Excel 2011 :: Conditional Formatting For Training Expiration Dates

Mar 28, 2014

I manage a number if individuals in the Army and as such, track their annual training requirements. Some requirements are semi-annual, annual, quadrennial, etc...

I have a spreadsheet to track the dates that the requirement was last completed (attached). I would like to use conditional formatting to turn dates that are within 30 days of being due (or blank) RED and dates that are between 31 days and 60 days of being due YELLOW.

I am using Excel MAC 2011.

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Excel 2010 :: Conditional Formatting On Expiration Dates?

Jun 21, 2011

I have a spreadsheet where we track our contractor's Worker's Comp and General Liability insurance certificate expiration dates. I want the expiration date to highlight in red if it is expired and to highlight in orange if it will expire within 30 days or less.

I have attached a testing sheet similar to what I'm working on. The F column has the dates that need to highlight. I have MS Excel 2010.

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Excel 2010 :: Conditional Formatting Based On Expiration Dates?

Feb 3, 2014

I am trying to use conditional formatting to calculate when the date in the top column gets within 60 days from expiring to turn yellow, 30 days from expiring to turn orange and when it expires to turn red. The dates that are listed from row 5 down are when the classes were taken. the expiration date will be based on row 3. Some are annual,3 years and 5 years, etc. I am using Excel 2010....

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Conditional Formatting - Expiration Dates

Mar 23, 2007

I need to set up a conditional formatting formula to show when a certificate of approval is within 90 days of expiring and when it actually has expired.

The conditional formatting is in column A and the expiration date is in column I.

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Excel 2011 :: Conditional Formatting Based On Text Match From If Statement?

Oct 2, 2013

I want to highlight a cell if the text displayed from an IF formula is equal to the cell content.

CELLS BK10:BN10 are merged and have entered into them the following text "SELL"

Cells BJ20:BP20 are merged and contain the following formula which currently results in the cell displaying "SELL"

=IF(BM22<=-0.08,"SELL", IF(AND(BM22>-0.08,BM22 < -0.03),"NO INDICATION", IF(BM22>=-0.03,"HOLD")))

Cell BM22 is a percentage calculation of the differences between two different days of volume for this stock and that formula is: =(BH22/BH25)-1 Cell BM22 currently is calculating the result to be -65.65%

When I set up a CLASSIC Conditional Formatting using a formula (="If($BJ$20=""SELL""") to check the if the text in cells BK10 match the text displayed in cell BJ20 - I get no error messages and no formatting?

I am using Mac Office Excel 2011. I feel like I have tried everything including changing the Number selection type of the cells to TEXT. Nothing seems to works.

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Get Some Specific Dates Highlighted In Excel Columns With Conditional Formatting?

May 20, 2014

How to get "some specific holidays" highlighted by doing conditional formatting in series of "date columns"?? I got to know how to get "sunday" highlighted...but again problem with specific holidays...

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Excel 2007 :: Conditional Formatting Dates Based On Number Of Days That Have Passed?

Nov 22, 2011

I am trying to figure-out how to set up conditional formatting of dates in a column (e.g. Date Submitted) and have these dates, and/or cell, change color as time progresses. I have Excel 2007.

For instance I have an application submitted on 11/20/2011 in a cell. I would like to have the date change color (Yellow) after 30 days have passed.

Then do the same except change to Red after 60 days have passed the date.

I searched the forums and did not find this particular problem. I of course may have missed it too...

My guess was to try "$A$1

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Excel 2011 :: Removing Brackets And Spaces From Phone Numbers From Within Cell (formatting)

Feb 21, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with Mobile phone numbers in the following format:

+44(0)77 7296 5210

The spreadsheet has 2500 of these phone numbers.

Is there a way to remove the brackets and the +44 to leave:


I am using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

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VBA Code For Multiple Expiration Dates

Jun 11, 2014

I have a vba code for an excel spreadsheet that lets me know when a particular persons' certification is about to expire (within 31 days). However what I cannot figure out is how to make this work with more than one expiration date ( additional columns containing other certification dates). I keep getting errors when trying to add additional columns to check ( I do admit that my VBA coding is atrocious at best).

Ultimately what I would like to achieve is a list of names with expiration dates alongside popping up when opening, but maybe I am asking too much?

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Generating Monthly Report From Expiration Dates

Jun 3, 2013

I am new at excel and have very limited experience. I have a employee training database, with employees (in column A2:A54) and the certification names (in row A1:AS1) that I must generate a monthly report on employees that are expiring within the current month. The cells are already conditionally formatted to change colors for one month prior to expiration date, current month of expiration date, and past the expiration date.

I am manually gathering the data then adding it to another sheet. In the mist of trying to gather data, I am missing and/or overlooking information. I wanted to know if there is a way to automatically generate a report based on the expiration dates that would pull the employees name and which certification is expiring or expired, preferable both. I have tried reading threads and applying advanced filters but due to the number of certifications it is not functional to do it this way.

I have attached a sample of the spreadsheet : ETD.xlsx‎

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Conditional Formatting With Dates?

Apr 18, 2014

I am trying to do conditional formatting to make a cell say something for 3 different scenarios. If K6 > G6, then I need M6 to say "Early." If K6 < G6, then I need M6 to say "Late." If K6 = G6, then I need M6 to say "On Time."

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Conditional Formatting With Dates

Feb 15, 2014

In my attached file,

In Column Q, Please drive a formula that shows.... after 7 days of column (M)reminder III these words must appear '' File Pending'' in 'COLUMN Q' and at the same, Indicator column (O) will also become RED.


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Dates And Conditional Formatting.

Oct 3, 2008

The scenario. Column A has a set (due) date all of the same. Column B is where review dates are typed in. Column C is where the status is, Due = still as yet to be done, but still yet to pass the Due date with no date in Column B (formatted yellow with the text "Due"). Complete = for when a date has been entered in Column B (formatted green with the text "Complete"). Urgent = the review date has passed and with no date in Column B (formatted red with the text "Urgent"). I have tried by editing previous similar formulas but to no avail

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Conditional Formatting Dates, Nth Value

Oct 24, 2008

In A1 Downwards i have a list of dates for an entire year
I have highlighted these cells and wish to conditional format them.
I want every 3rd date from a specific date say in cell b1 to be highlighted up and down within the selected area. For example

____A _________________B
1 1/1/08 ____________ 5/1/08
2 2/1/08
3 3/1/08
4 4/1/08
5 5/1/08
6 6/1/08
7 7/1/08
8 8/1/08
9 9/1/08

Is there also a conditional format formula that i can use to highlight b1's day every month.
in this example highlight the 5th of every month again going up and down within the selected dates.

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Conditional Formatting - Using Dates

May 28, 2009

Im trying to get conditional formatting to look at a completion date in cell A5 and getting cell D5 to change colour depending on the length of time to cell A5. What I would like is for D5 to change to red if there is 4 months or less to the completion date in A5. D5 to change to orange if there is still 4 - 8 months from the completion date A5. D5 to change to green if there is still 8 - 12 months from the completion date A5. Hopefully the formula will also work if cell D6 is looking at completion date in A6 with the same traffic light system and so on.

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Conditional Formatting For Dates

Oct 23, 2013

date conditional formating issue

Valid to DatesConditional Formating

30.09.2013no formattingExpired
31.12.9999no formatting

The dates are in different format with dots in between as shown above Also with respect to date which has already expired, no formatting needed but i need a formula in the next column stating "Expired"

If valid to date is within 90 days from today- RED
If valid to date is within 365 days from today- YELLOW

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Conditional Formatting For Dates?

Mar 2, 2014

I have a sheet where K5:K26 contains names of months. I would like to conditionally format that column so that any month that is less than TODAY appears red. So, if that column has a cell value of February, the cell would appear red since we are already in March. I would guess this involves a formula using TODAY, but I can't figure it out myself.

I know how to apply conditional formatting; I just lack the proper formula.

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Conditional Formatting And Dates

Oct 23, 2008

I have a list of dates that I want to flag as red if the date passes and the task is not complete.

So I would have 2 columns

Estimated completion date & Completion date.

If the completion date cell is null AND the Estimated completion date has passed then the Estimated completion date turns red (or a red block appears in a new column if that is easier!).

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How To Add Conditional Formatting To Dates

Feb 23, 2012

I have a large spreadsheet with dates. I want blank cells to be conditionally formatted to turn red and cells with dates older than 1 year to turn yellow. I have cell C1 set up as the current date (Today()) and the others reference the other cells with dates.

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Conditional Formatting With Dates?

Nov 12, 2013

Column C has dates in... and I have formatting that turns the cells in Column G Red if the date in Column C is 14 days or more old.

my problem is that if a cell in Column C does not have a date in it, the corresponding cell in Column G still gets formatted and I want it to not turn red if there is no date in Column C.

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Conditional Formatting For Three Different Dates

Jul 11, 2014

I am trying to use conditional formatting and its not working for me.

If I put the date 1 Jan 2014 in the cell of E2 I need a conditional format that will turn the cell yellow when it is two month from being a year old, so on 1 Nov 2014 it should turn yellow. Then I need it to turn orange when it is one month away from being a year old, so Dec 1 2014 it turns orange. And then when it is over a year old it turns red, So 1 Jan 2015 the cell turns red.

The formatting I have now turns them yellow, orange, and red but at the wrong times, not sure how to fix that.

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Conditional Formatting Between Dates

Jul 7, 2008

We need to track the batteries if it is expired or not.Expiration is 3 months. once you received the battery, you need to put the date in the sheet (A1) and then the expiration will be automatically calculated in B1. another also, in B1, will change its color according to how may days left before the expiration date.

black color if the expiration is < 15 days
red color if the expiration is 45 days
white color if B1 is blank

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Conditional Formatting With Dates

Aug 7, 2007

I want to be able to format a whole row with a particluar text colour when a date is entered into column A. I have managed this no problems using conditional formatting. The problem I am having is that I need to change that row's colour again if both colomn A's date is complete and a date is also entered into colomn B.

I have tried conditional formatting without success but I have the niggling feeling that I have read this it is not possible to use this method.

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Conditional Formatting For Passing Specified Dates

Aug 24, 2009

I'm having trouble putting the correct conditional formatting on a column of dates.
Basically, in column 'A' I have a list of appointment dates. Column 'B' contains breach dates for a 10week target. And Column 'C' contains breach dates for an 18 week target. Looking something like this:......

I need to format column 'A' so that the cells will turn Amber if the appointment was after the 10 wk breach date and turn Red if it was after the 18 wk breach date.

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Conditional Formatting For Dates (x3 Criteria)

Jan 31, 2013

I'm desperately trying to work out conditional formatting for different dates.

I have =TODAY() in F3

In the remainder of column F (from F19 to F625) I have either blank cells or varying dates (dating back to 2011 and dates going forward into 2014).

I need to Red/Amber/Green the following:

Green = any dates which are 45 days or more in the future from today's date
Amber = any dates which are between +1 and +45 days in the future from today's date
Red = any dates which are today's date or a date in the past

I can get one or two of the criteria working i.e. Green and Red, but not the Amber. Is one overriding or ignoring another?

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Conditional Formatting For Expiry Dates?

Jul 30, 2013

I have a training sheet where the training could expire in either 1 2 or 3 years, i am trying to get the conditional formatting for each to change color when the training is due to expire in 6 months 3 months and 1 month also to show red when expired

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Conditional Formatting With Dates And Blanks?

Oct 2, 2013

I am currently setting up a project timeline, and at each stage i need the cell to change color depending on input. so for instance stage one happen -50 days. i work the date out need for completing and then the actual date is then put in the cell below which i want to go either

Green because it was done early or on time Amber if it has been done but was late Red if has not been done and the current date is now past the date of completion Stay Blank if it is Blank and their is still time to do it

for the green i am using a A2 <=A1
Amber i am using A2 > A1
for the red i'm using =And(A2<Today(),A1="")

the red one conditioning does not seem to be working and if their is nothing in the cell an its within the time its going green !

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Conditional Formatting Based Upon Various Dates

Oct 7, 2008

I have a spreadsheet I'm trying to make which will have various cells change color based upon the date entered compared to today's date. Here are the details of it, and what I've tried to do so far:

Various safety tickets that employees acquire have a 3 year expiry date on them. What I want to do is be able to enter in the issue date, and then have the conditional formatting color the cell that contains the date based on the following criteria:

Green = More than 6 months remaining
Yellow = Between 6 months and 30 days remaining
Red = 30 days until expiry

Black = Expired (I wanted to eventually add this one, but Excel 2003 was only allowing me to add 3 conditional formatting conditions, so I just went with the 3 colors. I'm getting Excel 2007 later today, so I might be able to add more with that)

Now here is what I have so far:

3 years = 1095 days, 2.5 years = 913 days, 2 years and 11 months = 1065 days

N3 = 913
N4 = 1065

Conditional Formatting on cell C21

Condition 1 - color Green


Condition 2 - color Red


Condition 3 - color Yellow


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Conditional Formatting Based On Dates

Jul 25, 2008

I am trying to use conditional formatting to color a cell based on a date. I have a date in cell "a1" as my base date (no formatting needed). I have dates in cells "a5:a10".

I need those dates (a5:a10) to change color based on the time from "a1".

Less than 1 year = no formatting.
Between 1 year and two years = yellow.
Over two years = red.

I have tried different settings / formulas in the conditional formatting option, but I can't make it work. Do I need to use visual basic to do this?

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Conditional Formatting To Make Dues Dates

May 9, 2014

I look everywhere to find a formula for a conditional formatting to make dues dates.

I would like to know if it's possible to do conditional formatting to make due dates turn green and yellow 90 and 180 days before their dues dates? The reason I am asking this question, it's because the column that where dates are, they are coming from a VLOOKUP formula and it's coming from another workbook.

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