VBA Library Not Registering Properly

Jun 28, 2013

I'm fiddling with a C# library, trying to learn about including homemade libraries in my VBA code. I've written a simple library, compiled it, and did the COM registration. When I open the VBE and start up a new module, I'm able to find the library in the Tools | References dialog box, and I check it to include it. When I write the code, however, autocomplete doesn't give me the option of any of the definitions I've written into the library, and when executed, I'm getting a "User-defined type not defined" error.

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Library File Name: "Complier Error: Cann't Find Project Or Library

Mar 22, 2007

I am using Mid function in my program. During execution, i am getting the waring message of "Complier Error: Cann't find project or library".I am not able to find the what is the reason behind on it. If really the library file missing.

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Formula Not Registering In Column?

Mar 13, 2014

For some reason I have one column of a worksheet someone else built in which formulas just do nothing - they just show the formula, and do nothing else. My formulas work in all other columns - this column just shows the formula.

I -want- the column to show 00:00:00, which is what it was showing, but apparently in order to show those characters someone disabled the formulas, and I don't know how to enable it again.

I think it might have something to do with the formatting.... Certain formulas seem to work, others don't. My goal is to get it to be 'If A8>0, then 00:00:00(MUST have 6 0's), otherwise ""(blank). I can get a formula to work in it that has 5 0's (0:00:00), but it doesn't seem to obey IF A8>0. I can't even get a basic IF formula to work in it.

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Excel 2010 :: Registering Add-in With UDFs

May 14, 2014

Windows 7, Excel 2010

I have an add-in with UDFs. I want explanation of the function arguments in the function wizard and also be able to click for Help in the wizard. So I register the functions like this:

Application.MacroOptions macro:=Range("afsfunctienaam")(i), _
Description:=Range("afsfunctiebeschrijving")(i), _
Category:=Range("afsfunctiecategorie")(i), _
HelpContextID:=Range("afshelpcontextid")(i), _
HelpFile:=HelpPad, _

Where Param is the address of an array with argument descriptions, as text (like "A1:A4").

If I run the xlsm file, it works fine.

But if I load the xlam file in the add-ins dialog, the path to the Help file seems to be lost; I get directed to Excel's general online Help. The explanation of the arguments still work. Probably because they are already in the registry. But shouldn't the Help path be held in the registry as well?

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Inserting/deleting Rows Without Registering Cell Change

Oct 30, 2009

I can insert lines fine, but the problem is that now I want the worksheet to be able to delete rows without inputting time stamps. It can insert them with no problems. I have attached the file on as well.

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Missing Library

Sep 27, 2006

Can anyone answer this one for me - why does this piece of code run on some machines but not on others - I suspect it is something to do with a missing library but I have no idea which one.

When the code fails it highlights the word " Date" inside the brackets

TrainingDateBox.Value = FormatDateTime(Date, vbLongDate)

Is there an alternative code?

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Can't Find Project Or Library ...

Nov 19, 2008

is if I F8 through the code it works fine. But when I run the code through the button on the spread sheet. It stops at the Format comand. And says "Can't Find Project or Library." Has anyone ran into this issue or know how to solve it.....

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Can't Find File Or Library

Jun 9, 2009

I have been writing VB code for a mathematical model for a client and recently made some small modifications to a workbook and ran the code quite ok on my Windows XP computer (Excel2003).

When I sent it to my client who also uses Excel 2003 and has been running many similar pages of code, my client gets "Can't find project or library", with the highlight showing in the VB code at ..... "& Chr$(10)" and then again at "& Str(x)", - but no really rational reason why it should stop there.

How do I set about solving this ?

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Add Library Reference Using VBA Code

Jan 9, 2010

I need to add a Reference to the "The Microsoft Visual Basic Extensibility Library 5.3" using VBA code in an Excel spreadsheet. I know how to do it going to Tools...References select the library etc, but I'd rather do it using VBA code so I don't have to do this extra step.

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Can't Find Project Or Library

Feb 13, 2010

I am getting a complie error that I did not get when the code was written. Earlier versions of the same workbook still work fine without error. I hope thie workbook is not corrupted.

The error happens with the None command in this code for a button in a user form.

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Office 12 Library Reference

Jan 26, 2007

I have recently updated to Office 2007. I have about 50 forms with VBA in them (all excel) and I was careful to save them all back to 2003 office files. When one of my users opens the files and uses on of the internal userforms it errors out saying it is missing a reference.

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How To Know Which Object Library To Choose

Feb 15, 2007

how you know which object library to add to references when you want to automate an application?

for example Adobe acrobat.

or internet explorer ( ie).

I know that the .dll for ie id shdocvw (an i know it's explicitly listed under internet controls) but how would i know this is it wasn't listed?

Also, correct me if i'm wrong, but usung the shdocvw.dll will only give you access to the main controls of Ie nd you would need to add a HTML library to do anything use full. How do you know if there are other libraries available can make the 'usefulness' of one library more useful?

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Find The Project Or Library

Dec 15, 2002

I have written a program in VBA. When I run this program on other computer VB showes "Can't find project or library" error and all of the the common function like "Str" and "Left" and... are not known by BVA. I think I know the reason I have a missing references in my program.

first , can I check it before runing the program by a macro?
second, How can I solve the error?

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Microsft ADO 2.8 Library Missing

May 17, 2006

I have an Excel Macro that works fine on my server and some workstations. But I have a problem with a particular PC. This PC works with Windows XP Pro as OS, and has Ms Office XP (Excel included). Unfortunatelly when I run the macro on that PC I got this message: "Complie error: User-definde type not defined" I checked the vba project references and I found that the ADO 2.8 Library was missing. That seems to be the problem. How can I get the ADO 2.8 Library on that machine? Do I have to install some Excel component or maybe some add in?

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Can't Find Project Or Library ..

Nov 30, 2006

I have some project that works on my computer and doesn't work on other. When I run it on other computer it fail on functions right and mid, and throw "Can't Find Project Or Library". What the problem and how I may be sure that my project will run on other computers?

Fail on row:

My computer: Windows XP, Excel 2003
Failed computer: Windows 2000, Excel 2000

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Library Date Calculation

Jan 21, 2007

I am trying to create a system for a library but I don't know how to get the fines to automatically update day by day when a book is overdue.

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Library Of Important Code

Jun 11, 2007

I would like to build a "library" of important functions and sub routines in such a manner that the contents of the "library" (functions and sub routines) are always available whenever I work with any Excel file? Can someone kindly help and guide me to build and use/register this "library" concept (I don;t know what this concept is called in Excel)

At the moment the library will have only the following function but with passage of time and as I learn more about VBA, I would certainly be adding more functions/Sub routines to my library:

Function FindDataStartCell() As Range
' This function returns the start of data range

Dim rngFind As Range

If Len(ActiveSheet.Range("A1")) > 0 Then
Set FindDataStartCell = ActiveSheet.Range("A1")

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Use Image From Library On Userform

Jun 12, 2008

Is it possible to use a VB library image and add it to a UserForm? i.e. I would like to use the vbInformation image used in a Msgbox.

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Remove Reference Library Programmatically

Jan 11, 2010

I'm trying to programmatically add and remove the Outlook 11.0 Reference Library in Excel 2003. So far, I have found the following code which successfuly adds the reference:

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Visual Basic Form Asc Library

Apr 28, 2007

I have four columns in my worksheet. In column C, I need to find the no. of times word "Alarm" is occuring. Further, with each "Alarm" entry in col C, there is a alarm type given in column D. I need to find the no. of alarms for each type and then display a bar chart for the alarm type vs. frequency of its occurence.

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Check If Refrence Library Is Loaded

Jun 18, 2007

I call this code from within Workbook_Open.........
If these Refrences libraries are loaded then an error appear tells
Name conflict with object library........it's clear why......

Is there a way 2 check if the Refrences are loaded then exit the sub i.e. no need to excute this code , and if not loaded then excute the code ?

Sub GetRefLibr()
Dim ID As Object
On Error Resume Next

'*Reference ADO Object Library using Major / Minor GUID
Set ID = ThisWorkbook.VBProject.References
ID.AddFromGuid "{00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}", 2, 5
ID.AddFromGuid "{000204EF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", 2, 5
ID.AddFromGuid "{00020813-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", 1, 5
ID.AddFromGuid "{420B2830-E718-11CF-893D-00A0C9054228}", 1, 0
On Error Goto 0
Dim MyVar
MyVar = "Come see me in the Immediate pane."
Debug.Print MyVar

End Sub

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Outlook Object Library In Different Version Of Office

May 5, 2014

Our office has different versions of Office on different computers. We have a file containing macros specifically macros that interact with Outlook requiring the Outlook Object Library. If a 2013 opens and saves the file all the libraries get changed to 15.0. Then a 2010 Office opens the file ... the Excel Objects and Office Objects libraries change to 14.0 because of 2010, but then we getting the error about missing library. Instead of loading the Outlook 14.0 Object Library like it's supposed to the systems tries to find the 15.0, but can't find it and throws the error.

I have to manually go in to References and uncheck the Missing 15.0 outlook library and find and check the 14.0 one and click ok then the macros work fine.

My question is why do the other object libraries automatically change depending on the version of office and the outlook one doesn't.

Interestingly enough this doesn't happen the other way e.g. 2010 to 2013. Ones the file is saved using the 2010 with the 14.0 references 2013 has no issues converting those references to 15.0.

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Compile Error - Can't Find Object Or Library

Nov 6, 2009

I am trying to run a macro that i have copied from another workbook (which works fine) and when i try to run the macro i am getting a 'compile error' which says "Can't Find Object or Library" and takes into VB editor which highlights the word "Trim", which is part of a formula. What does this mean? I can't understand why the same macro will work in another workbook but not in this one. Below is the full code, I would have attached the workbook but it would not work for you as it opens and saves files that you would not have. Hopefully someone can understand from the code.

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Sort Library Of Congress Call Numbers

Jul 11, 2006

I'm looking to sort Library of Congress call numbers in Excel. The format of
the cdall numbers is:

Letters Number Period Letter Number

and after that, perhaps more periods, letters and numbers!

The problem seems to be that if I have (sorted):

attempting to sort them as text would list

Which is incorrect. I've been looking at the cell formatting features, and
they seem to only allow me to change how the data is displayed, not how Excel
thinks about the type of data.

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Reference Word Object Library Automatically

Apr 9, 2012

I am trying to make an excel vba reference the word 12.0 object library automatically without the user having to manually add them. How I can do this?

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Excel 2007 :: Cannot Find Project Or Library

Aug 15, 2013

Why does this code no longer work? It gives me the error code Cannot find project or library and MyMsg = is highlighted in blue. This worked in 2003, but does not seem to like 2007 version of excel.

Sub Send2()
'This is the "Send to XX" button

MyMsg = "Did you remember to name and save this file to your computer?"
Response = MsgBox(MyMsg, vbYesNo, Attention)
Select Case Response
Case Is = vbNo

[Code] .....

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Excel 2013 :: VBA - Object Library Missing

Jun 27, 2014

I have this vba that copies the current sheet and renames it as well as copying the current sheet into a new workbook for emailing.

This has worked fine for the last 2 years or so but all of a sudden it doesn't want to work. The error message is that it "Can't find project or library."

Dt = Format(Range("C19").Value + 6, "DDMMYYYY")
Dt is dimmed as string and Dt is used to rename the new sheet.

I have looked througn the reference library and things seem ok.

This happens in Excel 2003 with Win8 and in excel 2013 with Win7.

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Compile Error: Can't Find Project Or Library

Apr 28, 2009

I have a workbook that is used by a number of different users accross the company. Some people have PC's running Windows 2003 SP3, some have terminals with either

- Windows 2000 SP4 with Excel 2002 SP3


- Windows 2003 SP2 with Excel 2002 SP3
on the server.

On the "Windows 2003 SP2 with Excel 2002 SP3" example the code below won't run.

Saying "Compile Error in hidden module." I unlocked the code and re-ran the "Workbook_Open" event but I keep getting "Compile Error: Can't find project or library". I have then checked the references but none have the "Missing" prefix, so I don't know which to look for. Does anyone know what DLL i need to load or should I just get IT to updgrade to SP3?

Code: ....

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Missing Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library

May 27, 2006

i'm using a user form and i have the microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked. i have sent to another user, and i can't compile, when i took at this vba tools reference, microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked is missing (and not available in the drop down)...?

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Can't Find Object Or Library Running Macro

Oct 21, 2006

I added this code to a userform initialize & now I get a message ' can't find object or library '. Which library do I have to activate in Tools, References.

Dim x As Integer
ComboBox1.AddItem "0"
For x = 1 To 20 Step 1
ComboBox1.AddItem Format(x, "0")
Next x
ComboBox1.Value = Sheet2.Range("E1").Value
ComboBox2.AddItem "0"
For x = 2 To 90 Step 2
ComboBox2.AddItem Format(x, "0")
Next x
ComboBox2.Value = Sheet2.Range("E2").Value

The word Format is highlited in userform initilize.

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