Userform And CheckBoxes - Filter Data According To Options Chosen

Jan 29, 2013

Have got a userform with four checkboxes representing specific salary bands. What I have tried to do is to filter the data according to options chosen, but the code seems not to be working.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With Me.CheckBox1
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft
End With
With Me.CheckBox2
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft

[Code] .........

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Filter Multi Data Using Combobox And Checkboxes?

Apr 19, 2014

i have a data sheet i want to filter my multi data using combobox and checkboxes,,,

checkbox filter data what value is in the combobox,

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Userform To Enter Data In Different Locations Depending On Selected Options

Jan 22, 2009

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3
xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

Each team leader would then input hours in each state each day on their column. Make sense? Easy Peasy...

My question........... is it posible to have a userform where a TL would select their name (Column) and Day (Monday=Row 3, Tuesday=Row23 etc) from a dropdown and then input figures in txt boxes to submit them in the correct location?

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Filter Options

Sep 5, 2008

How do I filter the options in column A to bring up results in Column B. I want to do a one-many filter where if the user selects an option in column A then the results/values in column B should be based upon the the user selection.

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Display Chosen Auto Filter Value

May 4, 2004

I am using the follow Array formula to display the value selected in an Autofilter:


The flaw in this formula, is that it displays a result even when no value has be chosen. Is there a way to display a value only once it has been chosen in the Autofilter?

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Filter Options Displayed On Separate Sheet

Apr 4, 2014

I have a report that works fine, but I'm trying to simplify its usage. My challenge is that I want to show the filter options from the "SCORE Data" sheet (in cells B2 and C2) on the "SCORE Output" sheet. I attached a sample spreadsheet with explanations, for illustration.

Broker Scorecard_04-04-2014_SAMPLE_v1.xlsm‎

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Select Consecutive Options Within Filter Dropdown Box

Mar 21, 2014

how to select, for example, 10 consecutive options that follow each other within the filter drop down box? (instead of individually clicking/checking each option) for example, clicking a cell A1, pressing and holding shift, and clicking cell A10, which highlights cells 1 - 10...

Is something like this possible within a filter drop down box?

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Deleting Rows Based On Multiple Filter Options?

Aug 3, 2012

I need to review a 400,000 row spreadsheet and remove all records where 5 columns are populated with data so I am only eft with records that are missing information.

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Filter Data With UserForm

Jan 11, 2008

I have a spreadsheet containing data relating to addresses, the postcode and house number are in seperate cells. I want to input postcode and house number into a userform (" find record") have that locate the entry in the worksheet, then return the 18, cells in the row to a second userform ("updater") to be updated/edited and the updated data returned to the cells it came from, by necessity some of the cells in the worksheet use data validation lists. I have the two userforms and have included listboxes in "updater" and have linked these to the data validation lists in the worksheet.

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UserForm MessageBox Options

Jul 31, 2007

I have the following VB macro that runs after user presses OK on a userform. I don't think it's written correctly. I would like a prompt that gives two options (either yes to return a null value if they've left a field blank, or return user to a reset userform1 if they select no.)

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

If Me.TextBox1.Value = "" Then
MsgBox ("You Must Enter a Part Number (eg. 1007821-12)")
Unload UserForm1
End If
If Me.TextBox2.Value = "" Then
MsgBox ("You Must Enter a Lot Number (eg. 6020631)")............

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Add Three Checkboxes To The Userform

Aug 25, 2008

I have a userform that contains 15 labels, each label has Numbers in it each time i click on a label the text is inserted into an excel spreadsheet. I use it as a fast input solution and works well and has done for a few years.

I Now want to Add three checkboxes to the userform
If checkbox One is ticked i want the letter "A" and the number in the label i choose to be inserted into the spreadsheet.
Checkbox Two "B"
Checkbox Three "c"

I would only ever tick one of the checkboxes never two or three so it would be A, B or C

This is the code for The Labels i use

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Userform And Checkboxes

Nov 25, 2007

a. I m trying to put up a userform that a. select different autofilteroptions (I'm using checkboxes)
b. let the user to do som autofiltering of several workbooks (the workbooks are similar regarding structure and formats).
c. take a copy of the result from the autofilter result
d. paste this in a new workbook
e. go to next workbook, do b. and c. and paste this under the result from the last session.

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New To Checkboxes On Userform

Apr 11, 2009

I never paid attention to how to make checkboxes work since i though i would never use them but now here I am searching Mr.Excel trying to find simple answers.

Heres the deal:
I got a form that has 6 checkboxes on it, each of the boxes has a different end-value. Kinda like a scoring sytem or quiz form.
check1 = 15
check2= 15
check3 = 10
check4 = 8
check5 =5
check6 =5

then i have a textbox(1) below it that will display the total of "points" that was checked. And eventually the points would be somehow converted to a msge box ( like 20 "you fail") but Im sure theres a post somewhere about that so i'll worry about that later.

Heres what i've been trying to work with. Also why is it i cant get multiples to check is there a property setting that i'm missing?

Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()

If CheckBox1.Value = True Then
CheckBox1.Value = 15
CheckBox1.Value = -15
End If

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UserForm Checkboxes

Jun 16, 2009

I am making a UserForm with how many hours it takes to complete a project. The format is something like:

Task/Resource Man Hours
(check box) Task name 1 # of Hours to complete
(check box) Task name 2 # of Hours to complete


I have 20 different task names, and the User enters the # of hours into a textbox. When the form is filled out the User hits OK and the cell adds up the total # of hours and produces that value.

What I want is to have the OPTION to check a box next to each task name (shown above), and for each check box checked, the Cell's value will still show the total # of hours AND have a breakdown listing each task name checked and # of hours to complete.

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Filter Worksheet Data With UserForm Control

Sep 1, 2007

I have a database in Sheet1, and need to make a drop-down list for each column title, so that it would filter out the necessary letters or words. E.g. I type "au" and see the words starting "au" in one single list (like aura, aubergine, etc..)

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UserForm Changing Value And Checkboxes?

Apr 2, 2014

So im trying to get this userform to work something like this:

User select "Full" or "Half" from OptionButtons.

If "Full" is checked the value of all TextBoxes should be "2" and if checked "Half" it should be "1".

But then they got an option to remove one or two categories. Lets say the user wants to remove category 1 and 2, the value should be double in category 3 and 4, in this case the value should be "4" in both category 3 and 4.

But if the user only wants to remove one category he/she needs to double one of the other three categories.

So what I am looking for is something like the checkboxes are disable or hidden when it should not be an option for them to be used.

The userform that looks like this:
OptionButton1 "Full"
OptionButton2 "Half"

TextBox1 (Category1)
TextBox2 (Category2)
TextBox3 (Category3)
TextBox4 (Category4)

And 8 CheckBox's

The fil: TestForm.xls

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Loop Through Set Of Userform Checkboxes?

Apr 8, 2012

I have a userform with several checkboxes which relate to different areas to run a report on. In total i probably have 70 odd checkboxes which are set out in groups according to what they relate to (on a multipage on the userform)

I've set out the option to 'select all checkboxes' within a particular group which may contain a certain number of checkboxes (but not all). I'd like my model to run reports to the selected group of checkboxes rather than all of them.

So for example, on page 2 of my multipage i have 5 checkboxes which i've named in the GroupName section in properties as Group1. When my user selects the relevant 'Run Group 1 Reports' button on Page 1 i'd like my model to ru though code using the group of 5 checkboxes relating to Group1.

some of my groups will be for 30 / 40 checkboxes and running it though groups would save a lot of time.

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Loop Through Checkboxes (userform)

Mar 30, 2007

it's been a while for me so bare with me. I've created a user form with four checkboxes each representing a worksheet. I want to loop through all the checkboxes and those that are checked should be printed.

I'm not sure how to loop through them,

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Collection Of Userform Checkboxes?

May 2, 2007

I have a userform with three checkboxes on it. In the manuals I have read (and websites I am learning from) I have encountered articles that give me the impression that it is possible to create a collection of almost any object, and then quickly return properties about the collection as a whole. So, I am wondering, is it possible (or even appropriate) to group the checkboxes on this userform into a collection, and then, with a few lines of code, see if any of them are checked? If this is not possible, or efficient, is there another way to do it? I'll admit that three IF statements are not all that hard to enter, but I know the day is coming when I will make userforms with many more checkboxes in them.

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UserForm With Multiple CheckBoxes & TextBox (VBA)

Sep 19, 2007

I use this vba-code in the UserForm VBA-Source(I know probably not the world's prettiest code but it works)

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
CheckBox_ADD = False
CheckBox_Change.Value = True
CheckBox_Cleanup = False
End Sub

Private Sub OK_Button_Form_Ctrl_W_Click()
Dim NewText As String ' NewText is used to define the input value for: ADD

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Check UserForm Frame Controls That Options Are Checked

May 8, 2008

I have a Userform which has a series of Frames that contain Option Buttons. What I would like to do is check that an option button in each of the frames has been selected. If there are any missing then I need to inform the user - I would like all frames to be checked at the same time on the click of a button.

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VBA Userform - Warn User If All Checkboxes Are Unticked

Feb 6, 2014

VBA Userform: Warn user if all checkboxes on a userform are unticked.

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Dynamic Checkboxes On Userform Based On Column

Feb 6, 2012

Every thread I see on Google search for creating check boxes on a user form based on worksheet data says to use a list box, but I really want check boxes. Any code that will create, on initialize of the user form, a check box for each item in Import!B2:B (last row), regardless of the number of items? I am only worried about having about 20 max. Usually, it will only be 5 to 10.

I did try the list box, but it doesn't populate the list box.

Private Sub UserForm2_Initialize()
Dim lbtarget As MSForms.ListBox
Dim rngSource As Range

'Set reference to the range of data to be filled

[Code] ..........

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Change Option Buttons To Checkboxes On Userform

Apr 21, 2012

I have a userform with a lot of OptionButtonson it.

(a few pages on the userform * a lot of OptionButtons per page = a lot lot OptionButtons)

I need to change them all to checkboxes ... Is that possible? For example:

Dim oCnt As Controls
For Each oCnt In myform.Controls
If TypeOf oCnt Is msforms.OptionButton Then
TypeOf oCnt = msforms.CheckBox
End If

Syntax error in line: TypeOf oCnt = msforms.CheckBox

But I always have an error.

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Transfer Chosen UserForm ListBox Items Into Worksheet Textbox As Comma Separated List

May 6, 2009

I want to select items in a listbox and transfer those items via command button in a textbox. The listbox is already filled. I have no idea how to realize that.

Attached is the form I created so far. I copied everything together and matched it up for me. It's probably not the best way but it works. I marked the section where I need help in yellow.

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Select Series (lines) In Line Graph By Adding Userform With Checkboxes On A Chart

Apr 15, 2014

I want to add a user-form on a chart, which will have check-boxes that will allow me to select series(lines) that I want see and compare in a chart. Currently my line chart has 24 series (Lines) which makes the chart very difficult to view and looks very busy. How do I add list of check-boxes that will allow me to select one or multiple lines that I want to see at a time?

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Display Related Data From Chosen Value

Oct 31, 2006

Is there a way that I can click on a link in a worksheet that is linked to a data list in in another sheet and display the results in a text box on the original sheet containing the link.

For example ...

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Return Corresponding Data Chosen From ComboBox

Sep 9, 2007

I have a combo box, which is used after a search. The box only identifies a list of cells, but to the right of that, is somemore info that i need.

I would like it, so when you bring down the list window, and pick from the list, it knows which Address it is, so it can then HLOOKUP the information in the next column.

I can't seem to make it happen. I either cannot get it to let me know the Address of the cell I had choosen, or I cannot make it look to the right, and put the contents into another text box...

I have something like this:

Addresslist.plant = addrlist.offset(,5).value

how do i make it find the location ie $D$5 of the of item i selected from a combo box?

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Excel 2013 :: Filter Data And Edit With A Search Instead Of The Filter Button

Oct 5, 2013

I have a database in Excel 2013 and now I want that when a value (a person's name) is entered in a cell. That then the database sort of filters the list for me, so it's still possible to make changes in the entries.


Picture above to specify the search, which I would therefore like to edit

Dashboard_Action Pool Team 7.2.xlsm

I have been all morning working on a simplified version of the tutorial from YouTube: Create your own Excel Search Pt. 4. But came back later so only then that I can not change the data:?

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Filter In Userform

May 22, 2008

I'm trying to create a simple userform to look up zip codes by city using the filter function, but I'm getting a "type mismatch" error. I'm very new to VB and have been searching all morning for the answer but am stumped, so I'd really appreciate any feedback. Here's the code I'm using:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim ListItems As Variant, i As Integer
'set scrollbar height
Me.ScrollHeight = 100
With Me.ComboBox1

This userform will be called up from another data entry form.

ComboBox1=Cities which are in column J5 of sheet "lookup"
ComboBox2=Zip which are in column K5 of sheet "lookup"

I've tried changing the Compare Method from Text to Variant but still get the same error msg....

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