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Formula To Find The Highest And Lowest Value

Is there a formula I can use to find the Highest and Lowest value in a column?

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Highest And Lowest Value
I'd like to record the highest / lowest value in a single cell without it being written over i.e record the highest value and if there is another value lower it wont overwrite it.

I've tried using the =max or =min but whenever a newer value appears in the cell it just follows that without keeping the higher value?

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How Do I Look At 3 Cells & Add Together The Highest & Lowest Value?
Could any of you Excel bods please help me find the correct formula to enter in order to calculate the following reasonably simple sum:

3 cells with numbers, say, 1, 3 & 7.

I simply need to get my worksheet to look at all three cells and then calculate the result of adding the biggest and smallest number together. i.e. 8 in the example given.

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Getting Numbers To Go From Highest To Lowest
I have A bunch of numbers going up to 4.0 from 0.0 how can i get it so that it takes the number and the name beside it and buts it in a colume from 1 to ..... complete
David 1.5
Jon 3.5
Sally 4.0
Susan 3.24
Fred 2.99

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Ranking - Highest To Lowest
I am trying to do is rank the value in column G from the highest positive value to the lowest and then the highest or largest negative to the lowest or smallest negative in that order. The way it is arranged/sorted in the attachment is exactly how it should be for this example. However, the ranking formula does not work? What it needs to do is show the value in cell H13 as the 6th ranking and not the 13th?

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Record Highest/Lowest From DDE
I have a cell to receive real time data during a period of time(the period depends on other cells). My problem is I want only the greatest value of the real time data. How can I manage this?

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Lowest/Highest Number Cells
I have a data listed from A1 to G1. What I want to do is

Check out all the numbers written in those cells, take the highest number among and write to the following cell (lets say A3)
Check out all the numbers written in those cells, take the lowest number among and write to the following cell (lets say A4)

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Removing Lowest And Highest Values
what I need for excel to automatically remove the highest and lowest TOTAL POINTS and create an average "Speed Rating" of the remaining 3 scores.

Is it possible to get Excel to do this?

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Arranging Columns Lowest To Highest
I have multiple rows, 1400 to be exact, that has a set of 6 numbers. I want to order them from lowest to highest in another column. Here is what I mean:

4 6 1 3 2 5 => 1 2 3 4 5 6

Is there an easy way to do this? I assume a macro would be easy, but to add a twist, can it be done if you don't use a macro?

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Highest To Lowest Values By Condition
I need a formula that will pull specified information from sheet2 (without having to sort) into sheet 1 by looking up the specified name. See attachd file.

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Picking 5 Highest/lowest Numbers From A List
I am trying to generate a list of the 5 highest and 5 lowest numbers from a list of scores that range from 1 to 10. I have found the highest and lowest absolute values (numbers over 7.5, and less than 5, out of 10), but I would also like to generate the 5 highest and lowest relative numbers, ie. if there are no scores over 7.5, then the 5 next highest numbers. I have used if/then formulas for the absolute highest and lowest numbers, and a rank/countif formula to rank them. I have no idea how to generate a list of the "relative strengths and weaknesses".

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Lowest/Minimum Divided By Highest/Maximum
I have a sheet of about 15000 rows made up of about 1300 groups( events) and 40 columns, a miniature of which is attached.

In column1 I have the event identifier,column 2 contains a score or rating for each contestant in each event.,in column 3 there is a code for each competitor,either orange or pink.There will be at least 1 orange and 1 pink in each event.

column 4 is the one I want to create by formula,the lowest pink in each event
divided by the highest orange. I have titled this column the spread. I have filled column 4 manually to illustrate what I mean.

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Lowest/Highest Lookup Referring To Another Field
I am looking for formulas for cells B21 and B22 that will return the value from column A corresponding to the occurence of the highest/lowest value of Index compared to cell B:19, that is, the most recent Index data.

This seems to be an excellent candidate for LOOKUP as the data in Column A are unique and sorted.

Then, we have cells B:25 and B:28. On what "Week Ending" did the Min/Max value occurred?

Bonus Question, if Excel encounters more than 1 value that satisfies the formula, what happens?

************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Book1.xls___Running: xl2000 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutB24C24B27C27=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Show Highest And Lowest Figure In A Range
how can I get excel to show the highest and lowest figures in a range to display in another 2 cells. Can this be done without having to sort the data and remove all of the other rows except highest and lowest. I am using Excel 2003.

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Formula To Find Lowest Unique Number In Series
I'm holding a Reverse Auction where people pay a dollar to place a bid, BUT the twist is they are giving me a number that they how will be the lowest number but it has to be the only occurrence of that number (greater than 0).

During the party people can guess as much as they want to pay. I think i'll use a spreadsheet with their names in column A and go out in the row with however many cells for how many numbers they guess (so there would be blank cells in the overall range of the whole list if one guy buys 10 numbers and another only 1, for example).

So, i need a cell at the bottom that tells me the lowest number that wasn't guessed more than one time.

I've found how to FIND duplicates and the lowest number but i don't know how to write it so that it discards the duplicates.

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Monitoring Data: Record The Highest And Lowest Values
I have data in a worksheet coming from an external device that is updated via DDE. The values in the cell change every few seconds. I would like to record the highest and lowest values that these cells contain.

I want the peak values to be stored in other cells.

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Auto Sort Values From Highest To Lowest Based Off Of Value
I need the close% column to auto sort from highest to lowest so that I can see at a glance who the top sales person is. I have conditional formatting for the top three but I would rather them auto sort by close%, can anybody help me with this. I have attached the file,

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Display Lowest To Highest In List Where Values Are Duplicated
I am currently trying to display a number from a column of data, where the number is the smallest, then the second smallest (third, fourth and fifth where applicable). When using =small, I am able to display the second smallest number, but when the list contains duplicates, the second smallest figure often matches the smallest. I am having the same problem with =large. I have tried to combat this by using an IF statement, but am only able to place so many arguments into the formula before excel is unable to perform the formula. This is also proving quite lengthy :o(

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Copy Rows Where Column Of Numbers In Between Highest & Lowest Values
I have imported and filtered a .csv. to specified sheet names. I have rows that have been sorted by a specific column's cell contents. i.e.

xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 1 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 1 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx

I need to be able to select all the rows or ranges that contain a common value 1's and then loop back and select the next group 2's of rows until the row or column contains "".

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Conditional Format The List So That It Shows The Lowest Percentage In 'green' And The Highest In 'red'
I have a list in column A of percentages (to 4 decimals 0.0013) i need to conditional format the list so that it shows the lowest percentage in 'green' and the highest in 'red'.

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Found In A Range, And Then Sort Their Corresponding Price Values From Highest To Lowest In Columns A And B
I'd like to have a list printed of all the "qualifying people" found in a range, and then sort their corresponding price values from highest to lowest in Columns A and B. EXAMPLE:

RANGE: D3:D20 - Numerical
RANGE: E3:E20 - Text (names)
RANGE: F3:F20 - $$$

I'd like to search column D for any values of 2 or higher. When it finds a 2 or higher, I want it to find the corresponding name in the SAME ROW in column E, and of course the corresponding price in the SAME ROW in column F. Then I would like only those qualifying people "with value of 2 or higher" to be listed in order from highest price to lowest price in Column A, and B.


0-----Mike Bob-----$52.65
1-----Dave Jon-----$42.50
2-----Jane Doe-----$37.65
0-----Gary Lon-----$25.50
0-----Joey Saw----$35.65
2-----Mike Jon-----$35.65
1-----Kate Low-----$38.68
2-----John Doe-----$40.00................

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Return Lowest Time Immediantly After The Highest Time
I want a cell to return the lowest value in a time series of data that comes AFTER the highest value in the range (so date specific). I have the formula for finding the highest value. The time series range changes on a rolling 1 year basis and I have attached the file. The cells highlighted in orange are the ones that need calculating.

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Find The Lowest Values ...
i have in the range (Ag1:an1)the names of the months from january- august)in the range (Ag2:An55) ihave numbers in every cell now in every row for example Ag2:An2 i want to find the values less than 50 then i want to write thier month's names in the cells from Ap2:Aw2 i want to do this with every row from row 2 to 55

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Find Lowest Value In Column
if it is possiable to do a find function to find the lowest value in a colum and then output that entire row. e.g a list of dates, I need to know what is the oldest date and what row that is for reference.

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Find Number Or Next Lowest
I have three columns with 1 number in each row. I'm trying to find a number, and if that number does not exist in the 3 columns I would like to find the next smaller number. The numbers have up to 4 decimal places. i.e. 16140.0311.

So for example if a user searches for 15950.012, and that does not exist but 15950.009 does with no numbers in between then the answer returned would be 15950.009. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;I should probably mention that I would like to insert a new line with the number originally searched for, after the number found.

i.e. search for 15950.012. Not found. 15950.009 next lowest. Insert new line after 15950.009.

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Find Lowest Value From Multiple Sheets
Im creating a list of cash and carry places to buy drinks but im so clueless on how to go about doing it.

Heres the situation:

In sheet 1 I have a list of Drinks and the prices the shops are selling it for.
I have duplicates of the drinks so say for bacardi i would have one row with one shop with its price and another shop with another price. I cant put it into columns because there is other information such as the quantity the shop sells in one box etc.

On another sheet (sheet2) i have a kind of shopping list. This has all the drinks listed in Sheet 1 as mentioned above but NO DUPLICATES. What i need it to do is find the drink is Sheet 1 and pick the row with the lowest price from the multiple entries and copy that price and shop name over to sheet2.

I hope this is easy to understand. Please let me know if I need to explain some bits again. Im trying my best to figure out how to do this. I have no clue how to do it in Access.

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Find Hightest/lowest Frequency's
I trial tested many another forumla's before posting this.
I'm having a hard time building this simple function see image:

The formula I need finds the hightest & lowest frequency appears of a number from the index list (index numbers range from 0-9 or if needed changed to 1-50). Along with the hightest/lowest frequency's it needs to also find the second hightest/lowest frequency's i.e.

need result: (9 2) (0 3)
(0 & 3 did not appear so there listed as the lowest frequency's)

2 <
2 <
9 <
9 <
9 <

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Find The Lowest Date For Duplicate Id Nos.
I am attaching a small sample data set. The first column contains the ID numbers and the second column has the dates. The rest of the columns are some data. When you look at the ID numbers, there will be some common ID Nos. numbers, for example, 300003 (4 in number) but the dates are different for them. What I am going to do is to create a pivot table with the ID Nos and the months. But I want the date to be only the oldest date for example, I want the date for 300003 to be 12/3/2004.

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Find Lowest Value In A Range Of Letters
I am looking for a formula that will return the lowest value from a five cell range using letters instead of numbers. If the 5 cell range is empty the cell will remain blank. Not all the 5 cells may be used - it could be anywhere from 1 to all cells.The weightings of the letters in terms of their numerical value are as follows:


Examples of desired results:

From A1 to A5 the following letters are inputted: P M M D P. Result in A6 = P as P is the lowest numerically in the above list. B1 to B3 = D D M. Result in B4 = M. C1 = F. Result in C2 = F. All cells blank from D1 to D5 = cell in D6 remains blank.

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Column Title Lookup: Find The Lowest Cost
I have been assigned a task of finding the lowest cost of four possible solutions however I have quite an extensive list of items to work with. To make this easier, I need to be able to find the lowest cost in my row (which is not sorted by lowest to highest value) and return the column heading associated with that lowest cost.

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Find Highest Value For Each Day
I have a massive amount of data made up of values taken every five minutes over several months. I want to find the highest value in a day for every day. I'm wondering if the best method is to define each day as a dynamic range and then use the max value command to get the highest value?

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Find Highest Value From Range
I have a large spreadsheet of data that contains 3 columns: Columns are Name, Revision, # of items. I want to find the # of items for the highest revision for each name. List looks like this:

Smith, 1, 30
Smith, 2, 36
Smith, 3, 18
Johnson, 1, 125
Johnson, 2, 130
Lopez, 1, 8
Lopez, 2, 12
Lopez, 3, 15

I'm only interested in the data for the latest Revision. There's over 500 names. A lookup or pivot could be possible?

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Look Up A Value And Find The Highest Date Associated With It
I have a spreadsheet with a data sheet and a second sheet. On the second sheet I want to look up the value from A2 and find the highest date associated with this value in the data sheet.

This will be used to look at a number of projects that have multiple dates, and I want the latest date i.e. the furthest into the future. To add a spanner to the works, some dates are recorded as N/A so I obviously want to ignore these. I have attached an example workbook if anyone has a couple of minutes to take a look.

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Find Highest Value With VLOOKUP
using vlookup I am trying o find the highest value>>>>


Column A Column B

111036 01/05/09
111036 08/08/09
111036 09/10/09 <<<<

Is vlookup the correct way to go,,, if not could someone point me in the correct direction

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Lookup To Find Highest Value
The following calc works perfectly to find the latest entry in a column of meter readings in one worksheet and return the value to a master worksheet.

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Find And Replace Next Highest
is there a way to write a macro that will do a find and replace and increase the find value by 8 and increase the replace value by 2 each time?

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Find Highest Number Based On Name
In sheet 1:
I have a list of customers and their current credit limit

In sheet 2:
i have a list of all payments received in the last 12 months.

my customers credit limits are set by multiplying their highest payment in the last 12 months x 1.25
(e.g. payment of $1000 x 1.25= limit of $1250)

what i want to do is:
1) look at the customers in sheet 1

2) check sheet 2 to see if they have made a payment

3) return their highest payment (if any) in sheet 1 Col. C

4) i can work out the rest

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Find Highest Value Across Multiple Sheets
I have a workbook that contains sheets of sales data from year to year. Each sheet has the same data in the same range of cells. For example b2 thru b26 would contain the sales for Day 1 of a route system for each week of the year, and each sheet in the workbook contains the same data in b2 thru b26 regardless of the year (2006, 2007, etc). I would like to be able to have a cell that would contain the record high sales for that particular route day, but have a formula that would watch that column and change the value in the selected cell when a new high was entered.

Is there a way to check the range of cells for a high value, or would I need to check each cell against the current high value in the cell with the record high, and how would I go about constructing this formula? Or as I'm now thinking about it, would this be more of a job for a macro that would run when data was entered?

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Find Highest Value Out Of Multiple Values
I have 2 columns, A (has the names of employees) and B (has the month in which the employee has a project scheduled). What Iím looking to do is find the latest month an employee has a project scheduled. Note: Employees can have a multiple number of projects so they may be listed multiple times with corresponding months.

I have each employee listed in column F and am looking to find their latest project month in column G. (I have the number that the formula should return in column H).

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Find Highest Value In Non-contiguous Cells..
I have a cricket excel sheet that contains batsmans scores over a season. These scores are kept in non-contiguous cells for each game (ie. D5, J5, P5, V5 etc..) In the cell next to the score is an option for the user to enter an '*' to denote a not out score (these are in E5, K5, Q5, W5 etc.)

I can sort out a formula to find the highest score (from D5, J5, P5, V5) and place this high score in a cell elsewhere - but what I really need to do is to check if the high score is not out by looking to see if there is an asterisk in the adjacent cell, and then place the score AND asterisk in another cell.

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Find Highest Previous Score?
s/s is 325501 rows deep. Column C contains names. Column J contains scores. I need column N to give me the highest score a name has previously achieved. (please see small attachment for illustration). If i can get a formula then I can fill this down.

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Find The Highest Manager From 2 Columns Of Data
In the attched sheet I have a list of employee ID's in column A and the Employee's Line manager ID in Column B. In Column C I need the Line Manager at the top of the pile so to speak. These line managers are listed in column J (J2:J6)

At the moment I have been writing formulas accross 11 columns (there are 11 possible levels) to check the line managers ID in Column A and see if their line manager is in the top manager list, I do this formula for all 11 columns until the line manager in the list is found. If the Line Manager is in the list I simply repeat it for the next columns. The end result is that in the 11th column all employees will have one of these Line Managers from the Top List in their row.

Is this possible to do through VBA? I have thought about how I could do this through VBA but I have just hit a brick wall.

I'm not asking for someone to do all of this for me but if someone could give me a couple of hints around how to look up a value in a list through VBA and if it is even possible to repeat that process per line until the match is found, that would be great.

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From A Value Select A Range Then Find The Specify The Highest Figure
I am trying to work out how to select a range from a formula.

One formula works out when a specific number in a list of rows is reached, and returns the number of values it counted before it reached the number.


With the figure returned from that can I then select the range from the first row, to the number of rows counted. And with that selection find the highest number within that range, specifying the highest number as the result?

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LIST Funtion: Find The Highest Number ?
I have several worksheets where I input data, and I would like a 'stats' page as worksheet 1. Work sheet one is a list of names in cells A4:A28. column B,C,D,E,F, and G contain the results using Countif. How would I now get excel to look down a column, for example B, to find the highest number in that column and then use the name from that line but in column A.

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Formula To Pick Out 5 Lowest Numbers
I have numbers in K12 thru K23 (a few of the cells are blank)

The formula below is what I'm using to figure a golf handicap. I have 40 handicaps to figure this way.


I manually picked out the 5 lowest numbers in column K for the formula. I think there should be a better/easier way. Can anyone help me?

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Find Highest No. In A Column But Inclusion Is Based On Data In Other Cells
Iím keeping tabs of some clay pigeon shooting scores. I go to alternate locations each week and normally shoot 100 clays, however sometimes itís only 50. Iíve used MAX to find the highest score in Column D of a spreadsheet and it did what I required. However I now wish to find the highest number in Column D - but only include rows if Column C = P and column E =100.

Col B Col C Col D Col E Col F
date Location score out of % hit


In other words I want to find the highest score for location P but only if that week it was out of 100 shots. It would return 66. Then I can do the same formula for location A and it would return 62. I canít see how to do this and have searched the forum to no avail. It doesnít look like I can just use the MAX anymore and Iíve tried incorporating that into a (nested) IF but unsuccessfully.

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Average Formula Dropping Lowest Value Or Blank Cell
I need to get a formula to calculate the average of the best 3 scores out of 4, but there is some that do not have a value in a cell (so some are only out of 3 scores not 4) and if i simply drop the lowest value and sum the rest, it will incorrectly calculate the average.

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Conditional Summing: Find Those Combinations Of Variable Values Which Generate Highest Total Gain
The aim is to find those combinations of variable values which generate highest total gain. I attached the spreadsheet which shows the variables (A through K) and a Gain column. I created 5 additional tabs which show all possible 2,3,4 and 5-member combinations of the variables. These tabs are like coordinates of which variable combinations should be examined. As an example I used the first combination from the second tab = A and B. If you look at these two columns on the EXAMPLE CALCULATION tab you will see 7,7 in the Number combination which is the first number pair for these two variables. The headings of the red and the yellow columns calculate the total count for this number pair and the total gain. These were recorded on a separate EXAMPLE RESULTS tab along with some other pairs which appear afterwards (these were recorded only from the first 39 rows of the AB data). I need a macro which will cycle through each variable pair (only using the combinations from the tab 2 for now, annd later from 3,4 and 5 tabs) collecting statistics for each unique number combination it encounters (printing to a separate sheet one after one), such as shown on the EXAMPLE RESULTS.

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Formula To Look Up The Highest Value From A Range
i want my formula to look up the highest value from a range (the =max column), then return a name in the leftmost column. What it actually is, is a player of the month for fantasy football. Each week the player gets a score, then each month, a total of four weekly scores. i want to look up who scored the most and return the player name to me. see the attachment.

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Formula: Give Highest Dollar Value
I have 6 rows (A-F) with dollar vallues. I am trying to create a formula on row G that will give me the highest dollar value out of rows A-F.

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Lookup Formula Return The Highest Value
I have a spreadsheet that is comprised of 3 columns:

Column A - a list of values
Column B - the rank of the value in the adjacent cell in column A out of all values in column A
Column C - the quartile rank (1, 2, 3 or 4) of the value in the adjacent cell in column A

I would like to create a formula that would return the highest value in column A that is ranked in the 2nd quartile.

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