Transfer Comments With Cell Value Using Formula

Jul 15, 2009

I am dealing with large amount of data.

In the first worksheet, there are multiple comments and I need the property of the cell including the comment to be transferred to the second sheet using a formula.

Suppose in "Sheet1" in cell A5 it says "Number of Sales" with a comment "Check everyday".

Know I need to transfer this to say in "Sheet2" in cell A5. So in A5 of Sheet2 I can type
This only brings the text and in this example it would say "Number of Sales" without the comment. All i need is for the comment to be joined with the cell.

I do not how to use Visual Basic and need your help

I cannot use Copy Paste in this case because the file is too large.

If there is no comment it should just write the value of the cell and if no value in cell than it should leave it blank. I will attach a file as a example

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Transfer Cells Values To Cell Comments

Aug 22, 2007

I have a report where, month in month out, i have to append columns on the right, to give a Year to date figure. Now there are many rows with different numbers but one of the columns is call [NOTES]. This is where the user can provide commentry on the weekly figures.

Now whats getting annoying is i have to copy this commentry and then create a comments box then paste the text in there and finally, hide the comment.

So what i want to be able to do is be able to Copy the cell, then, have a right click menu button saying "Paste As Comment", so it paste the selected cells contents into a comment and hides it.

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Transfer Array To Range Of Comments

Apr 10, 2008

trying to speed up run time of legacy app, learned that setting a range = an array is a better strategy than manipulating cells one by one, no problem with this approach on cell values but getting errors trying same approach with comments as follows:

Range(Cells(lRow, lOrigCol), Cells(lRow, lCol)).Comment = aRowComment

I get the runtime error "Object variable or with block variable not set". When I try to append .Text to .Comment, I get a compile error.

aRowComment is an array of comments. I saw a post on doing this from range to range but cant find anything on array to range.

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Link Cell Comments To Formula Result

Jul 24, 2006

Can cell comments be returned together with the results of Index / Match function. If not is there any way to link the coments ?

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Transfer Of Formula Results In One Cell To Another

Jan 25, 2009

how to take the result of a formula calculated in one cell and show the results in an other cell

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Formula To Transfer Over Cell Entries

May 12, 2009

Money savedMoney Earned NameTotalNametotalNameTotalMarkJanieRobCyndiPamDiana

Here's a tricky one. The chart that shows the four columns are on sheet 1. I need a formula or a VLOOK array that will fill in the 2 columns with the 3 rows shown on the left which will be on a sheet 2. Lets say that all start with A1 in both sheets. The tricky part is, i want sheet 1 to be able to populate onto sheet 2 starting with the Name column first row no matter what name i select on sheet 1. Say that Janie earned money, but Mark didn't. I enter Janies info in Money saved & Money Earned. I get her total, and the end result should be her name showing on sheet 2 in the first row under name and her total showing on the first row in the total column. Also, i would need it to bump one up or dowm to the next adjacent column if i were to go beyond the 3 rows in the 1st set on rows in sheet 2. Say Janie, Rob and Cyndi all had info, but now Mark does, i want to be able to push the others down one and over onto the next set of columns.

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Excel 2010 :: Formula To Transfer One Cell To Another Designated Cell?

Aug 27, 2012

I use Excel 10 and i'm on Window 7.

I need a formula to transfer the values in on cell to another designated cell. "AM" should be in the cell under "AM and "PM" should be under the cell marked "PM". If there's nothing in the space where AM or PM is, that should be blank.

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Autoupdate Cell Comment Based On Cell Input / Dynamic Cell Comments?

Aug 16, 2013

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to have a cell comment automatically update depending on what data is input in the cell (via user input, VLOOKUP, etc.)?

For example, if cell A1 contains the text "CHARLES" with a comment saying "Employee of the Month", and is then subsequently updated with the new text "JOHN" (again, via direct input, a VLOOKUP, data validation, etc.) is there a way to have the comment automatically update to say something else, such as "Team Lead" for example?

I've considered using VBA to accomplish my goal, but am unsure how to compose an effective code to do so. I've also considered perhaps creating a named table filled with all the different comment possibilities I would like to have used in this cell and then inputting a formula in either cell A1, or the comment contained therein, that would then call the corresponding text from that table based on the data in cell A1. Honestly, I'm not sure that what I'm trying to do is even possible;

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Excel 2007 :: Cutting Portion Of Cell Value To Cell Comments

Aug 9, 2012

I have an Excel 2007 workbook with several sheets, and various cells in several of the sheets have column headers with a description in the same cell enclosed in curly brackets, e.g. Header{Description}. I would like to to keep the column headers in their respective cells, but move (cut) the descriptions along with the brackets to the respective cell comments.

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Printing Cell Comments

Jul 8, 2009

I have several worksheets that have comments in the cells. Most of the comments i have set to "un-hide" and they can be printed. I now have this one spreadsheet where no matter what I do I cannot print the comments.

I must have something turned on or off but for thwe life of me I cannot figure out what it is. I can see the comments on the screen but when I go to print preview they are not there.

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Cell Comments Don't Appear When Hovering?

Jan 7, 2013

I have several comments being placed into a pivot table from a macro. However, all of a sudden, when I changed the source of the Pivot table, the comments now do not appear when hovering over the cell. They only appear way off to the right if I click "review," "Show/hide comment" or "show all comments."

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Comments Display On Cell

Apr 30, 2012

I have inserted a comment on a cell.... what required is the comment should show every time the cell is selected/highlighted with the keyboard - no matter the mouse pointer is on the cell or not.

Whereas, the comments only shows when the mouse pointer touches the cell...

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Automatic Cell Comments

Dec 28, 2006

I have a worksheet with the following in Column E and F respectively:

ID Name
100 aaa
100 bbb
200 ccc
200 ddd
200 eee
300 fff
400 xxx
500 yyy
500 zzz
500 kkk
500 lll
500 mmm

When I input an ID number in Cell A1 and if it is found in the above table, it should bring all the names corresponding to that ID in a cell comment.

The ID Number is repeated in the above table because the names in Colum F are the dependants name for that particular ID.

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Add Cell Comments Macro

Jan 2, 2007

I am trying to add comments in a selection of cells and where there is a value then the comment should show the formula value of the cell ie if the formula in cell A1 is = 9 + 10 then the comment should show this. This I have got to work, but if I have a comment already the macro fails and I have tried to get round this but I am not clever enough.

Sub InsertingComments()

Dim r As Range

For Each r In Selection
If r.Comment = True Then

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Udf That Creates Cell Comments

Feb 15, 2007

I have a list on my first worksheet that is sequentially numbered in the first column, and has work activities in the next column. On my second worksheet, I have those sequential activity numbers as the column headers on a new list. Problem is I don't have any room to label the new list by the activity's actual description(second column, first sheet). If I did, I would just use a simple VLOOKUP.

So, what I would like to do is utilize the VLOOKUP to pass the activity description string to a UDF that will create a comment in those column headers. Then when the user mouses over the activity numbers, the respective activity descripiton will pop-up as a comment thus solving my space problem!

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Sum Numbers In Cell Comments

Dec 5, 2007

I would like to be able to sum quantities held in comments. I am using the Ozgrid VBA module to sum cells based on a fill color, and it works incredibly. However, sometimes I only want to sum a fraction of a cell's contents, and I don't want to use separate fill colors for all possible combinations, so I am thinking to have the comment tab contain the quantity that I want to sum. Example: employee has a total hrs worked of 8 but 2.75 of those hours are to be allocated to sick pay. Typically employees are restricted to taking benefit hours in increments of 4 or 8, and I have some coding to handle that situation.

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Loop Through Cell Comments

Jan 24, 2008

I need help with my current macro so that it will look in several cells (myrange) if comment(s) are found, write it in a particular cell, so that you end up with all comments written in that cell. If no comment are found then search until the end of the range(or until all comments are found). My current problem is that it is repeatedly writing the comments it finds and I end up with the same number of comments in one cell as number of cells in myrange.

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Transfer Data From One Sheet To Another With Formula

Dec 27, 2008

I have 2 different sheets one is my check book register and the other is a summary page. Both have different categories for example [sheet 1 "register" (gasoline = A) (food = F)] [sheet 2 "summary" (Auto = A)

I think this is how I want it but I need this to work no matter what category my debit or credit falls in. If date is "January" and category is "A" then copy "debit" to sheet 2 under January Auto. then sub total all as designated on second sheet.

If date is January and category is "m" then copy debit to sheet 2 under January mortgage, then subtotal as designated on second sheet. I have attached an example of my spreed-sheet so far as you can see I am struggling getting the amounts to go into the correct categories. Also sometimes there may be more than one of the same type of transaction in the same month they need to be able to go into the same cell and be totaled as well.

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VBA To Add Comments Based On Cell Text

Jun 5, 2014

I have a VBA that can add a comment based on the cell value, however, I need it to do it for the whole worksheet and not just one cell. I am pretty new to using VBA's, so this is the best code I could find that would perform what I need. If there is a way to have it do run a vlookup, instead of me listing all the cases, that would be great as well.

Sub AddComment()
Dim strText As String
With Range("s6")
Select Case UCase(.Value)
Case "UPT": strText = "UnPaid Tardy/Late"

[Code] .....

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Conditional Formatting If Cell Contains Comments

Oct 3, 2008

Is it possible to use conditional formatting on a cell if it contains comments.

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Removing Comments If Cell Value Changes To Blank

Apr 29, 2014

I have Main worksheet (sheet 9) and some codes in Sheet 10 which I use as a source for data validation in Sheet 9. So far I have a macro which looks for changes in cells and, when someone chooses a code from the list the macro adds a comment to the cell and populates it with an explanation of the code. The explanations are also in the code worksheet (Sheet 10). It works really nicely but I cannot work out how to remove the comment if the user clears the value in the cell.

My Macro thus far is:

[Code] .....

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Cell Comments - Not Going Into Edit Mode

Jul 9, 2007

I am using a lot of double click routines in my sheet. In order for the sheet to be more user friendly I have used the comments of cells to tell the user what to do. For instance "Double click to choose type" or some such. Everything works great except that after the user selects what they want from the userform and it hides and the focus comes back to the sheet, the comment is in edit mode. While this is not horrible it is not as nice as I would like. I have tried to have my code send the active cell to another cell and then back, but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the comments from going into edit mode?

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Show Comments Next To Selected Cell

Apr 16, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with several comments with pictures on cells. I want them to show up when you select the cell, instead of having to put your mouse cursor on it. I found this code, but then it shows the comment on the middle of the spreadsheet. I want the comments to show next to the selected cell.

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Comments Section - Continue To Next Cell Down

Sep 12, 2012

I am creating an excel sheet where there is a comments section where the column width is 58 characters. Is it possible for someone putting in comments to have it automatically go to the next row once they enter 55 characters in the row above? I don't want to use wrap text and need to maintain the rows in this section.

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VBA Code - Trying To Index Cell Comments

Jan 3, 2014

I have a worksheet that has user fillable cells from B11-AR53. I want the user to be able to attach comments to cells and then to be able to print them on secondary sheet. I know that excel already can perform this function, but it references the cell address and I don't like that method. I want to have the comments on the printout indexed and tied to an index number in the cell. Creating another worksheet with the comments only is perfectly fine. I am currently using this formula (below) to index the comments on the worksheet that they are attached to.

Ideally my report/second worksheet would list-

1 - Comment that is indexed as 1 would be here
2 - Comment that is indexed as 2 would be here
....and so forth

Sub CoverCommentIndicator()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim cmt As Comment
Dim lCmt As Long
Dim rngCmt As Range
Dim shpCmt As Shape

[Code] .......

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Comments Based On Cell Values

Aug 4, 2008

I would like help with a formula or VBA that would show comments based on cell values.

For example, if cell A1 has cell value '2143', I want comments to be 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' and if cell D1 has cell value '4567', I want 'Humpty Dumpty Fall on a Wall', and etc. How can I do it? I have about 35 different cell value categories. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

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Format Cells With Cell Comments

Nov 16, 2006

1)After comparison and no difference between the cells
1.1) If the cell selected is blank then there will not be any color
1.2) Else the cell will be colored GREEN

2)After comparison and there is difference between the cells
2.1) Cells wiill be colored RED

However, my code seems to be unable to execute (1.1) . Pls help to see if there's any thing wrong with my code

For K = 1 To 31
For L = 1 To 29
'Do a comparison of the cells
If StrComp(Array_compare(A, 1), Array_compare(A, 2)) = 0 Then

If IsEmpty(Array_compare(A, 1)) Then
Cells(K, L) = Array_compare(A, 1)

Sheets(3).Select .................

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Copy Paste Cell Comments

Aug 16, 2007

What I need to do is write a Vba code that will copy the comments (I believe thats the right term, the ones that make a mouseover box and put a red triangle in the corner of the cell) of a cell and paste them into that cell.

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Allow Edit Of Cell Comments But Not Move

Mar 7, 2008

I need to have users be able to modify notes to various pre-set comments on a protected sheet, however I do not want to have them be able to move the comment box (shape)...

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Move Cell Comments With Cells

May 3, 2008

I have a cell comment on a series of columns and want to show only one column at a
time. For this reason I hide the ones not used, but the cellcomment doesnt move and
is still at the original place. How I move the comment when the original colums between are hidden ?

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