Is There Anything Faster That 'select Case'

Sep 1, 2008

Is there a way to count if there are 5 or more in a range without
using 'select case'

or not using the 'intcounter' bit bit of code?

Set Startcell = Sheets("meetingstodate").Cells(xlrow, 2)
Set Endcell = Sheets("meetingstodate").Cells(xlrow, 7)
Set rng = Range(Startcell, Endcell)

lastrow = Sheets("meetingstodate").Cells(xlrow, 2).End(xlDown).Row

For xlrow = 2 To lastrow

arr = Range(Startcell, Endcell).Value

For j = 1 To UBound(arr)

For k = 1 To UBound(arr, 2)

Select Case arr(j, k)
Case A
intcounter1 = 1
Case B .....................

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Select Case, Case Else Copy From Above Cell

Jun 3, 2009

I've got a pretty intense macro already written, a lot of Select Case components. At the end, if nothing matches I'd like to just copy the cell above to the cell below. However, there is a range of about 400 cells in length, so I'd need some sort of wildcard for range.

Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
Dim Cell As Variant
For Each Cell In Range("A1:OL1")
Select Case Cell.Value
Case "Eng1"
Cell.Offset(1, 0).Value = "Engine One"
tons more in the middle here
Case Else
Cell.Offset(1, 0).Value = "N/A"

Rather then returning "N/A", how could I reference the cell above and just copy it instead?

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Select Case Error "Case Without Select Case"

Jul 20, 2006

For the following code, I'm getting the " Case without Select Case" error (On Case 3 to 5...assuming more are wrong too, but debug can't get there yet). I thought I had it right, obviously don't. Can anyone spot how my code is wrong? ....

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Select Case With Between Value?

May 5, 2014

I want to fill up specific text to cell according to values in columns before. I wrote this, but it doesn't work:

Sub test()
Dim Lastrow As Long
Lastrow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count + ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows(1).row - 1
Dim i As Long


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Select Case Or If

Oct 24, 2008

I have the following:

Column A---------Column G
EACH-------------(Formula = (B1*C1)*.4536
CASE-------------(Formula = (B1*C1)*.4536
SHTB-------------(Formula = (B1*C1*D1)
SHTD-------------(Formula = (B1*C1*D1)
MFG--------------(Formula = B1*C1)
NO---------------(Formula = B1*C1)

I need a macro that when the worksheet is open if the text in Column A is as presented in the sample then the Mathmatical calculations will be performed in Column G. Currently I use a Do While Loop which works (takes a long time), but I know there must be a faster more efficient way.

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Select Case Instead Of Using IF

Dec 19, 2008

How to I change this code to use 'select case' instead of using IF? I have about 20 more if's and I though select case may be easier . .

If ComboBox8.Value = "20" Then
MyPlace.Formula = "=IF(OR(RIGHT($AU16,2)=""ge"",COUNTIF(X16:aq16,""X"")=20),""Reject"",""Accept"")"
End If
' '19
If ComboBox8.Value = "19" Then
MyPlace.Formula = "=IF(OR(RIGHT($AU16,2)=""ge"",COUNTIF(X16:ap16,""X"")=19),""Reject"",""Accept"")"
End If
' '18
If ComboBox8.Value = "18" Then
MyPlace.Formula = "=IF(OR(RIGHT($AU16,2)=""ge"",COUNTIF(X16:ao16,""X"")=18),""Reject"",""Accept"")"
End If

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Using Userform For Select Case?

Feb 12, 2014

I have a report and users will need to key in password while opening. Currently, i am using inputbox and it works exactly like what i expected. However, the only downside is that i cannot mask the password.

I am aware that I have to use userform to do so. How to replace the input box with userform and still deliver the same result.

I know how to create a user from with title, text box, OK and Cancel buttons, and that's it. How to put it in my current code.

Below are the codes that I currently have. There are 4 possible outputs.


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Select Case Condition Not Being Met

Oct 15, 2008

Select Case Condition Not Being Met

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Select Case With Msgbox Pop Up

Oct 16, 2008

I don't see what I am doing wrong in this code using "Select Case". When activated and the correct string is entered I should get a msgbox pop up.

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Select Case Construction

Feb 2, 2009

I seem to be unable to crack the bug in my macro... I want to define 2 variables before launching the next macro with the defined variables.

When I run this macro - the debugger points all the time to the following line: ...

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Is There A Difference Between Select Case And If..Then

Apr 17, 2009

Is there any difference between these 2 codes:

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Case Select With A Timer

May 5, 2009

If i have a case select say like this

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Simplifing Select Case

May 8, 2009

I was wondering if any one can help me with simplifying my Select Case, i have provided 3 examples , 101 , 102 and 103. I will be going all the way from 101 to 199 and I dont want to write every single one. and note that the range values change for each one as well.

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Select Case Using A Range

Jul 31, 2009

I'm creating a small spreadsheet for client data in Excel and I want it formatted a certain way, I did consider data validation but it proved to just be annoying.

I've been working on some VBA code to automatically change whatever text is typed into a cell to the correct case (ucase, lcase or proper) and while I can get it working for a single range of cells getting it to work for more is proving difficult.

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Long Select Case With If/Then

Sep 29, 2009

If there is a different way, like to select the value in the selected range and cross reference it against a list. i'm not sure... trying to learn and be efficient.

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Loop Select Case

Sep 24, 2009

How do I loop a select case so that it ends at a specific cell.

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Select Case Combine With Like

Feb 9, 2012

I have a multiple condition and i try using Select case rather than If else. However i try to combine Select case with Like operator but it's not running as it should.


Sub SetHeader (FuncName as String)
Dim xSheet as Worksheet

Select Case FuncName
Case Is = "_EXCRT"
Set xSheet = Activeworkbooks.Sheets(FuncName)

[Code] .........

This code running good with first case but it will not goto second case even the FuncName string are : "_MB51_00" or "_MB51_01".

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Select Case On Array?

Aug 29, 2012

Can I do a select case on an array?

Something like?

Dim Array As Variant
Dim Range as Range
Array = Array(Worksheets("sheet1"), ("sheet2"), ("sheet3"))
Select Case Array

[Code] ........

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Select Case In A Range

Nov 4, 2012

How do you:

Select Case x
Case _______ -1 = -1 Then
ElseIf x = 1 Then
End If

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(Select Case) With AND Operator?

Jan 7, 2013

While proof-reading my code, I've noticed that these two true select cases ("S" and "W") shown below wouldn't "yield" what I want. I've tried to replace AND (highlighted in red) with "," (comma) but I still get the same result - it still returns a value evaluating either one of two conditions but not BOTH:

sChar = Split(Waypoint, ",")
For j = LBound(sChar) To UBound(sChar) Step 3
Lat = sChar(j)
Lon = sChar(j + 1)
Elev = Val(sChar(j + 2))
Next j


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Select Case Gets To End And Fails

May 29, 2013

I am having issues with a Select Case failing at the end. Here is the code:

Public jan As Double
Public feb As Double
Public mar As Double
Public apr As Double
Public may As Double
Public jun As Double

[Code] ........

I have bolded the font on where it fails. If I delete the bolded lines the code runs perfect.

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Select Case And Loop?

Aug 9, 2013

I have a subroutine involving a Select Case and a loop.

I am of the opinion that writing the loop within the Select Case would be faster than having the Select Case within the loop.

Am I correct or does it not make a difference?

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Using Select Case In A Loop?

Sep 18, 2013

I am trying to loop through and read values from 4 combo boxes which I have renamed SaveOptionBox1 to 4. They are ActiveX controls. The code throws no errors but I can't output the values of my array 'dirname' on the sheet to prove it worked.

Sub Directory()
Dim ROOT_PATH As String
Dim cnt, dirnumber As Integer


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Select Case Statement

Feb 21, 2007

I have a form with seven check boxes on it. The code that I have been working on is below. Using the select case works exactly as I want it to unless someone checks the combination of boxes that returns a "True" for both "Apples" and "Oranges". If that combination is selected I cannot get the select case to return the correct form. I was trying stay with the select case code but I am not sure that this is the correct approach for what I am trying to accomplish.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If Form1.CheckBox1.Value = True Then X = "Apple"
If Form1.CheckBox2.Value = True Then X = "Apple"
If Form1.CheckBox3.Value = True Then X = "Apple"
If Form1.CheckBox4.Value = True Then X = "Orange"
If Form1.CheckBox5.Value Then X = "Orange"
If Form1.CheckBox6.Value = True Then X = "Orange"
If Form1.CheckBox7.Value = True Then X = "Orange"
Select Case X..........

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SELECT CASE Or If Statement?

Nov 8, 2007

I'm trying to put the following into a workable VB code. I don't know whether it is best to use Select Case or If Then statements or whether either can perform the tasks.

Case 1 - Range(“N1”).Value = “KG” Then Range(“M1”).Value = Range(“V1”).Value
Case 2 - Range(“N1”).Value = “M2” Then Range(“M1”).Value = Range(“V1”).Value
Case 3 - Range(“N1”).Value = “NO” Then Range(“M1”).Value = Range(“U1”).Value

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How To Speed Up Select Case

Dec 2, 2007

i hv a excel file which have 200k row. recently i learn from this forum using VBA (excel macro code) for select some data for analysis. it take very long. any suggestion will be apprecaited.

i already increase my note book ram to 2GB. it still slow.

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How To Handle #Div/0! In Select Case

Jan 31, 2008

I have below codes:

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

For Each rCell In Range("D2:CU5")
Select Case rCell.Value
Case 1, 0.000000001 To 89.499999999
rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Case 2, 89.5 To 99.499999999
rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
Case 3, 99.5 To 109.499999999
rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 4
Case 4, 109.5 To 999
rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 8
Case Else
rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 15
End Select
Next rCell

End Sub

However if a value within the range "D2:CU5" happens to be #Div/0! (or any error value for that matter) I get a debug error message. Then the CASE ELSE formatting doesn't apply. I expect that everything else should fall under CASE ELSE. Is there a way to handle this i.e. the formatting under CASE ELSE applies?

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Select Case - Greater Than / Less Than

Sep 10, 2008

DayCompare = Day(Date)
Select Case DayCompare
Case Is < 7 And Sheets("Roster").Range("D8") = "N"
MsgBox "Hello."
Case Is > 15 And Sheets("Roster").Range("D8") = "N"
MsgBox "Goodbye."
Case Else
End Select

I thought this would work OK, however even though today is the 10th, and therefore ignored by this statement, it is picked up in the >=15 statement

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Select Case With A Formula

Sep 21, 2006

What I'm trying to do is use SELECT CASE to do conditional formatting on a range of cells that I've named "ContactDate" (this range covers cells J3 to J42). I need to loop through the ContactDate range and test the current cell (which is in date format) against the cell in the adjacent column to the left (which is also in date format). The cell and font colours are to change based on the number of days difference. Below is the VBA code that I'm using. When I run it, it doesn't do anything to the cells. When I step through the code, however, and test it using the Immediate window it appears to work.

Sub ConditionalFormat()

Dim CurrentCell As Range

For Each CurrentCell In Range("ContactDate")
Select Case CurrentCell
Case CurrentCell - CurrentCell.Offset(0, -1) <= 1
CurrentCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3 ' Changes background to red
CurrentCell.Font.ColorIndex = 2 'Changes font to white
Case CurrentCell - CurrentCell.Offset(0, -1) = 2
CurrentCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 5 'Changes background to blue
CurrentCell.Font.ColorIndex = 2 'Changes font to white
Case CurrentCell - CurrentCell.Offset(0, -1) = 3
CurrentCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 16 'Changes background to grey
CurrentCell.Font.ColorIndex = 2 'Changes font to white
Case CurrentCell - CurrentCell.Offset(0, -1) >= 4
CurrentCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 10 'Changes background to forest green
CurrentCell.Font.ColorIndex = 2 'Changes font to white
Case Else
CurrentCell.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone 'Changes background to none
CurrentCell.Font.ColorIndex = xlAutomatic 'Changes font to automatic
End Select
Next CurrentCell

End Sub

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Select Case Statements

Feb 17, 2007

Select Case Statements. if there is a better or shorter way to write the following code.

Select Case Sheet1. Range("I6")
Case 0
Exit Sub
Case 5
returnvalue = Sheet1.Range("G35").Value
If returnvalue = "Yes" Then

myresult = MsgBox("Hi " & Sheet1.Name & ". Your prescription for " & Sheet1.Range("C6") & " expires " & Sheet1.Range("B2") & " Would you like like an Email reminder?", 36)
End If
Select Case myresult
Case Is = vbYes
Application.Run "Mail"
Sheet1.Range("H6") = 0
Case Is = vbNo

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