Worksheet_Change Event Not Firing ...

Jan 16, 2008

I wrote a simple script to show/hide certain rows based on the value of a certain cell on my worksheet (cell value chosen by drop down). When I left work last night, everything worked fine. When I returned this morning, the change event no longer appears to be firing. I'm quite certain no one else accessed the file to change the coding, so my only guesses are 1)perhaps some sort of system update was applied in the middle of the night and it messed with something or 2) aliens have blocked our technology in advance of their invasion.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
On Error Resume Next

If Target.Address = "F1" Then

Application.EnableEvents = False

Select Case Target
Case "150"
Rows("13").EntireRow.Hidden = False
Rows("14:19").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Case "330"
Rows("14").EntireRow.Hidden = False
Rows("13").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Rows("15:19").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Case "340"
Rows("15:19").EntireRow.Hidden = False
Rows("13:14").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Case Else
Rows("13:19").EntireRow.Hidden = True
End Select

Application.EnableEvents = True

End If
End Sub

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Worksheet_Change Event Not Firing

Nov 2, 2008

Bit of an odd one, but I'm sure it's probably happened before to others. I've just been sent a worksheet to redesign (an audit template) one which I'll be making use of data validation lists (Yes, No, N/A) a fair bit.

What I want to happen is that when the user selects from a list, I'll fire a Worksheet_Change event, which will then run some background calculations to set up the next questions, etc. Problem is, the event isn't firing at all. I'm using the following to test the event...

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Event Code Firing More Than Once

Nov 2, 2006

i try with what limited knowledge i have, if you dont mind take a look at the code below, i read your article and added the appropriate line, the code works fine except the msgbox has to be ok'd twice before it exits sub any ideas why?

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rng As Range
Dim MyCell
Set rng = Range("A2:A100")
If Not Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then
With rng
For Each MyCell In rng
If MyCell = "" Then
MsgBox "Please use this next blank cell"
Exit Sub

End If
End With
End If
End Sub

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Worksheet Change Event Not Firing

Aug 22, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with a table of values in range E5 to T158.

A macro populates the table by looking up values on other sheets in the book. If the macro finds a value in the lookup for Row 7 of any column (ie E7,F7...T7) it populates the rest of the column with that value (E7 value gets pasted to E8:E158) THEN it protects the cells it pasted (E8:E158).

If the macro does NOT find a value for row 7, it simply skips it, leaving it blank, and continues to row 8 until it reaches row 158 of each column E to T.

I want to give the user flexibility with these values. So if the user either deletes E7 or changes the value of the contents in E7, I want to unprotect the cells of rows 8 to 158 for that column.

I have created a

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

in the private module for that sheet below. I thought it was working but it isn't doing anything when I change or delete the value in Cell E7 for example. Please help!

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

'Do nothing if more than one cell is changed
If Target.Cells.count > 1 Then Exit Sub 'Or IsEmpty(Target)

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Change Event Code Not Firing

Sep 27, 2007

I ran this code last week and it worked great, but today it doesn't work at all. I have even deleted it, closed Excel and and started fresh. Is there some small thing I'm missing (like hopping on my left foot while entering a code) ...

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Workbook Activate Event Not Firing

Mar 19, 2008

button on main workbook opens 2 other workbooks and assigns a workbook object to them. the 2 opened workbooks are Activated in turn, range values changed and macros on these sheets invoked and results captured and pasted back onto the starter workbook. the macro is within a sub in a module as are the ones in the second workbook. An example of the code used is:

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.EnableEvents = True
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

Dim wkbTest As Workbook
Set wkbTest = Workbooks("Test.xls")
Range("Today").Value = Format(Now(), "dd-mmm-yy")
Application.Run "'" & wkbTest.Name & "'" & "!TestMacro" ............

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Prevent VBA Macro Firing Event Code

Nov 23, 2009

I'd like to know if there is a change event that only occurs when a target cell is changed by the user, but does not occur when i'ts changed by a macro. nfortunately, the Worksheet_Change event occurs in both cases.

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Stop Controls Change Event Firing

Nov 6, 2006

I want to be able to reset the value in a combobox, but without the combobox executing code, when it resets. Is there any way of doing this?

I have tried the code below but the ComboBox still executes when its value is changed.

Sub Reset_combobox()
Worksheets("Sheet1").ComboBox1.Enabled = False
Worksheets("Sheet1").ComboBox1.Value = 1
Worksheets("Sheet1").ComboBox1.Enabled = True
End Sub

The workbook containing the above is attached.

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Prevent Control Event Procedures Firing

Apr 27, 2008

I have CheckBox1 (.Value = FALSE) on the UserForm and when I run my sript ... this change Value to TRUE and run the subrutine Private Sub CheckBox1_Click. I need block this step with using VBA code.

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Sheet & Workbook Event Code Not Firing

Jun 27, 2008

why this code does not work when the worksheet is changed between range "B1:F5"?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B1:F5")) Is Nothing Then
With Range("B1:F5")
Cells(Target.Row, 7) = Cells(Target.Row, 6).Value + Cells(Target.Row, 5).Value
End With
End If
End Sub

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Worksheet_Change Event

Dec 31, 2006

I have two workbooks that have the following
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim myColor As Integer
With Target
If Intersect(.Cells, Range("v:v")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If IsEmpty(.Cells) Then r.Offset(, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone: Exit Sub
If Not IsDate(.Cells) Then r.Offset(, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone: Exit Sub
Select Case Month(.Value)
Case 1: myColor = 3
Case 2: myColor = 17
Case 3: myColor = 19
Case 4: myColor = 22
Case 5: myColor = 26
Case 6: myColor = 33
Case 7: myColor = 36
Case 8: myColor = 38
Case 9: myColor = 40
Case 10: myColor = 42
Case 11: myColor = 44
Case 12: myColor = 7

I have this code in 1 sheet in one of the books (and all other sheets work fine), and the same code in all sheets in the other book. Both books work the way it's supposed to.

My question,
Is it necessary to have the Worksheet_Change event in all the sheets (all sheets act on the code the same way) or is it okay for just one sheet?

Could I encounter a problem if in only one sheet?

I just don't see why I would have to add more size with the code in all sheets if it is not necessary.

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Change Event: Not Firing From Cell Changed By ComboBox

Dec 4, 2006

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
With Target.Cells(1, 1)
If Not Intersect(.Cells, Range("b3:b6")) Is Nothing Then
Range("b7") = "Not Found"
For i = 3 To 6: txt = txt & Cells(i, "b").Value & "_": Next
For Each r In Range("m3", Cells(3, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
For i = 0 To 3: txt2 = txt2 & r.Offset(i).Value & "_": Next
If txt = txt2 Then
Range("b7").Value = r.Offset(4).Value
Exit For
End If
txt2 = ""
ElseIf Not Intersect(.Cells, Range("b16:b19")) Is Nothing Then
Range("b20") = "Not Found".....................

I'm working with this code right now. The problem is the macro will only work if i type the numbers manually. if the values are retrieved from a combobox, the code above down not work as it cannot read the values.

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Stop Selection Change Event Firing When More Than 1 Cell

Oct 12, 2007

I've set up code where when a cell within a specified range of cells is selected, a macro will run. This works all well and good except for when a whole row, column or range containing the defined cells is selected, there is a run time error. There is no situation where I want multiple cells selected to run the macro, so I only want to run the macro when only a single cell within that range is selected.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("GoToRange")) Is Nothing Then
Application.Run "'Macro Test Current MY PFEP Metrics.xls'!PFEP_Filter"
End If

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("GoToRange2")) Is Nothing Then
Application.Run "'Macro Test Current MY PFEP Metrics.xls'!PFEP_Filter"
End If
End Sub

The ranges defined are non-contigious ranges.

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Prevent Worksheet_Change Event

Mar 12, 2008

I'm trying to find a way to bypass a worksheet_change event. Right now, my code validates if a change has been done to a specific cell ("D13"). It works perfectly, too perfectly actually.

Here is the code I got :

First line of Module 1 :

Public bDeviation As Boolean

On Sheet1 :

Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Dim VRange As Range
Dim strName As String

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

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Run-time Error 1004 Upon Paste Firing Change Event

Nov 1, 2006

When I paste data in Sheet2 in the attached CF Example2 file (Just by Selecting A1:L18 Cutting it and Pasting in the same place), the action of the VBA code in the Thisworkbook is correct but I am getting the 1004 Error Message from the VBA debugger saying "Run-time Error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error

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Change Event For Conditional Formatting Not Firing On Formula Calculations

Sep 25, 2007

I have used the code for formatting: This works fine when typing in the numbers manualy but if I have a formula (eg:A1=b1+c1) and a1 = 15 nothing happens. Is there an update button or a better way to do this?

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Worksheet_Change Event With Named Range

Aug 17, 2006

Is it possible to use a named range as part of the Target.Address in a Worksheet_Change event? For example, if I've named cell A1 to be XYZ, can I use something like the following VBA script:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = Range("XYZ") Then
End If
End Sub

The above script obviously doesn't work. The only thing I can get to work is:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$A$1" Then
End If
End Sub

I would like to be able to use a named range so that I don't have to remember to update my VBA when I insert rows or columns in my worksheet.

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Worksheet_change Event And Delete Rows

Feb 16, 2007

I'm using the following code. Basically it formats some cells in row based on the value in the first column of the row.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim icolor As Integer
Dim RowNr As Integer

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A65536")) Is Nothing Then
For Each cell In Target
If Target.Text = "" Then
icolor = 0
ElseIf Target.Text = "Row Loaded" Then
icolor = 4
ElseIf Left(Target.Text, 14) = "Row not loaded" Then

This works fine, except when I delete a row by clicking on the row number to highlight the row, and then right click to select delete.

The event fires for each cell in the rows, and takes ages to run.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? I tried substituting

For Each row In Target

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Worksheet_change Event Disables Undo

Jul 4, 2007

I have a user who wanted a spreadsheet to highlight cells containing formulas whenever the formula was changed. (They want the ability to make changes, but want those changes highlighted. They do not want to protect cells with formulas.) I tried to accomplish this with Conditional Formatting but could not figure out a way to do it, so I turned to VBA. I wrote the following routine that is called on the Worksheet_change event:

Sub CheckFormulas(Target As Range, FormulaRange As String)
Dim CurCell As Range
For Each CurCell In Range(FormulaRange)
If Target.Address = CurCell.Address Then
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
Next CurCell
End Sub...................

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Get Cell Value Before Worksheet_change Event Triggers

Jul 28, 2007

In the worksheet_change event I am calling a method for performing some calculations. The method is called only if certain cells are affected. I want to know the cell values before the event gets triggered.

For eg: Lets say Cell A1: 10 Cell A2: 20 I select both A1 & A2 and click on delete. Then I want to obtain the values 10 & 20 in the method called. Is this possible? Currently If I do Cell.value it returns blank.

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Excel 2010 :: Control ENTER And EXIT Event Firing With Frames Active?

Oct 22, 2011

I'm having some trouble getting control ENTER & EXIT events to fire properly when having controls embedded on frames within a userform. I'm using Excel 2003, 2007, & 2010. Here's the userforms I'm working with:


Without FRAME:

In both cases, the DESCRIPTION field is disabled. The selectable controls on both are a combo-box, textbox, listbox, & 2 buttons. On the FRAMED version, the combo-box & textbox are contained on a FRAME.

Here's the code, same on both userforms:

Option Explicit
Private Sub cmbRecipes_Enter()
ListBox1.AddItem "ENTER - " & cmbRecipes.Value
End Sub
Private Sub cmbRecipes_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
ListBox1.AddItem "EXIT - " & cmbRecipes.Value
End Sub

All this is doing is posting a message to the listbox when the combo-box ENTER & EXIT events fire. This works as expected without the FRAME, ENTER is shown when the combo-box is entered and EXIT is shown as focus is moved to another control. But when running it on the FRAMED version all I get is a single ENTER event recorded regardless of how I move the focus through the control set.

Another oddity is that if I have more than 1 control that can receive focus on the FRAMED version, it appears to work correctly.

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Worksheet_Change Event Wont Fire When Target Changed By ListBox Selection

Dec 5, 2008

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Me.Range("R1C1")) Is Nothing Then
'do something
End If
End Sub

Now, that Private Sub works fine if you change the value of R1C1 manually or from another macro.

But if R1C1 is the cell linked to a list box, nothing will happen if you change its value by selecting different items in the list box.

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Stop Print Macro Firing Before Print Event

Oct 18, 2006

I have a "submit" button macro which user would click after he has finished his input. This macro would update a reference number on the worksheet named "orange" and then print out this worksheet.

My purpose is "orange" is printed out with a reference number.

Below is the 1st code.....

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Worksheet_Activate Not Firing

Feb 10, 2010

I have a workbook that contains several worksheets. One particular worksheet is a main page with buttons that open up the other worksheets for the user to view specific data. To minimize the open worksheets I have tried to institute a worksheet activate so that when the user selects this main page tab all other worksheets hide. It works well, for most of the sheets. However, for some reason a few sheets will not hide. Ive tried several different codes to get these particular sheets to close to no avail. Ive tried calling each sheet individually to hide the sheet, and Ive tried to hide all sheets together. Codes Ive used are below. Again, both codes work fine but only on some sheets. How can I get the Activate call to work for all sheets? Anyone ever have this issue? The particular sheets Im having a hard time with are in red in 2nd code.

Codes Ive used: ..............

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Workbook_open Not Firing

Jun 26, 2007

I am using the following code in my Workbook_Open sub, located in the ThisWorkbook code module. I am enabling macros when opening. All other VBA code in the project is running correctly.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
MsgBox "starting"
End Sub

The init sub did not appear to be running so I inserted the MsgBox to confirm, but that doesn't come up either.

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Uninstall Addin Without Firing The Events In It

Sep 23, 2006

I want to uninstall an addin from another addin. The problem arises when the addin i want to uninstall contains events similar like auto_open and workbook_addininstall
It seems that they get triggered even when i close the addin That way i loose controll over the programsequence. And that is the thing i don't want. If someone has a solution, that would be great. Otherwise i have to reorganize everything and merge two addins in to one And i really don't like all the extra work

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OnTime Not Firing Via Scheduled Tasks

Dec 27, 2006

I scheduled a task to open excel and when it does (at a certain time), a little sub is supposed to run (couple minutes later) via the OnTime Method located in the Workbook Open Event. There is one weird thing though....

1. When Excel opens automatically through Scheduled Task (and you see the clean white sheet WITH gridlines), Sub does NOT run (that is, my file is NOT even opening).

2. When I myself open Excel manually WITHOUT opening a new workbook (in other words, in front of you there will be grey area without gridlines), Sub runs perfectly (in other words, my file opens automatically and Sub performs whatever it is supposed to do).

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Worksheet Change Event :: (ByVal Target As Range) Event In Module After Creating A Sheet

Mar 27, 2009

Is there a way to write a Worksheet_SelectionChange (ByVal Target As Range) event in module after creating a sheet in VBA? I constantly delete a sheet, then repopulate it with a new one that is empty, but I need to add some code that happens if they should change a particular cell. It worked when I ran it on a worksheet without refreshing, but as soon as I cleared and repopulated the sheet, it was gone. Is there a way to preserve this?

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Stop Code Firing On Selection Change

Nov 22, 2006

how I can disable an InputBox? I've got some code that whenever someone selects a cell in a specified range, an input box pops up (running a macro) - this can get annoying sometimes though if just browsing. Does anyone know a macro where I can "disable" this?

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VBA Double-click Item From Listview Not Firing Events

Apr 22, 2014

I've created a ListView4 object on MyForm and called it 'MyListView'. I'm able to successfully display it and populate it with a list of items (2 columns). So far, so good.

I'm trying to intercept a double-click on an entry in the listview so I can process the selected value and close the ListView. Unfortunately, the MyListView_DblClick event apparently does not get triggered (I've also tried other events, but can't get them to work also).

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