Suming N/A

Jan 29, 2008

I have a table form where sometimes I fill in 20 lines and sometimes only 3. Then, sub results for empty lines are N/A. The problem is that when I want to sum up all those sub results, instead of suming the numbers there are, ignoring N/A, it gives me N/A as the answer. How can I make it ignore those empty lines And how can I hide those N/A in the form to make it look better?

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SUMing Two IF Values

Jan 2, 2009

I'm in regional sales and need to track sales figures (column C) within a City (column A) within a specific date range (column B). See attached xls example file.
I have tried nesting AND and SUM into an IF formula as well as an INDEX formula with no success.

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Suming Across A Row Using Criteria

Oct 29, 2009

I currently have a spreadsheet used to track attendance by person. Each row represents one person and the colums the days. Each day requires 2 columns, 1 to code the attendance type and the other to list the number of hours. What I need to do is calculate the totals in the times columns if the code is the same.

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Suming A Conditional Match Among Many Sheets

Jun 28, 2008

Is there any way to sum up a conditional match among many sheets for ex:

If i have in sheet 1: A2= John
A3= Bruce
A4= David

In sheet 2 : B5= John
F4= 5$

In sheet 3 : B5= Bruce
F4= 20$

In sheet 4: B5= David
F4= 14$

I need in sheet 1, B2 , a formula to return the result of F4 of the sheet which matches the A2 ("john") in the B5 of all sheets .result should be 5$ . Is that possible?

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Suming Same Cell Across, Till Any Ending Sheet

Oct 18, 2008

I need a formula to sum all E3 cells starting from sheet "Joe" to the last sheet i have, without being obliged to modify the formula for each new sheet i create and which by default is created in the end. something like:
=sum(Joe:my last sheet created!E3)

Also,do protected cells in some of the sheets affect this formula calculation?

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