Data Validation Dependent On Another Cell Being Completed?

Jan 27, 2014

I've got a password protected spreadsheet with only certain cells unlocked to allow users to complete them. I need the following to work on Excel versions 2003, 2007 & 2010.

Cell E3 has a drop down list with types of car to choose from. One of the car types is "Pool_Car".

Cell D12 should only be used if "Pool_Car" is selected from the drop down list. If any other car type is selected, and the user tries to enter a figure in D12, I need an error message to appear.

E3 & D12 are unlocked cells.

I'm happy for D12 to become locked & only allow it to be unlocked if "pool_car" is selected, but I've looked elsewhere, but can't find VBA or data validation to work.

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Dependent Data Validation

Apr 10, 2009

Firstly I have these 12 values as in the attached excel sheet (in the order: FY09, FY09Q4, FY09H1, FY09H2, FY10, FY10Q1, FY10Q2, FY10Q3, FY10Q4, FY10H1, FY10H2, FY11Q1) to be selected as Start Date and End Date. The Limitation on Start and End Date is that the End Date cannot be smaller than Start Date (for e.g.: If start Date is FY09Q4 the End Date can be FY09Q4 and above but not FY09). Now I have a separate set of Initiatives/Objectives for each time period (each Initiatives are marked in excel sheet 2) and Initiatives depend upon Start Date Selected so once Start Date is selected only the related List of Initiatives should be published.

Now the Validation and Naming I have used is not allowing me to use a list name as “FY09” and “FY10” as they are cell references in the Workbook. But I cannot also change the name to something as FY_09 as the data that would be there in the Template will finally be used without editing for upload to an application.

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3 Level Dependent Data Validation

Jan 16, 2014

I have a workbook with three sheets.

Sheet 1 is a large data array (approx 8 columns x max 400 rows), than contains the inventory and cost information of a list of products in a running cafe.

Sheet 2 is is a recipe analysis tool that I want to be able to use data validations to cost out recipes, drawing information from sheet 1 in three dependent drop down boxes 1- category, 2- supplier, 3- item name, which then returns that items cost per standard of measure.

Sheet 3 is where I have started to try to generate a unique list for category and supplier to assist sheet 2 in referencing from sheet 1.

There is data overlap across the inventory items, with many items having the same category and or supplier.

Examples that I have found online use the index and match function, in conjunction with naming to return the array required for the drop down, however most of these examples I have found contain simple unique lists.

I cant seem to nut dynamic naming, which is integral as the list is expanding and contracting all the time.

So far I have been successful by manually naming a range (not a satisfactory solution as per above) and then using the indirect function to reference that named array from sheet 1.

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Data Validation :: Dependent Lists

Oct 14, 2008

See the attached example. I have created a dependent data validation. The list available in B2 is dependent on the item chosen in Cell A2.

What I would like to know is how do I expand this validation down columns A and B. I don't want to have to add the validation in each cell individually!

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Data Validation Dependent Lists?

Dec 31, 2012

I cannot seem to add more dependents using this code. I think it is in the "If / then / else" structure that it is limited to only those three "groups". But I need to be able to add at least one more dependent list to the code.

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Another Dependent Data Validation Combobox

May 5, 2009

I'm still curious about the sample from Contextures, (DV0032 - Dependent Data Validation Combobox)

I have made a modification from its file (sample is attached). First drop list can be autocomplete, but the second cannot. For the comparing, I made row 2 in ValidationSample sheet is my modification, and row 3 is the original.

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Dependent Data Validation Lists

Sep 10, 2009

I am trying to make two dependant lists in Excel. Using data validation lists, is it possible to, for example, select a country from one list, then select a city in that country from another list. For example, if I select France from one list, I only want the list of cities to include French cities, rather than the entire list of cities in the list.

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Data Validation - Dependent List

Aug 1, 2013

B2 should be drop-down list based on the value in B1.

Example: If Function code is 901, the drop down list should contains 3 values: Warehouse, Transport, QC only.

As we have ~100 function codes, formular with IF that I tried -> Data validation IF(B1="901",901,IF(B1="902",902 .... are not applicable.

I tried Excel Data Validation -- Dependent Lists but it didn't works.

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Clearing Dependent Data Validation?

Dec 10, 2013

Currently i have a list of cells D7:D19 which have data validation lists dependent on the values in B7:17. When the cell in the B column is cleared the value in D remains. I want it to clear when the value from B is cleared. I currently have tried to following code which works for cells B7 and D7, but how do i apply this to the whole range?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.EnableEvents = False
On Error GoTo sub_exit
If Target.Address = "$B$7" Then
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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Multiple Dependent Data Validation

Oct 4, 2008

I am needing to create 2 drop downs that are dependent on 1 drop down. I have named lists that are on another worksheet. I've gotten so far as getting the 1st 2 drop down lists work but my third drop down I just can't figure out what the formula needs to be. HELP!! I've been working on this for a week now and I'm losing my mind. I've checked the contextures website and it does NOT answer this question.

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Data Validation :: Dependent Lists ..

May 26, 2006

I have an Excel spreadsheet with two lists of data, the first is a list of groups and the second is a list of sub-groups, each group containing a number of sub-groups, each sub-group being unique and belonging to only one group.

Elsewhere on the sheet, I have used Data Validation (using 'list') in 2 columns to provide a drop-down selection in cells which the user must complete. The first column refers to the first list (groups), the second column refers to the second list (sub-groups).

However I would like to make the values which appear in the second drop-down list dependent on the value which has been selected in the first. That is: make the user choose a group in the first column and then make the choice of available sub-groups in column 2 restricted to those sub-groups which belong to the selected group.

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Dependent Data Validation - Indirect Function

Apr 10, 2014

See attached. I cannot get my indirect function to work in Cell K2 based on cell J2

Data for the Validation is in cells W1 to AC14

I want to do data validation in Column K based on Column J, but cannot get the indirect function to work to past into the data validation tool

I have named all my ranges.

AM Call Log.xlsm

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Dependent Data Validation - Set First Item As Default?

Jul 24, 2014

Is there any way when using dependent validation lists, that once a selection is made in one list, the next list will automatically default to it's first item?

So in the attached example, if Activity2 is selected in cell B7, then TaskC would automatically appear in cell C7 but the user can still choose a different value if necessary?

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Dependent Data Validation Special Case

Apr 8, 2009

Here is what I am looking for I have a 3 list first is 'start date', 'end date' and third is 'Product'.

The LoV's are: .....

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Data Validation Dependent On Lookup Flag

Aug 11, 2009

I have a worksheet (mileage) which has a client column (column B) which is validated so that the user can only choose clients from a dropdown list. The dropdown gets its values from another sheet (data) in the same workbook. In the data sheet each client also has a recharge flag (1 or 0) in a column beside it.

In the mileage worksheet column E is ‘mileage’ and column F is ‘recharge mileage’. What I need to do is create a validation rule or macro that only allows a user to input a value into the recharge mileage column if the client whom they selected from column B has a recharge flag of 1 (i.e. they are a recharge client). If they try to input a value without the client being a recharge client (or without selecting a client) it should give an error message.

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Dependent Data Validation List With IF Statement

Jul 25, 2013

I am having trouble with a dependent dv list. Please see below:


Support is a named list from the parent dv list
Internal_Cost_Centres is a named list
Project_Code is a named list

When I select Support from the parent dv list, it will return the list named Internal_Cost_Centres, however, when I select something else it doesn't work.. there are 3 options in all on the parent list (Support, Production, Project) and whether Production or Project selected, I want it to return the same list - Project_Codes.

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Multiple Dependent Data Validation Lists

Sep 12, 2007

I've looked at the data validation tips and understand how to make a second dropdown dependent on the 1st, but how about a 3rd dependent on the prior 2 selections and so on.

I would like to have dropdowns based on a dataset of 4 columns (Location, Department, WorkGroup, Employee) that frequently gets updated. I would like to have the user select a location then a department then workgroup and employee. I would then fill in a worksheet with other pertinent information. I can get the 1st two dropdowns to work, but haven't found the key to being able to continue to drill down based on the 1st two options.

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Data Validation List Dependent On Lookup

Mar 20, 2008

I have data validation in column A, I want column B to be dependent on contents of column A i.e. If I enter "X" in column A then column B validation list should change. I tried using "if" but it can take only 7 criteria. I want to use more.

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Validation Drop Down, Dependent Upon Another Cell Value

Apr 21, 2009

I am trying to create validation drop down list for a cell, however I want different drop down lists which are depenent upon another cell.

in Cell A1, I want the options "A", "B","C" etc
If cell A1 = "A", then drop down validation for cell A2 = 1,2,3,4,5
cell A1 = "B", then drop down in cell A2 now equal 6,7,8,9, 10
cell A1 = "C", then drop down in Cell A2 now equal 11,12,13,14,15

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Dependent Data Validation With Dynamic Named Ranges?

Aug 7, 2014

I am unable to use dependent data validation lists using the INDIRECT function when the initial named range is a dynamic one.

See attached.

The named ranges 'Men','Women','Children' are all dynamic based on number of entries in each column order to accommodate a growing list, whilst also not having blanks in the dropdown (hence I haven't used entire column ranges). The named range 'test' is a static one.

Column H has a dependent data validation based on entry in Col G. This works for the static list, but not the dynamic one!

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Using Data Validation To Create List Dependent On Multiple Rows?

Jul 28, 2014

I have three individual lists and I am using a formula like this for each of them =OFFSET(Table1,MATCH(F15,Table1,0)-1,1,COUNTIF(Table1,F15),1)

for my final cell I need to create another data validation list which is depenant on the values selected in the previous three lists.. how I would alter the formula to allow me to do that? I tried using and after the match to match all three tables but it never worked

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Duplicate - Dependent / Related / Interconnected Data Validation (Dropdown Lists)

Jun 6, 2014

I have an Excel file with two different visible sheets (dashboards), each with different types of charts, which are pulling from the same data tables on a hidden sheet. I have a data validation drop down list on one of the dashboard sheets, which lists 7 items. Once one of the 7 item is selected, both dashboards update, which is what I want. However, I'd like to be able to have duplicated, related validation drop down lists. So if someone is looking at the first dashboard sheet and they select a new item, when they go to the second dashboard and see that same item, they could on that second dashboard select a new item without having to go back to the first dashboard.

I'd provide an example if I could, but cannot. I've tried searching on the forum for something similar, but most often the topic of dependent data validation is on two different types of drop downs with the second being dependent on the first, whereas I'm looking for two drop downs that are interconnected and can update in sync.

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Removing Multiple Invalid Characters For Dependent Data Validation List

Oct 14, 2009

I have a list drop down that is dependent on a first list. The first list has numbers, spaces, and "-" at the beginning I need to get rid of to make it a valid name to reference. The "Substitute" function can't be nested enough times to make this work for me since I have a fairly lengthy list for the independent column which has differing numbers at the beginning. The first two examples of the independent drop down (which would dictate the second dependent column and drop down) are:

00 - Preconstruction
01 - General Conditions

I would like to name these something like "Preconstruction" and "GeneralConditions" for valid naming convention.

Second thought:

If character removal isn't the most efficient or possible at all, is there a combination of reference functions that could make this work? Ultimately I want to use these 2 drop downs for reference functions on a second worksheet.

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Populate Value Of Specific Cell Based On Two Other Dependent Validation Lists?

Feb 15, 2014

I want to populate the value of a specific cell based on the choices made from two other dependent validation lists.

I am attaching a workbook that explains what I need to do.

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Nested Data Validation: Figure A To Enforce Dual Data Validation On A Single Cell?

Aug 19, 2009

I'm trying to figure a to enforce dual data validation on a single cell. That is, I need to restrict the user to entering only a decimal value, only if a particular other cell (say A2) is blank. To put it another way, if A2 is blank, the user can enter a decimal value, but if A2 is not blank, the user cannot enter anything. I can use Data Validation to enforce either the decimal restriction or the ISBLANK, but I'm not sure how to make them work together.

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Dependent Validation

Feb 19, 2009

Is there any chance someone could post an example file for this? I cannot figure out how to set it up.

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Validation List To Be Dependent On Another

Mar 8, 2009

I created a spreadsheet with a list of cities and attractions in those cities. I want an attraction drop-down menu (cell validation) to be dependent on the city that’s listed in the cell above it. I used the below formula: =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE($H$1,"-","_"),", ","__"),". ","__")," ","_"))

This works fine on cities with a dash in them (McGhee-Tyson) or just a normal name (Washington, DC). However, I cannot get the attraction drop-down to work if I select a city with a period (St. Louis, MO) or a space (San Antonio, TX). Am I missing something in the formula? I attached a spreadsheet as an example. I use Excel 2007, but saved the spreadsheet in Excel 97 – 2003 format.

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Dependent Validation Lists Code

Mar 20, 2009

I have attached a file where I’ve made some dependent validation lists. When the first box is changes it clears the last 2 with this bit of code

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Limited To 5 Dependent Validation Lists

Oct 4, 2006

Is there any way to make Hack#24 work with more than 5 lists? I followed the information in the book and was able to get 5 secondary cells to have a drop down list that was dependent on the primary cell selection (also from a drop down list). But when I tried to apply this to the next six primary and secondary cells it would not work.

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Default For Validation List Dependent On Others

Feb 29, 2008

Two of them operate independently of each other, as in it doesn't matter whether a user selects yes or no, those are the two options. The validation list of the third question is dependent on the two others. Essentially if someone selects "No" to the first question, the only option for the third question is "N/A". If someone selects "Yes" to the first question and "Yes" to the second question, then they have the option of a yes/no drop down list. If someone selects "Yes" to the first question and "No" to the second, then the only option is "N/A." Here's my dilemma.

Since what I'm trying to create is going to be incorporated into a financial model that many people will use for to test a variety of scenarios, I'd like to make sure that the first option in the dependent drop down list (in question #3) displays automatically and changes if someone switches back and forth between different yes/no answers.

I've read how to get a dependent list to automatically populate the cell based on the selection in one cell (i.e. if question #1 is a "No", I can make the cell for question #3 populate with "N/A"). But since the validation list for question #3 is dependent on how someone responds to questions #1 AND #2, I'm not sure how to figure that out.

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