Conditional Formating On Track Winning Lottery Numbers

Mar 1, 2007

Tracking winning lottery numbers using conditional formating on a worksheet.CF only allows 3 formats I need 10 is there a way around this.In cell B2 I choose Conditional Formatting from the Format menu.I select Formula is from the drop down menu,and enter the formula =COUNTIF($N$2:$S$2,B2)>0 Then I hit OK.I then click on the Painter button on the toolbar and apply this formatting to the rest of the lotto numbers.I can do this 2 other times but i need it to work 10 more times,if there is no way around this, is this formula possible in VBA and how do I enter it.

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Conditional Formating With Even Numbers

May 8, 2009

i have 2 columns the first is the transaction number and second column is the description

i want to make that all even transaction number will highlight the whole row... how do i make that with conditional formatting? or are there other alternatives?

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Conditional Formating To Find Largest Numbers In A Selection

Mar 14, 2007

I am trying to create a macro that works with a range of cells and identify the five largest numbers in the range. The following are the steps.

1. I select a range of cells and run the marco.

2. The macro will identify the largest number in the selection and make the cell color red.

3. Then it will find the cell with next largest number and turn the cell orange...and so on till the 5th largest number.

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How To Highlight Lottery Numbers

Jun 3, 2008

I have 49 lottery numbers split in 3 segment and 5 groups separated by coma
In cell Range from B2:F4,

I enter 5 numbers from draw result in to cells B9:F9

What I want to highlight the ticket numbers that have been drawn a in lottery, In this example the ticket numbers are in cells B2:F4, and the drawn numbers are entered in cells B9:F9

Example is below
G1G2G3G4G5Seg12, 5, 6, 8, 915, 1921, 25, 2637, 38, 4042, 45, 48Seg23, 4, 711, 13, 1827, 3047, 50Seg31, 1012, 14, 16, 17, 2022, 23, 24, 28, 2931, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 3941, 43, 44, 46, 49Lottery Result Below:57142049

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Lottery Search Query: Correct Sequence Of Numbers

Oct 10, 2006

I am setting up a spreadsheet with two columns. The first column will contain a persons name the second column will contain four numbers.

Name Numbers
Joe 1,3,12,24
John 4,12,23,24
Jill 6,14,19,26

I need to be able to search to find the following: the correct sequence of numbers e.g. if 1,3,12,24 were pulled out then that search is easy. If I was looking for someone who had the numbers 1,12,24 then I have a problem. I was thinking about putting the four numbers in to four separate columns but my Excel knowledge is poor.

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Combination- List Of 10 Of My Favorite/lucky Numbers That I Want To Play In The Lottery

Aug 25, 2007

I have a list of 10 of my favorite/lucky numbers that I want to play in the lottery. The lottery picks 5 numbers total. I need a way to show me all the possible combinations of my 10 numbers picked in a 5 number draw (hope that makes sense). There are no repeat combinations- for example- I DO NOT WANT 1-2-3-4-5 and 5-4-3-2-1 to come up as separate combinations- so each of my favorite #s needs to be used only once in each combination, and each set used once.

I have searched this board for 2 hours now- read tons of other posts, but not finding a real solution. The output will be a list of all the possible combinations (no repeats, and no permutations) using my 10 favorite numbers. Another example-
and so on.

How do I create this? I realize the resulting table will be quite a large number of combinations- but we're going to have fun with it and pick a few at random.

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MOD+ROW Conditional Formating

May 18, 2009

I have an excel document that has one columb (I) of cells that changes color depending on a specific date (columb h) . The cells that have conditional formating to change the row color based on where it is ( =MOD(ROW(),2)=1), stays blank and the proper color until columb A is filled in. The others show up red. How would I code/format the lines that aren't included in the conditional formating to always show white when no value is entered in columb a.

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Conditional Formating A Row

Jul 20, 2007

how to use the conditional format tool, but now the company i designed the spreadsheet for, wants me to implement a change. I'm attacking a copy of the spreadsheet so you can see the problem more easily. Now what I've been asked todo is the following.

1. When the stock quantity (Column H) goes below the re-order level (Column K), they want the entire row to change font colour from blue to red. Now I know how i can change the colour of one cell, like ive done in the example, but I'm not sure how to change the entire row colour. If this can be done with conditioning formating then great, but if not then i'm stuck, and relying on your generosity in helping me out.

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More Than 3 Conditional Formating Per Cell

Oct 31, 2008

I have a large X-Y-axis table with about 200 entries in it. There are 6 different entries possible. I now want to give each possible entry in this table a color for making it easier to read.

I could write a formula in conditional formating, so that it works for 3 colors. The problem is now that i can make this only for 3 different colors in conditional formating of excel. Is there a possibility for making this for 6 colors?

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Set Up Formula In Conditional Formating

Dec 29, 2009

I want to set up formula in conditional formating so that when:

$AF6 = "CA" the color is red
if $AF6 = ("GA","ME","PR") then the color is blue

what I came up with is Condition 1
= ($AF6 ="ca") [which will turn the cell red]
Condition 2
="OR($AF6={""GA"",""ME"",""PR""}, "")" [which doesn't do anything]

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Conditional Formating For 6 Conditions

Jun 4, 2008

I have a spreadsheet

B4:B193 - place
D4:D193 - value
F4:F193 - name

H4:H193 - place
J4:J193 - value
L4:L193 - name

N9:N93 - place
P9:P93 - value
Q9:Q93 - name

What i am looking for is this:

If value in cell in column D is >=90 then relevant cell in column B, D and F background green

If value in cell in column D is less =80 then relevant cell in column B, D, and F background dark blue

If value in cell in column D is less =70 then relevant cell in column B, D, and F background light blue

If value in cell in column D is less =50 then relevant cell in column B, D, and F background orange

If value in cell in column D is less

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Conditional Formating In 2003

Sep 11, 2008

This thread:

Asks almost exactly the question I have, but I can't make heads or tails out of the answers, I'm guessing becasue I have Excel 2003 and not 2007 as mentioned in the replies.

In column "A" I have a number; column "B" the formula =A1 copied on down and in column "C" either a 1 or 2 or a 3.

If the number in column "C" is a 1 then the font in the same cell in Column "B" should be black, 2 Blue and 3 Red.

I'm thinking this should be very simple, but so far it's not turning out that way. )-:

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Conditional Formating By Date

Oct 20, 2009

I have been trying to perform a conditional format using a date value.

Condition 1 =IF(L14

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Conditional Formating On Graphs

Jun 10, 2006

if its possible to run conditional formating on graphs, I can do this fine on the actual data

i.e. Have a bar chart with a number of bars all the same colour and just wanted to have the bars change to red if they drop below a certain percentage.

only running excel 2000

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Conditional Formating: Spell Check

Jul 29, 2008

I am working on code breaking, and am working on trying multiple letter combinations, and was wondering if I could spell check the results and have that identify letter combinations that ARE words.

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Conditional Formating On Text Values

Jan 9, 2009

Been hunting around the forums but cant seem to find quite what I want.

I want to specify the background of a cell to be red if the text in that cell contains a specific word.

e.g. cell a1 will have the text 'Rest of World' (without quotes). I want this to show as red if it contains the word 'of'.

Of course the cell may contain other words but this illustrates what I'm looking to achieve.

I tried the following conditional formula but this does not work:


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Conditional Formating: If & And Type Statements

Jun 11, 2009

I have tried a variety of if & and type statements but I cannot get this 2 conditional format to work. Review attached spreadsheet.

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Conditional Formating Using Match Function

Nov 12, 2009

I am having many difficulties getting conditional formatting using the match function to work correctly in my excel document.

What I would like to accomplish is as follows in the 3Q09 tab. If a subdivision name is found in C-62 through C-70 and a match is found for the subdivision name in AB-24 to AB-66 I would like it so the AB-24 to AB-66 Subdivision name is bolded for every match. I removed the function formulas from the 3q09 tab I used to have since they didnt work and I do not want to confuse anyone.

This is correctly done on the "Working Correctly" Tab included in the same file, so please view this for clarification if you need it. Why it works on one tab and not the other simply baffles me.

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Conditional Formating Pass Or Fail

Dec 15, 2008

I looked around the forum for a answer but none are quite the same. AA2 contains a date. AN2 contains a Pass or Fail based on =IF(AH4<60,"FAIL",IF(AJ4<60,"FAIL",IF(AL4<60,"FAIL","PASS"))).

Now even if those above fields are empty and no date is in AA2 "PASS" still shows up in AN2. I used =$AA$5="" to make AN2 turn white if AA2 had no date in it. I am unable to copy the formatting along the rest of the AN column without it all refering to just AA2. Is there a way to make it copy and correct the formating like it does with formulas? I had planned to due the same thing with the AO column that contains "DUE" if the person has not taken a test in 180 days. =IF(AA2<=(TODAY()-180),"DUE",IF(AA2<=(TODAY()-150),"CLOSE",IF(AN2="FAIL","RETEST","")))

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Match Index And Conditional Formating

Feb 26, 2010

I have a table I use visually, and I put it in a spreadsheet. Instead of finding a table value based on row and column label decisions, I use it as follows. I decide the row by matching exactly the height, h = 8 ft. In that row, I match the next larger value of 10 kips, in this case the value is 12.72; I then pick the column header label, in this case the value is 4 x 8.

I don't know how to make"B8:L8" equivalent to "B"&3+row : "L"&3+row in the 2nd Match formula?

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Conditional Formating Merge The Cells

Apr 25, 2007

is there a way to merge cells when conditional formating them

example if a1- team then it will be 2 cells
if a1 = player then it will be 1 cell?

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Conditional Formating: Return NA() To Cell

Aug 28, 2007

Is it possible to return NA() to cell A10 if A10>A9, without adding a 3rd cell ??

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Insert Text With Conditional Formating

Jan 9, 2008

I have a list of numbers say in column A, but when the number "41", "25", "90", or "92" is in that column, I want a text message to print 6 columns to the right of it (same row) that says "service".

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Conditional Formating Or Change Events

Jan 11, 2008

I have a worksheet that I would like to color a range of cell within a row whenever the value of a certain cell in that row changes. For example, if cell A3 have a value of East that row color will be Blue with white fonts, if value is West the row color will be Green with Black fonts, if value is North the row color will be Red with Yellow fonts. This should apply to any row whenever the value is Column A is changed.

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Conditional Formating For Multiple Cells Using VBA

Feb 20, 2009

i have a list of customers with various information, i would like to rank these customers 1 to 5 and change the colour of the cells dependant on there rank.

Conditional formatting allows me too do this but is limited to 3 formats.

I have Columns A-K filled with data and want the condition to be set on column B if Column B meets a requirement it will then colour that Row (A-K)

So for example Row 3:

B3 = the requirement to change colour to red so cells A3:K3 will turn red
B4 = the requirement to change colour to gree so cells A4:K4 will turn red

and this must go down to row 1000 or whatever it may be.

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Averaging With Zeros And Conditional Formating

Jun 11, 2009

I have three attendance columns M:O which will contain the number of viisits per month. I am averaging these columns in column P. I am using the following formula to calculate the averages of three columns using Windows XP and Excel 2003.


The formula works fine as I initially started to remove the error message from the zero values. My problem started when I created a conditional format to color the entire row yellow, based upon the formula in column A


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2003: Conditional Formating Highlight Row

Jul 13, 2009

I have an excel file with 5500 records. I would like to have excel "color code" the rows based on a field's value

What I would like to do is have the value in column Y is:
*NO* or "T/P" (note there are *'s in the value) to have it formatted with Grey shading/Red text
"N/A" apply a different color shading
and if "yes" apply a 3rd shading

Note, that I would like to have the entire row and not just the Col Y cell formatted.
How can I do this? Would this slow down Excel alot?

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Conditional Formating Between A Matrix And A Table.

May 25, 2006

I have a matrix that has been imported into excel from access. The column header is product number and the row header is name. I am then importing the data from an access query that puts the product/name matches in a small table to the right of the matrix (will be hidden when completed). I need to shade the corresponding cell in the matrix if that name has a match for that product. I tried =AND(MATCH(name details),MATCH(product details)) as my formatting equation, but that does not account for whether the matches are in the same row or not, so any combinations of products and names that appear in the whole table are shaded. I am not sure what other commands I can use to get the formatting equation to make sure that the matches are in the same row. Below is an example of my setup, "S" means it would be shaded.

------ 1----2----3----------------Name-------#

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Formating Telephone Numbers

Feb 9, 2005

Is it possible to format cells so that inputed tel. numbers are all have the same format and not just appear the same, regardless of how they were typed in?
i need it so the column can be sorded by phone #.

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Cancel Conditional Formating If Cell Not Empty

Aug 11, 2009

I am trying to have conditional formatting of cells apply only if another cell is blank in 2007. A3 has a formatting of =MOD(ROW(),2)=1, then =AND (A3<>"",A3+15<=$G$1) to change the color based on date and finally =AND(A3<>"",A3+30<=$G$1) to again change the color again by date. What I would like to do is for the cells in columb A to change only if corresponding columb B cell is empty, without using macros if possible.

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