over Month Data

Mar 5, 2007

I am trying to create a formula that compares month over month data. If the prior month is 0 I get an error. I am having trouble with incorporating ISERR into the formula to eliminate the error.


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Month To Month Analysis On Monthly Data

Oct 2, 2006

In cell A2 on Sheet 1 = January. On sheet 2 in cell A2 I need it to = February, On sheet 3 in cell A2 I need it to = March, On sheet 4 in cell A2 I need it to = April, etc.... How can I do this with a regular text formula, not VBA coding.

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Mouse Scroll WITHIN A Data Validation List & Option Macro Assistance

Jan 7, 2010

I'm trying to do a few things actually. I am somewhat a newb at programming, although I do understand how C++ and the coding works within Excel. To me, it's like the English language...knowing all of the vocabulary and formatting it right is important. If I don't know the vocabulary, I don't know what options I have.

This tool is being used in the call center I work in. It is to help eliminate repititious information used to notate accounts. I have attached a picture of what the tool looks like so you can have a better idea of what I'm working with. Here are a list of things I'm trying to do which I have searched and not found answers to:

1. I am trying to use a middle mouse scroll to scroll through validation list. This list information is located on a different locked tab. Basically, I have a few rows where a drop down selection can be made and it would be easier to scroll rather than manually moving the slider within the validation list.

2. As you can see, this "tool" an employee and I have created has many buttons. What I would like to do is to be able to click a button on the right and have it "stack" text within a single cell. In other words, if I click the button once, the text may be entered into the "actions taken" cell. If I click another button, I can have the option (or maybe a little "+" next to the button) to add this button's information to the end of the information already entered within the "actions taken" box. I've tried recording and using the keyboard and selecting "end" and then having the text added, but it didn't work. I've seen "loop" VBA code, but I don't want something to repeat, I want it to stack in the cell when clicked manually.

I'm sure there is a way to make the tool much better using VBA code and not use Excel, but I don't have an extensive knowledge of Excel to do something like that. I'm a very fast learner and understand how the coding works, so if you have an idea which may help, and you understand what I'm trying to do here, please provide your .02.

Basically, it's used so the Customer's name and phone number are entered manually, and then just about everything else is automated by the use of the buttons on the right. If I could get the 2 above options to work, it'd be perfect. I just figured out I could eliminate screen flicker and hide the macros working by using:

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Financial Model (formula To Equally Distribute Revenue Either Over The Next 1 Month, 2 Month Or 3 Month Period Depending On Size Of The Deal)

Dec 23, 2008

I m trying to write a formula for my financial model. If anyone can take a stab at a solution. I'm trying to write a formula that will equally distribute revenue either over the next 1 month, 2 month or 3 month period depending on size of the deal.

Sales will fit in 1 of 3 categories. Less than 25k; between 25k & 100k; greater than 100k.

- if under $25K, recognize in next month (month N+ 1)
- $25K-100K, recognize in two equal parts in months N + 1 and N + 2
- over $100K, recognize in three equal parts over 3 months
N + 1, N + 2, N + 3 ...

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Accessing WinZip Via VBA

Sep 5, 2006

This Sample is the code that I've adopted for my use.

My problem is this. My normal target .zip files are in the neighborhood of 75 - 80 Mb in size. Yes I know that they are huge..... (They are backup files for mainframe extracts ) Each zip file contains in the neighborhood of 2000 files. Currently, I have coded two ways of extracting data. Well really only 1.

1) I specify a location to extract all files. Which is time consuming ast it takes in the neighborhood of ( 5 min I thing for all files to get extracted ).

2) If I let the user specify a file filter parameter ( part of a file name ) while the WinZip shell is extracting files I'm searching all the file names in the dest directory and deleting the files that I don't want.

So what I want to know is it possible ( without buying software ) to be able to get the filenames of the files in a WinZip file.......

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Accessing Controls

Mar 21, 2007

I have a ListBox in my worksheet "A", and I'm tryin to acces to it... I want to use that ListBox like a log to print the error i have found while running my code. The name of that ListBox is "IncongruenciesListBox".

now if that ListBox was in a userform, i can access to it easily, but if it is in the worksheet how can i change (add more rows) to it?

I tried:

Dim WS As WorkSheet
Set WS = ThisWorkBook.WorkSheets("A")
If added = False Then WS.IncongruenciesListBox.AddItem ("error")

And there is a message saying it cant find "IncongruenciesListBox".

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Accessing Isblank In Vba

Apr 6, 2007

Is the following valid code in Excel VBA?

If Application.WorksheetFunction.isblank( Cells(RowIndex, ColIndex)) Then

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Accessing A Worksheet

Apr 26, 2007

I would like to know if it's possible to access a worksheet in an Excel spreadsheet using a pre-prepared string or character-set? Usage is for years consecutive, so worksheets are '1990', '1991', '1992', etc.

In which case I'd like to be able access these with a prepared string '1990', instead of using the hard-coded method for hundreds of data accesses.

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Accessing Different Sheets Via A Formula

Jan 10, 2010

I am currently accessing data from one worksheet to another using: =INDEX(AD!C:C, MATCH($B9,AD!$B:$B, 0)). Ie from my current worksheet Claim, Im going specifically to sheet AD. My full workbook contains 18 sheets, one for each of 18 engineers and of which, the name of the worksheet is the engineers initials. What I would like to do, is to use a lookup table located on Claim which will hold a list of all 18 Initials, so that when an engineer selects himself from a drop down list, his initials automatically populate cell K7.

My question therefore is, is there a way of substituting the AD in the formula: =INDEX(AD!C:C, MATCH($B9,AD!$B:$B, 0)) with the contents of K7? Or, if you can see what Im trying to do here, is there any other way of accessing specific sheets by inserting the sheet name into a formula?

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Accessing The Properties Of A Shape

Apr 2, 2009

How does one access the properties of a shape? For instance getting the text on a button ( from the forms toolbar ) on a worksheet. This works

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Accessing Elements Within Arrays

Nov 10, 2009

I've been teaching myself VBA for the purpose of processing some time resolved data from an instrument. I've come up against a problem and I just can't work out why the code is failing. (using excel 2007, VBA 6.5)

I declare some arrays as dynamic, then ReDim them to a user defined number (with Option Base 1) and input data from a spreadsheet into the array. I can then output the data into the spreadsheet again and the lbound and ubound functions return the correct values for the array. What I cannot do is actually access individual elements. If I specify array(i) I get the "Subscript is out of range" error. The code relevant to this problem is as below (simplified as there are more arrays):

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Accessing A Closed Book

Dec 14, 2006

I have designed a spreadsheet that updates automatically and shows the company's perfomance on several sheets.

To add to the use of the sheet I would like to offer the user a preference set up. So they choose the sheet it opens on for example.

I am happy with how to do all the above except for the fact that the sheet is required to be available to all staff! so only one employee can have it open in read/write everyone else will eb read only!

I was thinking the only way around this would be to have a second sheet that saves their environ user name and preferences.

That would require using the sheet closed though would it not?

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Accessing Worksheets Via A Variable Name

Apr 21, 2008

i have a simple PO tracking system, i have a workbook with multiple sheets at any one time approximately 20, projects come and go and i need to add a sheet periodically, rename the tab to the project ID - 4x numeric.

All this i have managed to do, and sort the sheets numerically, i now need to copy the last (added) row on the Project specific sheet to the last clear row on the summary sheet.

I have also achieved this, but in order to do it properly i need to switch between the specific Project sheet i am adding the current PO to, (any one of 20) and the summary data sheet, the sheet i am copying to.

To achieve this i thought i could assign the TabName (of the Project) to a variable and then refer to it

Sheets(TabName).Select. using msgbox throughout appears to provide the correct results, however, this produces a {subscript out of range error no9} on this particular line. Any suggestions welcome. Same issue i believe i could address my problem if i could whilst in the Project specific sheet i could determine the codename of the sheet which i believe i could then use to switch between sheets programatically.

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Accessing The Buttons In The Command Bar

May 25, 2007

i am trying to access buttons like ' Format - Column - Hide'

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Accessing Values Of 'alphanumeric' Variables

Jan 3, 2010

I have declared a number of string variables named "hlpYear1", "hlpYear2" etc in the 'Worksheet_SelectionChange' function. "hlpYear1" contains the appropriate text to display if the selected language is English, "hlpYear2" is for French and so on. I was hoping that I would be able to use VBA to display the appropriate text by way of a 'For..Next' statement along the following lines:

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