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Display Up/Down Arrow In Cell

Im looking to add arrow in cells. I.e. if the value of B2 is greater than A2, the cell C2 should display an arrow pointing upwards. If the value is less the arrow should point downwards.

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Trying To Get My Sheets Back To Move From Cell To Cell With The Arrow Keys Please
I know this is a sooo basic question but I can not for the life of me remember how.....

when I am on a excel sheet I can not seem to move from quare to square qiththe arrow keys.
It just now takes me all the way to the left or all the way to the right and not from cell to cell from left to right.

I know its something rather simple yet I can not seem to figure this out.

I have no problem with this on 2003pro.

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Drop Down List :: (the Arrow In The Square) Does Not Show Up Unless I Click On The Cell
I have created a drop down list but notice that the button (the arrow in the square) does not show up unless I click on the cell. Is there a way to show the button at all times so the user knows a drop down list is available?

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Cell B1 To Display True If Any Of The Values In Column C Match Otherwise I Want To Display FalseOR Function Confusion

i m wanting Cell B1 to display true if any of the values in column C match otherwise I want to display false.

A 1
B 0
C 0
D 0

But I can't determine how to get this done.

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Shift Key Down Arrow
Does a code exist to do Shift Key_Arrow Right, Arrow Down and then select that range to Copy?

I know the arrows codes but was told by someone no code can ever exist for a Shift Key.

I need to select a range after a "Search For" but the Range is not determined by the actual Cell ranges.

My Code for Arrow keys are:

'Selection.Offset(0, 1).Select '*Right*
'Selection.Offset(0, -1).Select '*Left*
'Selection.Offset(-1, 0).Select '*Up*
'Selection.Offset(1, 0).Select '*Down*
'Selection.Offset(3, 0).Select '*Down * 3 Cells

What is the macro code to insert more than 1 row ?

The code I use to insert 1 Row is :


Sometimes I need to insert 25 rows.

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Add Arrow To Userform
probably this is easy but i can not find it. i have created an userform and would like to add an arrow (<----->) on it to accentuate something. How can i add an simple arrow or line on a userform

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Replicate Arrow Keys
I understand the end(x1Down), but i think I am missing something. I just want to go to the next cell left, right or Up, Down from whatever cell is currently selected. How do I replicate a 1 cell move as an arrow key would do?

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Input Msg To Appear In The Other Area Where I Put The Arrow
In the attached file and when I click on Name or ID (B5 or B6) the input msg will appear on the same cell using the validation rule.

Actually I need any input msg to appear in the other area where i put the arrow. I tried to move the input msg to that Irea and it worked great each time i click on B5 or B6 but after closing the file and opening it later.. they will go back to the same place.

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Run Macro When Right Arrow Key Pressed
I have Sheet2 containing Supplier data in 2 columns - SupplierTAxCode and SupplierName (unsorted)

Sheet1 contains the Expenses section.

In Sheet1, column E6 to E1000, after inputting each SupplierTAxCode and pressing the RIGHT ARROW key, I would like to automatically get the SupplierName in column F6 to F1000 - from the corresponding data in Sheet2

In the event that the input in any of the cells in E6 to E1000 does not exist in SupplierTAxCode in Sheet2, would it be possible at the same time, to change the background color of the adjacent cell (SupplierName) in column F6 to F1000 at the same time - as a reminder to add those to the Supplier data in Sheet2 at a later date.

I could use Index Match and Conditional Formatting, but am concerned about the file sizes.

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Simulating The ALT+DOWN ARROW Shortcut
Simulating the ALT+DOWN ARROW shortcut. I came up with the hereunder code.

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Arrow Keys To Move The Box
When every I click in a excel box and try to use my arrow keys to move the box example: A3 to A4. All it does is move the page up and down or across. Is there some type of setting on that is not letting me do this. It use to allow me to. Until another employee got on it. I can not start over becouse I have months of work on this book.

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Cannot Scroll With Arrow Keys
For some reason, when i use my arrow keys to move from cell to cell it now only scrolls my screen around....What did i do, and how do i change it back? I find it sad that i can write code and this stumped me.

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Add Shape (Arrow) To Worksheet
This one has me baffled: I recorded a macro to add a shape to a worksheet, very simple. When I try and run it it comes up with a "The specified value is out of range" error. I've searched the net and it seems to come up where the file has been converted from an earlier version of excel (which this file has) but I haven't been able to find a work around for it. The relevant code is

With ActiveSheet
.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeLeftArrow, 205.5, 312#, 144#, 23.25).Select
End With

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Disabling Arrow Keys For InputBox
I noticed the arrow keys will move the active cell while I have an inputbox active. This will be an issue for my users, I need them to key in data only.

Is there a command that will disable the arrow keys while the users enter the requested data?

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Trigger A Macro On Arrow Keys
I'm creating a small Excel RPG where the player moves the around a blank worksheet with the walls of a maze appearing as you approach them (think dark corridors, you can see only 1 cell in all directions around you).

The players current location is shown by excel setting the activecell to the players location. Currently I have four buttons labeled Up, Down, Left and Right which the player clicks to move in the desired direction.

The testers were frequently missing the four movement buttons and this would put the activecell outside of the maze next to one of the buttons. They'd have to move it back manually.

I would like for the players to move around using the arrow keys to use the activecell, as you would normally move around a sheet... but before each movement there is a procedure that check IF the player can move in the desired direction or not (cell borders used for walls), and then once they've moved there are more procedures to check for monsters treasure chests etc.

How can I make the arrow keys trigger the macros that the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons currently trigger, and not just move the activecell?

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Click The Down Arrow To See Validation List
I'm not sure this is even possible, but I have a long cell that has data validation. Right now, you have to move the mouse all the way over to click on the arrow to see the list. Is there a way (programmatically or otherwise) to make the down arrow show the list when you're in that cell??

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Validation Drop-down Arrow Not Showing
I have a spreadsheet with a number of columns regulated by Data Validation.

They are linked to lists with DV, which normally generates a nice drop-down box when you click on the cells.

I inserted a column into the spreadsheet, and now DV doesn't generate a drop-box anymore! In any of the columns! The "In-cell dropdown" box is still checked in my Data Validation screen, and the cells are still bound by validation to only conform to the lists.

Can anyone think of why these boxes would have disappeared? I've shut down Excel and re-opened the file in case it was a momentary glitch. I've deleted the inserted column... In short, I've tried everything I can think of.

Even if I remove Data Validation from the columns, and re-instate it with the "In-cell dropdown" box checked, I still don't get my drop-boxes.

I would be totally happy to send my complete file to anyone who wants it (although it's a bit big, as I have to send the directory structure if you don't want to get an error, about 1 MB), but anyhow - I'm reasonably desparate to get the drop-boxes back in.

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Red Line Going Across The Spreadsheet While Using The Arrow Keys
if it's possible to have a red line going across the spreadsheet while using the arrow keys it follows you down through all cells. And is there a vba coding that someone has ready written.

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Code Hides The Arrow In Column
I have a sheet that is autofiltered. Once a user autofilters columns 20, I would like to hide the arrow for that column so the user can no longer autofilter using that column. When I run the code - it hides the arrow in column 20, but then it unfilters all the data . . . can I hide the arrow in column 20 but keep the data as it was filtered before the code ran.

Dim c As Range
Dim i As Integer
i = Cells(2, 1).End(xlToRight).Column
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For Each c In Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(1, i))
If c.Column = 20 Then
c.AutoFilter Field:=c.Column, _
End If
End Sub

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Press Down Arrow Instead Send Ctrl+Alt
How to send by holding Ctrl+Alt and i need to press Down Arrow

I tryed with

Sub test()
Application.SendKeys "^+({DOWN})"
End Sub

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VBA Equivalent For Shift-Arrow Keys
Does anyone know the VBA equivalent to using the Shift-Arrow keys on the keyboard? I am wanting a macro to do this for me. Specifically I am wanting to use Shift-Arrow Right.

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Copy- Find- Arrow To Right- And Paste
I have two spreadsheets, A & B. In spreadsheet A, user will input a contract number and values for the contract. The user inputs the contract number in cell D4. I have linked this cell to cell B1 of spreadsheet B.

I want Excel to

-copy values from spreadsheet A

-then go to spreadsheet B and find the value of B1(which is the contract number entered in cell D4 of spreadsheet A)

- arrow over 14 columns

- then paste

here's the code i have so far. No matter what contract I input in cell D4 of spreadsheet A (when i step through the code) excel always takes me to cell C10 of spreadsheet B!?!?!

note: the code is in a module in spreadsheet A

Sub find_contract()
' find_contract Macro
' Macro recorded 03/15/2007 by b944553

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Data Validation Drop Down Arrow
I am currently working on a spread sheet that has a lot of data validation drop down lists. They were all working fine but now none of the drop down arrows are showing up.

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Arrow Keys Scroll Screen
I am relatively new to Excel 2007 and my arrow keys do not navigate cell by cell. When I press the right or left arrow keys, my entire screen shifts to the right or left but the cursor STAYS in the cell where it was. Likewise, when I press the up or down arrow keys the screen shifts up or down but again, the cursor remains where it was. Is there an option somewhere that I need to change?

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Look At Data From One Cell Reference Another Cell Then Display The Results From The Cell Next To It
I have 2 problems relating to LOOKUP.
Not sure if Excel can perform these calculations as they could get to complex.

Problem 1
Can it be possible to have excel look at data from one cell reference another cell then display the results from the cell next to it in another cell, sort of example:

Tab 1 (Never changes)

Tab 2 (Dynamic, changes each week)

So it would work as follows.
Tab2 column B will take Tab2 column As data check Tab1 column A and display Tab1 column Bs result.

Problem 2

Weekly league rank table that shows position movements week by week


1FredUp 2
2BobNot Moved
3JonDown 2

Can Excel calculate/show the actual movements of league positions?

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Formula Using Arrow Icons To Show Trend
I'm trying to create a formula where I can show the trend of two values from one month to the next that shows wheather the results went up or down in a positive or negetive value. For example:

If I have a transfer % of 18% in October and November MTD is at 17% - the arrow would then reflect downward showing in green, as the lower percentage is better. but I need the arrow to show upward in Red if say the value for November MTD was 19% instead.

I tried conditional formatting and attempted an "If" formula. I must not have all the information to create the formula as it errors out on me. I can create it if only looking to reflect one arrow...


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Prevent Down Arrow Moving To Next Form Control
I have multiple dropdown lists (forms combobox, NOT activex) on a worksheet -- once the user selects them, a keypress on the downarrow will move to the next dropdown list.

is there a way of preventing this? instead, i would like to move focus to the next cell (same column, 1 row beneath the combobox)

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Type Mismatch Error On Arrow Pointed Below
I am getting a mismatch error on arrow pointed below. whenever a entered is then deleted in the cells i.e. H50 and H51. I've included the workbook here just in case.
Is there a way to ignore error message so that it does not to show up??

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Move To Next UserForm Control With Down Arrow Key Press
I am trying to setup a shortcut key while in a userform so you can press the page down key and the focus will jump to an "Ok" or "Close" button.

I tried the following keypress procedure without any luck.

Private Sub UserForm_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger)
If KeyAscii = vbKeyPageDown Then
End If
End Sub

I even tried a similar test on a textbox control wihtout luck.

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger)
If KeyAscii = vbKeyPageDown Then
MsgBox "You Pressed PageDown Key"
End If
End Sub

I should say that this is a form that has a multi-page control on it and the showmodal property set to false.

It's almost like the event doesn't even fire. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work?

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Autofilter Blue Arrow On Wrong Column
I am running into a roadblock, I have added an auto filter to my spread sheet, however now when I use it the filters I select are not showing up on the column that is being filtered. For some reason they are 2 -10 colums over, a totally seprate column it is kinda weird.

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Arrow Keys Not Working On Protected Worksheet
Have a file that I have been coding and find when I open to a worksheet with limited access cells, the Up and Down arrows will not move vertically though Lrft and Right arrows OK though not raping arround. This problem may have been on for sometime and I haven't been back to it. Other Excel files all OK.

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Draw An Arrow Equal The Size Of The Selected Cells
I want to select some cells (like A2-A20) and have it draw an arrow down the selected cells. Tried a few different things, none of which worked...

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Image Popup When Mouse Arrow Hovers On Button
I don't have any problem regrading the project but my Problem starts when i tried to make my tool more user friendly

i tried to put comments on conditional cells in form of images but i also want to put these Image POPUPS on buttone also what i desired is when ever mose arrow hover over a button a image pop should appear.

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Data Validation Drop Down List No Arrow Displaying
I have a workbook with 7 sheets, the drop down list operates correctly on all but one sheet, it used to work on all sheets. The arrow on the right of the selected cell dose not appear onthis particulr sheet. I have rebooted the PC and double checked the in-cell option. I have search the forum for similar problem and found the same problem but no remedy.

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Increase That Amount By A Percentage Identified In Another Cell And Display The Value Only Without Any Formalas In A New Cell
If a cell is not blank, then increase that amount by a percentage identified in another cell and display the value only without any formalas in a new cell. To this end I wrote this IF statement:


Observation: I see a FALSE in CS9 where this IF statement exists, however, CP9 does not display the required value.

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Cell Referenceing (display The Value In The Cell Offset By X So I Can Bring The Numbers From Sheet1 Over)
Sheet1 is a list of names, then a few columns of numbers.
Sheet2 contains calculations based of the numbers in sheet1.

Each sheet from 2 on is names after the names in sheet1 column A...
A large cell at the top of each sheet contains the formula to display the sheet name:

So what I want to do now is...
in cell, look for the cell in sheet1, and display the value in the cell offset by X so i can bring the numbers from sheet1 over.

In plain english the cell would say like...
"look in sheet1 for "Name" then display the cell next to it"

I know to look in the next sheet its "=Base!B2" if i wanted b2 on sheet base.
I know to use "=OFFSET(Base!B2, , 1, , )" too look at B2 and go right 1 column.
But the issue is i dont want Base!B2.. i want whatever cell in Base column A that has the text that A1 has.

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Macro To Find Match Delete It From The Cell Display It In Different Cell
I have a huge database. I am looking for a macro that can search for a particular word. If a match is found, the macro should do two things simultaneously... (i) delete the contents of the cell in which the match is found........(ii) display the same contents 1 row below and 1 coloumn to the left of this cell where the match is found. For e.g....

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Cell Date Formatting: Cell To Display Mm/dd/yyyy And Enter Mm/dd/yy
I have Excel 2000, recently when I format a cell to display mm/dd/yyyy and enter mm/dd/yy, it is displaying dd/mm/yyyy. Or it starts out correctly and during a future opening of file it displays incorrectly.

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2000 - Autofilter, The Drop-down Arrow Turns Blue In Color
When using the autofilter, the drop-down arrow turns blue in color, i.e., when some filter citerion is being used, the small down-arrow turns a different color as a way of informing the user that a filter is in place. Is there a way to control the color of this? Currently, mine turns blue, but it would be more useful if I could change it to a brilliant color in order to make it contrast more with the default black. Blue is too difficult to be distinguished by my eyes. The autofilter is turned on via a macro. If there a line of code that controls the color.

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Display Contents(text) Of A Cell Referenced By A Given Cell
I want to display the contents of cell B5 in A7 by using cell C7 to show the location of the cell to be displayed. Cell C7 has a formula that shows the cell location of information (text) that needs to be displayed. How can I show in A7 the contents of cell reference shown in C7? In figure attached I show an example to better understand. Want in A7 to show the contents of B5 by reading what is in C7. So A7 cell should show word Road.

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Display Cell X Of Range Based On Another Cell Number
I am trying to create a table, based on what people predict in sports games. I have most of it in place, but I have hit a brick wall where one part of it is concerned. For example, cells M43:M56 have the scores for each week of what one person predicted., so it could be 2,5,7,2 and so on. What I then need the table to do is determine which round or week it is and display the relevant score. So based on the above let's say it's round 3, and his score would be 7 for the week, and the cell to the right of this shows the week's score plus his total score so far.

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Unable To Use Arrow Keys To Select Hidden Cells On A Protected Workbook
I have a problem with a spreadsheet I am working on, and I'm not sure if its something I've done, or whether its corrupted.

Basically, Column A is Hidden and not Locked in the protection tab of formatting. The other columns are Locked and not Hidden.

I used to be able to use the arrow keys to scroll through Column A, but this now doesn't seem to work. I can select the cells within column A with the mouse and I can scroll with the mouse and the scroll bars, but I can't move between the cells with the arrow keys, enter button or tab button.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, or is the workbook corrupt?

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Conditional Formatting - Objects (Red Arrow Points Down To Signify Negative Change)
I have two arrows:
- Red Arrow points down to signify negative change
- Green Arrow points up to signify positive change

These arrows look exactly like the Excel 2007 conditional formatting arrows you would apply to a cell - the only difference is that I have inserted them as shapes so I can float them over a graph.

GOAL: Corresponding with the graph, if a cell shows a (+) change, then I display green arrow and hide red arrow. Vice versa for a (-) change.

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Particular Cell To Display The Contents Of Any Cell That Might Be Selected
How would I get a particular cell to display the contents of any cell that might be selected.

ie, if I click on A1 I want A2 to display the info thats in A1, and if after that, I click on E12, I want A2 to then show E12's info, etc etc.

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Unable To Display Cell Value When Cell Is Hidden
I found some code that is working great, but I'd like to add some functionality to it if it can be done. When a cell is clicked in Column G it is displaying a % found in Column F in the same row as G under the cell similar to a comment without using the comments option. The problem I'm finding though is that if Column F is hidden then it is not displaying the results in the cell found in Column G. Here is the
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim Row As Integer
Dim Amount As String

Row = ActiveCell.Row
Amount = Range("F" & Row).Text

Basically I'd like to know if it is possible to show the comment in G if the Cell it is trying to reference is hidden.

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When Selecting A Cell I Want A Message To Display The Value Of Another Cell
What I want to do is very similar to a Data Validation message, where a message pops up when you select a the cell. I want that message to be the value of another cell in the same worksheet.

I would also be open to a solution where you simply mouse over a cell to see a comment/message.

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Make The Cell Display Nothing When A Hyperlink Cell Is Nothing
I have several hyperlinks that may or may not contain data, the linked cell will display "0" if there is no data. When I print I dont want the "0"s printing.

How do I make the cell display nothing when a hyperlink cell is nothing?

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Cell Display A Zero Instead Of #DIV/0!
How do i get a cell to display a zero instead of #DIV/0!.

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Display The Value Of A Cell
I need to know how to display the value of a cell in another cell. This cell I need to display can change and I need the other cell to do so also.

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Display The Row Height In A Cell
Can I display the row height in a cell

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Display Text In A Cell
irst Problem:

I need a little help with the same employee time sheet that I am working on in Excel 2007. I have a dropdown box in Cell E1 that lets the employee select their name. Example, if the choices in the drop down are: Smith, John Jones, Paul Nelson, Bob and Hall, Bill. So the names are Last Name, First Name. Once the employee chooses their name, I would like Cell G1 to display "Hello (E1). Welcome to AA Company." (where E1 is the employee's name but First Name Last Name - so it is reverse order of the choices in the dropdown). If E1 is left blank, I would like Cell G1 to display "Hello. Welcome to AA Company."

Second Problem:

How can I get rid of #VALUE! in a cell without messing up the formula of that cell or the cell it corresponds to??

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