Creating Button On The Ribbon?

Aug 13, 2014

How to create a button on the Ribbon (after you have created a group), and connect this button with a VBA code. So you can avoid going to developer->Macros->find the code and click run.

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Create Command Button And Run From The Ribbon?

Mar 17, 2009

Is it true that I have to enable macro and choose to trust access to the VBA project object model in order to create and run macros? It seems there is some security risk associated with making the workbook as macro enabled. What makes the commands run from the ribbon security free? Is it true that we can work around the macro security concern by creating a command button to the ribbon and run the macro from the command button? If yes, how come I could not find any discussion of creating the command buttons? I am using Excel 2007.

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Custom Ribbon Button To Load Add-In?

Aug 8, 2013

I have a pretty developed add-in I've created for use at work. It has 3 full custom ribbon tabs worth of buttons and boxes and other features that run all of the macros in the project. Everyone loves it. The only problem is, its only used when we work with customer statement excel files. When using Excel for other tasks it is annoying to have 3 extra, essentially useless tabs taking up space on the ribbon.

Is it possible to create a button and stick it on, say the Data tab, that will "Start" the add-in and make the 3 custom tabs visible? Ideally there would also be a button to "Close" the add-in or hide the extra tabs until they're needed as well, but how to customize for my specific needs.

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Connecting Macro To A Button On Ribbon

Feb 7, 2014

I have working macro but I need to share it with other people.

I have saved it as a xlam file.

I would like to make modification to my vba code or Excel settings such that the add-in become available as a click-able button on the Ribbon.

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How Do I Create A Button In Xl07 Ribbon For Add In

Jan 24, 2009

I have a workbook that has a userform with some simple code to translate formulas from .FormulaLocal to .Formula, and back.

I use that workbook a lot to translate formulas I find on here to something my German XL2007 will understand. I thought it would be neat, as well as giving me the opportunity to learn something new, to have that functionality as an add-in, rather than having the workbook open all the time. It is easy enough to save the wb as an add-in, and I can see it in my add-in list, install or un-install it. What i can't figure out is how to put a button on the xl07 ribbon when the add in is installed so i can access it.

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Move Or Place Command Button Onto Ribbon?

Jun 4, 2012

I'm making a Userform for commands I use a lot, like concatenation and highlighting cells. I placed a command button on the sheet that pops up whenever I open Excel. It's a bit awkward to have it on the sheet. Is there a way to place the button on the ribbon to get it out of the way? (I'm on an intermediary level with VBA

Another alternative would be to make a hide button on the userform, I guess. Once it disappears though I'd probably need another button to call it up again.

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Macro Sequence Controlled By Ribbon Button

Feb 4, 2014

If I have a macro sequenced:

sub test_1(control as iribbon)
call macro1
call macro2
call macro3
call macro4
end sub

I adjust the CUI editor to


I close everything down and save.

I open it up and click the button on the ribbon and it says it can not find the macro?

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Change Toggle Button Caption On 2007 Ribbon

Jul 1, 2008

I currently upgrading some add-in to Excel 2007. This one concern a toolbar or Ribbon as they call it now. I am creating a toggle button using XML

<customUI xmlns="">
<tab id="rxTrading" label=" Trading" >
<group id="rxDownloadStockData" label="Download Stock Data" >
<button id="rxDownloadData" label="Download" onAction="rxDataStock_Download" />
<toggleButton id="rxEnableDisableDowwnload" label="Enable Download" />

How can I change the name of toggle button to "Disbale Download" after clicking on the toggle button? I am trying to find the answer on WROX Excel 200 VBA but I am lost.

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Customize Excel Ribbon And Add Button To Execute Multiple Macro

Apr 4, 2013

How to add the macros in existing excel ribbons.

For example - I have a two macro codes. One is change the Date Format from DD.MM.YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY and another one is Date Format from MM/DD/YYYY to YYYYMMDD.

I want to execute the macro from the customize ribbon through Add in Buttons.

See the attachment : Customize the ribbon with Macro code.jpg

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Excel 2007 :: Make Button In Ribbon Menus To Run Macro?

Aug 9, 2013

I've been trying to research how to do this for a while now and still can't figure it out. My impression is that this is fairly straightforward in Excel 2010 since the menus and ribbons are easily customizable but not so in Excel 2007.

So far I can get macro shown as a button in the Quick Access Toolbar. But the issue is that I can't organize them or customize the icons.

Is there an accepted practice for this?

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Creating A Find Button

Nov 5, 2008

Is it possible to create a find button, so that a user can enter say the first two letters of a name and the vba finds and replaces the rest from a table and also add the telephone number in the box below it?

If there is more than one option to bring up a choice box asking the user to select between them.

I have attached a spreadsheet to show what I mean.

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Creating A Print Button Using VB

May 17, 2007

I have been given a workbook that contains say 10 sheets. The first sheet is a summary sheet that will contain a 'Print' button. The idea is that when the Print button is selected all the sheets that's have been filled out will be printed.

For example.

I have a workbook that has 10 sheets to fill out. The user has filled out 7 out of the 10 sheets and when selecting the Print button, I require only the 7 completed sheets to print.

I thought the best way to go about this was to look at 1 particular cell on each sheet. If the cell is blank, do not print the sheet, otherwise do so.

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Creating A Listbox And Button In VB

Jul 25, 2008

I want to be able to have a listbox on a sheet (whether this is already on the sheet or created by a macro I don't care), and have a button next to it. Once the list box has been filled in (with multiple selections) I want the user to press the button, the list box and button disappears and the items selected in the list box are placed into consecutive cells underneath each other.

First problem: To start with I have tried to create the listbox and button using VB

Sub lbtest()

Dim lb As Object, ButCon As Object

Set lb = Sheets("Sheet1").Shapes.AddFormControl(xlListBox, 100, 100, 150, 100)
lb.ControlFormat.MultiSelect = xlSimple
lb.ControlFormat.ListFillRange = "M1:M8"
Set ButCon = Sheets("Sheet1").Shapes.AddFormControl(xlButtonControl, 255, 100, 100, 25)
With ButCon
.OnAction = "Inactive"
.PrintObject = False
End With

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Creating A Button To Move To The Next Tab

May 29, 2007

Iím trying to create a Forward button for each of the sheets in my Excel workbook, to make it easier for users to move from one tab to the next (without having to click on the tab- names in the bottom left corner of Excel). I know itís very simple to start recording a macro and click on the next tab, and repeat this process for all the tabs in the spreadsheet. But what if you have a workbook with, say, 20 tabs Ė would you have to record one macro to take you from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2, another to move you from Sheet 2 to Sheet 3, and so on all the way up to Sheet 20? This would be very time-consuming. Is there some VBA code which always moves you to the next available tab in the workbook? Or is there no alternative to recording a separate macro for each individual tab?

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Creating Button To Save Output Value?

Apr 9, 2014

My sheet has a calculator that outputs a value based on inputs. I also have a pick list on top labeled Q1-Q4. Depending on which value is selected on the picklist, the input values will output a different amount. I want to create a button which allows me to take this output and save it in another cell under a heading Q1, Q2 etc. depending on which Q was selected in the original picklist. In essence I want a button that records each output onto the same sheet by by quarter(Q).

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Creating One Click Macro Button?

May 22, 2014

I have the following code:


Each macro is assigned to its own button, Clear and Restore. What I'm trying to do is make it so that the macro attached to the Restore button will not activiate unless the Clear macro attached to the Clear button is clicked first and visa versa. I can't see to find anthing quite like it in my research.

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() Creating A Search Command Button (Macro)

Feb 5, 2009

I am trying to create a uniform stock database for my company. Thus far, I have 2 worksheets. The first is a face sheet, for the user to interact with. This face sheet has a number of drop down menus on it allowing them to select "Type" and "Size" of the item they need. This information is then translated (by a hidden table) into an item code.

The second sheet contains a list of all the uniform items currently in stock. Each item has its individual code that correlates to the code the face sheet generates.

My question is regarding a search macro.

I want the user to be able to click a command button on the face sheet, labelled "search". This would then take the generated "Item Code" and search for it on the second worksheet. I am aware that it would be very easy for them to simply copy the code into "find" on the second sheet, however it needs to be as easy and quick to use as possible.

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Excel 2011 :: Creating Button On Spreadsheet?

Dec 12, 2011

In MS Excel 2011 for Macintosh can I assign a macro to an object, such that if the user clicks the object it runs the macro? That is creating a button on the spreadsheet that will execute a macro.

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Creating A Custom Button When I Install My Self-made Add-in

Apr 16, 2006

Finally after 3 days of intensive studying VBA, my first add-in pack is ready to be installed in the office. I've got my custom form all ready, now all I need is to have excel create a custom button on the toolbar that calls up my custom form when clicked.

The idea of assigning a shortcut key doesn't really appeal to me. I'll be packaging it up in .xla format. Would be greatful if anyone can direct me on how to add a button to call up my form (only one form in fact).

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Error Code 400 When Creating Button For MapPoint

Aug 2, 2006

I am creating an excel file that has 2 buttons:

-1 that allows the user to select an image (works)
-1 that allows the user to select a MapPoint Map file (error 400)

The code below should be able to detail the problem.

Sub InsertImageOne()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

Picture1 = Application. GetOpenFilename("Picture,*.JPG,Picture,*.JPEG,Picture,*.GIF,Picture,*.BMP")

Selection.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = False
Selection.ShapeRange.Height = 205
Selection.ShapeRange.Width = 344
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

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Creating Button To Generate Spreadsheet From Exported Data?

Jun 9, 2014

sample pic.png

I have two spreadsheets of data I export regularly from an outside source. I want to consolidate the data from these two sheets into one large sheet with all the data in a more concise form bringing in only the data related to certain parts I am conducting analysis on. I have a list of these parts already. My first thought on how to do this would be to use the list in an entry for an input box and have that list be the index for a for loop in which i searched for a part code, copied the entire corresponding row, and pasted it back into the master sheet. I have gone through and tried to do this but I am running into problems because sometimes I have multiple rows of data that correspond to a single part number. I have attached a template of the way that the data should look in the master file with the multiple rows of details that correspond to just one part entry.

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Creating Button Out Of Text (student Name) That Will Automatically Insert Graph

Jan 24, 2014

I am trying to do the following

Unit Percentage Score Unit 1 Percent ScoreJohny SmithBetty Donovan
Unit 1 Operations & Algebraic Thinking2100.00%50.00%
Unit 1 Measurement & Data3100.00%66.67%
Unit 1 Geometry0#DIV/0!#DIV/0!
Unit 1 Number & Operations Base Ten16100.00%93.75%

1-I would like to create a type of link or button that would exist in the cell "Johny Smith" so that when a teacher clicks on that name excel would generate a graph or pie chart for the specific data associated with Johny and when a teacher clicks on Betty a different graph would pop up. I know teachers can just highlight the data and insert charts, but many of them don't know how to do that. I have been asked to make the process a one click function.

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Creating "Find" Button On Userform For Editing Data

May 9, 2009

I've created a userform following the tutorial And a Find button which reads a string from a textbox, searches for it on the worksheet, and then displays the data for that row in the userform. I'm trying to work out how to do "Find Next", and it seems complicated. I know there are other techniques, such as filtering, or displaying all the found data in a dialog for user to choose which one to edit. But these are not suitable for my project. Here's the code for my Find button

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Creating A Macro, That Creates A New Button, Which Itself Runs A Macro..

Dec 15, 2009

I have a long complicated macro that processes a ton of data and gives the output in a new sheet. I then want to create new buttons (or some sort of user clickable triggers) on this new sheet that runs another macro.

I have got the actual adding of buttons in the sheet working, but I can't find a way to automatically assign macros to newly generated buttons during runtime. Is this even possible (or are there any clever tricks I could use to get around this?)

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Add Ins Tab Is Missed On The Ribbon?

Jul 25, 2012

I try to add add ins tab to the ribbon. i checked in customize ribbon. it is not coming.

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Updating Info On Ribbon

Mar 13, 2014

I am using this code to show met the amount of sheets listed.

[Code] ...

I use a commandbutton on a userform to add sheets regulary, is there a command that can then update the ribbon to the new count.

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How To Re-enable Ribbon Control

Sep 23, 2011

****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">
****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 14">
****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 14">

I have opened a dodge workbook on which disabled the Feld List button in the pivot table contextual tab Options>Show>Field List.

I found the following line of code which confirms the command as being disabled by returning a FALSE message.

MsgBox Application.CommandBars.GetEnabledMso("PivotFieldListShowHide")

Now I need the code tore-enable this command.

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How To Add To Custom Ribbon Tab That Is Built As Add-in

Nov 8, 2012

I am looking for the settings if possible that will add to a custom tab in the ribbon.

What I have is an add-in that creates a custom tab in the excel ribbon. I save it as an add-in and activate it in excel options so it is available for all workbooks.

Now I have a callback in there that runs a macro that opens a workbook, this workbook also has custom UI that I want additional callbacks added to the same custom tab created in the add-in.

Is this possible?

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Disabling All Ribbon Commands

Jan 9, 2014

I have a template sheet where the only thing the user need to do is fill in all the appropriate cells and the click the button that says SAVE to save the file to the right folder and file name.

I want to Grey out the ribbon completely so that user can even change the font or any thing else for that matter. The sheet and workbook is protected. Need a way to stop any unwanted tinkering.

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2007 Missing Ribbon

May 14, 2008

Someone sent me a spreadsheet that made my ribbon and everything disappear. All that remains is the grid field and the title bar.

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