VBA Snippet To Check If Instance Of Outlook Running

Jun 9, 2014

VBA snippet for the following:

If an instance of outlook is running then
bind to it
Create new instance and bind to it

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Check If Outlook Running In VBA

Nov 13, 2008

I am trying to establish if Outlook 2000 is currently running in VBA , I have tried the following code but this only works when the user is actually positioned in "Inbox - Microsoft Outlook" etc. At this point I don't really care where/what the user has open in Outlook but merely to check if outlook is running.

I have tried below but does not work robustly enough.
I have also tried AppActivate("Microsoft Outlook")
I have also tried IsRunning("Outlook.Application") which does not even compile.

Dim OutlookErr, OutlookBox
On Error GoTo OutlookIsNotRunning
AppActivate ("outlook")
GoTo now_send_email


OutlookErr = "Outlook is either not open or busy with another task." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
OutlookErr = OutlookErr & "Please Open Outlook, Close any draft emails," & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
OutlookErr = OutlookErr & "the Global Address List or other activities and try again."
OutlookBox = MsgBox(OutlookErr, vbCritical, "Unable to access Outlook to send email")
Exit Sub

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Prevent Email Code From Opening New Instance Of Outlook Every Time

Aug 28, 2013

the code always opens a new instance of Outlook even though one may already be open. If left unchecked I may have like 30 instances open if I leave the computer for a few hours. So I was wondering is there some snippet of code I can add in here to check if excel is open first and if so do not open a new instance?

Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
On Error Resume Next
' Change the mail address and subject in the macro before you run it.
With OutMail
.To = "xxxx@live.com"


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Excel Instance Doesn't Close When Running Macro From Script

Jul 8, 2014

I have a VBS script that runs a macro in a workbook that is located in a SharePoint doc lib. The code looks like this:


I use code exactly like this to run other queries and it works great, but for some reason when I run this macro the instance of Excel doesn't end after the script is done running. I can see EXCEL.EXE sitting in the Task Manager and I have to end it manually.

Here is the code for the macro and related macros:

This macro just calls my other macros. Each terrslicersXX macro is a different sales territory for which there are slicers to filter out data.


An example of one of the sales territory slicers. Basically it just sets the slicer for the required sales territory so the SaveAsWebpage macro can save the information off as a webpage.


Saves the current data as a webpage.

[Code] ....

I have a feeling it has something to do with the last macro and how I publish the sheet as a webpage but I still can't get it to work.

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Calculate From Last Instance Ignore Blanks To Maintain Running Total

Aug 6, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that is tracking a MTD receivables (running total). When it comes to weekends or day's when their were no receivables the running total needs to reference the last working day or the last receivable entry to perform its calculations for that day.

So in the table below (couldn't post attachment) the first row(1) = days of week , second row (2) = running MTD totals and the 3rd row (reference cells). So for Wednesday I our totals were 9995 which I entered in Row 3 (column A) and called it to Row 2 (column A). For Thursday I called Row 3 (column b which was known and manually entered) and subtracted Row 3 (column A) and populated Row 2 (column b). So my equation to in Row 2 column b is simple as =sum(b2-b1)

This is ok but when the weekend (or days not worked) come in to play you can see it produces a negative for Saturday / Sunday. Saturday took 15,707 and subtracted it from nothing (row 3 column d) since there were no receivables on Saturday.

So I need a formula that will calculate from the last instance while ignoring blank cells.





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Subtract First Instance Of Data From Last Instance In Columns

Mar 7, 2014

I need a formula in Column E to find the results for Column E or subtract A2 from C3, C3 from D3, A4 from C3, B5 from D5 and A6 from D6 .

table.tableizer-table {
border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
font-size: 12px;
.tableizer-table td {
padding: 4px;
margin: 3px;
border: 1px solid #ccc;


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Check Cell Before Running Macro

Feb 16, 2010

I need to check cell G5 (which is G4-G3) before running a macro. if G5 is zero i need to pop up a message to inform the user to enter data in cells G3 & G4. And if G5 is greater than Zero the macro shud run.

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Check Column A For Date Before Running Macro

Feb 7, 2014

I have some code here that I am using to find matches in Column D and then remove colored cell once the match is found. I am in putting the data line by line from a Barcode scanner and only want to run the macro if the date in Column A is today. Here is the code I am using.

[Code] .....

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Check File Path Of Before Running Macro

Mar 26, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with a macro that saves a backup s/s to a particular folder, but the problem I have need the macro to check the filepath is that of the original s/s before running.

Its so that when people take copies of the main s/s and save them to their desktop I dont want the copies being saved in the backup folder

macro is below

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)

If ActiveWorkbook.ReadOnly Then Exit Sub

If MsgBox("Do You Want To Save A Backup?", vbYesNo) = vbNo Then Exit Sub

Dim fso As Object
Dim objFiles As Object
Dim myWkBk As String
Dim myFName As String
Dim BkUpDir As String
Dim CountFiles As Integer
Dim mydate As Double

BkUpDir = "k:singstatappealsappeals trackerBackups"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFiles = fso.GetFolder(BkUpDir).Files

On Error Resume Next
'the actual counting of files takes place here.
If Err.Number 0 Then
CountFiles = 0
CountFiles = objFiles.Count
End If

If CountFiles > 4 Then
MsgBox "You have " & CountFiles & " saved workbooks. Perhaps you should delete some?"
End If

mydate = Format(Now(), "ddmmyy")
myWkBk = ActiveWorkbook.Name
myFName = ActiveWorkbook.FullName

fso.CopyFile myFName, BkUpDir & mydate & myWkBk

End Sub

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Check Active Cell Before Running Code

Dec 14, 2007

I have a macro that is intdended to run after the user has selected a cell in column A:A (any position except A1)

Once the user has selected their desired cell, they press a button and the macro runs.

Occasionally a user will press the button without selecting a cell in the proper column.

I would like a message box to pop up to tell the user "Please select an account in Column A" and bump the cursor (active cell) to A2 so at least it's in the right column to help get them started.

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Snippet Of Spreadsheet To Board

Oct 8, 2011

How do i share parts of my spreadsheet on the board?

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How To Add To Rather Than Replace Using Code Snippet

Jul 1, 2012

How to modify this code so that it actually adds to the list of results rather than replace:

Sub EncID_IP()
'.:: Extract EncID
Dim lRow As Long ' East to West
Dim bCount As Byte '1,2,3

[Code] .......

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Snippet Code For Sum Two Values

Jan 1, 2013

I would like to see a snippet code for adding two simple cells, I would like to write a number in A1 and another in A2 and get the result in A3

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VBA Merge Cells - Put Together Script And Snippet?

May 22, 2014

I'm trying to put together a script, a snippet of which is below; which applies formatting to a given array of sheets.

In the code below I'm trying to merge B5 across three columns and B38 across 5, but I can't get this to work, depsite all the internet searching.


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VBA Outlook Email Auto-send Routine - Check If There Any Attachments In Email To Be Sent

Jul 23, 2014

I have a macro to send emails to a group people that based on various criteria, it will attach a number of files to a recipient's particular email. This is a small portion of the code that does the attachment adding:

If Range("B" & a) = "Y" Then
If citChev "" Then .Attachments.Add citChev
End If
If Range("C" & a) = "Y" Then
If citMits "" Then .Attachments.Add citMits
End If
If Range("D" & a) = "Y" Then
If citToyo "" Then .Attachments.Add citToyo
End If
If Range("E" & a) = "Y" Then


Most people get several of the files attached to their email and all works fine. But, there are certain conditions when all the IF() stmts fail where a recipient will not get any files attached. I do not want to send the email if this is the case, but it currently is sending it.

Is there a way after all the IF() stmts have processed to check to see if this current email has any attachments assigned to it? (IF .Attachments "" Then...) does not work.

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Excel 2000 :: Include JavaScript Snippet When Save As Webpage?

Jul 8, 2012

I have a single spreadsheet that I save as multiple web pages [the sort and total options differ].

Is there an easy way to include a javascript snippet in the saved page without having Excel mangle the code by &ing the "<" and so on?

Excel 2000 on XP

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Add 2 Instance >=.01 Of First Instance Of >=.01

Jul 29, 2006

I have the following
Private Sub test2()
Dim c As Range, t As Long

With Worksheets(3)
Set c = Range("AO10", cells(Rows.Count, "AO").End(xlUp))
t = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max((Application.WorksheetFunction. CountIf(c, ">=.01") * 2), 0)
Sheets("Template").Range("D3").value = t
'Range("D3") = t
End With
End Sub

The code is suppose to get the value of >= 1 percent from AO10 then go down the column until it finds the second instance and then add that number to the tile.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Have a great Friday all! : D


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Returning First Instance Of Zero

Jan 8, 2009

I am trying to create a formula that will search a row left to right for the first instance of zero and return the corresponding column label. I had this working for a smaller table using a couple of hidden columns with nested ifs however the new data set is approximately 25 columns wide and it will get very messy using the same approach. See attached sample with desired results.

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First Instance Of A Value In A Column

Jul 10, 2009

I need a simple formula which does the following: I have a column of numbers, and I want to find the first instance which is equal or greater than a specific number. For example,

Column A

If the specific value is 55 the formula needs to return: 67
if the specific value is 10 the formula needs to return: 23

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VLOOKUP - Last Instance

Aug 11, 2009

Using Excel 2003 SP2. The formula =vlookup("apple",table,2,false) would return the data in the second column of the array named "table" for the FIRST INSTANCE it comes across for the word "apple." Is there a formula to have it return data for the LAST INSTANCE? This is one where I say to myself "Self, there has got to be a way to do this," but I just can't figure out what it might be.

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First Instance Of A Particular Cell?

Oct 24, 2013

I have a cell..say A1...which contains a value...now I have a row say A2:A15 which contains 14 values and I want to highlight the first instance of cell A1.

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Close Instance Through VBS

Aug 19, 2009

how to close the instance of excel created by my VBS script.

I run the script to open a workbook run a macro within the workbook and save it. I'd like to also close the workbook and the instance of excel.

If I close the workbook within the end of my macro I get an unknown run time error from my script. If I elect to just save the file and close it within the end of script, the workbook closes but the instance of EXCEL.EXE is still running in task manager.

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SUM But Only The First Instance If There Are Duplicates

Dec 23, 2005

This is an export from a shopping cart. Each row is an individual SKU that was ordered. So if John Doe orders 4 items on the same order, I've got 4 rows with most of the data being the same. I want to sum my "Grand Total" column, but only take one instance when the Order-ID is repeated.

Now the sample data: ...

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One Instance Of Each Value Within Text Range

Jul 10, 2014

I have a list of text cells in column A, the list is a dynamic one that changes depending on the property selected in a cell of another sheet.

Example data... Column A is Block Name, Column B is Room Number.

1--Main Building-------001
2--Block A--------------001
3--Block A--------------002
4--Main Building-------002
5--Block B--------------001
6--Block A--------------003
7--Main Building-------002a
8--BSS House----------BSS
9--Main Building-------003

What I need is for a formula that lists one example of each instance included in Column A.

As per the example data above, the expected results when dragging down from C1 through to C9 would be:

1--Main Building-------001-------Main Building
2--Block A--------------001-------Block A
3--Block A--------------002-------Block B
4--Main Building-------002-------BSS House
5--Block B--------------001-------
6--Block A--------------003-------
7--Main Building-------002a-------
8--BSS House----------BSS-------
9--Main Building-------003-------

I know I could use a pivot table to do this but as I need this to be dynamic, and also to be used with Excel on an iPad Air, I can't as it doesn't support pivot tables or VB to automatically refresh it.

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Index With Multiple Instance

Jan 30, 2014

I want to find top 2 performer in cell A17 & A17 in my attached sheet. Column B2:B13 changes everyday, so the name of performer changes accordingly. But today my top 2 performers achieved same but my formula is giving the same name.

Is there anyway to find out the other name i.e Ahmmed Shawkat Hossain here instead of Khan Md. Abdul alim again?

Attached File : Index 2nd name.xlsx‎

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2d VLookup: Unique For Each Instance

Jan 5, 2010

Column A contains numbers that repeat themselves. in column B codes are assigned to each number. numbers in column A may have multiple codes in column B. but are unique for each instance the same number may appear in column A.

what i'm trying to do is.

have the numbers in column A show only once and then have the codes for the corresponding codes appear each in seperate columns rather than all in one.

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Switch Between New Instance Windows?

Nov 15, 2011

Im having trouble switching between windows that are open in separate instances of excel.

I used to be able to switch easily between these workbooks when they were both being being run in the same instance of excel.

But since having to change it so the workbooks are opened in seperate instances, i cannot get it to work, the code just fails when it trys to activate the first window.

I currently have the below code:


Sub CloseAndSave()
Application.EnableEvents = True
'//Activate InfoHub workbook and put a tick in the checkbox.
Workbooks("403 InfoHub.xls").Activate
Sheets("HOME PAGE").ToggleButton1.Value = True


Is there anyway to do this?

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VLookup Or Index Value Of First Instance?

Jul 6, 2012

I have data on two separate tabs. Data in columns A of both tabs potentially match. I am trying to identify and pull the value in column C of the second tab where the values in columns A match and the first instance where the value in column B on the second tab is less than the value in column B of the first tab. The values in both columns B are dates.

column A first tab = column A second tab
column B first tab < column B second tab (first instance of less than)
pull value from column C on second tab to appropriate row of column C on first tab.

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Find Last Instance In A Column

Mar 31, 2006

I am in the process of designing an inventory like spreadsheet with prices. If possible, I'm trying to find a well to look at a column for every instance an item shows up (lets call them apples) & then find the LAST instance of apples showing up to pull the pricing of that row only. Is this possible?

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Find Every Instance Of 0 Within A Workbook

Mar 27, 2007

I need a Macro that will find every instance of 0 within a workbook and then replace that value with an average of the values in the two cells above it and the two cells below it?

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