Transpose And Consolidate Data Horizontally To Vertically?

Jun 4, 2014

In the attached spreadsheet, I have the original data display horizontally (sheet2). Col A is Patient #. The header in row 1 are the test codes. Each patient took only 1 test and have result reported either neg, pos, pending or not eval. How do I transpose the header and have the test results consolidated in 1 column accordingly as display in sheet 3.

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Autofill Horizontally And Vertically?

Mar 27, 2014

Basically I want to see more dates, as you can see I've dropped down Cell B1 (31-Mar) to the B28 (27-Apr) Obviously if I wanted to see past 27-Apr I would just continue the drop down but I want to keep it within 28 rows and carry the dates onto cell C1-C28, D1-D28 etc, is there any way to do this using the drop down function or will I have to drop down each column individually then look date in the last row of that column and type the next date myself on the next column and drop it down?

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Incrementing Formula Vertically And Horizontally

Jan 16, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with a summary tab and 30 data tabs. The data tabs are named page-1 to page-30. In the summary page I have the following formula in cell C39: 'page-1'!C20

I want to be able to drag horizontally across 30 cells and have it increment to 'page-2'!C20, 'page-3'!C20 etc.,
and also drag it vertically and have it increment to 'page-1'!C21, 'page-2'!C22 etc.

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Freezing Panes Horizontally And Vertically

Aug 22, 2009

I know I can freeze panes eithe across a column or row but is it possibleto do both at the same time so that I can have a header row and a few columns on the left of the screen frozen?

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Locking Panes Horizontally And Vertically?

Dec 7, 2012

I'm trying to lock the cells of my work book both vertically and horizonatlly. There are "header criteria" on both colums and rows that I want to lock so when you scroll down or over the title bars stay. When I've done it in the past it won't let me lock both correctly.

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How To Display Text Horizontally Instead Of Vertically

Feb 27, 2014

I have a list of numbers I want to display horizontally instead of vertically. Is there a simple way to do this other than retyping each number?

My worksheet is attached.

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Freeze Horizontally And Vertically At The Same Time

Mar 22, 2007

How do you freeze horizontally and vertically at the same time?

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Table Automatically Extends Horizontally But Not Vertically?

Apr 17, 2014

For what reason would a table not extend vertically on it's own when an entry is made in the next row directly beneath it? On all of my sheets I could swear the table will automatically extend vertically, but on one workbook that has 10 duplicated and then modified sheets with tables (I mention that for it might have been something from the original that was copied that is the problem), the table easily expands horizontally when a value is placed in a column next in line, but not the same for the next row!

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Sort Of Transpose Code - Put All Data In Column Vertically On Sheet

Sep 23, 2013

I have 2 columns on sheet 1 as below. I need a code to put all the data in column B vertically on sheet 2 as the result shows. Please note all cells data will be off various lengths all seperated by a comma.

Sheet1  AB2BK
1003 CV1173, CV3133BK1004 CV1010, CV1010A, CV13514BK1005 CV1012, CV1257, CV17995BK1006 CV1836, CV506

Result after code has run.

Sheet2  AB1

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Pivot Table Filtering - Display Sums By Date Horizontally And Not Vertically

May 14, 2013

I am working on a pivot table just like the one on the picture here [URL] .......

Ideally I wanted the sums by date to be displayed horizontally and not vertically as shown in the picture, but was unable to do so. Anyways, I want to be able to filter those dates, so I can display data just from an specific date, and then change this date whenever I want and the new data will show up.

I tried doing by the checkbox that appears under the "data" dropdown on top of the column; However, when I uncheck a specific date, it dissapears and I have to add it again if I want to see it. Is there a way to keep the values on the dropdown even after I uncheck them? Or even another way to filter the information? Below is the pic of the dropdown I get when trying to sort the data, But as I said If I uncheck one of the values, it dissapears from the list.

[URL] ........

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Copy, Transpose & Consolidate Data From Multiple Sheets

Jan 25, 2010

writing a macro that could save me loads of time. In the attached file there are 2 separate sheets of data ( named "Elements Innovation" and "Dinttap") that I need copied, pasted, transposed and consolidated into one master sheet (named "Desired result"). Note that the fields that relevant cells are highlighted in yellow. In reality I'll have many (~100) of these sheets that I need the data extracted from, and the work looks like it can be automated using VBA to speed things up.

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Consolidate & Transpose Worksheets

Jan 3, 2008

I have several worksheets in one workbook. To consolidate, I am copying the information from the worksheets into one summary sheet. The worksheet information is entered vertically:

Charges 2007 2006
Inpatient 30000 25000
Outpatient 32000 21000

I want the information in the columns to be transposed on the summary sheet, but still linked to the original worksheet:
2007 Inpatient Outpatient 2006 Inpatient Outpatient
30000 32000 25000 21000

Copy and paste special with transpose does not link the spreadsheet. I tried to drag across after filling one cell, but the fill function increases by column from left to right, not row number. (It increases row number, which is what I need, only dragging down.)

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Consolidate Multiple Spreadsheets (consolidate All The Data)

Oct 17, 2008

I have a workbook that has multiple tabs and need help trying to figure out how to consolidate all the data. I find myself spending hours doing this manually each day.

Here is what I have:

Workbook has tabs labeled....Wk1_Mon, Wk1_Tues, Wk1_Wed, Wk1_Thurs, Wk1_Friday, Wk1_Summary......and repeats all the tabs through Wk5....then I have a Month_Summary tab.

I have 25 users with 25 seperate workbooks each with individual information on each workbook.

I am trying to get a sum of all the data on the Month_Summary tab for each month for each user and as well as a sum of the Month_Summary tab for all 25 users.

The end result I am looking for is to get a Yearly Sum of all the Month_Summary Tabs for all 25 users as well as individual yearly summaries for each users.

I have one main Folder which contains 25 folders (one for each user). Under each user folder there is a seperate Workbook for each month.

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How To Display Data Vertically

Sep 9, 2013

How can I submit the data from userform in the spreadsheet vertically like A1,A2,.....

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Pick Data From Every 2 Columns And Arrange It Vertically?

Apr 19, 2013

i want to pick data from every 2 columns and arrange it vertically, one under the other ;

sample data:
A 579751 579800 52151 52175 126721 126750
B 546451 546500
C 608971 609000 508081 508110 548941 548970
E 962701 962750 24851 24875

desired outcome:
A 579751 579800
52151 52175
126721 126750
B 546451 546500
C 608971 609000
508081 508110
548941 548970
E 962701 962750
24851 24875

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Mirroring Vertical Data Horizontally

Aug 20, 2008

I have one spreadsheet in which data was inserted vertically, and in order to move it to SQL, i would like to first mirror it horizontally in a 2nd spreadsheet (the reason i want to mirror it and not just copy the data is that the information in the first sheet changes dynamically).

So i figured out the basic function - (=sheet1!B0), but doing this on more than a 400 cells could be a problem. So my question is, how can i make, and lets take an example, cells A1 through I1 (in spreadsheet2) mirror A1 through A9 (in spreadsheet1), without editing functions cell by cell?

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VLookup Multiple Values And Paste Data Vertically

May 6, 2014

See the below columns: Column A and Column B. I would like to get all the data in column A to become column names and the data assorted under these column names vertically.

Column A Column B

0_country Canada

0_employee_type HE

0_province" AB

[Code] .........

I would like the end result to look like this

0_Country 0_employee type 0_province
Canada HE AB

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VBA Or Formula To Summarize Data Horizontally Into A Table?

Feb 11, 2013

Macro or formula to build a table from a data.

The data is in the following format in 4 columns: A (Customers' names), B(type of transactions: invoice,payment, Credit,Check), C (date), D(Amount).

Data is for the whole year by monthly.

I would like to build a table like this:

Column (A) 10 names of customers and in next 12 columns by month amounts and types of transactions.

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Move Data From Vertical Column To Line Up Horizontally

May 20, 2008

How do I move data that is in a vertical column to line up horizontally (in separate columns, but same row)? For example, take an address:


How do I get it to go from that format to this format?

Name Address City/St Zip

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Formula To Fill Cells Vertically From Source Data Which Is In Horizontal Format?

Jun 14, 2013

I have a formula in cell A1 that I need to drag downwards so that it fills cells A2 to A10. That formula is picking up the figures located in another sheet but the figures on that sheet are arranged horizontally (A1 to J1). Is there a formula to perform this action? I've tried playing around with the $ sign in my formulas but it does not work.

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Multiple Rows With Different Week Endings - Spread Data Horizontally

May 6, 2014

I have data in columns E through J under the headings of Monday-Saturday (E is Monday, F is Tuesday...J is Saturday). Then out to the left of the data, in column A, I have the week ending date (using Sunday as the last day of the week) which corresponds to the data under each day. There are multiple rows with different week endings but all the data is under columns E-J with the week endings in column A. So for instance, on row 13 the week ending in column A is 12/22/2013 (a Sunday) which means the corresponding data in the same row under columns E-J (the Mon-Sat columns) belong to 12/16/2013 (the Monday in the week ending on 12/22/2013), 12/17/2013 (the Tuesday in that week), 12/18/2013...and so on and so forth until 12/21/2013 which is Saturday in the week ending of 12/22/2013. Lastly, out to the right starting in column N and going horizontally out to column FD (will go out further as more days are added) I have the specific dates by day, it starts with 12/16/2013 and goes on incriminating by 1 day at a time until the end of all the dates included in the data (which at this point so happens to be 5/11/2014).

What I need done now is to take all the data which currently sits in columns E-J (the Monday-Saturday columns) and copy and paste it out under the correct specific date column that it belongs to starting in column N (going all the way out to FD) based on the week ending in column A. So with row 13 since the week ending in column A is 12/22/2013 the data in columns E-J needs to get pasted to row 13 columns N-S, then the same thing for row 14, except the week ending in column A row 14 is 1/5/2014 so the data in columns E-J row 14 needs to get pasted to columns AB-AG (AB is 12/30/2013...and AG is 1/4/2014). Below is the loop I came up with that accomplishes this, but for the reasons already stated.

Sub newtest()
Dim drd As Long
Dim rrd As Long
drd = 13
rrd = 14
Do Until IsEmpty(Cells(drd, 1).Value)

[Code] ..........

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Lookup Column Of Data Match Criteria From Another Sheet Display Items Vertically

Feb 5, 2014

(File is attached here)

I am trying to work on Sheet 2(Details per person). I want to be able to display all items in a row that matches the 2 criteria (Skype ID and Date) and the items are based from Master Raw file which is in another sheet. I would like to just use index and match.

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Data Consolidate - How To Maintain Case Sensitive Data After Merging Cells

Dec 8, 2013

I'm looking for a way of keeping case sensitive data in a range of cells, before using Data Consolidate, which when merged afterwards, Consolidate removes the case sensitivity and combines the quantities into one.

Check out this simple table as an example >




[Code] .........

Cells A1-B7 and C1-D7 are two sets of original data, before consolidation.

Cells E1-F4 are the result of applying a Data Consolidate operation to the A1-B7 and C1-D7 ranges - note how the merged result ignores the case sensitive condition in the original ranges.

Cells G1-H7 is the post-consolidation result that I'm looking for, where the original text case is maintained.

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Consolidate Data And Sum Up Cells?

Apr 25, 2013

I have a list of entries, people log how many products they sell a day, at the end of the I need to consolidate that data, to get a sum of how many goods each person sold that week. So on on tab I will have multiple enetries by the same person and on the consolidtaed tab, I want each person's name and Id # to show up on one row, but them I would like a total of how much goods they have sold for that month. I have attached a copy of my file, the consolidated tab shows what I would like to get in the end.

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How To Consolidate Non-numerical Data

Dec 8, 2008

This should be easy but after searching "consolidate" all that I could find was multiple sheets and complex questions.

I have 5 data columns that I need consolidated into 1 single column. I've tried the consolidate funtion but it appears to only work with formulas and numerical values (unless I cant find the proper command.) I've also tried paste special but it populates the cells following.

I need 5 cells word values pasted into a single cell

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Consolidate Data From 3 Different Resources?

Mar 19, 2013

I need to pull a data from 3 different SharePoint lists and present it in a new data sheet. So far I know how to create data connections and I am able to see everything in 3 different worksheets but in the same workbook. Also if we have the same Project and IT number we should pull information just from the SharePoint 1 list.

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How To Consolidate Data In Two Tables

Jan 25, 2012

I have been trying to find a way to consolidate data in two tables, but can't seem to locate a good response. I have been toying with EXACT, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, and SUMPRODUCT, but none seem to work for my issue.

Two Files - Call them acrendo.xlsx and office.xlsx

Both have a single sheet and contain first name, last name, and date columns. Office also has other information that I'm trying to merge into the corresponding row of acrendo.

Basically, I am trying to take the combined first name, last name, and date column from a row in acrendo as a single record, look for an exact match in office, and if it finds one, return the corresponding values in Coumns D, E, F back to acrendo. Someone suggested using the following sumproduct formula:


This always returns a value of 0, even if there is data in the matching row to be copied over.

One small complicating matter is that there may be duplicate entries in office (i.e. one row in acrendo may match to four rows in office). I can cleanse that if necessary, or preferably, if multiple matches are found, it would simply insert the additional rows into the acrendo file.

Also, is there a way to go through the acrendo file and check for duplicate records and delete them (e.g. if there is the same last name, first name, and date, delete the duplicates).

Can't do this manually as I have acrendo has almost 18,000 rows and office has almost 10,000 rows.

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Consolidate Data Into One List?

Sep 11, 2012

I am trying to consolidate multiple data sets in one worksheet into one list. An example of the data sets is below:


There are over 50 data sets in the worksheet with exactly the same number of columns. However, when the data is updated, the number of rows for each data set can change.

The output table is below:


I am assuming it is a loop function in vba to loop through all of the data sets in the worksheet, but I have limited experience with vba to know for sure.

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Consolidate Some Data On Worksheets Into Another

Oct 5, 2006

I have attached a sample workbook to show my layout.

I need to link multiple sheets (but not all, just certain ones) to one "master sheet". More specifically I need to link only certain colums from each certain sheet. The sub sheets have detailed information, but I only want basic information on the master sheet like FirstName, LastName, Ext, Buyer#, etc Not every column from the certain sheets is needed.

I need a way to update this master sheet when I update the sub sheets manually. So if I add a employee record to a sub sheet, the master sheet is updated. These updates aren't often, so running a macro to rebuild the master sheet after I manually delete it wouldn't be out of the question, whatever is convienent.

In the attached worksheet, I believe there is a sheet called Items. I don't need any information from that sheet at all to be on the master sheet so it can't be in the array when the master sheet it built from the sub sheets.

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Consolidate Rows And Sum Data

Mar 23, 2007

I would like code to consolidate weekly hours worked, on each project, for each person. I therefore wish to end up with 1 row per person, per date, showing their GRAND Total Hours worked in column P (across all projects, and across all tasks). So, in the example below, everybody's rows would stay as is, apart from Mike Jones's, which I would like to be consolidated into one row, showing a GRAND Total Hours worked of 16.

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