Macro To All Spreadsheets To Get Me A Standard Format

Apr 17, 2009

I have all these spreadsheets from different vendors and all of these spreadsheets are in totally different formats. Is there a way I can create one macro and apply this one macro to all spreadsheets to get me a standard format?

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0h 00m 00s Time Format To Standard?

Mar 23, 2014

I'm getting a time data on the format "0h 00m 00s" but I can't convert it to a standard "00:00:00" format to properly handle it and I'm not so Excel savvy. I already tried looking for something on google but the formulas for similar issues "0h 0s" or "0d 0h 0h" are not working (I can't find a way to adjust them). For example: I'm have the following data on G3:

0h 37m 52s

and I'm using the following TIME/FIND formula:


but the outcome is "2:06:10" instead of "0:37:52"

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Inserting Standard Mail Format In Hyperlink

Jun 30, 2014

I click on a cell it automatically opens a new email, with the cell contents as the and a standard mail format. Is this possible?

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Overide Conditional Formatting With Standard Format

May 14, 2008

I have a worksheet with conditional formatting to shade (with the color grey) every nth column using the =MOD(COLUMN(),5)=0 function. I need to manually add cells formatted with various other colors to my worksheet. Some of the colored cells overlay the conditionally formatted shaded columns and the shading shows rather than the colors. I want colors to show on top of the conditional shading.

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Converting Date And Time From Odd Text To Standard Format?

May 10, 2014

I'm copying data from another source to excel, and for certain date entries they come as text in the following format "On 14 May at 8:00". Is there anyway to convert multiple entries like this into a standard date format? With or without time is fine - just the date will do.

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Adding A Colon ( : ) To Convert A Standard Number Into A Time Format

May 6, 2009

Is there a way to enter a colon into a standard number to create a value that can be formatted into a 24 hour time value? eg a time is listed as 1345 with a general number format, and I want it returned as 13:45 witha custom format of hh:mm. Other than creating a table and using a vlookup function

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Linking Outlook Standard Mail Format With Excel Hyperlink?

Jul 3, 2014

I have a standard mail format which was saved in my hard drive(mail includes attachments and few contents in body) via excel. I've several vendor (#)numbers in my excel sheet, everyday I've to send a mailer to different vendors with necessary documents.

1. Vendor number EX: 12345 was hyperlinked, when I click on that 12345 standard mail format should be opened in outlook and the Vendor number 12345 to copied as TO:12345 CC: defined names in the outlook mail.

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Applying Formula To Highlight Cells That Don't Follow Standard Format

Feb 4, 2014

I'm trying to find ways of applying a formula in condition formatting to find entries which don't follow a certain format.

to be clear, this is for a reg plate of a car. There are two styles of formats. The X's represent A-Z and # represents numerical values

1. XX##XXX
2. XX####

find a way of applying two test cases (non-simultaneously) so that cells highlight if they don't follow either of the above conditions?

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Convert Jd Edwards Julian Dates Format Into Standard Gregorian Date

Aug 9, 2007

how to convert the JD Edwards Julian date format into standard Gregorian date, and can it be done using VBA? Note that the JD Edwards Julian date is different than the standard Julian Date and uses 6 digits instead of 7.

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Saving Spreadsheets With Images In PDF Format?

Nov 7, 2013

I have some spreadsheets that contain images that are jpg. format in them. I need to save these spreadsheets as a pdf, but whenever i do, the images don't appear.

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Macro For Standard Print Button

Oct 27, 2008

I need the Standard Print button to print only the number of pages I've entered in Cell X1 when I click it, (and if I haven't entered any value in Cell X1, nothing should be printed.)

Now, where this gets tricky, is that I still want to be able to override this automatic number printing if I want, by selecting 'File/Print...' from the menu and choosing a different number of pages to print.

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Macro/UDF To Calculate Standard Deviation Of % Changes

Jul 8, 2002

I have a seris/column of numerical data for which I want to work out percentage differences and then calculate the standard deviation of the percentage differences for all values

For example in column A, I have

row 1 10
row 2 15
row 3 17
row 4 10

I want to work out % difference between row 1 and row 2 (which is 50%), row 2 and row 3 etc and the get the standard deviation of thoose % changes.

I know how to do this on the spreadsheet using formulas but I want to do it using a macro so that the macro returns the standard deviation of the percentage changes because I do not want to have any data showing on the spreadsheet other than the raw data.

kkknie kindly provided the following UDF to work out the the average of the percentage changes but is there code that will work out the standard deviation instead?

I thought maybe excel's built-in standard deviation function (stdev)could be incorporated somewhere into the code but I'm not sure how!

Function AvgPct(rngIn As Range)
Dim dblErrAccum As Double
Dim intErrCount As Long
Dim dblLastVal As Double
Dim r as range
dblErrAccum = 0
dblLastVal = 0
intErrCount = 0

For Each r In rngIn
intErrCount = intErrCount + 1
If intErrCount > 1 Then
'dblErrAccum = dblErrAccum + (r.Value - dblLastVal) / dblLastVal
dblErrAccum = dblErrAccum + Abs((r.Value - dblLastVal)) / dblLastVal
End If
dblLastVal = r.Value

AvgPct = dblErrAccum / (intErrCount -1)

End Function

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Macro That Will Create & Send Standard Email

Feb 13, 2009

I would like a macro that recognises the cell colour in column F if it is yellow i would like a standard email to be created & sent to the corresponding customer email address in column D. is this even possible??

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Standard "date" Format..

Nov 2, 2008

the dates in my spreadsheet are in this format...Sat, Nov 1, 2008 in "general" format. I need them to be in standard "date" format...11/1/2008.

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How Do I Apply A Macro To All Open Spreadsheets Except The One The Macro Is In

Dec 8, 2009

I am trying to set up a macro that hides certain columns of data in an automated spreadsheet that I don't need. How do I make the macro that hides the columns apply to all spreadsheets that are open except for the one I am in?

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Macro Does Not Cycle Through The Spreadsheets?

Mar 4, 2014

I've recorded a Macro that goes through multiple spreadsheets and refreshes the pivot tables in the sheets. I would like the Macro to run without it actually showing it go to each sheet and showing the pivot table updating. Bascially I would like the spreadsheet to remain on the first sheet while it's working with all the spreadsheet in the workbook when the macro is running.

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Creating Macro That Converts Spreadsheets To PDF?

Feb 3, 2014

So I am starting to get ambitious with Excel now and am looking at creating a macro that will automatically create a pdf file of several worksheets at the same time. However this is my problem. Using the current version of Excel there is a wonderful record macro button, however when I try to include a function that would create a PDF, it says that I need to save any changes before creating the PDF. However when I save the file, I have to stop recording which defeats the whole purpose of creating the macro in the first place.

How can I use the record macro function to create my pdf macro without learning visual basic? If I cannot, how to write what it is that I am trying to accomplish?

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Macro For Matching Between Two Spreadsheets And Finding A Value

Oct 27, 2008

I have two spreadsheets, spreadsheet A and B. In each spreadsheet there is a column labeled 'event' and a number in that column. I need to match the event number in spreadsheet A with the same number in spreadsheet B. In spreadsheet B in the same row as the event number is another value that I need copied back to spreadsheet A.

Manually I would have to copy the event number from spreadsheet A and use 'find' in spreadsheet B. Then check in the same row as the event number in spreadsheet B for a specific number, copy that, head back to spreadsheet A and paste it next to the event number.

I've tried to create a macro to do this but when using 'find' to match the event number in spreadsheet B it keeps on using the first event number I used instead of moving down a row onto the next number. I can upload the spreadsheet if needed.

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Multiple Spreadsheets Share The Same Macro

Feb 3, 2010

I currently have a macro that can be used by multiple spreadsheets. Is there that I can execute the macro within any specific spreadsheet without saving it in each spreadsheet. I just want to place it in a general spot so that in case there is modifications, I only have to change it in one place.

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Taking Data From Other Spreadsheets Using A Macro

Oct 3, 2007

I have a number of reports in excel (all in the same format) which I need to take certain data out of and store it into one main spreadsheet. Searching through the forums I found some code which I think will do this:

Sub test()
Dim myDir As String, fn As String, ws As Worksheet
myDir = "C: est"
fn = Dir(myDir & "*.xls")
If fn = "" Then Exit Sub
Do While fn ""
Set ws = Workbooks.Open(myDir & fn).Sheets(1)
ws.Range("a7", ws.Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).EntireRow.Copy
ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1).Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
Workbooks(fn).Close False
fn = Dir
End Sub
I have tried using this code, altering the Dir String to the folder the documents are in.

However, when I run the code, nothing happens. I don't get any errors, and nothing appears in the spread sheet.

To be honest, I am not totally familiar with macros in Excel. I can get the gist of what the code is doing having using VB before, but am not totally familiar with some of the functions being used here.

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Macro For Opening Series Of Spreadsheets And Copying The Data - 1004 Error

Aug 20, 2014

The macro (used to) go down the list of spreadsheets and copy certain data from them into this master workbook. Now I'm getting a "'C:Users310108841DesktopTestFolder' could not be found" error and don't know why.


The error appears to happen here:

[Code] ....

What's more infuriating is that this appears to happen at random. I have been trying all afternoon to get it to work, and had no luck. I have literally just run it now, and it works fine. I can't believe it just works at random.

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Macro To Send Multiple Emails To Multiple Recipients With Standard Message As Per Spreadsheet Table

Feb 18, 2014

get the code for sending multiple emails as per the spreadsheet list. Assume the spreadsheet has 100 line items and each columns specifies the name of the person, value, recipient email address ("To" and "CC") and sender name.

And the Body of text is :

Hi "Name of the person" Please find the value of "Value" to be paid for the moth of xxx and kindly let me know for further clarification.

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Macro Or VBA - Search General Format Convert To Date Format

Oct 26, 2012

Every month, I have an import a report to a spreadsheet. At my column A, it supposed to be a date format.

For some reasons, I have a combination of a few cells of date format and a few cells of general format with no order at all.

What I need is: Search in the A column, if date format leave it , if not change from general to date format.

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Macro To Change Date Format To General Format

Oct 17, 2012

I have two columns where there are dates (e.g. 11/05/2009) in a date format; I would like to change the format to `general`; but without losing the original values, i.e. I still want to see 11/05/2009, but just in `general`format. Is it possible to create a macro that will do that? I want these values to stay in the same place, i.e. if it is in cell K10, I still want to have it there - just in other format.

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Macro To Format Numbers And Justify Format

Jul 26, 2014

I have tried to write code to format numbers to zero decimal places as well as to justify the format as the zeroes appears as 00000000 when imported.

I need the macro to do this on the first 7 sheets.

I also need ------- lines and ) to be cleared on the first 7 sheets.

I have attached sample data and my code below

Sub Format_Data()
Dim Cnt As Long, i As Long
Cnt = Sheets.Count
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
For i = Cnt To 7
With Sheets(i)


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Macro For Spreadsheets With Different Number Of Rows And Constant Number Of Columns?

Mar 1, 2014

I work on a daily basis with spreadsheets in excel. The number of columns is the same, but every single spreadsheet has a different number of rows. I recorded this macro in a table with 1196 rows and I would like to use this macro also in other tables with a different number of rows.

Sub City2()
' City2 Macro

Cells.Replace What:="POMPANO", Replacement:="Pompano Beach",


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Pause Macro, Allow Format, Resume Macro

Mar 14, 2007

how to interrupt VBA code, allow user modifications to a chart, and then continue the code where it left off with a click of a button. I currently have the code in place where a UserForm pops up at a specific point and tells the user to make adjustments and press OK when done. It works fine but the UserForm displays and the macro resumes when OK is clicked, but I can't figure out how to activate the chart or the spreadsheet to allow editing while that UserForm is on the screen. If only I can get excel to allow me to sleect the spreadsheet and make changes while the UserForm is on the screen, I would be set. Can anyone please help me with any options to allow editing while the UserForm is on the screen so I can edit and then click the OK when done?

I posted something similar to this over two years ago. The way I got around it at the time was to break the code into two separate subs. This time around, the code is making 17 graphs and I want to ask for editing for each one before continuing. That would be a lot of individual sections of code.

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Standard Deviation IF?

Mar 24, 2014

Just like sumif and averageif, is there a standarddeivationif?

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Standard Deviation W/O Max+Min

Jun 22, 2009

Is there anyway to do a standard dev w/o the max + min in a range of numbers?

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Standard Error Of Mean

Nov 21, 2006

how can i calculate standart error of mean of a sample?

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