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Vba: Msgbox When Value In Cell Is Value Or N/a

I have a formulae in cell C1 (looks up A1, B1). I want to have a msgbox come up when the value in cell C1 is either #VALUE! / #N/A / any other error. So: if error.type in (1 - 7), want error box. Else if error.type = #N/A, no error box!

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Msgbox To Appear When Cell B5 Changes
In one of my spreadsheets users can see the active period on multiple worksheets
All have cell references to the 1st worksheet (cell B5). I would like 2 things:

1. If users change one of the reference cells on the other worksheets I would like a msgbox to appear

2. After clicking the msgbox away I would like the "old" cell contents (the referenece) to be restored.

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Cell Data In MsgBox
I need is a MsgBox that will be displayed when the user clicks a command button in a UserForm. The MsgBox shows the data in a specific cell.

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Display A Msgbox For Numerical Value Of Each Cell
-In cells J6:P11
- Display a MsgBox for the value in J6; Then
- Display MsgBox for the value in K6; Then
- Display MsgBox for the value in L6
- etc, etc

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Userform Value => Cell In Sheet Then Msgbox?
I have set up a userform. I have alot of if statements to help the user input correctly. The first part of the code is fine, it's just to show you what i'm doing. The part in red shows where i have no idea how to write it.

There is a value in worksheet 'day 1 grade 2'!h31, if the value is equal to or greater than 30 and a value has been entered into Me.NoOfStudents.Value, i want the msgbox the appear.

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Cell Change Shows Msgbox
I have the following code, that I found on this forum, in my worksheet change event.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Static old_value As Variant
If Sheet1.Range("C5").Value <> old_value Then
'a change has occured in cell C5 so do your processing....
MsgBox "Changing 5"
old_value = Sheet1.Range("C5")
End If.............................

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Show MsgBox If Cell Format Met
I am trying to pop open a messagebox if a cells interior color index = 3 in a named range.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
If Sheet1.Range(" Schedules").Interior.ColorIndex = 3 Then
MsgBox "One or more Trainee requires more than TWO HOURS PER WEEK to forefill his log book requirements"
End If
End Sub

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Making MsgBox Display Cell Values
Triggering a message box. one of the worksheets in my workbook is called Update Comments - this is a sheet that contains data in the following format (headers)

B7 = Week Number
C7 = W/C
D7 = Update Due
E7 = Updated By
G7 = Update Comments

I have a formula in column D (beginning D8 and copied down for the year) as follows:


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Macro For Cell Deletion Relative To Msgbox
Im looking for code for a button that asks for a Record number, and it will delete the record. But the record number is written in cells as 'Record No.1' 'Record No.2' etc. But i want the messagebox to ask for a single number and it would delete that record. Now the position of the records is what will be the difficult bit about this code, but it has a pattern.

For Record No.1 i need deleting cells C2:J100
For Record No.2 i need deleting cells L2:S100
For Record No.3 i need deleting cells U2:AB100

If anyone could give me a bit of code that works for these 3 then i could waste a load of time filling the rest of them out.

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Activate Worksheet: The Retro Is Also Suppose To Test Cell H12 To See If It Is Blank Before Running The Msgbox
I do not know if I have this written correctly, I would like to have the sub - Retro run whenever some one opens this worksheet - "FORM". The retro is also suppose to test cell H12 to see if it is blank before running the msgbox.

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Msgbox Alert At 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
I have this
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Range("A1") >= 2 Then MsgBox "Check: " & Me.Name, 64

End Sub
but I need to get a msgbox when the value of A1 is >= 2, then when the value is >= 4, then >=6, then >=8 , ............

the value of A1 is going to be increasing by decimal points as I enter data.

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Conditional MsgBox
I would like to make a message prompt with additional information that pops up whenever a user selects certain text ("Client Data Error") from a pull down menu. The cells are in one column.

I've never used VBA before so if someone could walk me through any preliminary coding steps ie any introductory texts or inserts into the actual spreadsheet ....

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Detect MsgBox
How to detect msgbox pup up event.

Does any function like msgbox.activate=true or somrthing can used.

I want to avoid msgbox show up and close msgbox automaticly.

I know


But it's seem not to apply to msgbox close.

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MsgBox If Condition Not Met
Hi, Please could someone help with the following code. I have 2 sheets 'sheet 1' and 'sheet 2'(hidden). Sheet 1 has a control button that takes you straight to sheet 2, however what I wish to achieve is that before sheet 2 is visible a message box appears if a condition is not met. Something like, if sheet 1 R29 is less than 5000 then msg box appears (I would need about 4 lines in the msg box), if ok'd then sheet 2 appears. If the condition is met i.e sheet 1 R29 = or is greater than 5000 then the msg box does not appear and takes the user to sheet 2.

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Hyperlink In Msgbox
can you add a clickable hyperlink in a msgbox?

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MsgBox With Warning
I have several material takeoff sheets and one material SummarySheet in my workbook.

Each material takeoff sheet has a subtotal cell at the bottom of the sheet. The subtotals are added together and the total sum is displayed in a cell on the SummarySheet. At least that is how it is supposed to work. Excel or somebody else arbitrarily changed the cell reference in the SummarySheet formula to call up the cell one row above the subtotal cell on the material takeoff sheets. This little action resulted in a loss of $674,000 and may eventually result in my unemployment. Meanwhile I am sitting here putting out fires.

This is what I would like to do: Place a formula on the SummarySheet or add a Macro that will trigger a warning message box if the total on the SummarySheet is not equal to the sum of the subtotals on the material takeoff sheets. Also would like to have the message box animated or brightly colored.

If(PlateCostsTotals+AppurtenancesCostsTotals+StructuralCostsTotals+MiscellaneousCostsTotalsSummaryCostsTotal MsgBox “Hey, Don’t You Know How to Add”) or an alternate formula that works.

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Add MsgBox To Code
I want to change this so there is a MsgBox vbYesNo button below where it tells you what cells are found & says:

"Is this what your searching for?" If yes Box closes. If No Continues Search.
How would I go about adding it to the code below?

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Msgbox Vb OK Cancel
I've created a routine that starts with a message box saying the following:

"Please Confirm 'DTmacTest.xls' is the ONLY open Excel workbook"

So I have an "OK" button and a "Cancel" button.

but no matter which one I press, it runs the routine.

How do I assign the cancel button to stop the routine when it's pressed?

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Using Msgbox In VLOOKUP
I am currently setting up a ID/Password function on my spreadsheet. On the main page is the login boxes and an Ok button. When the Ok button is pressed, I have a formula that checks the user ID and Password and if correct, it types correct. Otherwise it types incorrect. This is using;

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MsgBox With List Of Changes
I have a macro which is going over a list of values and (only if necessary!) change their values or add new items.
I would like to get, at the end of the process a message box with a list of changes for example:

Account 11111 changed to 22222
Account 11112 was added.....

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Tick Box In MsgBox
I have this piece of code that shows a popup box when the excel spreadsheet loads up.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
MsgBox "This spreadsheet can design both single-leaf and cavity walls." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "If only a single-leaf wall is to be designed:" _
& Chr(13) & "Deselect the cavity wall option and complete only the outer leaf input sheet." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "If a cavity wall is to be designed:" _
& Chr(13) & "Select the cavity wall option and complete both input sheets." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "All designs satisfy criteria within BS:5628-1:1992 Structural Use Of Unreinforced Masonry", , _
"Spreadsheet Information"
End Sub

Is it possible to place a tick box in the message box that says, "show this message again on startup", then if the user unticks the box the message is not shown again and if the box is left ticked the box will load up again on startup of the workbook????

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New Line In Msgbox
How can I create a return / new line in a MsgBox? I'd seen documentation to use the @ symbol to trigger a new line, but that doesn't seem to do anything.

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Msgbox Disable X
i have this code to disable X in a MsgBox.......

MsgBox "Closing from X is Disabled", 20, "Action"

Is there another way that the MsgBox shows OK only botton without showing yes/no botton

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MsgBox If Error #VALUE!
I have a workbook which pulls in the latest row of data from another workbook. At the moment, the original data workbook needs to be open for the one which pulls in the data to work, otherwise I get a #VALUE! in all the relevent cells. What I'd like to do is have a pop-up MsgBox which comes up if it finds the #VALUE! error in cell A9, whilst if the original workbook is open and so no error is displayed, no MsgBox will appear

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Center Message In Msgbox
How can I get the message to display in the center of the display box?

If i < 3 Then If MsgBox(Tries - i & " Tries Remaining." & vbLf & vbLf & " Try Again?", vbYesNo) = vbNo Then Exit For

As you can see the "try again?" & the text "Tries Remaining"works fine by entering spaces, but the number that is suppose to display with "Tries Remaining" does NOT center. How can I get the number to display in the center along with the text?

This is the complete code.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim i As Integer, Tries As Integer
Dim PassTry As String
Const Pass As String = "Password"
Dim storedPath As String
On Error Resume Next
storedPath = ThisWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties("PathCertString").Value
On Error GoTo 0..................

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Select Case With Msgbox Pop Up
I don't see what I am doing wrong in this code using "Select Case". When activated and the correct string is entered I should get a msgbox pop up.

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Add Data To Range Using MsgBox
I'm trying to add data to a list in a range using a MsgBox. I need to look for the next empty row in the range and expand the range as necessary while not overwriting stuff below the current range. I have the code below which adds to the 'database', but doesn't look in the Range (Doc_List). SO I guess I need to insert the data rather than append in the range so any data below the range doesn't get overwritten.

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Msgbox :: Will Change Upon The Input?
I have managed to get a inpubox into a sheet which takes in data and returns a particular value. Is it possible to get a msgbox to be returned displaying the particular value which will change upon the input?

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MsgBox W/Range Of Cells
IF AT1:AT51 as any values in it then I want a Message Box to pop up and display all the values in ONE Message Box ( so that the User only has to click OK once).

However, Sometimes this Range will not have any values in it. If so then I want it to do nothing.

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MsgBox To Pop-up To The User With 3 Options
I want a MsgBox to pop-up to the user with 3 Options.

Option A, Option B, Cancel.

If user presses Option A GOTO 1:
If user Pressed Option B GOTO 2:

And if Cancel End Sub, not sure if this is doable, please let me know. Basically I am writing this VBA to archive files from the network drive and there are two different kinds and depending on what Option the user chooses, the Destination variable needs to take on a different value, that's why I need this, unless there is a better way to do this.

Basically so far my code is like this:

Sub Archive_GTP()

Dim Nlog As Worksheet
Dim DestinationFile, SourceFile
Dim lr As Long
Dim c As Range

Set Nlog = Worksheets("Log")..........................

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Limit To MSGBOX Output
I was wondering is there a limit on the output of a msgbox. I have an output that will only display a certain amount of characters. Is there another option that can be used.

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Format MsgBox Text
I'm sure there must be a way to dimension a string and format it for use in a MsgBox, but I have no clue how to do the initial formatting; any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

FYI - something along the lines of...

Dim S as String
S = "This part of the string is bold and italicized, and this part is not"
MsgBox S, vbInformation, "My Title"

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If Greater Number Msgbox
I like to do is if cell H3 is Greater than cell A35 to promt the message box below. But if less than do nothing. And if possible if less than to look at sheet 2 cell A35 and do the same.

If WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range("H3") >= ("A35")) Then Exit Sub

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Change Font In A MSGBOX
this forum have as to change the color of the Font in a MSGBOX?

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Hypertext Link In Msgbox
I would like to give a definition in a msg box an also add an hypertext link to redirect the user on web page. my hypertext link is in cell a1 His there a way to do it in a msgbox

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Repeat Spaces In Msgbox
i'm writing to know whether in a messagebox like this:

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Use Msgbox To Control Macro
the below macro choose the row number that is entered into textbox on a userform


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Msgbox Is Returning Error
I am getting a compile error, the "+" sign is highlighted and the error is named argument already specified, if I remove the "+ vbExclamation", I receive the same error.

What I want to do is if the appropriate sheet is not active, the response will force the sub to end sub, if the proper book is active workbook, then continue on.

Dim Ans As String

Set oWss = ActiveSheet
Set oWsSNBD = Workbooks("TGSProductsAttrib.xls").Worksheets

Ans = MsgBox("Make Sure the ""TGSItemRecordCreator Workbook"" is the Active Workbook", _
"Correct Workbook?", Buttons:=vbYesNo + vbExclamation)
If Ans = vbNo Then
MsgBox """Select the TGSItemRecordCreator Workbook"" & Re-Run Code."
End If

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Entered Space In MsgBox
How do you make an enter space in msgbox? I'd like the layout to be something like this,

Hello My name is Edmund.

His name is Edwin.

Wait, my name is actually Eddy.

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Trapping A Msgbox During Validation
The below code validates values in a combined range. Values can be a 0 or a 3-digit combo of values 0 through 4. The problem is that whenever the Delete key is pressed to delete an acceptable value, the msgbox appears. How can the msgbox appear ONLY if a user tries to enter a wrong value--the cells can be, and are, left null regularly, so the msgbox is annoying.

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Using MsgBox Without User Interaction
Is there a way to use MsgBox without any necessary user interaction to continue on with the macro? For example, I want to occasionally display a MsgBox for a few seconds containing relevant data and then have it disappear and the macro continue on without the user having to click the OK button, etc.

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MsgBox Does Not Appear After The Code Executes.
I have a code, which works, but I want msgbox appear after the code executes. But it does not.

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Producing Trailing Zero In MsgBox
I would like to use the following code to produce a message with two numbers in it, both showing an exact golf handicap to one decimal point. If a number is exactly 6 I want it to show as 6.0.

All works well for the number I'm collecting from the user and storing in newh. But I can't retain/produce the trailing zero from oldh which is formatted in the spreadsheet as Custom 0.0.

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Macro Pauses During MsgBox
as you probably already know, when you insert function

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Checkbox Pops Up Msgbox
Does anyone know how to use a form checkbox that adds the true/false values to a cell to activate a msgbox when the cell value changes?

I've tried assigning a macro to the checkbox and uses "If not intersect" in VBA but it doesn't work.

What I'm trying to do is assign a value to cell A1 depending on whether the checkbox assigned to cell A2 is clicked and the value of cell A2 becomes true or false.

Thank you to anyone who can help me out. Auto Merged Post;One more thing to be clearer about my question ... I'm trying to do change the value of cell A1 on click of the checkbox assigned to cell A2, meaning when the value of cell A2 changes.

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Define Msgbox Location
Is there a way to define the display location of a MSGBOX, relative to the ActiveCell, for example?

I've messed around with doing it the same way as a UserForm,

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Format Time In Msgbox
This stems from an earlier thread but I didn't want to raise a new question on a previous thread. So, Wigi had kindly shown me some code for seeing how long a macro takes to run. I've been trying to adjust the format so that when it's complete it shows as "This macro took 00:01.23 seconds to complete" Or,, if that's possible. Here's what was shown to me earlier:

Dim t
t = Timer
'-------rest of the code here-------
MsgBox "This macro took " & Round(Timer - t, 2) & " seconds to run."

I've been trying some variations like: MsgBox "This macro took " & Format(Timer - t, 2, "h:mm:ss.0") & " seconds to run."

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Determine MsgBox Response
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim hojaRES As Worksheet
Dim howMuch As Long

Set hojaRES = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Resultado")
howMuch = 0

If total.Value = "" Then
MsgBox "żAre u sure u want a cero?", vbYesNo, "the total value is 0"
End If

End Sub

I need to set the value of howMuch to 0 if one selects YES and ask for a new entry if one selects no. How can I specify the behaviour in depending on what the user decides?

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Multiple Line Msgbox
Can a MsgBox have multiple lines?

I want a MsgBox to display the following information in the following format.

Newcastle - You haven't entered the following information

Sales data
4 Weekly Wage
Forecast Sales

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If Vlookup Iserror = Msgbox
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(R[-1]C[-1],Sheet1!C[-1]:C[1],3,FALSE)),""Error"",(VLOOKUP(R[-1]C[-1],Sheet1!C[-1]:C[1],3,FALSE)))"

which looks like this


in the spreadsheet. Can it be done to get a msgbox on error? And. Is there better way to get only the result of the vlookup above instead of using

ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues

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Msgbox With Custom Buttons
Can I create a messagebox which has unique buttons, "A", "B", "C"...and based on the users click, it performs an action? If so, how would I create this?

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