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Conditional Formatting - Expiration Dates

I need to set up a conditional formatting formula to show when a certificate of approval is within 90 days of expiring and when it actually has expired.

The conditional formatting is in column A and the expiration date is in column I.

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Conditional Formatting Between Dates
We need to track the batteries if it is expired or not.Expiration is 3 months. once you received the battery, you need to put the date in the sheet (A1) and then the expiration will be automatically calculated in B1. another also, in B1, will change its color according to how may days left before the expiration date.

black color if the expiration is < 15 days
red color if the expiration is 45 days
white color if B1 is blank

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Conditional Formatting Dates, Nth Value
In A1 Downwards i have a list of dates for an entire year
I have highlighted these cells and wish to conditional format them.
I want every 3rd date from a specific date say in cell b1 to be highlighted up and down within the selected area. For example

____A _________________B
1 1/1/08 ____________ 5/1/08
2 2/1/08
3 3/1/08
4 4/1/08
5 5/1/08
6 6/1/08
7 7/1/08
8 8/1/08
9 9/1/08

Is there also a conditional format formula that i can use to highlight b1's day every month.
in this example highlight the 5th of every month again going up and down within the selected dates.

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Conditional Formatting And Dates
I have a list of dates that I want to flag as red if the date passes and the task is not complete.

So I would have 2 columns

Estimated completion date & Completion date.

If the completion date cell is null AND the Estimated completion date has passed then the Estimated completion date turns red (or a red block appears in a new column if that is easier!).

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Dates And Conditional Formatting.
The scenario. Column A has a set (due) date all of the same. Column B is where review dates are typed in. Column C is where the status is, Due = still as yet to be done, but still yet to pass the Due date with no date in Column B (formatted yellow with the text "Due"). Complete = for when a date has been entered in Column B (formatted green with the text "Complete"). Urgent = the review date has passed and with no date in Column B (formatted red with the text "Urgent"). I have tried by editing previous similar formulas but to no avail

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Conditional Formatting - Using Dates
Im trying to get conditional formatting to look at a completion date in cell A5 and getting cell D5 to change colour depending on the length of time to cell A5. What I would like is for D5 to change to red if there is 4 months or less to the completion date in A5. D5 to change to orange if there is still 4 - 8 months from the completion date A5. D5 to change to green if there is still 8 - 12 months from the completion date A5. Hopefully the formula will also work if cell D6 is looking at completion date in A6 with the same traffic light system and so on.

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Conditional Formatting With Dates
I want to be able to format a whole row with a particluar text colour when a date is entered into column A. I have managed this no problems using conditional formatting. The problem I am having is that I need to change that row's colour again if both colomn A's date is complete and a date is also entered into colomn B.

I have tried conditional formatting without success but I have the niggling feeling that I have read this it is not possible to use this method.

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Conditional Formatting Based On Dates
I am trying to use conditional formatting to color a cell based on a date. I have a date in cell "a1" as my base date (no formatting needed). I have dates in cells "a5:a10".

I need those dates (a5:a10) to change color based on the time from "a1".

Less than 1 year = no formatting.
Between 1 year and two years = yellow.
Over two years = red.

I have tried different settings / formulas in the conditional formatting option, but I can't make it work. Do I need to use visual basic to do this?

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Conditional Formatting Based Upon Various Dates
I have a spreadsheet I'm trying to make which will have various cells change color based upon the date entered compared to today's date. Here are the details of it, and what I've tried to do so far:

Various safety tickets that employees acquire have a 3 year expiry date on them. What I want to do is be able to enter in the issue date, and then have the conditional formatting color the cell that contains the date based on the following criteria:

Green = More than 6 months remaining
Yellow = Between 6 months and 30 days remaining
Red = 30 days until expiry

Black = Expired (I wanted to eventually add this one, but Excel 2003 was only allowing me to add 3 conditional formatting conditions, so I just went with the 3 colors. I'm getting Excel 2007 later today, so I might be able to add more with that)

Now here is what I have so far:

3 years = 1095 days, 2.5 years = 913 days, 2 years and 11 months = 1065 days

N3 = 913
N4 = 1065

Conditional Formatting on cell C21

Condition 1 - color Green


Condition 2 - color Red


Condition 3 - color Yellow


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Conditional Formatting For Passing Specified Dates
I'm having trouble putting the correct conditional formatting on a column of dates.
Basically, in column 'A' I have a list of appointment dates. Column 'B' contains breach dates for a 10week target. And Column 'C' contains breach dates for an 18 week target. Looking something like this:......

I need to format column 'A' so that the cells will turn Amber if the appointment was after the 10 wk breach date and turn Red if it was after the 18 wk breach date.

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Conditional Formatting Of Dates - Highlighting Of Columns
Well I spent some time yesterday trying to figure this one out. It was only last week that I have taught myself how to use VBA in excel. However this looks like a though one.

Simply what i would like to do is highlight a column of a certain date (till a certain row number) based on a list of dates.

eg. Across the top I have a set of dates and on another sheet i have a list of dates.

I understand that there is a VBA code for such conditional formatting but i can't get my head around it.

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Conditional Formatting To Show When Two Or More Dates In A Row Of Cells Are The Same
I want to use conditional formatting to show when to or more dates in a row of cells are the same.

i.e. A B C D E
16 Dec 29 Jun 16 Dec 20 Apr 15 Dec Etc

How do i do it anyone so that it automaticaly changes as the dates change when new data is added?

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Conditional Formatting More Than 3 Conditions Based On Dates
I want to create a chart than logs the progress of a project at work. Column 1 will have a series of target dates for certain tasks and column 2 will be filled in with the completed dates. I want automatically colour a cell (RC) based on the date given in the cell to the left (RC[-1]) giving a traffic light style warning of an upcoming target date and colour coding the cells when a task is completed on time (or not!). I can work out what the conditions are by creating 2 sets of 3 conditions (1 set if cell (RC) is empty and 1 set if cell (RC) has a date or "N/A" in it).

My conditions are:

1. Turn the cell background colour red (action overdue) if:

Formula Is:=IF(AND(RC[-1]"",RC="",RC[-1]

2. Turn the cell background colour orange (action required) if:

Formula Is: =IF(AND(RC[-1]"",RC="",RC[-1]

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Conditional Formatting With Month And 'Dates Occurring'
I'm trying to keep track of training dates for employees.

I have my spreadsheet conditionally formatted to highlight dates according to months, based on if the training date is due: next month, this month, last month, or 2 months ago; all different colors.

I used "Format only cells that contain" and then used "Dates occurring." The spreadsheet worked perfectly until this month; evidently it doesn't recognize Jan of 2010 being "Next Month," so those cells aren't highlighted. Current formatting is custom, mmm-yy. I tried different date formats but it didn't change anything.

Is there a better way to do this?

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Conditional Formatting: Dates Show When On Holiday
I am creating a register and have got a worksheet with everyone name and dates across the top, the dates are automatically created by entering one date, the dates are weekly. But i want to show when we are on holiday, could i do this by using conditional formatting and if yes, how and if no how else can i do this.

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Conditional Formatting :: Change Colors As Per Dates
I’m sure conditional formatting is the way forward with this but can’t quite get the formula right. I need 2 columns: Column A will have dates that an event happened on. Column B will be blank until we have received back in a letter that went out on the date in column A. At which point the date the letter was received back in will be entered into column B

What I need is for the Colour of Column B to change from green (before and on the date of Column A) to Amber (for the next 3 days) and then red (from Day 5 onwards. This would be until a date was entered in column B (the date the letter is received back in) at which point it would just go back to white. This would keep a check on how long the letter was out for and whether we need to chase it up or not and with an increasing urgency.

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Conditional Formatting- Spreadsheet That Tracks Auditing Dates
I have a spreadsheet that tracks Auditing Dates. Cell A1 has today's date =Today()

Column B2 has the first Audit Date (hard keyed), cell C2 has the second Audit Date (formula =+B2+182), cell D2 has the third Audit date (formula =+C2+182), etc. . . I would like the format of the Audit dates to flag the last audit date in the row red if it is prior to today's date (cell A1).

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Conditional Formatting Based On Publication And Review Dates
I have a spreadsheet that tracks publication dates and review dates. I would like the publication date to change color based upon its relationship with todays date. If the publication date is equal to or older than two years from today turn red, if it is equal to or older than a year and a half from today turn yellow. This seems like a pretty simple formula but I have tried several times and I can't seem to get it to work.

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Conditional Formatting For Relative Range Of Expired Dates
I am using Excel 2007.

I am using the coditional formating to highlight whether a date contained in particular cell is within 12 months of todays date or over 12 months in the past.

This is done by placing the =TODAY() in a cell at the top of my sheet and then in another cell, doing a DATEDIF calculation between the two and this works fine. I can then specify in my conditional formating to turn the cell containing the date a funny colour if the cell doing the DATEDIF calc is > or < 12. Simple!

What I can't do is copy this formatting for the other 30 rows of dates I have. When I try and copy them, it references the original cell, not the one for that row. Example: If my date I want to test is in B2 and my DATEDIF clac is in U2, when I copy the coditional format to the new row, say B3, the new rule still references U2, not U3. I understand about dymamic and static references and I have removed the '$' signs from the formula.

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Set Expiration Date
I have an excel program that I want to set an expiration date on it, such as 30 days from the first time it's opened. After 30 days, activeworkbook.close

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Expiration Date ..
I have looked through your forums the last few hours. I have found similar code to what I'm looking for... but not quite.

I have a date in B2 (10-May-07)
I have an expiration date in C2 (10-May-08)
I want D3 to show months to expiration first (in this case 7)
Then I want it to highlight in yellow 90 days out
Then I want it to highlight in orange 60 days out
Then I want it to highlight in red 30 days out

I use Excel 2007, however I want the code to work with 2003.

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Conditional Format Dates In A Calender When Matches Dates In A List
Hi Guys, This has been bugging me for a bit now and I just can't sus it...

I have a sample perpetual calender that I have been modifying to fit my own purpose. The calender part works fine.

I have beside that a column for holidays, etc and then a another column for other events.

When I put the date in the holiday or events columns I would like the date to be highlighted in the calender above (different colour depending on which column it came from).

The formula I have been playing with (no success) is:

=MATCH(DATE($R$2,1,C8),$I$41:$I$65,0) - This is the Formula for the 1st column of dates.

The 2nd formula is similar, just changes the column it tries to draw the MATCH(DATE.... from...

Although this formula works fine on the sample spreadsheet. When I enter the formula on my sheet, it doesn't seem to work...

I have attached the spread sheet that I am working on.

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IF Statement Using Formatting Criteria (NOT Conditional Formatting)
Is there "code" for different formatting in a spreadsheet so you can use an IF statement to do something like:

if(A1=blue background,"Yes","No")


if(A1=red text,"Yes","No")

etc.?? But replace "blue background" and "red text" with some sort of number code? I want to compile a list of the items that are formatted with certain background colors and/or text colors and then organize only those items into a chart.

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Looping & Conditional Format: Finds A "J" It Will Apply Conditional Formatting To A Row Of 4 Cells Directly Adjacent?
I need to run a loop through a column of values (attachment col B) and when it finds a "J" it will apply conditional formatting to a row of 4 cells directly adjacent. The attachment is a theoretical before & after.

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Formatting Cells As Dates
I want to enter dates in a column. How do I ensure that the user cannot enter an invalid date or entry that not a date such as text? Any invalid entries should automatically be Null.

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Combined Dates Formatting
I am trying to combine 2 dates into the 1 cell separated by the word "TO:" So I have: =B2&" TO: "&C2
Which results in: 40211 TO: 40240
What I need is: 02/02/10 TO: 03/03/10

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Formatting Overdue Dates
I have a spreadsheet where I am tracking tasks. I would like to conditionally format the "Completed" cell red whenever the Due Date has passed to easily identify which tasks are outstangin. And I would like that to happen no matther what date someone opens the spreadsheet. (I think I need to use TODAY() here.) Then once the user enters the actual completed date, the cell would go back to white with black font. Below is a sample:

Due Date Completed
5/8/2006 5/8/2006
5/8/2006 5/8/2006

This seems like it would be easy to figure out, but I've spent days on it and am not thinking clearly any more.

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Conditionally Formatting Dates
I have a workbook (attached) which has two sheets called “Team List” & “Masterfile Data Dump”.

This is the sheet that I want to populate when the data dump is a pasted into the sheet “Masterfile Data Dump”

This sheet is where my data dump will be pasted to, columns A to Q and column R is a formula to work out the FTE

The reason I want the list to auto populate is that it will change week on week and is a time consuming task keep updating it. I want to be able to type a Team Leaders Name into cell F2 and it populate the list of the agents in that persons team Cells F4:G18 (Name & Surname) along with there FTE (full time equivalent) in Cells I4:I18.

The problem I have is I have no idea how to calculate the FTE sum as the data dump can have one to five shift patterns (rows) for one agent (See my example on the “Master file Data Dump” Sheet of Joe Bloggs. /I have tried to use a VLOOKUP which I have used but this will only return the first value or first rows value of that agents name.

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Formatting Dates To Won-loss Values
I currently copy/paste sports data from the web into MS Excel. One of the columns pasted contains "Won-Loss", which appears as '1-0' on the web. However, once the data is pasted, Excel identifies this field as a date and changes the value of '1-0' to 'Jan-'00. I would like to insert a new column and convert the field back to text (i.e. Jan-00 to 1-0). I have attempted several formulas, however no luck as of yet.

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Conditional Formatting More Than Once
I have two spreadsheet "book1" with data in it, "book2" that takes all the information from "book1" the cells are linked in "book2" from "book1" so when someone updates "book1" the information is viewable in "book2"

In "book2" where I am getting stuck is as follows,

Column A contains data "break time" that is formatted in HH:MM:SS column B contains a "total duration" in HH:MM:SS. what I need to do is if column A data is = to or more than 4% of column B then I want to turn the cell in column A "red" if it is less then turn it "green". I have tried conditional formatting and it appears to work the once only, I dont no if this is because its 2003 and not 2007??

What I need is to repeat the conditional format over and over again forever is there any code for this I can use?

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If/then/else Or Conditional Formatting?
I'm wanting to create a formula in column B that will return a value of 10 if column A is any value between 70% -100%, will return a value of 5 if column A is any value between 50% - 69%, and will return a value of 1 if column A is any value between 1% - 49%. Can you help me?

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Conditional Formatting - More Than 3
In a column, there are 4 option for each cell -

These are filled in by a formula

I would like to make them 4 different colours but excel only allows 3 options

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Conditional Formatting To Get Rid Of #DIV/0!
I have my formulas in place and they are working. The reason why some are coming up with #DIV/0 is because I do not have the data to complete the calculation.

Is there a way to make the #DIV/0 error go away until I imput the data to complete the calculation? I was thinking there might be a way to do it with conditional formatting.

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Conditional Formatting Through VBA
Sub Macro1()
With Range("A1")
.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=A1=B1"
.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=A1B1"
.FormatConditions(2).Interior.ColorIndex = 50
.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A1:A29"), Type:=xlFillDefault
End With
End Sub

If my active cell is NOT A1, the formula entered into conditional formatting is off. The range references get all messed up. For example, if my active cell is Say D5

Condition 1 is
Condition 2 is

But if I run the code with A1 as my active cell, it gets entered correctly as
Condition 1
Condition 2

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Conditional Formatting As $D8 And The RC4 As $C8 In VBA
Must admit the R1C1 still confuses me, but somehow I have this working. Currently the RC4 displays in conditional format as $D8 and the RC4 as $C8, but I'm confused at how it knows to start at R8? Is there any way to make the formulas read ="=$D8=""No""" instead?

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Set Conditional Formatting Via VBA
I would like to add conditional formatting for the whole row based on whether the value of cells in column A is "CON".

For Each c In r
If c.Value = "CON" Then
c.EntireRow.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:=c.Address = "OK"
c.EntireRow.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 35
end if
next c
the "CON" is a formula and can later take the value "OK".

The conditional formatting should highlight the whole row as green when that happens.

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Conditional Formatting With Vba...?
I seem to have a problem using conditional formatting with Vba in Excel 2003
When I run -

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Conditional Formatting / VBA
I am not sure if this requires conditional formatting/vba function

If I enter something in cell A1 and leave blank in cell c1, in cell c1 it should print the message "Required Entry, Please Fill up". and this condition should be applied to entire column, where ever in column A there is some values and column c is empty this condition should apply.

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If Then Or Conditional Formatting??
I have a hard time when it comes to "If then" statements and conditional formatting. I have some data that I am collecting and entering into a spreadsheet for a couple different companies. Once I receive paperwork from those companies for the data collected I mark the data with a blue colored text. I would like to have a second sheet that generates what companies have not sent me their paperwork. "If the data is black text, then generate <name of company> on second sheet." The list is small right now, but as the project continues it will grow very large and it will become difficult to track. I will attach a copy of the spreadsheet for you to see the situation. I would like to learn how to do these types of formulas, is there a tutorial geared towards these types of situations?

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Conditional Formatting A Row
I have used conditional formatting various ways to format an individual cell. I was wondering does anyone know if it is possible to conditionally format a row? Eaxmple: If D7=Manager, then format A7 through Z7. If so, how would I go about setting that up?

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Conditional Formatting
I don’t know if it is possible in Excel 2000 but I have a simple IF formula in a cell that gives "" on certain conditions.The problem I have is that in another cell I apply conditional formatting – green >100%, red<100% e.g.

Is it possible to have a third conditional format that gives a blank if the cell is ""?

At the moment it just turns out green as it doesn’t seem to recognise the cell as actually been blank as it has a formula within it.I have tried ISBLANK etc.

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Conditional Formatting With Vba
I've written a macro that copies a range of cells (size varies) from Sheet1 to Sheet2, deletes the conditional formatting already there, and applies fresh conditional formatting to Sheet2 on the new range. But, the expression in the FormatConditions is way different than what I specified in the code. Here's my Conditional Formatting

Set mt1 = tData.Columns(1). Find(What:="", After:=tData.Range("A1"), LookIn:=xlValues)
tData.Range("A2:A" & mt1.Row - 1).FormatConditions.Delete
With tData.Range("A2:A3" & mt1.Row - 1).FormatConditions _
.Add(xlExpression, , "=A2=A1")
.Font.ColorIndex = 2
End With

When I look in cell A2, I see this for the expression: "=A65301=A65300". Any idea why it isn't starting with "=A2=A1" as I specified in the code?

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Conditional Formatting > 3
Conditional Formatting > 3

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim icolor As Integer
Dim cr As Date
cr = Today()
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C5:M44")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case "X"
icolor = 10
Case "N/A"
icolor = 2
Case cr.Value >= Today()
icolor = 6
Case cr.Value <= Today()
icolor = 3
Case "DATE?"
icolor = 8
Case Else
icolor = 2
End Select
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = icolor
End If

End Sub

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Dates With Conditional Formats
I am trying to create an Excel spread sheet that keeps track of employees safety tickets and the dates they expire. Is there way to have a cell highlight to a color warning me 30 days prior to the due date listed?

Eg. John has first aid and expires on 11/15/2009. I'd like the cell that has this date to highlight red on 10/15/2009.

I have messed around with the conditional formatting and know how to format the cells color and font et., but I can not figure out the formula to use to get my results.

I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (MS Office Standard)(SP3)

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Count Conditional Dates
I track dates of training for my fire department. Training is due every two years I want to know when the date is more than two years old and when it will be two years old in the next six months or less. I have conditional formatting that changes the color of a cell based on two conditions. Condition #1 (Yellow) the date is more than 2 years old, [=TODAY()-B2>730] Condition #2 (Green) the date will be more than 1 year old in less than half a year. [=B2+182-TODAY()<185]. Is it possible to count each occurrence those two conditions with a formula?

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Conditional Formats Between Dates
i have a register with items for calibration. I have a column with a date the item is next due cal which is 3 years from date of receipt manually input by myself. say (H64) due 20/11/2010, i would like the cell to be green if todays date is below the date due, but amber if todays date is within 30 days of being due and finally red if todays date is over. i have manged green and red but cant seem to get the between right for the amber.

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Date Formatting In VBA :: Dates That Are Imported As Text
to change the format of some dates that are imported as text.

In a previous request ...


I was shown a way to convert dates correctly.

This solution works perfectly when carried out manually, but doesn't work if a record a macro and then replay it - only some of the dates are converted.

Here is a small sample of the dates I'm working with...


And here's the recorded macro, deliberately left exactly as is

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Converting American Dates To European - Non-formatting
I get sent a spreadsheet by one of our partners where the dates look like they are in European date format except thay are actually in American format.


01/09/2007 - they mean 9th January 2007 but Excel holds 39326 which is 1st Sept 2007.

I can obviously format them but when I sort the list Excel still reads 1st Sept instead of 9th Jan

There are over a thousand entries so re-typing isn't an option.

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Conditional Formatting Macro
I am looking to create a macro that conditionally formats a cell depening on what words it contains.

if the cell has the word "level 1" in it = pink backround
"level 2" = red backround
"level 3" = Orange backround
"level 4" = Green Backround
"level 5" = Blue back round

i would like this to run on the active cell.

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Conditional Formatting With IF/Then Statements
I need some help with applying some conditional formatting to cells that are populated with logic. I attached a portion of the sheet I am working on.

The cells in rows 41 and 42 will always be there so I am ok with them. The data in cells C43:I43 is loaded if a certain feature is selected on a separate sheet. If it is NOT selected, I need the values to not show up, (this part is already done with the formula in the cells) and i also need the conditional formatting to make all the cells white or blank. The same is true for the data in cells C46:I46

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Conditional Formatting With 6 Conditions?
I'm using Excel 2000 which has a limit of three conditions, I have 6. If you could just get me started, I still don't understand VBA enough to do this.

In cell A1, the color is set to red. I want A1 to turn green when all 6 conditions are met:

1. Cell B1 has a valid value from its pull down list, no other value, and not empty.
2. Cell B2 has an integer, no decimal places allowed, and not empty.
3. Cell B3 has a valid value from its pull down list, no other value, and not empty
4. Cell B4 is not empty.
5. Cell B5 has a three decimal place number greater than zero.
6. Cell B6 has a single letter from A-Z only.

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