VBA Download Emails From Outlook To Hard Drive

Jul 3, 2014

code they have in use for saving emails and attachments to hard drive using VBA. I have found the attached- which is close although it only [URL]downloads attachments. I would like to go through the inbox and download files received on a specific date, from the inbox subfolders to sub folders on the harddrive

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Transferring An Image From Webcam To Hard Drive

Feb 16, 2009

Need macro that automate our QC department. What the macro does is it looks up the item number based on the barcode that the scanner reads and brings up the item number, the item description, total of units in a case, how much a single box of the item will weigh and how many units in the inner box may be sold at one time. The trouble is that not all items have an image available so that the person who is doing the checking knows what the item looks like.

There is a Logitech webcam setup to take pictures of the items. The following code allows us to import the image of the item into excel in a given cell:

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How To Populate Combobox With List Of Directories On Hard Drive

Aug 17, 2012

Is there an easy way to populate a combobox with a list of directories on the hard drive?

I want to create a way for a user to specify a file without having to type in the full address by hand.

I would like to start in the c:/ root and list the directories in one combobox and the excel files in another combobox. Then if they select say "desktop" it displayes the directories in "c:/desktop" and the excel files contained there in. Then if they click test it does directories in "c:/desktop/test" and so on.

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Save Images/Pictures In Workbook To PC Hard Drive

May 28, 2008

Assume a workbook with some nice pictures.

How do I save all of those to D:TEMP on my Hard Disk ?

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Get And Display Pictures (in Folder On Hard Drive) Depending On Cell Value In Excel Sheet?

Sep 9, 2012

I am working to make an automatic result card in which excel automatically gets data of every student which is present in sheet within the workbook by simply writing roll number of the student in a cell. and i have done it easily by Vlookup and index functions but the only problem i am facing is, that i want to show the picture of each student by roll no. pictures are in one folder on my hard drive, now i want that as the roll number of the student is written the result excel should display the picture (from the folder, each picture named by roll)of the student. for example i write 1234 in roll no cell and want to get and show the picture no 1234 in another cell. (from the folder)

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Download Zip File From Internet Explorer And Save It Into C Drive Using VBA Codes

May 21, 2014

How to download the zip file from internet explorer and save it into c: using VBA codes.

I have tried many codes from the internet but none of them are working. i am facing problem for the popup box. the macro which i have found was not supporting to it.

Please find the source data from my web page.

[Code] ....

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VBA To Create Outlook Emails?

Jul 21, 2014

I have successfully adapted some code to create e-mails in outlook, insert text, add an attachment and specific who to send - all from within excel.

However, all of the recipients are contacts in our internal address book and what I would like to do is use the "shortened" version of their contact to send the e-mail.

e.g. Simon Jones e-mail address might be simon.jones@mycompany.co.uk - but if I simply type in Simon Jones; and then tab to the next line, outlook works out who this is all on it's own.

The problem is, if I specify in my code to send to Simon Jones; it does not convert it / work out who it is.

Is there a way of doing it via VBA?

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Count Emails In Outlook

Dec 14, 2007

If there is mailbox in outlook called "MIS". What VB should I use to count emails in Mailbox.

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Outlook Emails To Excel Sheet?

Mar 6, 2014

I have the need to convert regular emails to a excel sheet,

The emails are always sent from the same email address, and will have the same format ( however can contain small or large amounts of data eg 1 part number or 50 ).

sample email below

" PowerForce v4.00
Report : INR3050 v4.5
For : ch3inl
Date : 05-Mar-14 06:06


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Excel Macro That Will Send Emails From Outlook

Feb 13, 2014

I got this VBA code from a colleague which he uses when sending multiple emails from Outlook. This code sends email based from the last cell. What I would like to do is send emails to all the recipients listed in column C. Column A will be the sender and column B will be email subject. Attached is the sample file.

[Code] .....

Send email.xlsm‎

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Excel 2007 :: Send Automatic Emails To Outlook?

Jun 16, 2014

I am working on a spreadsheet that keeps track of upcoming contract and service renewals. Within the spreadsheet there is a column named "Status"; using a formula based on the renewal and engagement dates this column will automatically state one of the following -

"Contract Status OK"
"Up for Renewal"
"Renewal Due"

When I open the the file I would like excel to email 2 specific email addresses. The email should only contain data from the rows that state "up for renewal"; this email will act as trigger for my team to engage with the suppliers in question.

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Macro To Generate Outlook Emails With Data / Information From Multiple Rows Of Data?

Apr 30, 2014

I am attempting to create a macro to generate emails based on data in a sheet. The goal is to run the Macro, and have it generate emails to send to contractors letting them know what they are going to be paid. For instance:

Name in Column J
Email in Column L
Memo in Column N
Balance in Column T
Due Date in Column P
Week Ending Date in Column H

Now what I would like to happen, is to tie a macro into a button that will create the email as follows:

To Field: Email address from Column L
Subject: "Company Payment Remittance Payment Date *Date from Column P*"
Body: Hello *Name from Column J*,
For *WE Date in Column H* you will be paid *Balance from Column T* for the time worked of *Memo in Column N*

Now the tricky part is that I want the email to contain all line items for each email address. So instead of sending one email per line, have the macro automatically put all of the information that needs to be sent to one email address into the message. I don't know if that is possible, but it sure would make my life easier if it was.

I have attached a sample workbook of the data that will be used

Example Workbook for Email Macro.xlsx

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Using 2002 To Send Emails Via Outlook 2002

Feb 20, 2009

I am trying to send emails using a table in Xl2002 via outlook2002.

The code below is from Walkenbach's VBA Bible for Excel 2003 and I am getting "Uesr-type not defined" error with the 1st Dim statement.

Do I need a different statement such as set OutObj = blahblah or similar?? I have searche dthe net hi & lo for a solution to this problem & I do have JW's excel VBA bible.

Sub SendEmail()
'Uses early binding
'Requires a reference to the Outlook Object Library
Dim OutlookApp As Outlook.Application
Dim MItem As Outlook.MailItem
Dim cell As Range
Dim Subj As String
Dim EmailAddr As String
Dim Recipient As String
Dim Bonus As String
Dim Msg As String

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Hard Lag At The End Of One Sheet?

Jul 2, 2014

I am having a problem with excel, specifically a formatting/lag issue. I believe I know what the problem is, but I do not know how to solve it.

The file was too large to upload here, so you can find it in my dropbox.

The issue sheet is labeled Chain. Scroll down to the bottom to see the lag and delay.

After formatting many rows and columns of cells, all of the rows below the useful information has been formatted in different ways as well. This means thousands and hundreds of thousands of cells are formatted and doing nothing.

Just hiding the cells (which they are right now) takes forever, and you can clearly see the lag when selecting cells in the bottom row.

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Hard Find And Copy

Nov 2, 2008

I have a web query which updates regulaly, however, a lot of information is prodcued which i dont need or want. I know that the information I do want will always be in a single column, usually A or C.

The problem is further complicated. If I have the following search list on sheet1 column A:

Search List (sheet1) Web Query results (Sheet2) Known bad data (sheet1)

I need to be able to search through the information returned by the web-query, and find the first exact match in the returned data that exists in the lsearch ist, so in the above table the first exact match would be row 2 which contains only an E. Row 1 with AB is not a match as it does not exist in the search list.

So, having identfied where the first entry I am interested in (E) is, we need to copy all the cells below it until we find the first entry which then exists as an exact match in Known bad data column.

If all goes to plan, running the macro on the above data would output the following to sheet 1:

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Converting Worksheets To Hard Numbers

Feb 27, 2009

Has anyone created a marcro that will convert all the worksheets to Hard number, changing the formula results, (by Copying and paste, special, value). all at once?

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Column That Is Seperated By Hard Returns

Oct 17, 2007

i have a column that is seperated by hard returns how can i seperate them into new columns.

can i find replace a hard return and then text to columns.

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Replace Comma With Hard Return

Nov 14, 2006

I have a string in a cell which is essentially comma separated and want it in the same cell but with enters instead of commas. Cell info to start with would look like this

Bob, The, Builder

And the result I am looking for is


All within the same cell so I can create a label which uses this information on a user form. I have attached a small example.

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Hard Coded Number Range Into A Function

Apr 10, 2009

All I need is to use the forecast function =FORECAST(I902,F832:F901,I832:I901) but want to substitute a hard coded from and to value list, such as something like =forecast(71,F832:f901,{1-70})

That is, forecast case 71 given a range of 1 through 70. What is the correct syntax to give a from and to value? Curly brackets don't seem to work, and I don't want to do a list like {1,2,3,4,5,6,7...} which would be a pain.

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Hard Code Fill Color Of A Cell?

Dec 18, 2012

How to "hard code" a cell's fill color? I want to assign a cell's fill color to yellow. While setting the fill color is easily done, my problem is that as soon as I paste data into that cell, it looses its fill color. Is there a way to tell the cell to never change the fill color?

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Inserting A Hard Return In A Textbox From A Userform

Aug 7, 2009

I have a userform that contains a textbox. How can I insert a "hard return" in the text portion to include a blank line between paragraphs?

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Forcing A User To Hard Enter Into A Cell

Apr 8, 2009

Is it possible to lock a cell so that the user must enter the number manually as opposed to using a formula.

There is a cell on one of our spreadsheets that the user should be hand entering the numbers from the general ledger this is done to ensure that the general ledger balance is the same as the spreadsheets totals. However most of the user insert a formula that just copies the number from above into this cell that should be hand entered.

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Avoid Hard Coding Range Reference

Oct 5, 2006

I now can open all the workbooks in a filefolder and look at each of the sheets in each file and build an array to consolidate a range from one sheet to another. The problem is that the one range is hardcoded in the script (because that is what I was using to test.) I have written code to build an array of 66 rows and 5 columns that are stored in a worksheet in a named range.

how arrays work so I can use both of these arrays - one array ConsolParams(), to identify the range in the Sources part of the consolidate statement. The other array MyArray() stores the sheet names. Actually ConsolParams also stores "to" range now hardcoded as "J11".

Option Explicit

Private Sub cbConsolidateToRollups_Click()
Dim MyArray() As Variant
Dim Source As Variant
Dim sToPath As String
Dim sRollUpWB As String
Dim sRollUpToWs As String
Dim sRollUpFromWS As String
Dim sShtName As String
Dim sSourceWS As String
Dim nShts As Integer
Dim lCount As Long
Dim wbResults As Workbook
Dim wbCodeBook As Workbook
Dim WB As Workbook
Dim i As Integer
Dim r, c, p As Integer
Dim ConsolParams(5) As Variant
Dim CostType, RangeName, FromRange, TargetCell, TargetReport
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.EnableEvents = False.......................

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Hard Code Criteria In Database Functions

Oct 2, 2007

Cell A1 is HEAT_CODE
Cell A2 is W5H

In cell
=DMIN(Database,"Cost",A1:A2) return the proper value

I need something like the following so I can use fill down.

the above returns #VALUE! error.

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Managing Macros With Hard Coded File Paths

Oct 8, 2012

We have multiple macros that have been developed by various users in the company. Many of these macros have file paths hard coded into the macro to reference file locations with networked drives.

We are planning on making some changes to the network file structure which will break these macros. I realize we will have to go in and manually change all these. I want to ensure that the end users have the flexibility they want, but not have to touch each macro if/when folder structures change, or files migrate to SharePoint etc.

ini files, master reference Excel file...,

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Replace A Character With A Hard Return In Multiple Cells

Sep 7, 2004

I have a spreadsheet that was an export from an old program. The symbol indicates the start of a new line within a cell, is there an easy way to do a search for the and replace with a hard return?

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Working On Document While It Is Still Inside Flashdisk Or External Hard Disk

Apr 15, 2014

Is it risky for someone to edit an excel document while it is still in the flashdisk or external hard disk? I was told that this habit can lead to loss of data or the data can be affected if someone does this. I was told that I have to copy/cut paste the document onto my desktop, edit/ work on it then move it back to the storage device. Is all that work necessary, or can I simply work on the document while it is still in the flashdisk or external hard disk..

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Does SSD Hard Disk Or A Faster Chip Improve Excel Performance

Apr 26, 2013

If I want to improve my excel performance like ability to open multiple excel and sheets to perform calculation, should I change to a SSD or a faster intel chip? My current PC sometimes give me a black screen for my excel sheet or is unable to save certain sheets when I open too many sheets.

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If Calculation To Copy Rows Based On Hard Coded Cells?

Jan 31, 2014

I want to copy all rows from my input sheet that have a date less than the date in cell B3 of the output spread sheet and are contained in the stock table (range A7:B17) Sedol in column B Is a unique identifier. I started to do this but am lost.

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Dividing Hard-coded Data By Named Fixed Cell?

Feb 6, 2014

I am trying to divide hard coded financial data by a named cell that will allow me to toggle viewing the financial data in dollars, thousands of dollars, and millions of dollars. I have named my toggle cell _000s and I have used Go To Special to highlight all of the hard coded data in my financial spreadsheet. Once I have done this I would like to Copy my _000s toggle and divide the hard coded values by this cell. I am using copy and then paste special divide by but I am having no luck with this tactic.

faster more efficient way to go about this rather than individually changing each hard coded item?

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