Tree View TreeView Control

Jan 8, 2007

I want to create sections in excel exactely like below. I need to show user how many types systems are available and in each type how many config systems available.

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Create A Tree View

Dec 5, 2006

I want to get a tree view created with the following details


EDIT: FYI: thomach tried adding code and then quote tags to see if the indenting showed. Neither worked.

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Drag From Treeview Control To Spreadsheet Control

Jan 12, 2007

I have created a userform within VBA which has a TreeView Control and a Spreadsheet control on it.

I have populated the TreeView control with data and what I want to be able to do is to drag the nodes off the TreeView control to the spreadsheet control.

I can drag onto a normal worksheet but not onto the spreadsheet control (the no drop mouse pointer keeps showing).

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Add Treeview Control At Runtime

Jun 27, 2007

it is possible to add excel's standard controls at runtime to a userform, but can a treeview be added at runtime?

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Text Based Treeview Control

Nov 21, 2006

i found this quick online tutorial [url] on treeviews. i was trying to modify the code to make it a simple tree contaning just text like attached image, and to have a command buttton to add, and delete from the tree.

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View Data From Form Control Button

Aug 9, 2009

Is it possible to configure the workbook so the user can view the data in the worksheet from the form and I can hide the actual worksheet so that the data in the workshhet cannot be changed? Or maybe there is a better way all together??

I am attaching a copy of the worksheet.

Second, Is there a better way to input a code that would allow a search for duplicates in certain fields to be flagged (other than the color coding?)

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Month View Control To Locate Future Date (Or Red Circle)

May 7, 2014

I had a Calendar Control (2007) but now stuck using 2013. I have to change all of codes related to my Calendar Control to a Month View Control. Problem is I had 4 command buttons beside my calendar to automatically add value to the calendar:

My Code is in a userform. Standard code for MonthView:

[Code] ....

Basically it was “highlighting” the todays date but if one of the cmd_button was clicked then it would highlight the today’s date plus 15 (making the highlighted date, if we take today as an example: 2014/05/22).

Now with the Month View is there a way to select the exact same thing? I mean I know if I deactivate the “Show Today” in the properties but is there a way to make the selected date to have the “Circle in Red” around the date IF I click on a command button?

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Using A Treeview

Mar 13, 2009

In my program I connect too a OPC server the OPC server contains different channels, those channels contains devices and the devices contain items, those items could be a collection of items or individual items.

I have already used a listbox and listview in my userform, but i'm not particulary happy with the results. So i want too add the treeview because i think it would look and work better.

I'll add all of my code and i hope you can see what i mean. I have found some examples but they use data on a worksheet which is a bit different too how i want too do it. I have found out the .add that is used there doesn't work and i'm having trouble finding what i need. for some reason opening the help files is blocked on win xp.

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Tree Rearrangement

May 6, 2009

How do I make the following conversion :

(Column values are separated by =)

I'd appreciate if someone can help create a Macro for this. This might have a long list and a longer tree as well.


column1 column2
1 = top
1-2001 = middle
1-2001-2002 = bottom
1-3001 = alpha
1-3001-3002 = beta
1-3001-3002-3003= gamma


column1 column2
1 = top
1-2001 = top-middle
1-2001-2002 = top-middle-bottom
1-3001 = top-alpha
1-3001-3002 = top-alpha-beta
1-3001-3002-3003= top-alpha-beta-gamma

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Collapsible Tree

Jan 26, 2007

how to create a collapsable tree in Excel using VBA.

Note: There is restriction that I cannot use ActiveX

A small example will be very useful.

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Create Directory Tree

Dec 9, 2009

I've been trying my best to create a directory structure using VBA and Excel, and have run out of patience on how best to do this. My goal is to create a directory tree containing 2 levels. The 1st level (Main Folders) will be named from data in Column A of an Excel Spreadsheet, the 2nd level (Subfolders) will be created from data in Columns B, C and D of the spreadsheet. I've been using the following code with success, but don't know how to create subdirectories:

Sub StartHere()
Dim rCell As Range, rRng As Range
Set rRng = Sheet1.Range("A1:A20")
For Each rCell In rRng.Cells
CreateFolders rCell.Value, "C: est"
Next rCell
End Sub

Sub CreateFolders(sSubFolder As String, ByVal sBaseFolder As String)
Dim sTemp As String
'Make sure the base folder is ready to have a sub folder
'tacked on to the end
If Right(sBaseFolder, 1) <> "" Then
sBaseFolder = sBaseFolder & ""
End If............

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VBA - TreeView Properties In UserForm

Jun 24, 2006

I have a tree view control property in a userform working fine, however, when the form open, only the top level is list (ie, only 1 string is visible). In order to see more, then user needs to click on the + which is not an issue, but they would rather have the tree open up to certain level, say 5 hierarchical levels down, instead of just the one string.

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Loops Creation For Treeview

Oct 24, 2006

I write macros that creates a treeview according to data from column "A". In attached example I have series of numbers, that means following:

0 is a root (A1), 1 is its nod (A2), 2 are nods of 1 (A3,A4), three appearance of 3 are nods of 2 (A5,A6,A7) , e.t.c.
It means that I must dinamically to create the loops.
How to make it.
All that I know is a static creation.

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Treeview With Textbox Controls

Oct 26, 2006

i am trying to adapt this code to show userform textbox's instead of cell information

Sub treeview()
Dim i As Integer
Dim nodX As Node
Dim strRel As String
Dim strRship As String
Dim strKey As String
Dim strText As String
For i = 1 To 3
'cell A3
strRel = ActiveCell
'cell B3..................

which i found here, fileTreeview control.

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Dynamic Drop Down Tree

Nov 19, 2006

My Question: how would i be able to render a dynamic drop down tree in the following format (see attachment): look at the left Rich Graphics folder example:

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Group / Ungroup - Tree Structure

Mar 6, 2014

I am trying to create a sheet to resemble tree structure of rows. That is by default all the parent rows must be visible and click of + sign, the row should expand to show its child rows which in turn can have child rows but appear collapsed. When I choose two rows and click on Group and select rows, I see a grouping but when I try to collapse using - sign, both 2 rows gets disabled. I want to make the first row as parent and second row as child. How do I do it?

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Drag Drop Treeview Node

Jan 10, 2007

I was trying to drag a node onto a worksheet and for that node to remain in the treeview control.

I have found out that if I hold the CTRL key then the node remains on the treeview.

Does anyone know how I can implement this action in my code so I don't have to keep pressing the control key?

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Treeview Data From Multiple Sheets

Jan 16, 2007

I am trying to populate a TreeView control from multiple sheets. I have managed to populate it from one sheet but can't do it for multiple sheets.

see my code below:

Dim arrName As Variant
Dim arrParent As Variant

With Sheets("Sheet1"). Range(Sheets("Sheet1").[A2], Sheets("Sheet1").[A65536].End(xlUp))
arrName = .Value
arrParent = .Offset(, 1).Value
End With

I want to be able to make it look up from Sheet2 aswell.

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Code To Copy Treeview Item To Textbox

Sep 5, 2012

I have enclosed a picture of my problem : Diagnostic Notes Generator Example.jpg

The treeview on the left-side panel will populate with different options based on what is chosen from the "category" combo box.

Based on the category chosen, different "troubleshooting steps" will be presented in the Treeview List.

As each selected tree node is mouse clicked...the text values needs to be copied into the adjacent text-box.

My question, what is the code to copy a Treeview item over to a text box?

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How To Auto-move Players In Cup Tree Using Formulas

Aug 31, 2012

I am trying to build a cup tree that automaticly move players over to the next round if they are first or second in
their group of 4. What happens when first person have a result of lets say 33 and 2nd and 3d person have a result of 35 each and the 4th person 37? First person is easy but then there are 2 persons with the sam result and they play sudden death and we put in a 1 in the sd column for the winner and a 2 for the loser of the sudden death.

How do I make my formula figure that if they had the same result go look at the sd column?

Another thing is that of the 2 players advancing they have to be placed in the same order in next round, how can I achieve that?

If you look in column I row 19-22 there are players in the wrong order because the player with the better result goes in first. It should be this order: 9 11 15 16 instead. (if you are ahead in the previous round you will be ahead in the next round)

Another problem I noticed now is that when 2 players has the same lowest score the first player takes both spots as it is now and that doesn't work in real. You see what I mean if you look at player 1 in round 1 and 2 (R1 & R2), in this case it should have been players 1 2 6 and 7 moving on to round 2 and not 1 1 6 7 as it is at the moment.

(Rank is their rank from the qulification rounds where the first 4 is seeded and the rest is drawn into 1 group a time)

Klass B



[Code] .......

Spreadsheet Formulas


=IF('Klass B Calculations'!F4=1;'Klass B Calculations'!C4;IF('Klass B Calculations'!F5=1;'Klass B Calculations'!C5;
IF('Klass B Calculations'!F6=1;'Klass B Calculations'!C6;IF('Klass B Calculations'!F7=1;'Klass B Calculations'!C7;""))))

[Code] ..........

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Displaying TreeView Selected Items In Msgbox

May 15, 2013

I have a treeview box w/ multi-select enable. My question is how do I display in a message box of all the item I've selected.

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Build Tree From Values In Cells On Lists

Aug 1, 2006

I'm trying to write a macro that will build a tree from 3 sets of lists and I'm really stuck!.
The thing is:

1. I have 1 worksheet with 2 sheets. First sheet "Lists" contains in every column a list of data.

2. Range("B:C") contains list od SERVICES1 - every value in list has its corresponding ID_SERVICES.

3. Range("D:F") contains list od SERVICES2 - every value in list has its corresponding ID_SERVICES2 and a parent id ID_SERVICES.

4.Range("H:I") contains list od SERVICES3 - every value in list has its corresponding ID_SERVICES3 and a parent id ID_SERVICES2.

5. Second sheet "Project" in Range("A:C") contain example of tree like: ...

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Data Validation Lists: Tree Style

Oct 7, 2006

I have a data validation list in B31 "material type" that has 4 options (Adhesives, Metals, Backer Board, & Grout). Based on that selection F31 needs to display a list of "descriptions" that match that "material type". The list is in book "database.xls!sheet3". Material type list is Column A, Description is in Column E. I know that you can't link to an unopened workbook in data validation, & I've been trying to code it, but again the lack of expierence & knowledge has frustrated me again :P This code to get the info for the file to open

Private Function GetValue(path, file, sheet, ref)
Dim arg As String
If Right(path, 1) <> "" Then path = path & ""
If Dir(path & file) = "" Then
GetValue = "File Not Found"
Exit Function
End If
arg = "'" & path & "[" & file & "]" & sheet & "'!" & _
Range(ref).Range("A1").Address(, , xlR1C1)
GetValue = ExecuteExcel4Macro(arg)
End Function....................

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Excel 2007 :: How To Adjust Protected View Settings But Protected View Tab Is Missing From Trust Centre Settings

Dec 12, 2013

Excel 2007 - need to adjust protected view settings but the protected view tab is missing from my Trust Centre settings - have the following tabs - trusted publisher / location, add-ins, activeX, macro, message bar, external content and privacy options. Document is a revenue authority download and without being able to adjust the protected view settings, can't input data.

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How To Create (Tree) BOM Structure (Excel Sheet Attached)

Jun 19, 2014

I was sent this file and I want to replicate the bill of material tree structure on the left. I'm not sure how it is done.

Image: BOM_example.png

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Display A Tree-like Structure From Parent-child Nodes

Oct 1, 2008

I encounter the following problem which has been bugging me for weeks.

I am doing up an engineering spreadsheet which calculate the electrical cable size from node A to node B.

Col A and B goes like this:


So Transformer is the parent of MSB_A and MSB_A is in turn the parent of SSB_A1 and so on.

What I would like to achieve is to put these data into the following configuration:

............................|-> SSB_A1

...........................|-> SSB_B1

NB: Please ignore the "dots" above.

This will give the user an overview of the parents and node relationship.

I can't seem to find a solution how to achieve this.

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TreeView: Trap Click On Image Or Label Of Node

Dec 17, 2006

I am using a TreeView control and need to determine if the user clicked on the Image or the Label of a node. The Hittest function can return either a TreeViewHitTestInfo object or a node. By default it returns the node. I'm not quite sure how to trigger the return of a TreeViewHittestInfo object, but at the moment I'm even struggling to make VBA aware of that class. A simple statement like

Dim info As TreeViewHitTestInfo

returns an error saying that TreeViewHitTestInfo is not defined.

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Convert Tree Structure SAP Data Dump Into Database Format

Jul 28, 2009

I have an organizational hierarchy dump in excel from an SAP ERP system. The format of that file is less than user friendly and I need to convert it to a flat file format so I can do pivots against it or possibly dump it into access database. The background is as follows (I am also attaching a file).

The organizational structure is multinoded/layered. Top most node is a company second from the top are divisions designated by 02DivName each 02DivName has multiple nodes assigned to it. The lowest level of the hierarchy is a department, always a numeric, always same length.

That's where it gets interesting. Each node/layer under 02DivName has a technical description and text description they get broken up into two different columns when SAP dumps them. Technical descriptions can be used to identify where in hierarchy the node falls(parent/child). For example 02A is a child of 02DivName 02B is a child of 02A 02C is a child of 02B and of course all of them roll up to 02DivName. There could be multiple 02A's under Div Name and their respective 02B's, C's D's would roll under them. So on export file it would be graphically represented 02A1 blank blank blank blank in that column and then change to 02A2 their respective 02B's would be in different columns works the same for C's and D's.

Here is another wrinkle the department is not always assigned to the lowest level grouping. I could have 02DivName dept, dept, dept, and then 02A group assigned to 02DivName. The department numbers end up on export file in the same column as fre form text descriptions for the nodes. It is staggered format.

The object of what I'm trying to do is basically convert the gibberish described above into flat file format via a vba script. I need to have node1 node1 desc node2, node2 desc, etc etc in columns the last column being a department number. So if for example I have a dept assigned directly to 02DivName directly all the other node descriptions will be blank if it's node 02A then the node1 and node2 will be populated. Any help will be appreciated. And here is the file with excel spreadsheet

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Avoid Hard Coding Control Name Inside Control Event Procedure?

Mar 4, 2014

Is there any way in VBA to refer to a control in its own event procedure without referring to it by name/hard-coding?

It might be clearer to explain by a dummy code example:

[Code] ......

I'm seeking what I would need to replace Line1 with.

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Select Next Control / Cell On Worksheet After Enter In Control

Jan 9, 2008

Within the ComboBox properties, is there anyway to control after "enter" his hit, you move to the right instead of down (similar to the edit under Tools/Options)?

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