Inputbox To Allow Choice Of Folder For Export Of Chart

Mar 25, 2009

I am using the following code to export a chosen chart to a specified folder "C: excel charts":

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Change Working Code With Choice With Inputbox

Aug 14, 2014

If numbers has been pasted in as text I cant convert them after. It convert the text to numbers and after it make a custom format with 5 zeroes.

I would really like to have the possibility to set the range with a input box and after set the numbers of zeroes/digits I want to have there. But have had problem put it in the code.

Have a look at the code below I have also pasted a test sheet to work with.

[Code] .....

Attached File : Testconvert.xls‎

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Create Folder & Export Sheet, Not Working

May 28, 2009

I was working on some code that would create a new folder in My Documents and within that folder export the current worksheet and save it there with a particular name. After doing so I need it to return to the original worksheet and clear contents. I would also need to export to the new sheet only contents of the cells without any macros or buttons.

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Create A Folder Structure Before Dumping A CSV Export

Jan 19, 2010

I am trying to create a folder structure before dumping a CSV export frm the Excel. I am trying to use MkDir but it gives me a run time error 76.

I am testig the code in my PC. Pleaselet em know if I have to change any configuration in excel file.
Also, is there a way to call the windows system command and create the folder structure?

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Fire Chart VBA Code On Validation List Choice

May 8, 2009

very complex spreadsheet for weight & balance calculations. It's to the point where everything works perfectly in Excel 2007, but it must be used primarily with Excel 2003. Discovered that a crashing problem had to do with condtional formatting, that's all been cleared and will soon be fixed, but there's one that I just can't quite figure out.

I'm using the worksheet change event to trigger the update of charts... In this case, it's looking at a particular cell that has data validation on a dropdown as the trigger. Works perfectly in 2007, and if I put a msgbox prompt in to be launched by a change of that cell, it launches. I can put the chart update code in a separate sub and launch it manually every time, but I cannot call it from the worksheet change.

I've included attachments showing what I believe are the relevant bits of code -

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Export Chart As TIFF

Mar 9, 2009

I've the following code to export charts to JPEG and GIF with no problems, so far.

But I get an error when I want to export to "TIFF".

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Export Chart As Image

Jan 8, 2013

I have used this code for over a year now and for some reason when i transfer it to a new workbook I am now getting a Run Error 91.


'Take ActiveChart and copy it as a GIF image to the same directory as the Workbook is in and name it with the Chart_Title with spaces replaced with underscores.

Dim chtCopyChart As Chart, sCurrentDirectory As String, sFileName As String Dim x As Integer, CellCharacter As String
Set chtCopyChart = ActiveChart
sCurrentDirectory = ActiveWorkbook.Path


The code is breaking on this line


chtCopyChart.Export Filename:=sFileName, FilterName:="GIF"

It almost seems to me like the code is not selecting the activechart, but, not entirely sure.

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Export Chart As Image: Run-time Error 1004

Aug 18, 2006

I have a function that exports charts as PNG images, that is suddenly broken. The function is very basic: ActiveChart.Export fileName:=chartFileName, FilterName:="PNG"

Now I can guarantee that chartFileName contains a complete path, with filename and extension, so this is not the problem. I am getting the following error: Run-time error '1004': Method 'Export' of object '_Chart' failed. The only thing I can think of is that I had Office 2007 Beta installed alongside Office 2003, as mentioned by Andy in the following thread: Exporting Charts as GIF - Error. I have uninstalled Office 2007 Beta, and run the repair function of the Pffice 2003 install, but still I have this problem.

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Lookup Data For Drop Down List Choice & Show Blank If No Choice

Feb 6, 2008

I currently have a drop down menu in one of my worksheets, in which I have several different text values entered. What I would like to do is link each of those text values to a numerical value, which would be entered in to another cell. So if I select "Option A" from my drop down list, and Option A is equal to 200, I want "200" to show up in another cell. If I select "Option B" from my drop down list, and Option B is equal to 400, I want "400 to show up in that same other cell.

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Distribute Names To Lesson Choice Table By Choice Priority

Dec 7, 2013

I want to make a lesson table which distribute the names to lesson choice priority.

You can see detail and explanation at attached file. LessonChoice.xlsx‎

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Inputbox Button Control + Msgbox For Empty Inputbox

Jun 30, 2009

I have the inputbox so i can set a string value,
When the inputbox Cancle button is pressed i want to exit sub,
If the inputbox value is nothink and ok button, I want the msgbox displayed then goto newname.
If the inputbox has a value do >>>>>>That>>>>>

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Removing Selection / Choice From Listbox Once Choice Has Selected

May 8, 2013

I have a worksheet that has 8 activex listboxes. Each listbox is tied to the sames list of values (identified as a named range). The named range is a list of countries. Each country should only be selected once, therefore, I would like the selected country(ies) to not show up as a choice when the user makes a selection from another listbox. If this is too hard, maybe we can get a msgbx to appear anytime the users tries to select a country that has already been selected.

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Lookup Folder From Cell Text Then Save Excel File In This Folder

May 14, 2014

I have alot of project folders on my harddrive.

All in format: I:/12345-costumer-projectname/

The five digits are unique for each project.

I make calculations for these projects using an excel file. In this excel I also type the projectnumber (cell J2)

Now i would like to make a button. When pressed, it checks the projectnumber cell J2, looksup the corresponding folder and saves the excelfile in PDF format in this folder.

I have found macro to find files in folders, but none which do the above.

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Excel 2003 :: Extract Variable Rows Of Cells From Files In A Folder To Existing File In Folder

Mar 15, 2013

I need a macro in a workbook to look at all the files in the same folder that have "*att*.xls" in the name and determine and copy from the range A15:W515 only the rows that have data in at least columns A, C and D. Each file will vary as to how many rows there will be and there are more than the files with "*att*.xls" in the folder. The data will be on the only worksheet in each file and the worksheet is named "G2WAttendee_xls" the data from all the files need to be copied to the file called "Consolidated webinar reports.xls" (I am using Excel 2003) and to a sheet called "Attendance Data" and added to the end of the last paste.

At the start of the macro the current file "Consolidated webinar report.xls" should be saved to a sub folder of the current directory and have the date saved added to the name. The sub folder is called "Completed reports". The data in the original file on worksheet "Attendance Data" should be deleted.

At the end of the process all the files that have had data copied from them should be moved to the sub folder "Attendance reports consolidated" (This could be done as each file is closed if that is easier).

I have headings in row 1 of the "Attendance Data" worksheet that match the headings in the various files in the folder (which will always be in row 14 of the individual "*att*.xls" files).

The folder with all the files and the "Consolidated webinar report.xls" file is at path "Z:P and S MEvaluationsWebinar series 2012-13TB".

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For All Workbooks In Folder - Copy Range To Different Workbook - Save To New Folder?

Apr 21, 2014

I have up to 50 workbooks in one folder with data in a specific range. I also have one workbook which includes additional data, including conditional formatting and dropdowns. I need to copy the desired range from the first workbook in the source folder to the second workbook, then save the latter to my destination folder, using the same name as the first. I need to repeat this process for all workbooks in the source folder.

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VBA Code To Find A Folder Name Within Parent Folder That Contains Defined Text

Jul 23, 2014

I have an Excel VBA Macro for creating/logging drawing numbers. Each drawing belongs to a job number. Each job number has a folder name containing the job number followed by a description (ie 999999 - bracket assembly) for storing drawing pdf's. The job number is only known as a 6 figure number in the drawing creation process BUT for the PDF saving process it is a string my example above

I have to change my process by pre-creating the Job Number folder, then have the macro look for the appropriate folder by searching the parent folder for a sub folder containing the job number (always the first 6 figures).

I want to insert in my macro some code that searches...

The parent folder for a folder containing the job number. The macro value for the parent folder is P:engineeringdrawings (this never changes). the macro value for the job number is iOpenair (it's an entry that is entered as start the macro). Imagine the value for the job number is "999999" the search would be for "999999*.*" The code needs to search the parent folder, find the folder name that begins with a six digit number. Capture the complete name of the folder and store that name as a Dim value that I can call up elsewhere in my macro.

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Change (Browse For Folder) To Automatically Locate Sub Folder

Jul 23, 2012

I am creating a document for work that automatically generates hyperlinks to pdf files in a given sub folder. Currently I have a section of code that opens a window to choose the folder location.

'Prompt user to select a directory
Problem = False
Set ShellApp = CreateObject("Shell.Application"). _
Browseforfolder(0, "Please choose a folder", 0, "c:\")

On Error Resume Next

[Code] ........

What I actually want is to not have the window open, but excel automatically choose the sub folder location.

The directory looks like this

The xlsm file is stored in the DRAWINGS folder, and I need it to point to the PDF folder.

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Image Folder - Save 500 Images In Another Folder?

Jul 18, 2014

I have a list of items in an excel sheet... 500 of them... and there are images for them in an other folder... The problem is those images are in 1000's and I only need those 500 images.. Images are saved as "SKU.jpg eg NS2354.jpg and we have an SKU column in excel as well .. SKU and their images have same name...

Is there any solution to pick up only those 500 images from those thousands of images?

Is it possible to save those 500 images in an other folder?

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Macro To Locate Folder In A Folder And Save

Apr 13, 2009

looking for some code to save to a destination

destination address is
C:Documents and SettingsstDesktopOJF

now the problem is OJF has folders named 1 to 500

so if cell d5 = 487 it will need to look in the above desination and then open the folder and save it there.

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Loop Through A Folder And Save In Different Folder

Apr 26, 2014

I would like to create a code that will open all workbooks in folder "A" one at a time and then close the work book after another code is executed. So one workbook will open and while the workbook is open, I will call another code to format the active workbook and then the active workbook will be saved in folder "B" and closed and go to the next workbook in folder "A" to start all over. The folders are saved on the desktop.

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Locate Folder From Part Of Folder Name

May 23, 2007

if it's possible to use XlDialogOpen to open up a folder that you only have part of the name.

For example, say you have the following folder paths:

C:Main FolderSubfolder1Smith,Billy 2413
C:Main FolderSubfolder1Brown,Charlie Ray 2416
C:Main FolderSubfolder1Bunny,B 3619
C:Main FolderSubfolder1Fudd,E-G 1864

What I'm hoping to do is just look for the 4 digit number on the end finding that folder name and opening it up. The name conventions before the 4-digit serial number are quite random. Sometimes it includes their full first name, other times it's just an initial for the first name and other times there are other characters included in the name. The one thing that is constant is the 4 digit serial number on the end.

how I could get the Open dialog box to pop up and have the chosen folder number open?

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Paste First Chart Into Second Chart But Maintain Format Of Second Chart?

Jul 12, 2013

How do I paste the first chart into the second chart but maintain the format of the second chart?

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VBA Inputbox

Sep 25, 2008

I have another dilema. I am writing a macro that essentially takes a template from a workbook and copies it to another workbook that already has data. the data is then imputed into the pasted template through the macro... my dilema is that I have numerous data sheets so at the begining of the code I need the macro to pause so the user can manually select the cell or range that the copied template is to be pasted too... I was thinking an inputbox would work but I am unsure how to write this part of the code.

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VBA Inputbox To Sql Queries

Jul 31, 2007

The report is a "template" that will be ran once a month every month and will look back at the previous month's data. What i've invisioned is writing a vb script to load on workbook open asking various questions via "inputbox()" method.

DECLARE @StartDate DateTime
DECLARE @EndDate DateTime
SET @StartDate = '20070731 10:10:51.450'
SET @EndDate = '20070731 10:11:51.450'
SELECT EventTagName = EventHistory.TagName, Value
FROM EventHistory
INNER JOIN AnalogSnapshot ON EventHistory.EventLogKey = AnalogSnapshot.EventLogKey
INNER JOIN SnapshotTag ON SnapshotTag.SnapshotTagKey = AnalogSnapshot.SnapshotTagKey
WHERE SnapshotTag.TagName IN ('SysSpaceMain')
AND DateTime >= @StartDate
AND DateTime

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InputBox In Macro

Dec 30, 2008

I have a macro that sends data from excel using MS Outlook. I want to add a more specific Subject header in outlook, and do this using an input box.

I thought adding something like this would work, but it doesn't... (below are just extracts from a very long code...)

Dim CurMonth as String

CurMonth = InputBox("Please enter the reporting month","")

.Subject = "Trial Balance - All companies" & CurMonth

When outlook generates the email, all I get in the subject line is "Trial Balance - All companies"

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Create VBA InputBox

Jun 4, 2009

I am trying to create an inputbox using code from this site:

Sub NumericDataType()
Dim lNum As Long
On Error Resume Next
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
lNum = Application.InputBox _
(Prompt:="Please enter you age.", _
Title:="HOW OLD ARE YOU", Type:=1)
On Error Goto 0
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
If lNum = 0 Then
Exit Sub
MsgBox "You are " & lNum & " years old."
End If
End Sub

I get an error on the first line that says, "Compile error: argument not optional".

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Two Option InputBox

Mar 22, 2007

I am trying to simply the data input for someone who is not very experienced.

I have had some success but need to have an extra option in case of mistakes.

Ideally I need the following -

I want an inputbox that will appear when the user starts the macro and for example asks Enter Surname

Then I know what I want but I don't know how to do it.

I want a box to display the Surname that the user typed into the inputbox with a message asking Are Details Correct? with a Yes and No Button.

Clicking the Yes button moves onto the next inputbox clicking the No button cancels the whole macro before it enters data into cells.

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Multiple Choice VBA

Feb 15, 2009

I have attached a file with VBA code. I want to be able to select more than one person in a drop down list (column C) and have those choices show up in that cell. The range you select from is called name, Column H.

I've looked at is a number of ways but my VBA code does not seem to work.

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Multi Choice Sum

Feb 4, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which have data auto inported. (thanks to previous help on here). I have now come up against the next problem.

I wish to make the mark up variable depending on 5 options (workings I13;I17)

the choice is selected in column b after the data has been inported

then down on Rows 75 - 79 i have the totals of my choices.

Unfortunatly i do not know how to do a variable sum

I have attached a copy of the workbook.

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Choice Of Value To Input Gives The Other Value

Mar 25, 2008

I have a percentage based calculation I'm using to estimate monthly expenditures and such.

Say I have a Total Sales Dollars in cell A1

Now I have my total expenditure dollars in cell B1

In cell C1 I have the percentage of what my total expenditures are vs my Sales dollars (B1/A1)

What I would like to be able to do is either be able to enter in the Expenditure Dollars (B1) or the Expenditure % (C1) and have it calculate the other field.

For instance if I enter a value in B1 it will give me C1, or
I can enter a value in C1 and give it a value in B1.

Is it possible to just use these two cells with formulas or maybe a CF??

Not sure if it's late in the day, but my mind is drawing a blank on this.

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